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Dance Flick: typical Wayans or celebrity bashing dud ? -
Yes, some things they say and do are not necessarily PC (politically correct) but like Bernie Mac once said "I say the things you can't" and in turn we laugh. Nonetheless, there are some who say there should be a "warning sticker" attached to Wayans'...
Divers recover body from sunken vessel - Asbury Park Press
Coast Guard officials were notified at about 8 pm that the body of Tarzon "Bernie Mac" Smith was found in the ship wreckage 211 feet below the surface and 75 miles east of Cape May. The body was transported to Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point...
Imagine Bernie Mac At White House Correspondent's Dinner - Culture11
"The whole time I was watching Wanda Sykes do her thing, I was thinking - how would Bernie Mac have gone over at an event like this?" After stating the obvious - that if The Mac Man was still alive, there is no way in hell he would have been asked to...
Family bringing fisherman's ashes to NC home -
The family of Tarzon "Bernie Mac" Smith says they plan to bury his ashes in a Pamlico County cemetery between his two nephews who died in the March 24 accident. The Sun Journal of New Bern reported that he will be buried between Royal Smith Jr. and...
Kings of Comedy star returns with his solo act - San Antonio Express
Bernie Mac's death in August due to complications from sarcoidosis, a lung disease, closed that chapter forever for Cedric, Steve Harvey and DL Hughley. "We were talking very intently there, maybe a month before he passed, about the possibility," said...
DL Hughley : "I Had To Come See The Hamptons For Myself" -
I asked Hughley, after the untimely passing of Bernie Mac last year, if there were any plans in the works to again tour “The Kings Of Comedy" road show. "We were in talks to put together a new tour, had been for a long time, prior to Bernie's passing....
Politicians And Comedians Don't Mix - Atlantic Online
or had his henchmen feign shock. Here's Bernie Mac during the campaign: "Being a president is tough 'cause you're not just running the county. You got to run your family too," Mac said. "Having a black first lady is different....
Top ten movies worth seeing - Times Milwaukee (subscription)
Soul Men: This is the last picture in which we get to see the late, great Bernie Mac do what he does best - be himself. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, the movie tells the story of two old band mates reuniting and traveling cross-country for one last gig....
You'll laugh your 'hamburger' off - Scarlet Scuttlebutt
He started out on the New York circuit with the late Bernie Mac and comic-actor Chris Tucker. "Whenever Chris Tucker would play New Jersey or New York, he'd be sleeping on my couch,'' Jones said. "The funny thing about Bernie Mac was that he was...
2010 Midseason TV Premiere: Sons Of Tucson - Cinema Blend
BROTHERS - In the tradition of Malcolm in the Middle and The Bernie Mac Show, SONS OF TUCSON is a family comedy about three brothers who hire a charming, wayward schemer to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison....

Bernie Mac

Mac at the premiere of Ocean's Thirteen, 2007

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (October 5, 1957 – August 9, 2008), better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was an American actor and comedian. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Mac gained popularity as a stand-up comedian. He joined comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D.L. Hughley as The Original Kings of Comedy.

After briefly hosting the HBO show Midnight Mac, Mac appeared in several films in smaller roles. His most noted film role was as Frank Catton in the remake Ocean's Eleven and its two sequels. He also starred in several films, including Mr. 3000. He was the star of The Bernie Mac Show, which ran from 2001-2006, earning him two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. His other films included starring roles in Friday, Bad Santa, Pride, and Soul Men which was one of his final two films.

Mac suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition was in remission in 2005. Despite having the disease, his sudden death in mid-2008 was caused by complications from pneumonia.

Mac was born in Chicago, Illinois, and was raised by a single mother, Mary, who died of cancer when he was only 16. Bernie Mac finds a home on screen - San Jose Mercury News. He put on shows for neighborhood kids on Chicago's South Side and eventually he moved to Tampa, Florida. During his 20s he worked in a variety of jobs, including furniture mover, and a UPS agent.

In 2004, Bernie Mac had his first starring role as a retired baseball player in the film Mr. 3000. In the 2003 National League Championship Series, Mac sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at Wrigley Field with the Chicago Cubs leading the Florida Marlins in the series 3-2 and in Game 6 by a 3-0 score. Instead of saying "root, root, root for the Cubbies" Mac said, "root, root, root for the champions!" The Cubs lost the game and the series, with some fans claiming that Mac helped jinx the Cubs. Mac later admitted that he had hated the North Side's Cubs his whole life, being a die-hard fan of the South Side's White Sox, and was seen during the White Sox' 2005 World Series victory at U.S. Cellular Field.

In 2008, 2 months before his passing, he is jokingly referenced in the song "Lookin Boy" where Yung Joc states "Jangle Leg!, Jangle Leg! Jangle Leg!, Bernie Mac Lookin' Boy!". He is making a reference to Mac's role in the 1999 film Life.

Mac married Rhonda McCullough in 1977. Together they had one daughter, Je'Niece who attended Xavier University of Louisiana where she received both her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Je'Niece is divorced with one daughter, Jasmine.

He died early in the morning on August 9, 2008 of complications due to pneumonia, his publicist said. Mac, 50, had been hospitalized for about a week at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, according to his spokeswoman. A few years before, Mac disclosed that he suffered from sarcoidosis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in tissue, most often in the lungs. His funeral was held on August 16th at the House of Hope church in Chicago. More than 7,000 people attended his funeral. Among mourners were Jeremy Suarez who played his nerdy nephew "Jordan" on The Bernie Mac Show, Chris Rock, Richard M. Daley, Samuel L. Jackson, the other cast members from his series and his fellow Kings of Comedy: D.L. Hughley, Cedric The Entertainer, and Steve Harvey. He is buried at Washington Memory Gardens Cemetery in Homewood, Illinois.

Just prior to his death, he had finished working on the film Soul Men with Isaac Hayes, who coincidentally died the next day. He was also working on the films Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Old Dogs; both films will pay tribute to him. The 2008 Bud Billiken Parade, held in Chicago on the day he died, was dedicated to his memory.

On the day of his funeral, his hometown's local TV station WCIU-TV aired a exclusive TV special titled "Tribute to Bernie Mac" and had interviews with his former colleagues like Camille Winbush, Tommy Davidson, Guy Torry and some of his close family members and friends.

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The Bernie Mac Show


The Bernie Mac Show is a half-hour American sitcom featuring the antics of comic actor Bernie Mac and his wife raising his sister's three kids: Jordan, Bryana and Vanessa. The show aired for five seasons (2001-2006) on FOX.

The show was loosely based on Mac's stand-up comedy acts. In real life, Bernie "Mac" McCollough was married with one daughter; Mac's character on the show (a stand-up comedian) was married with no kids of his own. The pilot episode, aired on November 14, 2001, set up the basic premise for the show: the character Bernie Mac takes in his sister's children after she enters rehab (a premise taken from one of Mac's routines in the 2000 film, The Original Kings of Comedy).

Much of the humor in the show was derived from Mac's continual adjustment to and his unique take on parenthood. A frequent motif of the show was the juxtaposition of Mac's acerbic comments, such as his threats to "bust the (children's) heads 'til the white meat shows," and the deep parental affection he felt towards the trio, which often brought him to the verge of tears during happy moments.

Many of his most emotional scenes occurred in segments in which Mac, while still in character, broke the 'fourth wall' and talked to the television audience. As was also the case during his stand-up routine, Mac habitually addressed the audience as "America" for humorous effect. The lighting of the shots typically appears to be yellowish in color.

Mac's character's celebrity worked as a plot device allowing other celebrities to appear on the show as themselves. Halle Berry, Serena Williams, Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, Billy Crystal, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, Angela Bassett, Ellen DeGeneres, Ice Cube, Isaac Hayes, Lucy Lawless, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Matt Damon, Wesley Snipes, Jon Garland, Sugar Ray Leonard, India.Arie, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O'Neal , Hugh Hefner, and Vivica A. Fox have all appeared as themselves over the course of the show.

The Bernie Mac Show won the Peabody Award, the Humanitas Prize, an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, three NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, and was honored by the Television Critics Association. For his role in the show, Bernie Mac was honored by the Television Critics Association for Individual Achievement in a Comedy as well as the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series five years in a row: 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

The show debuted in its time slot on November 14, 2001 with great ratings in its first season, but a weak lead-in Grounded for Life may have hurt the show's ratings. Nonetheless, the critically acclaimed show had a very successful rookie season and in the process won a handful of honors including an Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series' and the prestigious Peabody Award. Bernie Mac also received Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy Series respectively.

In the fall of 2002, the show aired against the Damon Wayans comedy My Wife & Kids which may have hurt the show's momentum in the ratings during the first half of the show's second season run. Larry Wilmore, the show's creator and executive producer, was fired at this time. In interviews, Wilmore said he was fed up with the network's creative interference with the show in addition to constantly shuffling it around the schedule. Fox contended that it wasn't happy with the shows direction under Wilmore in its second season claiming the show "wasn't delivering enough laughs". With The Bernie Mac Show 's inability to topple My Wife & Kids in the Wednesday 8 p.m. timeslot, Fox eventually aired the show after American Idol, after which it received its highest ratings ever.

The third season was scheduled to start on October 29, 2003 but was postponed due to The O.C. being moved. Instead the show started the season at the late date of November 30, 2003. The ratings were mediocre despite the large ratings of its lead-in, The Simpsons. In March 2004, the show was moved to Monday nights in a plan to boost ratings for the new show Cracking Up, but the ratings were low for both shows. Cracking Up was canceled and The Bernie Mac Show was pulled from May Sweeps with leftover episodes that aired in June (one of which included an episode about Thanksgiving).

The show finally returned to its original time slot on September 8, 2004 to start the fourth season. The production was shut down a month later due to Bernie's sickness. The show returned on January 14, 2005 with new episodes on Friday nights. Although the ratings were low enough that commentators questioned the show's future (especially when it was postponed from May Sweeps again), the show was renewed for a fifth season.

The fifth season started September 23, 2005 on Friday nights and airings were followed by reruns of the show.

The Bernie Mac Show celebrated its 100th episode on February 3, 2006 despite the fact that the actual 100th episode was not aired until March 31.

On May 17, 2006 FOX announced the cancellation of The Bernie Mac Show after five seasons and 104 episodes. The show never got a proper series finale. According to NAACP's analysis, FOX's cancellation of The Bernie Mac Show means that for the first time in recent history, there is not a comedy with an African American lead character on the four major broadcast networks, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC.

The show has been airing in syndication since September 2005 and is on the FX network as of 2008.

The Season One DVD boxset was released on DVD May 4, 2004. There have been no announcements regarding further seasons being released. The reason for this could be about music rights, which was the case for Malcolm in the Middle Season 2, however there is no confirmation from FOX.

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Pride (2007 film)

Pride ver2.jpg

Pride is a biopic drama feature film released by Lionsgate Entertainment on March 23, 2007 (see 2007 in film). Loosely based upon the true story of Philadelphia swim coach James "Jim" Ellis, Pride stars Terrence Howard, Bernie Mac, and Kimberly Elise, and was directed by Sunu Gonera.

Pride is a film that depicts African-Americans succeeding in a sport — swimming — that is still largely dominated by whites. This differed from most other African-American films with sport themes as they usually feature sports where African-Americans have progressed into the mainstream, such as basketball (such as Coach Carter) and football (such as Gridiron Gang, Remember the Titans). Pride differed from this theme by bringing attention to the often overlooked world of African-American swimmers.

The film centers around Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard) and grouchy but protective janitor Elston (Bernie Mac). The two have a short-lived rivalry before becoming good loyal friends.

It is 1974 and life is not easy for an African-American male, even a college-educated one like Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), to find employment. Struggling to find anything better, Jim, a former competitive swimmer, accepts the job of dismantling the dilapidated Marcus Foster Recreation Center operated by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation. The center includes a swimming pool. Ellis' presence immediately causes some friction between him and a bitter, protective janitor named Elston (Bernie Mac) who works there. One day, Jim sees a group of troubled black teens who have just been thrown off the basketball court and invites them for a swim. Andre (Kevin Phillips), Hakim (Nate Parker), Reggie (Evan Ross), Puddin’ Head (Brandon Fobbs), and Walt (Alphonso McAuley) prove to be fairly capable swimmers and with a few pointers, could become great swimmers. With some help from Elston, Jim decides to try and save the public swimming pool by starting the city’s first all African-American swim team. When the team also acquires Willie (Regine Nehy), a female swimmer more gifted than any of the guys, the prospects of competing against much more experienced rival teams begin to seem more positive. Jim also develops a romantic interest in a beautiful city worker (Kimberly Elise). Throughout their struggles, in or out of the swimming pool, Jim and Elston embraces and mentors the kids, hoping to help them become successful at swimming and in all aspects of their lives.

Pride was met with mixed reviews, with a 46% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics criticized the use of the word nigger in the film's opening scene where Jim is confronted by a racist predominantly white college that object to his presence in the water of their pool and refuses to swim with him because they say he is dirty. The film also has a visibly upsetting scene where Jim is pinned to the floor under the boot of a white policeman. Although these words and images may be difficult for some viewers (explaining the film's PG rather than G rating), they were included with the intent to illustrate the severity of the racism faced by young black swimmers growing up in the segregated 1960s.

Users seemed to enjoy the film more, with a 70% rating.

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Ocean's Twelve


Ocean's Twelve is a 2004 heist film that takes place after the events of Ocean's Eleven which was a remake of the 1960 film of the same name. As its predecessor the film is directed by Steven Soderbergh and used a celebrity ensemble cast. The film was released in the United States on December 10, 2004.

The sequel Ocean's Thirteen was released on 8 June 2007 in the US and on 6 June 2007 in several middle eastern countries.

The sequel was based on a spec script by George Nolfi called Honor Among Thieves that was originally intended to be directed by John Woo. The filming of Ocean's Twelve took place at many locations worldwide. United States film cities include Beverly Hills, California, Lake Forest, Illinois, Lincolnwood, Illinois, Winnetka, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California. In Europe, the crew filmed in Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Paris, Monte Carlo, Lake Como, Rome, and Castellammare del Golfo.

At the beginning of Ocean's Twelve, the eleven members of Ocean's Eleven are living their lives separately off the fortunes of their Vegas casino heist in the first film. Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), the owner of the three casinos, confronts each member of the team in turn, demanding the team return his money, with interest. Benedict gives the team two weeks to come up with the money, which amounts to the original $160 million plus $38 million interest for a total of $198 million. The Ocean's Eleven members don't have enough and are short $97 million which they must get in 14 days or they are "dead men".

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and the team decide to stage another heist to pay off the debt. Being too 'hot' to work in the US they pick a European target: the world's oldest stock certificate issued by the Dutch East India Company in 1602, worth approximately €2.5 million and kept in Amsterdam. The certificate is enough to extend their deadline. The group manage to breach the security around the certificate, in part by physically lifting the building to achieve 'line of sight', but rival thief, François Toulour (AKA 'The Night Fox') (Vincent Cassel) beats them to the document and leaves a message for them.

Toulour is a notorious European thief trained by the legendary retired thief Gaspar LeMarque (Albert Finney) who believes himself to be the world's greatest thief. Toulour is the one who revealed the identities of the eleven to Benedict. Toulour was quite upset that his mentor, LeMarque, failed to correct a businessman who claimed Danny was the best thief in the world after hearing of the elaborate complexities of the eleven's Bellagio job. Toulour breaks 'rule number one' (revealing another thief's identity) in order to lure the team to Europe where he can propose a challenge - as going after the same object is the only way to determine who's the better thief. Both Danny's group and Toulour will attempt to steal the famous Coronation Egg within a week; the first to succeed will be declared the better thief. If Danny's team wins, Toulour will pay off the team's debt to Benedict. With no other options Danny accepts the challenge.

Meanwhile Europol detective Agent Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who has a strong affiliation with the work of both Gaspar LeMarque and The Night Fox, is told of the heist by the Night Fox. Whilst investigating the scene, a hole left in the wall from an impossible shot leaves her to remember of her past romance with Ocean's associate Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt). Lahiri had mentioned of a man named 'Schumann' who had lifted a building at a certain time in the past. Lahiri immediately believes that Rusty used Schumann's technique to lift the building to achieve 'line of sight'. After this, Lahiri begins to track down Ocean's team, beginning with Frank Catton (Bernie Mac) whose fondness for pedicures made him the easiest to find. Whilst paying a visit to Rusty's apartment, Lahiri steals Rusty's phone, as well as makes out the appearances of both Danny and 'The Amazing' Yen (Shaobo Qin). Thus endangering their operation. Toulour further diminishes Danny's teams chances of winning by giving Lahiri a DVD of footage from his in-house security cameras which give away members of Danny's crew, whilst they were stealing paintings from Toulour's house.

Using this information, Lahiri is able to capture most of Danny's crew in their first attempt to steal the egg. The only people who get away are Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon), Basher Tarr (Don Cheadle) and Turk Molloy (Scott Caan). The remaining team devise a plan for a second attempt which involves a very reluctant Tess (Julia Roberts) masquerading as the famous actress Julia Roberts. During the attempt, famous movie star Bruce Willis (as himself) who is on vacation in Rome, recognizes who he is thinks is 'Julia Roberts' and interferes with their heist. They almost get away with the egg before Lahiri shows up and reveals them to be thieves. Whilst in jail, Linus' mother Mrs. Caldwell (Cherry Jones) disguised as a US official named Molly Star, manages their extradition.

Danny and Tess meet Toulour at Lake Como in Italy. At his home, Toulour delights in explaining how he was able to steal the egg by climbing to the roof of the Museum at dark without being detected by Danny's recon squad. Toulour, making use of amazing flexibility and some moves from the martial art/dance of capoeira, sneaks his way past the lasers and takes the egg. Danny then reveals to Toulour that Danny and his crew had in fact won the contest and that Toulour had stolen a fake. Danny and Rusty had previously visited LeMarque and learned the location of the real egg. Earlier in the film, the egg is shown to be transported from Paris to Rome in an armored car convoy, with many other fake eggs displayed as decoys. It is revealed that the real egg was in fact transported on foot by three disguised people who leaves the Museum in Paris shorty after the armoured car convoy, carrying the egg in a knapsack. Danny, Linus, Basher and Turk who all catch the same train as the three, stage a fight, so that Linus could switch the bag with an almost identical decoy bag. LeMarque also warned Danny and Rusty to assume that Toulor would always have them under surveillance. Hearing this, Toulour is crestfallen, and Danny gets the money that Toulour had given to LeMarque to hold in confidence when the competition was first proposed.

It is not until the end that the viewers realize that LeMarque was actually the mastermind behind the entire operation. By deliberately making Toulour feel inferior to Ocean's group, he manipulates Toulour into entering the competition. This is "the solution to all our problems" that he alludes to in the meeting with Daniel and Rusty. Toulour is the mark, and Danny's team is essentially a pawn of LeMarque. Their task is to simply acquire the egg, and then get caught. This convinces Toulour that he has won, although the contest is just misdirection. The reason LeMarque helped Danny and Rusty to destroy his apprentice, is because LeMarque had also wished to be reunited with his estranged daughter, which happens to be Agent Lahiri. Rusty arranged for Lahiri to be flown to her estranged father after Rusty and the crew were released from jail.

The result of the entire adventure is that Danny's group is now in the clear with Terry Benedict, the extraordinarily talented Toulour is disgraced (both in fortune and in reputation), and LeMarque is reunited both with his daughter and with the Fabergé egg he had stolen years earlier (his wife made him put it back). This illustrates the artistry of LeMarque, and why he is regarded so highly amongst those who perform the long con. This is the reason LeMarque is so apologetic to Danny and Rusty, and he claims "I'm still getting the better of you" at the end of their meeting. Reuben then meets with Benedict to pay him honestly and in full. During their conversation the camera zooms in on the Toulour in the background disguised as one of Terry Benedict's gardeners, implying that Toulour is either secretly working with Benedict, or plans to rob Benedict in order to prove himself once again and to get his money back.

The film ends with all of Ocean's Eleven celebrating in a private poker room. Lahiri walks in and slightly frightens the crew, until Rusty runs in behind her and reveals that they are back together.

The film is replete with running gags culled from the first film, with several unique to particular characters. For example, despite the fact that Yen only speaks Mandarin, the characters seem to have little trouble understanding him, and vice versa. In addition, the only English words Yen speaks are curse words. Another gag relates to Pitt's character, Rusty; he is seen eating some sort of food, usually of fast-food quality, in nearly all of his non-stunt scenes. His tattoos are subject matter (most notably the one on his left arm) as he states that he talked to a doctor about getting his tattoo removed "but due to the location, he advised against it". In both films, whenever Daniel Ocean winds up in prison he is wearing a tuxedo, meaning it is what he is also wearing whenever he is released. In one of those instances, Rusty joked to Danny, "I hope you were the groom." Bernie Mac's character, Frank, likes to have both manicures and pedicures; this predictability aids in his arrest.

Another notable occurrence is the loss of Yen when the bag he is crammed into is lost at the airport. This reflects the scene in Ocean's Eleven when he was placed in a coin safe in the Bellagio's vault and locked in.

Jerry Weintraub made a small cameo as a highroller in Ocean's Eleven, and proceeded to make a silent, unrelated cameo in Twelve, as the annoying business man who brags about Danny to LeMarque. That second cameo suddenly became a small character in Ocean's Thirteen, named Denny Shields, who supplies the whales for Danny and the crew to win at Bank's casino. He is very regretful for causing the whole problem in Ocean's Twelve.

Throughout the movie allusions are made about some unusual aspect of Tess' appearance, namely that she looks "just like" someone, but who that is not clear until later in the film. In the penultimate act, Tess, played by Julia Roberts, is recruited into the con because "she looks just like Julia Roberts", in fact she looks so strikingly similar that she is able to fool Bruce Willis, one of Roberts' real life friends.

Linus, Matt Damon's character, quotes the lyrics to the classic Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir" in a scene with Danny, Rusty, and a theft organizer named Matsui (Robbie Coltrane). The other three men say seemingly nonsensical phrases; Linus, not knowing what to say on his turn, quotes the song, saying, "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams, I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been." Later, Rusty and Danny tell him that what he said would mean, in code, that Linus had called Matsui's seven-year-old niece, who was confined to bed with a sickness that Pitt would not mention, a (very cheap) whore. Later, however, it is revealed that this was just the other characters having fun at Linus's expense (A "Lost in Translation").

This film introduces a series of oddly named cons, including the "Smuggler's Paradise," "Swinging Priest," "Crazy Larry," "Soft Shoulder," "Baker's Dozen," and "Hell in a Handbasket," none of which is described in detail, although all of them require more than three people. Additionally, the "Baker's Dozen" scheme requires a woman and "Hell in a Handbasket" requires a trained cat. In the end, they decide to use a "Lookie-Loo with a Bundle of Joy." As the viewer comes to learn, in this con they use Tess (who "looks like" Julia Roberts) to get close to the egg, then use her pregnancy (referencing Roberts' real-life pregnancy, or "bundle of joy") as an excuse to leave quickly.

During Bruce Willis's scenes, he is constantly told, "That moment where she doesn't talk to you at the restaurant? I knew." In response, Bruce later states to Tess, "If everyone's so damn smart how come the movie made $675 million worldwide?" This is in reference to Willis's hit movie, The Sixth Sense.

Topher Grace also makes a second appearance in which he destroys one of Rusty's hotel rooms. Grace states that he regrets the choices he's made by saying: "I quit the show, and totally phoned in that Dennis Quaid movie" referring to That '70s Show and In Good Company respectively.

When Isabel asks Tess, or "Julia Roberts" for her autograph, Tess signs with her right hand, even though Julia Roberts is left handed. In reality, Julia Roberts is ambidextrous.

In spite of extremely high box office expectations and a promising opening weekend, Ocean's Twelve did not fare as well as Ocean's Eleven - although by movie industry standards it was still a financial success. By comparison with its predecessor, Ocean's Twelve grossed about $125 million in the United States and $351,331,634 after its worldwide theatrical run, while Ocean's Eleven made about $184 million domestically and grossed $444,200,000 worldwide in its entire box office run.

The movie received tepid reviews overall, receiving a rating of 58 at Metacritic. The film was criticized for its slow start, its complex plot and a final twist that negated much of the preceding action. The Washington Post's Stephen Hunter said that "it all ends on one of those infuriatingly sloppy notes where, having dramatized narrative events for us, which we have taken on good faith, it suddenly and arbitrarily delivers narrative events which completely invalidate events ." Many viewers and critics also felt the movie was a thinly veiled excuse for several A-list actors (including Clooney, Pitt and Damon) to work on a project together. Newsweek said that "while it looks like the cast is having a blast and a half, the studied hipness can get so pleased with itself it borders on the smug." Claudia Puig with USA Today remarked, "At the rate things are going, all of Hollywood will put in about a day's work on Ocean's Seventeen." More mercifully, Roger Ebert concluded his review this way, "The movie is all about behavior, dialogue, star power and wiseass in-jokes. I really sort of liked it." Ocean's Twelve was rated by Entertainment Weekly as one of the "The 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made".

Despite its poor critical response, the film won a BMI Film Music Award, received by composer David Holmes. The film was nominated for several other festival awards.

The original soundtrack to Ocean's Twelve was released by Warner Bros. Records on December 7, 2004. David Holmes returned to compose the music for the film and won a BMI award. His songs "Amsterdam" and "I Love Art...Really!" were released as singles and do not appear on the commercial soundtrack. The soundtrack is also absent of the music used during the Nightfox "laser-dance" sequence in the film. The clip is from a track called "Thé à la Menthe" performed by La Caution, according to the film's end credits. The track titled "The Real Story" is different on the commercial soundtrack than it is in the film, which uses "Rito a Los Angeles" by Giuseppe De Luca, featuring part of the main riff of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. The music Benedict plays on the piano when he comes to visit Basher is called "Requiem for a Dead". It was written and performed by Andy Garcia. The track that plays as Lahiri cracks Matsui is "El Capitalismo Foraneo" by Gotan Project. "Ascension to Virginity" was taken from the 1968 movie Candy where it likewise appeared in the epilogue -- the version on the soundtrack is the full length version from the Candy soundtrack LP.

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Mr. 3000

Mr. 3000.jpg

Mr. 3000 is a 2004 Touchstone Pictures/Dimension Films/Spyglass Entertainment/The Kennedy/Marshall Company film starring Bernie Mac and Angela Bassett.

The story follows Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) who was a Milwaukee Brewers baseball star with 3,000 hits that earned him the nickname "Mr. 3000." After recording what is believed to be his 3000th hit, the selfish and arrogant Ross retires and leaves the Brewers, leaving the team without one of their star players in the middle of the 1995 playoff race. However, nine years later, it is discovered that (due to a clerical error) he is three hits short of that total, so a 47-year-old Ross returns to the game to get three more hits and secure his place in the record books and keep his local post-career marketing gimmick from being invalid, making for a hostile environment when he returns. But the Brewers' upper management, citing the large attendance at Ross' number retirement ceremony and the fact that the Brewers are out of playoff contention, agrees to bring Ross back during the September roster expansion. The Brewers' younger players only know Ross as the self-centered player that he was before and T-Rex (Brian J. White), the pompous star of their current roster, thinks of Ross as a washed up has-been and feels the team does not need him. Manager Gus Panas (Paul Sorvino) refuses to talk to Ross because of the bad blood left between the two after Ross' first retirement, and the sportswriters make him an easy target for criticism.

Ross struggles to regain his baseball form despite his predictions to the contrary. Eventually, he connects with two more hits, bringing his total to 2,999. In the process, Ross becomes a mentor to the younger players on the team and urges T-Rex to learn from Ross' mistakes in his early days as a hot baseball player, inspiring them from a late-season comeback to a respectable finish. In his last at-bat of the season, Ross gives up a chance at hit number 3,000 so the team can finish 3rd in its division. Although Ross never gets 3,000 hits, he is ultimately inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. At the end of the movie he gives in and does a Viagra endorsement commercial. He also ends up with Mo (Angela Bassett).

As the movie ends, Stan alters all the titles on his businesses that bear the name Mr. 3,000 to Mr. 2,999.

Portions of this movie were filmed at Marquette University High School, as well as Miller Park, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and at Zephyr Field in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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