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Joe Budden vs Method Man - Hip Hop Galaxy
Its Gonna Be Bad For Him" + Says 2pac Was Not The Best Lyricist, Too Short Is Not A Lyricist ! "They Got Bow Wow. The Same Seed As Canibus". Method Man : "He [Joe Budden] Can't Mess With Me. He Been On Medication Since He Was In Junior High School....
Hip-Hop & Movies: Baltimore Ravens' Terrell Suggs - AllHipHop
All Eyez On Me -2pac. This album was the first of its kind, and it put him over the top. It also was the first Hip-Hop LP to have double disc. It was a great album! AllHipHop.com: A lot of athlete's start record labels but you chose a film company why...
Tupac Amaru Shakur ( 2Pac ) apparently spotted in New Orleans - Divaa
2Pac fans were rumoring that he is alive and he's hiding on an island. Of course his fans believed the rumor and theyare like “I told you so”, but just think a bit about this. Tupac died 13 years ago and the pictures apparently taken very recently show...
20th Century Fox - Synthesis
Much of the conflict can be traced to 2pac's (ft. Suge Knight) “Out On Bail” performance at the '94 Source awards. Notorious vividly recreates this publicity stunt by Death Row Records and attempts to tell the story of how the conflict was dramatized...
Jazzed to the Maxi - Borders Today
Starting his set with 2Pac's California Love and ending it with Dawn Penn's No No No, Maxi Jazz played something for everyone, but it was one of his own tracks, Insomnia, that really brought the house down. The show was wrapped up just after 1am,...
Mama Tried: A Mother's Day Playlist - Houston Press
2pac, "Dear Mama": In the "Mama Tried" of gangsta rap, 2pac denounces his formerly stubborn, youthful attitudes while treating his mother to the highest order of praise: "Even as a crack fiend, Mama, you always was a black queen," he emotes, sincerely....
First sight Nicki Minaj - guardian.co.uk
"Bitch, I'm the President/ I be sittin' on an elephant/ countin' all my money where Stella went/ and I don't need my groove back/ unless the nigga lookin' like 2Pac," from her freestyle over Clipse's Grindin'; the gleeful, cartoonish boast of "Your...
Brown professor's book explores the rhyme and reason of rap - Providence Journal
I've heard more U2 than 2Pac. But I found the book relevant. It's about more than music. It's about race, class and sexism, and it's about getting beyond the fruitless, polarized debate that America has been having about rap — and race — for far too...
Pete Rock Mines Best of J Dilla on Posthumous “Jay Stay Paid” - Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone caught a preview of Jay Stay Paid, the fifth solo album from celebrated hip-hop producer J Dilla and possibly the best posthumous rap record since the final releases of 2Pac and Biggie. The Detroit beatmaker, who passed away in 2006,...
Musical Representation of Childress/Favre - ESPN Magazine
(Notice how 2Pac didn't make this discussion? There's a reason.) Bored at work Thursday morning and thinking about this, we realized Chesney's new song "Out Last Night" might be the anthem for Brad Childress and the Vikes' brass right now....

I Get Around (2Pac song)

“I Get Around” cover

The song sold well and became 2Pac's first Top 20 single. It peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 and acquired certified gold status. The song was re-released on 2Pac's Greatest Hits album in 1998. The music video reached #16 on XXL's and MTV2's "25 Greatest West Coast Videos". The song is ranked #14 on VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.

The song was subject to 2pac's feud with Notorious B.I.G. when 2Pac claimed Biggie took his "I Get Money" style and used the song's video, in which 2Pac flashed gold chains, expensive champagne, and money wads in rubberbands, as proof.

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Changes (2Pac song)

“Changes” cover

The Chris Hafner-directed music video is a compilation of a number of previous music videos 2Pac released in addition to home videos and never-before-seen pictures.

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A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle

A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle cover

A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggleis a posthumously released tribute album dedicated to the late hip hop icon.

Dr. Mutulu Shakur (Tupac's nonbiological father) released the tribute album album to commemorate Tupac's 35th birthday and 10 year passing anniversary. The album features contributions from rappers behind bars as well as those on the outside, including Shakur's children Mopreme Shakur and Nzingha, as well as Outlawz, TQ, Slick, Imaan Faith and T-Jay. It was originally conceived before Tupac's 1996 murder, when he and Mopreme visited their father in prison and wrote the "Thug Code" to try and decrease gang violence.

Dare 2 Struggle includes a 16-page booklet that includes the "Thug Code" as well as a preview chapter of Shakur's historical novel about Tupac titled N 2 Da Gutter.

Shakur is the executive producer of the album along with Canadian hip-hop activist Raoul Juneja (a.k.a Deejay Ra). It's being released through Kent Entertainment's First Kut rap imprint in association with Juneja's Toronto-based Lyrical Knockout Entertainment company.

Half of the proceeds from the record's sales will go towards Shakur's inner city health and education initiative.

Artist: S.C.U.

Artist: S.C.U.

Artist: S.C.U.

Artist: P.O.W.

Artist: S.C.U.

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Unconditional Love (2Pac song)

The CD single is very rare and, as many other Tupac Shakur CD and Vinyl singles, it is known as a collection item among fans. It was never officially released in an uncensored version.

The song was originally written for MC Hammer by 2Pac (who were both friends) to revitalise his image when he signed to Death Row. However, 2Pac ended up recording it himself before giving the song to MC Hammer to record. Hammer's version was first released on "Family Affair (MC Hammer album)" in 1998. According to the "Family Affair" album insert, "Unconditional Love" lyrics were written and arranged by Tupac Shakur (and Johnny Jackson on MC Hammer's version). MC Hammer wrote this about the song: "This song was given to me as a gift from the late Tupac Shakur. He told me this was a song about how true love is unconditional. He wanted me to rap it because it reflected what I stand for. The secret is this is also what he stood for. More details in time. Maybe a chat about it. We know that our Bible says that God's love is unconditional. Thank you Tupac for this beautiful, spiritual song." Hammer would later go on to mention his friendship with Tupac and the gift of this song to him in a TBN interview.

There is also a video for this song featuring a look-a-like 2Pac recording this song in the studio.

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2Pac Live

2Pac Live cover

2Pac Live is an album by rapper Tupac Shakur. It was released on August 6, 2004 by Koch Records and is Shakur's first ever live album.

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Greatest Hits (2Pac album)

Greatest Hits cover

Greatest Hits is a double disc greatest hits album for rapper 2Pac, released by Death Row Records in 1998. The album's nonchronological sequence highlights 2Pac's music; the 21 popular hits, some slightly re-edited for legal reasons, are accompanied by four previously unreleased songs: "God Bless the Dead", "Unconditional Love", "Troublesome '96", and "Changes" which has since become one of 2Pac's best known songs. It was certified 9x Platinum.

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