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Boulder locals up for entrepreneur award - Daily Camera
Seven Boulder-area businessmen were selected as finalists for the annual Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Rocky Mountain region. The awards recognize the contributions of “people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and...
Entrepreneurs launched more businesses in 2008 than in 2007 ... - Dallas Morning News
Recessionary impact on entrepreneurs is important because small businesses help fuel US economic growth and job creation, Fairlie said. • Adults 55 to 64 increased their business creation to the highest level (0.36 percent) of any age group....
In the Hunt Investors Pay Business Plans Little Heed, Study Finds - New York Times
That means, the study said, that they pay little attention to the documentation from entrepreneurs about their academic credentials, work or start-up experience, previous success in raising equity capital, ability to form a top-notch management team or...
For Salvadoran entrepreneurs, it's a time to give back - Houston Chronicle
Flores is one of several local Salvadoran entrepreneurs who are forming a quasi chamber of commerce. Salvadoran entrepreneurs are organizing in Houston to help Salvadorans here and abroad. At age 18, Wilfredo Velasquez sneaked into the US to escape the...
Programs to help young entrepreneurs burgeoning - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The university has used the money to roll out new initiatives, from an arts enterprise club to a specialized dorm community and an event similar to speed dating, only with experienced entrepreneurs, said Charles B. Hoslet, senior special assistant to...
Smaller Enterprises Left Dry as Bulk of Lending Goes to Big Projects - Wall Street Journal
By JASON LEOW LANXI, China -- Textile-factory owner Chen Zengrong is having trouble getting loans -- as are many small entrepreneurs around China -- despite a torrent of credit unleashed by state banks to help the economy out of its slump....
MarketingSavant Group Reaches Out to Entrepreneurs With 'DIY ... - PR Newswire (press release)
based marketing consulting and training firm is reaching out to the backbone of American business, providing a Do-It-Yourself Marketing Plan customized specifically for entrepreneurs. MarketingSavant is delivering free marketing tools just in time for...
Entrepreneurs plan an amazing race around Cleveland to highlight ... - The Plain Dealer - cleveland.com
Oney and Champion - self-described "civic entrepreneurs" - aim to launch eight Web-isodes of "Got"City Game!" in late fall. They describe it as a downsized version of the "The Amazing Race," the CBS reality show that sends teams across the globe in a...
Expert tells Lehigh Valley entrepreneurs to let tough times spark ... - Allentown Morning Call
The credit crunch has made the organization even more critical, he said, as entrepreneurs with good ideas need capital to get products to the marketplace. Ben Franklin presented Innovation Awards at Tuesday's event, and two Lehigh Valley companies were...
Calling all entrepreneurs - plan names ideas aplenty - Wilmington News Journal, OH
A silver lining, however, may be “a deeper pool” of potential entrepreneurs “ready to determine their own destinies,” write the authors. Another silver lining, from the standpoint of building up the downtown, is that competition from incoming new big...

Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

Image:Logo Young Entrepreneurs Alliance.png

The Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a Massachusetts public charity that was founded in 1996 by the father-daughter team of Robert Nessen and Julie Nessen, based on the belief that juvenile offenders could mature into successful citizens and business owners and were not destined to become lifetime criminals.

The Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) was founded on the belief that teens from all walks of life have innate talents, waiting to be discovered.  YEA’s mission is to help low-income teens realize their economic potential and take steps toward financial independence by owning and running viable businesses. YEA opens doors to higher education and meaningful employment, enabling teens to envision and create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

YEA is different from other job training programs in that YEA’s teens are not employees but business owners. Although YEA is a tax-exempt organization, the teens work together as business partners have all the responsibilities of running a for-profit enterprise. This means they have a personal stake in the success of their business and are directly involved in governance, business development and ultimately, company earnings. YEA believes that fostering this unique entrepreneurial environment empowers teens with the skills they need to run a business and, more importantly, take ownership for the direction of their lives.

YEA's first project in 1996 was with a group of teens in the juvenile justice system - teens without the skills, resources, or support systems to find and hold on to legitimate jobs. YEA worked with these young adults to create a simple handyman business, but with an added component: the teens learned to deliver unskilled labor in a professional manner. This meant providing first-rate service by arriving on time, behaving professionally, and thanking each customer for their business. YEA's scope currently includes creating businesses in the Massachusetts Vocational Schools, particularly those serving teens in the most disadvantaged urban communities.

In March 2003, YEA began working with students at Assabet Valley Vocational High School to create a graphic design business, which officially opened in November 2003. Digitize was first hired by New Balance, a privately held athletic shoe company, to design a New Year's holiday sale flier for their outlet stores. The teens were rehired to design a spring sales flier and also the 2004 holiday greeting card. Today, Digitize has 25 participating teens and designs logos, business cards, brochures, fliers and websites for clients in the Greater Boston and Marlborough areas.

In January 2005, YEA began training students at Madison Park Vocational High School to open a state-of-the-art document management business. Their business is called MP Organizers and specializes in scanning and indexing documents, so both documents and specific information on documents can be accessed electronically. Today, MP Organizers specializes in scanning and indexing documents for businesses, schools and individuals. The range of material they work with includes records, large documents, personal bills, and photographs.

ScanWorks is a scanning business that is run by the 17 deaf teens at Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. ScanWorks gives the teens a chance to work and to learn how to run a company, an opportunity generally unavailable to deaf teens. ScanWorks specializes in scanning documents for small businesses and personal offices. These include short files, photos and financial records that customers have archived on CD in order to discard unneeded paper.

Founded in 2006, this is a new business at Keefe Technical High School in Framingham. These teens, who are in the Business Technology Program, have created an off-site secretarial service. This is a relatively new industry that is growing quickly as small businesses outsource their administrative services. The services offered by VOA, Unlimited include typing, building mailing lists, mass mailings, creating brochures and presentations, bookkeeping and creating online newsletters.

YEA's goal is to empower low opportunity teens to attain long-term economic independence. Through their businesses, the teen partners learn the professional and leadership skills they need to succeed in business, and to build lives as active, contributing American citizens.

YEA's success is measured through the accomplishments of these businesses. Over 80% of the teens continue their education, many returning to school after dropping out.

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Office for Entrepreneurs' Relief

The Office for Entrepreneurs' Relief (OER) is an independent, executive non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom under the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

Created under the Action for Business programme, its purpose is to explore innovative solutions to the problems and issues faced by businesses and build on existing policy initiatives. The organisation, its radical regulatory reform and the "voice for business" programme has received high-level commitment from the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues.

The OER provides an independent administration service and works across the relevant Government departments from the outset of a company by reviewing incorporation papers submitted to Companies House and BERR and advising on individual cases. The service also maintains resources to help businesses comply with legislation and fulfil their obligations under the Companies Act.

In collaboration with Regional Development Agencies, the organisation also provides the tools to guarantee that appropriate support is available for businesses wherever they are.

The current OER was set up with an independent council to direct it in 2008. Entrepreneurs' Relief was added to the name to reflect the full range of services on offer. Finally, in early 2009, the new organisation was put on a statutory footing and now receives its funding through the Capital Modernisation Fund (Small Business Service) and Regional Development Agencies.

Critics argue that the system is open to abuse as the OER, like most NDPBs, has its members directly appointed by government ministers without an election or consultation with the people. The press, critical of what was perceived as the Conservatives' complacency in power, presented much material interpreted as evidence of questionable government practices.

This concern led to the formation of a Committee on Standards in Public Life (the Nolan Committee) which first reported in 1995 and recommended the creation of a public appointments commissioner to make sure that appropriate standards were met in the appointment of members of QUANGOs. The Government accepted the recommendation, and the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments was established in November 1995.

The use of NDPBs has continued under the Labour Party in office since 1997, but the political controversy associated with NDPBs in the mid-1990s has now for the most part died away. It is not entirely clear why this occurred, though proponents of the Labour Government claim it as a result of their reforms. The incoming Labour Government promised before 1997 to reduce the number and power of NDPBs. Some question whether this has really happened.

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Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Putin meeting with the union in 2001.

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs promotes the interests of business in Russia.

It has over 1,000 members. These include both private and state-owned companies, factories, and foreign and Russian plants. It is based in Moscow.

Its president is Alexander Shokhin, vice-premier of Russia from 1991 to 1994, and subsequently a Duma deputee for eight years.

Its vice-president, Igor Yurgens, has been an advisor to Unesco and The Trade Unions Council, and was chairman of the General Confederation of Trade Unions in 1996. He is a graduate from Moscow State University. Yurgens is sometimes interviewed by Western media on issues concerning Russian industry.

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