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DVD Releases - Boston Globe
By Tom Russo Popcorn movie season has hit like a photon torpedo, so the time seems ripe for just laying it right out there: If there's one DVD release this year that has this correspondent's number, it's the "Star Wars" valentine "Fanboys" (2009,...
DVD release inspirations including The Reader - Boxwish
Hopefully, the sun is shining on you in your corner of the world, but if not there's always your trusty DVD collection to keep you in high spirits and we've got some exciting new releases that might be worth making some space for....
'Powder Blue,' 'Jeeves & Wooster,' 'New in Town,' pitching gems ... - The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
Finally, it received a limited release, in five theaters in Arizona in January. And now to DVD. R, 95 minutes. No DVD extras. From Genius Productions. killshot-movie.net. Kyra Sedgwick plays LA Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, whose Southern Belle...
June DVD releases offer something for everyone - Examiner.com
Also slotted for a June 2nd DVD release, Sam Mendes' “Revolutionary Road” will offer a making-of feature entitled “Lives of Quiet Desperation”, deleted scenes, and commentary by the director. The film that earned Kate Winslet a Golden Globe for Best...
Reviews of recent and upcoming DVD releases - Macon Telegraph
"24: Season Seven" (NR, 2009, Fox): The paint is barely dry on "24's" seventh season, which wrapped this week, but Fox is trying something new by making the DVD set available immediately. If you missed it while it aired and dread the usual exercise of...
The Freemans re-release classic live recordings - ChristianToday
The live releases are available in two-release special volumes and are sold at a discounted rate. Each volume comes with the CD and DVD releases. The re-releases now available include 1988's We Have Arrived Live and 1990's Bring Back the Good Ole Days...
DVD Reviews: Fresh, frenzied Murphy tops releases - Denton Record Chronicle
By Boo Allen / Film Critic This two-disc set contains, among many things, concert footage of a raw and untamed Eddie Murphy. Mixing performance art with his outrageous stand-up, the talented comic shows the infectious energy he brought to his...
DVD releases for May 26 - Anderson Independent Mail
From another great Mickey Rourke performance to a horror film starring an Academy Award winner, next week's DVD releases promises many entertaining evenings in front of the television. I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's great to see Mickey...
DVD releases - The State Journal-Register
Renee Zellweger provides the only genuine laughs in the otherwise-flat “New in Town,” which will be released Tuesday on DVD. Lionsgate THE ASSOCIATED PRESS DVDs scheduled for release Tuesday (release dates subject to change)....

My Little Pony DVD releases

This article lists DVD releases of the original My Little Pony cartoons produced by Sunbow Entertainment. These include the 1984 special My Little Pony, usually released as Rescue from Midnight Castle; the 1985 special Escape From Catrina; My Little Pony: The Movie, released 1986; and the ongoing series My Little Pony broadcast 1986-1987.

All My Little Pony episodes have been released by Rhino Entertainment in North America. These DVDs are encoded for Region 1 in NTSC format. As of November 14, 2006 My Little Pony: The Movie is available on North American DVD.

The first series and the two previous specials are available in My Little Pony: The Complete First Season, a four-disc box set.

The second series is available in two volumes, and are also sourced from the Disney Channel repeats.

12 My Little Pony DVDs have released in Australia by MRA Entertainment, including all episodes (in random order) and the movie. They have no region encoding, and are presented in PAL format.

Three My Little Pony titles have been released on MiniDVD in Australia.

A few volumes have been released in the UK by Metrodome Distribution Limited. They are encoded for Region 2 in PAL format.

Some My Little Pony episodes are available on the 'Girl's World' compilation DVDs released by Metrodome Distribution Limited.

My Little Pony: De Speelfilm (The Dutch translation of The Movie) has been released by both The Sales Company and Video/Film Express.

A series of DVDs is available in Belgium and the Netherlands, including all episodes in the Dutch language, excluding De Terugkeer van Tambelon (The Return of Tambelon). Four volumes were released by Bridge Entertainment Group with covers featuring the 2003 Ponies.

Bridge Entertainment released the remaining episodes in two 'Mega Kids DVD' volumes.

10 volumes of the French translation 'Mon Petit Poney' are available.

2. Le carnaval au Pays merveilleux (The End of Flutter Valley).

Episodes not released include Crunch, le chien de pierre (Crunch the Rockdog), Le visiteur (Pony Puppy), La grande invasion du château de minuit (Rescue from Midnight Castle), Le retour de Tambelon (The Return of Tambelon), Pauvre de moi (Woe Is Me) and Le château dans les nuages (Flight to Cloud Castle).

12 volumes of the German translation Mein Kleines Pony have been released in Germany, along with the movie.

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Doctor Who DVD releases

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This is a list of Doctor Who serials that are available on DVD. Most Doctor Who DVDs have been released first in the United Kingdom with Region 2 coding, and released later in Australia and New Zealand (coded Region 4) and in North America (coded Region 1) coding. Aside from differences in the external packaging, special features and commentaries are mostly identical in all versions. The Region 1 release of The Five Doctors contains a commentary track featuring Peter Davison and Terrance Dicks not available on the earlier Region 2 release. All Region 1 releases prior to September 2005 also included a "Who's Who" feature that identified key cast members and gave brief biographies and filmographies. The Region 1 releases of Robots of Death, The Ark in Space, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and Pyramids of Mars also include a featurette with the syndicated Time-Life introductions and closings narrated by Howard da Silva.

There are also minor variations having to do with technical glitches that occurred in the Region 2 discs but were corrected in time for the Region 1 release (The Caves of Androzani, Remembrance of the Daleks, Complete Series Two Box Set).

The Region 2 discs are also dual coded with Region 4, so the two are identical. The only exceptions are Vengeance on Varos, which fixed an error on the Region 2 version in episode 2, and Remembrance of the Daleks, which used the NTSC master due to errors on the UK version and issues about music clearance.

On 14 January 2009, publishers GE Fabbri, licensed by the BBC and 2 entertain, released the first issue of the partwork magazine Doctor Who DVD Files. Every fortnight the magazine comes with a mounted DVD containing two episodes of the relaunched series, beginning with Rose. Doctor Who DVD Files is currently planned to run for 28 issues. The magazine also includes two classic-series releases. The Five Doctors comes free with issue four and Doctor Who — The Movie is available as a gift to those who subscribe to the magazine. All the DVDs come with new double-sided covers and are encoded for Regions 2 and 4.

Prior to autumn 2006, the standard Region 2 release pattern was one release approximately every two months, for six releases a year. Starting in 2004, one of those releases (eventually standardised as the January one) would consist of a box set. Beginning in late 2006, four new release slots were added to account for a new category of "standard" edition releases — comparably budget-priced DVDs that would contain fewer extras than the "special edition" DVDs that make up the rest of the line. Likewise, the definition of "special editions" was expanded to include sets of two or more related serials. This rate increase brings the typical R2 schedule up to ten releases (of one or more serials apiece): one a month, excepting February and December.

Although Region 1 initially lagged somewhat behind Region 2, its release rate (up until the R2 schedule change in late 2006) was typically somewhat faster: seven releases, spread across four release slots. The yearly box set was typically slotted for March, while June, September, and November are each scheduled for two releases. By March 2007, the Region 1 catalogue had essentially caught up with Region 2. BBC Worldwide America has yet to clarify how it intends to respond to the quickened Region 2 release pattern.

With few exceptions (noted below), each of the 'classic series' stories have been carefully restored by the Doctor Who Restoration Team from the best available materials, and are presented as originally broadcast — in episodic format, where applicable. Other features present on every, or nearly every, DVD include cast and crew commentary, subtitles, production notes, and a photo gallery.

This is a complete list of Doctor Who DVD releases which either have been released, or which have announced their release.

Many of the Doctor Who serials from the 1960s have missing episodes, and in some cases, entire serials have been lost. However, only three serials have no footage remaining at all, with various orphaned episodes, clips recorded off-air, and censored clips being returned to the BBC from both fans and overseas broadcasters. Four incomplete serials have more than 50% of their content remaining.

Although no clips from this serial survive, a condensed 30-minute reconstruction was included on The Beginning, using production photographs, telesnaps and parts of the soundtrack (which survives and has been released in its entirety).

This serial, missing episodes 4 and 5 (of 6) was released on VHS in November 2003, with linking narration from Carole Ann Ford. The surviving clips from episodes 4 and 5 were then released on Lost in Time the following year.

This serial, missing only its fourth and final episode, was released on VHS in 2000. It contained a Loose Cannon-style reconstruction of the missing fourth episode, using surviving pictures, clips, and the soundtrack to reconstruct the episode. The surviving episode 4 clips, including the First Doctor's regeneration, were included on Lost in Time.

This serial was released on VHS in 1998, with both a condensed telesnap and soundtrack reconstruction of the missing episodes 2 and 3 (of 6), as well as the episodes' full soundtracks on a CD.

This serial is unique in that it is the only Doctor Who serial to be reconstructed with animation and the off-air soundtracks. Episodes 1 and 4 were animated by the same team that animated the BBC webcast The Scream of the Shalka.

The remainder of the surviving episodes and a number of clips were released in 2004 on a 3-disc DVD set, Doctor Who: Lost in Time. Two serials, The Crusade and The Moonbase contain both the surviving episodes (two each) as well as the soundtracks to their missing episodes, and both may be watched as "complete" serials. The set also contains an updated version of The Missing Years, a 1998 BBC documentary on the missing episodes. In Region 1, the collection was released both in parts (Hartnell and Troughton getting separate releases) and as a set.

The Curse of Fenric contains two discs, one with the original four-part version and a 104-minute special edition with additional footage and new special effects.

As with The Curse of Fenric, the DVD for Battlefield contains two discs, one with the original episodes as they were broadcast, and another with an extended movie-format version of the story, with new special effects and a remixed 5.1 surround soundtrack.

The Key to Time was released in Region 1 only in 2002 with a minimal restoration effort, as BBC Worldwide believed a full season boxed set would sell better than the individual releases. It received a proper restoration and Region 2 release in 2007. It was originally slated for a March 2008 Region 1 release but was postponed to 3 March 2009.

The Infinite Quest is a 13-part animated serial, the first 12 parts of which were originally shown on Totally Doctor Who. Although the serial is not a part of series 3, it features the Doctor and Martha Jones. It was run as a complete 45 minute episode after the series came to an end. It was released on DVD in Region 2 on 12 November 2007 and was also released in Region 4 on 5 June 2008. It was released in Region 1 on 18 November 2008.

2|entertain released the first Doctor Who boxed set with exclusive content, The Complete Davros Collection, on 26 November 2007 in Region 2, while it was released in Region 4 on 6 February 2008. There were originally plans to release it on 4 March 2008 in Region 1, but it was later put on hold indefinitely. This boxed set collects the five serials featuring Davros, including Destiny of the Daleks, which was released separately on the same day, as well as a remastered version of Remembrance of the Daleks which both corrects the errors in the first release and adds a number of new special features. At this time the special edition of this story will be exclusive to the boxed set. The boxed set also contains all seven Davros-related Big Finish audio plays, as well as a new play, The Davros Mission, which will not be available separately.

The boxed set also contains two documentaries — Davros Connections, a new documentary exclusive to this boxed set, and Big Finish's audio documentary on the making of I, Davros.

The Five Doctors was the very first Doctor Who DVD release, and as such, it is rather lacking compared to later releases in the range. This release contains a straight transfer of the 1995 Special Edition, which recut the story, added several scenes, and replaced the original effects with CGI. The Region 2 version had no commentary track, but one with Peter Davison and writer Terrance Dicks was added for the Region 1 release nearly two years later. The Doctor Who Restoration Team has repeatedly stated that neither they nor 2|entertain considers this to be part of the 'official' release range. The packaging for the DVD and the design of the menus is different from all other releases in the range, although the BBC have subsequently made a new sleeve available for download from the official Doctor Who website which is intended to better match the rest of the range.

The release has subtitles in six European languages. This multi-language feature was not continued on releases of other stories.

A new version of the story was therefore released in R2 on 3 March 2008, containing remastered versions of both the special edition and the story as originally transmitted. It also features both the R1 commentary track, a newly recorded commentary, and a number of special features.

To distinguish it from the previous release, this new DVD is subtitled 25th Anniversary Edition.

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NCIS DVD releases

The following is a complete list of DVD releases for the CBS television series NCIS. The first four seasons have been released on DVD in Regions 1 and 4, while only the first three seasons are available on DVD in Region 2. The first season DVD release omits the two-part pilot episode that aired as part of the eighth season of JAG; those episodes may be released when that season is eventually distributed on DVD.

All DVDs are distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment.

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