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Israel at Interpol war crimes parley - Jerusalem Post
By YAAKOV LAPPIN A delegate from the Justice Ministry attended an Interpol conference held in Norway on Monday on international war crimes investigations, The Jerusalem Post has learned. Judge Cuno Tarfusser at the courtroom of the International...
Bosnia Asks Interpol To Ignore Serbian Warrants - NASDAQ
SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AFP)--Bosnia said Monday it had asked Interpol to cancel arrest warrants Serbia issued against several former Bosnian officials over a 1992 attack on a column of Yugoslav army troops. The Security Ministry had requested...
BiH asks Interpol to drop arrest warrants - Southeast European Times
SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) -- Security Minister Tarik Sadovic has asked the local Interpol office to contact the international police organisation's headquarters in Lyon and ask it to withdraw arrest warrants issued for several people from...
Police investigate large deposit made by bank - Radio New Zealand
They are seeking assistance from Interpol. Detective Senior Sergeant David Harvey says some of the money has been withdrawn. He says an investigation is under way into people who have have been involved in that withdrawal, but cannot name them or the...
Gates Fights China Fakes, Drug Failure to Stem Malaria Disaster - Bloomberg
Interpol, the international police organization based in Lyon, France, traced counterfeit drugs in Southeast Asia to China in 2006 as part of an investigation called Operation Jupiter. Last year, under Operation Storm, Interpol arrested 27 people in...
Behind the veil of swine flu - RT
Interpol warns that “around three to four percent of spam mails currently being circulated are related to the swine flu, with this number expected to increase.” The agency also warns that such emails and links “should be treated with extreme caution....
Quick Hits: Ozzy, Slipknot, Deftones, Eminem, Kylie Minogue ... - FMQB
Interpol frontman Paul Banks will debut a side project under the alter ego Julian Plenti. The album Skyscraper is due out on Matador Records on August 4. The Shins debuted a new lineup when the indie rockers kicked off their spring tour recently....
Iranian presidential candidate would work with US - The Associated Press
CAIRO (AP) — An Iranian presidential candidate who is wanted by Interpol in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina said Sunday he is willing to cooperate with the US on regional security matters if elected. Conservative candidate Mohsen...
Interpol agents in SA for Confederations Cup - Independent Online
But just to ensure that no international criminals are here for the two week tournament, the SAPS have called in Interpol to assist where needed. Interpol will be here as a deterrent to international criminals. Pruis said the SAPS is not taking chances...


Interpol logo.png

The International Criminal Police Organization, better known by its telegraphic address Interpol, is an organization facilitating international police cooperation. It was established as the International Criminal Police Commission in 1923 and adopted its telegraphic address as its name in 1956. Its activities should not be confused with missions taken up by peacekeeping groups in policing war-torn countries.

Its membership of 187 countries provides finance of around $59 million through annual contributions. (By comparison, Europol receives $90 million annually.) The organization's headquarters are in Lyon, France. It is the second largest intergovernmental organization; after the United Nations.

Its current Secretary-General is Ronald Noble, formerly of the United States Treasury. Noble is the first non-European to hold the position of Secretary-General. Jackie Selebi, National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, was president from 2004 but resigned on 13 January 2008, later being charged in South Africa on three counts of corruption and one of defeating the course of justice. He was replaced by Arturo Herrera Verdugo, current National Commissioner of Policía de Investigaciones de Chile and former vice president for the American Zone, who remained acting president until the organization meeting in October 2008, and was subsequently replaced by National Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force, Khoo Boon Hui.

In order to maintain as politically neutral a role as possible, Interpol's constitution forbids its involvement in crimes that do not overlap several member countries, or in any political, military, religious, or racial crimes. Its work focuses primarily on public safety, terrorism, organized crime, war crimes, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption.

In 2005, the Interpol General Secretariat employed a staff of 502, representing 78 member countries. Women comprised 42 percent of the staff. The Interpol public website received an average of 2.2 million page visits every month. Interpol's red notices that year led to the arrests of 3,500 people.

Interpol was founded in Austria in 1923 as the International Criminal Police (ICP). Following the Anschluss (Austria's annexation by Nazi Germany) in 1938, the organization fell under the control of Nazi Germany and the Commission's headquarters were eventually moved to Berlin in 1942. It is unclear, however, if and to what extent the ICPC files were used to further the goals of the Nazi regime.

After the end of World War II in 1945, the organization was revived as the International Criminal Police Organization by European Allies of World War II officials from Belgium, France, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Its new headquarters were established in Saint-Cloud, a town on the outskirts of Paris. They remained there until 1989, when they were moved to their present location, Lyon.

Each member country maintains a National Central Bureau (NCB) staffed by national law enforcement officers. The NCB is the designated contact point for the Interpol General Secretariat, regional bureaus and other member countries requiring assistance with overseas investigations and the location and apprehension of fugitives. This is especially important in countries which have many law-enforcement agencies: this central bureau is a unique point of contact for foreign entities, which may not understand the complexity of the law-enforcement system of the country they attempt to contact. For instance, the NCB for the United States of America is housed at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). The NCB will then ensure the proper transmission of information to the correct agency.

Interpol maintains a large database charting unsolved crimes and both convicted and alleged criminals. At any time, a member nation has access to specific sections of the database and its police forces are encouraged to check information held by Interpol whenever a major crime is committed. The rationale behind this is that drug traffickers and similar criminals have international ties, and so it is likely that crimes will extend beyond political boundaries.

Interpol also maintains its help to remove video piracy and unauthorized copying of protected movies and video tapes. Starting September 8 of 1977, a resolution was adopted which states that any unauthorized reproduction or exhibition is prohibited without the prior written consent of the producer or the copyright owner and is subject to civil and criminal penalties under the laws of the country the offender comes from (this is also seen on the Interpol Warning Screen that most companies use).

In 2002, following United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373 passed in the aftermath of September 11, Interpol began maintaining a database of lost and stolen identification and travel documents, allowing member countries to be alerted to the true nature of such documents when presented. Passport fraud, for example, is often performed by altering a stolen passport; in response, several member countries have worked to make online queries into the stolen document database part of their standard operating procedure in border control departments. As of early 2006, the database contained over ten million identification items reported lost or stolen, and is expected to grow more as more countries join the list of those reporting into the database.

Sub-bureaux shown in italics.

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Interpol Calling

Interpol Calling was a 1959 Rank Organisation and Jack Wrather Productions television crime drama series for ITC Entertainment.

Crime knows no frontiers. To combat the growing menace of the international criminal, the police forces of the world have opened up their national boundaries. At their headquarters in Paris, scientifically equipped to match the speed of the jet age, sixty-three nations have linked together to form the International Criminal Police Organisation, INTERPOL!

The series, which ran for one season of 39 half-hour monchrome episodes, followed the adventures of Interpol policemen Duval and Mornay as they fought against international drug-running, homicide, robbery and forgery.

Guest stars included Patrick Troughton, Robert Cawdron, David Kossoff, Warren Mitchell and Donald Pleasence.

This list is believed to be in production order, based on research by users of the Internet Movie Database.

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Interpol Terrorism Watch List

Interpol launched the Interpol Terrorism Watch List on 11 April 2002 for access by Interpol offices and authorized police agencies in its 186 member countries, during the 17th Interpol Regional Conference for the Americas in Mexico City. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1373, Interpol took a number of steps, including the establishment of a 24 hour, 7 days a week command center and a linkage system to identify terrorist financing lists, to support its member countries' police forces.

The Interpol Terrorism Watch List permits access by authorized police agencies to information on fugitives and suspected terrorists. The Interpol Watch List is a centralized list of those persons who are subject to Interpol notices issued for arrest (red), location (blue) and information (green). Additionally, the Terrorism Watch List includes passports reported stolen. The Watch List is available for police officers given special access codes.

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Interpol (disambiguation)

Interpol is the telegraphic address for the International Criminal Police Organization.

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Norton Interpol 2


The Interpol 2 is a motorcycle that was manufactured by Norton Motors.

Norton did not sell the Interpol 2 to the general public. Sales were restricted to fleet customers: civilian police forces, military police forces (particularly the RAF Police), and the RAC.

Towards the end of the production run a few machines were built with a new water-cooled version of Norton's twin-rotor Wankel engine. These machines were designated Interpol 2A.

When production of the Interpol 2 and 2A ceased they were succeeded by the P52 version of the Norton Commander.

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