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Yahoo Finance Chief to Get $1.8 Million Severance - Wall Street Journal
Yahoo Inc. said Friday that it will pay departing Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen a $1.8 million lump-sum severance payment. In late February, the company said Mr. Jorgensen would leave the company, but remain through a transition period....
Swat unrest prompts strike in Pakistan finance hub - AFP
KARACHI, Pakistan (AFP) — Shops in Pakistan's volatile financial hub Karachi closed, witnesses said, after nationalists called a strike to protest the arrival of refugees from the conflict-hit northwest. The Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) movement,...
S Korea's financial regulator strives to ease market jitters amid ... - Xinhua
"(We have to) closely monitor market situations," Chin Dong-soo, chairman of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), told reporters at an emergency financial meeting, adding that the regulator will cooperate with the finance ministry and the Bank of...
Health exec blames 5 ex-finance chiefs - Billings Gazette
CEO Richard Scrushy kept up his attacks this week on five former finance chiefs who linked him to a huge fraud, putting the blame squarely on them for the accounting swindle. Scrushy was on the witness stand in a lawsuit by HealthSouth shareholders who...
Statement from Chancellor Martin on Joint Finance Committee budget ... - University of Wisconsin-Madison University Communications
"Against the headwind of terrible economic challenges, today's action bythe Legislature's Joint Finance Committee helps the University of Wisconsin-Madison sustain its pre-eminence and its service to the state. "While the committee's action includes...
Commentary: Auto finance is an auto industry problem - MarketWatch
GMAC, the auto finance arm owned by General Motors Corp. /quotes/comstock/13*!gm/quotes/nls/gm (GM 1.45, +0.18, +14.17%) and Cerberus Capital Management, is zigging as the rest of the financial industry is zagging. GMAC's need for more cash comes as...
Legislation Could Define His Career, His Party - Washington Post
By Shailagh Murray and Ceci Connolly Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, may be President Obama's most critical ally on health-care reform. But which version of the independent-minded Montanan will preside as the debate intensifies...
India's Political Stability Will Aid Recovery, Mukherjee Says - Bloomberg
By Cherian Thomas May 25 (Bloomberg) -- Pranab Mukherjee, named this weekend as India's finance minister, will likely take advantage of the government's stable majority to introduce measures to revive the economy amid a global slump....
Finance ministers to discuss economic crisis -
Canada's finance ministers will meet at Meech Lake on Monday to discuss the state of the economy and to examine ways to guide the country through the continuing economic crisis. Officials with the federal Finance Department said the one-day meeting...

Ministry of Finance (Japan)

Entrance of the office

The Ministry of Finance (財務省 ,Zaimu-shō?) is one of cabinet-level ministries of the Japanese government. The Ministry was once named Ōkura-shō (大蔵省). The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Finance (Zaimu-daijin; 財務大臣), who is a member of the Cabinet and is typically chosen from members of the Diet by the Prime Minister.

The Ministry's origin was back in the 6th century, when Ōkura (大蔵) was established as a state treasury in ancient Japan. When a modern system of government was introduced after the Meiji Restoration, the Ministry of Finance (大蔵省; Ōkura-shō) was established as a government body in charge of public finance and monetary affairs. It is said that new ministry employees are subtly reminded that the Ōkura-shō predates the by some 1269 years the Nihon Koku Kempo (New Constitution) imposed on the nation by the U.S. occupation forces in 1947.

The Ministry has long been regarded as the most powerful ministry in the Japanese government. After various financial scandals revealed in the 1990s, however, the Ministry lost its power over banking supervision to a newly-established Financial Services Agency. It also lost most of its control over monetary policy to the Bank of Japan when the Diet passed a new Bank of Japan Law in 1998. In addition, it lost its ancient Japanese name in January 2001, to be renamed as Zaimu-shō (財務省), although its English name remained the same.

Despite this renaming, the Japanese people still use a slang term Ōkura-daijin (大蔵大臣), meaning a person controlling a budget (e.g. housewives for family budget matters).

In financial markets, the Ministry is famous for its active foreign exchange policy. Its top civil servant on the international side, Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs, is often quoted in the financial press. Former Vice Minister Eisuke Sakakibara was known as "Mr Yen", whereas his successors Haruhiko Kuroda and Zembei Mizoguchi were often referred to as "Mr Asian Currency" and "Mr Dollar", respectively. The current Vice Minister for International Affairs (2004) is Hiroshi Watanabe and the current Abe administration's Finance Minister as of October 2006 is Koji Omi.

Six Independent Administrative Institutions are under the Ministry's control.

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Finance Minister of Denmark

The Finance Minister of Denmark (Danish Finansministeren) is the head of the Ministry of Finance of Denmark, and a member of the Cabinet. As head of the ministry, the minister has responsibility for the ministry's tasks of administrering the state finances via the fiscal policy, and making economic predictions and recommendations.

The current Finance Minister in the Cabinet of Anders Fogh Rasmussen III is Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

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Norwegian Ministry of Finance

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Finance (Norwegian: Finansdepartementet) is a Norwegian ministry established in 1814. The ministry is responsible for state finance, including the state budget, taxation and economic policy in Norway. It is led by Kristin Halvorsen (Socialist Left). The department must report to the legislature, Storting).

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Ministry of Economy and Finance (Romania)

Flag of Ministers of Romania (early 1990s).svg

The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Romania (Romanian: Ministerul Economiei şi Finanţelor) is one of the fifteen ministries of the Government of Romania.

The minister's seat is currently held by the National Liberal Party's Varujan Vosganian, following the withdrawal of Ioan-Codruţ Şereş and the rest of the Conservative Party from Romania's government on December 3, 2006.

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