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By Debra Cassens Weiss Women lawyers tempted to go to court looking like Ally McBeal should take note: Male judges find the look distracting. Two male judges confessed that they can't help but look at a panel session during the Seventh Circuit Bar...
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Before there was Brothers & Sisters, Calista Flockhart shot to fame on a little ol' show called Ally McBeal. Now, five years after the David E. Kelley courtroom dramedy came to an end, there's talk of a reunion! Find out what one of its costars just...
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She's had recurring roles on "The West Wing," "Ally McBeal" and "Felicity," as well as appeared on the big screen in movies such as "Daddy Day Care," "Fathers And Sons" and the TV movie "Special Delivery." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Taking things one...
Veteran actor Harrison Ford has said he is "delighted" over his ... - BBC News
Flockhart is best known for playing neurotic lawyer Ally McBeal in the popular TV series, which ran from 1997 to 2002 and won four Golden Globe awards. Ford was interviewed from the set of his new film, in which he plays a scientist....
Paula Marshall shakes off show-biz jinx - Baltimore Sun
Others got major buildups, but were big disappointments (1999's Snoops, from Ally McBeal creator David Kelley, 10 episodes, ABC). Some deserved a better fate than to sink into ignominy (2002's Hidden Hills, 13 episodes, NBC), and one developed cult...
Hot Summer Night: A Fundraiser for The Barn Player -
He has also contributed compositions to productions such as Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Law and Order. Bikales graduated from KU with a major in Music Composition and has released four albums of his own original work....
Why do stars of medical dramas keep seeing things? - Philadelphia Inquirer
By Ellen Gray * If we've learned nothing else from TV this season, it's that hallucinations are nothing to fool around with, "Ally McBeal" and her dancing baby notwithstanding. Whether you're seeing (or, worse, having sex with) dead fiances (ABC's...
Tony Winner Jane Krakowski Set for Kennedy Center's 'Barbara Cook ... - Broadway World
During her five-year stint on the Emmy®, Golden Globe, and SAG award-winning series "Ally McBeal," she received a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Elaine Vassal. Other credits include television appearances on NBC's "Law & Order: Special...
Suite & Tender -
A unisex bathroom (high five to Ally McBeal fans) with walls completely made of imported stones from the Yangzi River in China. Over the top? Yeah, just a tad, but how cool is it to play cat and mouse with your companions (since everyone is used to...
Critic's choice: This week - Minneapolis Star Tribune
While no one is re-airing "Maude" -- a series with a stronger feminine streak than "Ally McBeal" or "Sex and the City" -- there's a marathon of "The Golden Girls" (5 am, Hallmark) that lasts more than 21 hours and features some of Arthur's most...

Ally McBeal


Ally McBeal was an American television series which ran on the FOX network from 1997 to 2002. The series was created by David E. Kelley, who also served as the executive producer, along with Bill D'Elia. The series starred Calista Flockhart in the title role as a young lawyer working in the fictional Boston law firm Cage, Fish and Associates with other young lawyers whose lives and loves were eccentric, humorous and dramatic.

The show focused on the romantic and personal lives of the main characters, often using legal proceedings as plot devices to contrast or reinforce a character's drama. For example, bitter divorce litigation of a client might provide a backdrop for Ally's decision to break up with a boyfriend. Opposing legal arguments were also frequently used to explore multiple sides of various social issues.

Cage & Fish (which becomes Cage, Fish, & Associates towards the end of the series), the fictional law firm where most of the characters work, is depicted as a highly sexualized environment, symbolized by its unisex public restroom. Lawyers and secretaries in the firm routinely date, flirt with, or have a romantic history with each other, and frequently run into former or potential romantic interests in the courtroom or on the street outside.

The show had many offbeat and frequently surreal running gags and themes, such as Ally's tendency to immediately fall over whenever she met somebody she found attractive, or Richard Fish's wattle fetish and humorous mottos ("Fishisms"), ran through the series. The show used vivid, dramatic fantasy sequences for Ally's and other characters' wishful thinking; particularly notable is the dancing baby.

The show also featured regular visits to a local bar where singer Vonda Shepard regularly performed (though occasionally handing over the microphone to the characters).

In the fourth season, Robert Downey Jr. joined the regular cast as Ally's boyfriend Larry Paul but was written out after the end of the season due to Downey's troubles with drug addiction.

The show was canceled after a significant ratings drop during its fifth season, which saw many regular characters disappear from the series without explanation (also a problem with David E. Kelley's shows Boston Public, "Chicago Hope", and The Practice).

Despite its success, Ally McBeal did receive some negative criticism from TV critics and feminists who found the title character annoying and demeaning to women, and specifically professional women, because of her perceived flightiness, lack of demonstrated legal knowledge, and extreme emotional instability. Perhaps the most notorious example of the debate sparked by the show was the 25 June 1998 cover story of Time magazine, which juxtaposed McBeal with three pioneering feminists and asked "Is Feminism Dead?".

In 1999, at the height of the show's popularity, a half-hour version entitled Ally began being broadcast in parallel to the main program. This version, designed in a sitcom format, used re-edited scenes from the main program, as well as previously unseen footage. The intention was to further develop the plots in the comedy-drama in a sitcom style. It also focused only on Ally's personal life, cutting all the courtroom plots. The repackaged show did not catch on and was canceled partway through its initial run. While 13 episodes of Ally were shot, only 10 were broadcast.

Due to music rights issues, the first complete season of Ally McBeal has not been made available on DVD in the United States (only 6 random episodes can be found on the R1 edition), though it has been available in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Germany, the UK, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and Brazil. In the UK and Ireland all seasons are available in a complete boxset.

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Songs from Ally McBeal

Songs from Ally McBeal is an album by Vonda Shepard released in 1998 as a soundtrack for the American television series Ally McBeal.

It reached number three in the UK album charts and was a success in the US, Canada and many European countries too. The song "Searchin' My Soul" was used as the Ally McBeal theme tune and was originally featured on one of Vonda Shepard's previous albums, The Radical Light. The majority of the songs, however, are covers of old songs whose lyrics reflected what was happening in Ally's life onscreen.

It peaked #1 in Spain for a month in the summer of 1999, thanks to a big promotion in radios, Vonda Shepard shows in Madrid and Barcelona and the TV series, with the album selling more than 500,000 copies. It is a gold record in Poland.

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List of awards and nominations received by Ally McBeal

This is the list of awards and nominations received by the American television series Ally McBeal (1997–2002).

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Ally McBeal (character)

Allison Marie "Ally" McBeal is the central fictional character in the Fox Television show Ally McBeal played by Calista Flockhart.

Ally is a Boston-based lawyer. She is shown as a woman who believes in love and is continually looking for her soul mate. She often hears songs in her head and suffers from hallucinations, mostly of a dancing baby, due to her biological clock ticking.

Ally is the daughter of George McBeal (played by James Naughton) and Jeannie McBeal (played by Jill Clayburgh). She claims to have at least one sister and one brother although neither are ever seen (not even in the occasional flashbacks). She used to have a sister who died at the age of five.

Ally attended Harvard Law School with Billy Thomas (played by Gil Bellows), with whom she had had a relationship since they were eight years old. Billy, however, left Harvard to go to University of Michigan Law School, thereby breaking Ally's heart. The next thing we know about Ally is that she lives with district attorney Renee Radick, and she is employed in a Boston law firm.

Ally quit the law firm because her boss harassed her and was then recruited by old classmate Richard Fish to join his law firm, Cage & Fish. To her own surprise she found out that Billy, now married to fellow lawyer Georgia, is working at Cage & Fish. She falls in love with him again, to the horror of Georgia. However, Ally and Georgia become friends and Ally learns to work side by side with Billy.

Throughout the series Ally dated lots of men. Because Billy remained the love of her life, no relationship ever got serious until she met Dr. Greg Butters (played by Jesse L. Martin). Greg and Ally got quite serious until the two were spotted kissing by Billy. Billy felt so jealous that he imagined himself to be in love with Ally after which he declared his undying love for Ally. The two subsequently engaged in a short affair, which Ally finally broke off. Nonetheless, Greg broke off the relationship after finding out.

Ally started dating again, finally meeting a British lawyer named Brian Selig (played by Tim Dutton). The two started dating and ended up having a six-month relationship (untroubled by Billy, who had by now died of a brain tumor). When, after six months, Brian asked Ally to move in with him, Ally realised Brian was much too boring for her and then broke off the relationship.

Shortly after that, she fell in love with fellow lawyer Larry Paul. The two started a serious but rocky relationship. Although initially troubled by the fact that Larry had an ex-wife with whom he was still close and an ex-girlfriend (played by Famke Janssen) who was also the mother of his child, it was soon evident that Larry was her soulmate. The relationship ended abruptly with Larry breaking up with Ally through a note since he decided to leave Boston to be able to spend more time with his son who lived with his ex. (Initially Ally was supposed to get married to Larry at the end of season 4 but when actor Robert Downey Jr. was arrested on drug-related charges and sent to jail, the network fired Downey, thereby cancelling the marriage storyline).

While in college, Ally, in need of money, donated an egg for research, only to find out years later that it wound up getting adopted. One day a little girl shows up on her doorstep, claiming to be her daughter, prompting Ally to faint. She gets to know her daughter over the course of several episodes.

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