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Wagner withdraws from New Rochelle school board race - Lower Hudson Journal news
Jack Wagner was a candidate campaigning on a platform heavily critical of the district's spending habits. According to records from the state Board for Professional Medical Conduct, Wagner grossly botched surgeries on at least six patients in the 1990s...
Wagner: Improve LCB Procurement Procedures - Philadelphia Bulletin
By Chris FrEind, The Bulletin Auditor General Jack Wagner criticized the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PCLB) yesterday for exercising poor judgment in awarding a $173820 employee training contract to the husband of a PLCB regional manager,...
Auditor General Jack Wagner Finds New Castle Area School District ... - PR Newswire (press release)
HARRISBURG, Pa. , May 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Auditor General Jack Wagner said today that the New Castle Area School District, in Lawrence County , received $54784 in state funds to which it was not entitled because it inaccurately reported...
Team 4 Investigation Update: Pa. Pension Workers Taking Lavish Trips - ThePittsburghChannel.com
PITTSBURGH -- Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner responded on Thursday to a Team 4 investigation uncovering state pension fund employees taking lavish trips to cities like London, Paris and Monte Carlo, with $500-per-night hotel bills....
Auditor General Jack Wagner is Featured Speaker Sunday at Valley ... - PR Newswire (press release)
HARRISBURG, Pa. , April 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Auditor General Jack Wagner will be the featured speaker at a luncheon Sunday hosted by Rep. Bryan Lentz at the Valley Forge Military Academy and College. The auditor general will talk about his...
Once close, Friars quickly reverse course for big win - River Forest Leaves
"If all goes well we'll see them again in less than two weeks," Fenwick coach Jack Wagner said. "That's why I wanted to play them (Saturday). I wanted to get into their heads and make them think they can't beat us. We only beat them 7-1 the last time....
Auditor general raises Rendell's hackles - Philadelphia Inquirer
Rendell mused recently, he would logically be left with only one thought about Auditor General Jack Wagner: "I think this man is running for office." Since the beginning of the year, Wagner, a Democrat who has batted around the idea of a gubernatorial...
Melrose Incarnation Baseball: Twins tie up Blue Jays - Melrose Free Press
With the win, the Braves evened its record to 6-6. Kyle Sikora pitched the complete game victory striking out 13 on 76 pitches. Jack Siebert and Brian Wagner singled in the bottom of the second. Wagner got another single later in the game....
In tight job market, some teens start their own businesses - USA Today
Imal Wagner , a public relations consultant who works for Archer pro bono, says the firm pegs 2008 revenue at $110000, and is on track to bring in more than $150000 in 2009. A Dun & Bradstreet report puts annual sales at $140000....
Adult Softball: Pettit's grand slam sends St. Matthew's to victory - Delaware County Daily Times
Wagner, Pettit and Rodney Falcucci (RBI) all slugged two hits for St. Matt's. Ridley Park Presbyterian A 16, Latter Day Saints B 0: Gary Dickens belted two homers and Rob Litwa added a jack to spark the winners. Dickens and Brian Waldie (two RBIs) both...

Jack Wagner (screenwriter)

Jack Wagner (January 5, 1897 – February 6, 1965) was a U.S. screenwriter. Born in Los Angeles, California, USA, he spent many years as a gigolo in Mexico before returning to Los Angeles to work for D. W. Griffith on his early films.

Between the years 1909 and 1912, Wagner worked mostly as a furniture painter or set designer and second unit cameraman. He then turned his attention to gag writing and found a job with Mack Sennett writing gags for Keystone Kops shorts. His specialty was comedy construction, especially the famed car chase scenes. When the United States entered World War I, he joined the Army's first motion picture unit. He photographed several battles and was discharged in 1919. He continued working through the teens and 1920s as a gag writer. He also worked as an assistant director and second unit man for such directors as Allan Dwan and Lewis Milestone.

In the mid-1920s he wrote gags for Harry Langdon and Will Rogers. When talkies arrived, Wagner found himself making the difficult transition from silents. He never achieved the success he found in silents. Yet he found steady work as a gag man, adding bits of dialogue to comedy and dramatic films. In 1934, he helped script The Little Minister with Katharine Hepburn. He also helped write the short film La Cucaracha, which garnered RKO an Academy Award.

Even after this success, he struggled with putting pen to paper. When he came up with the story idea for A Medal for Benny he again was troubled with putting the story to paper. He had known John Steinbeck for many years. Steinbeck had considered Jack's mother, Edith Wagner, as his first writing coach while growing up in Salinas, California. Jack and his brothers - Max, Blake and Bob - had been steady friends and drinking buddies with Steinbeck since the 1920s. After much work Steinbeck and Jack wrote the script for Benny and it earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Story. It was the highlight of Jack's career. He went on to help Steinbeck with another script on The Pearl. He closed out his career as a producer of Mexican films featuring such actresses as Dolores Del Rio, among others. He died in Los Angeles.

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Jack Wagner (politician)

Jack Wagner is the present auditor general of Pennsylvania. The statewide elected office is charged with serving as the commonwealth’s independent fiscal monitor. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

His niece is Chelsa Wagner a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Auditor General Wagner is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a recipient of the Purple Heart and other military commendations for service in the Vietnam War from 1966-68. "In the demilitiarized zone between North and South Vietnam, Wagner's squad got caught in an ambush." Wagner was among three wounded, twelve others died. After being discharged from the Marines, he attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) where he graduated in 1974 with a degree in Safety Management. While a student at IUP, Wagner worked as a paramedic with Citizens Ambulance Service serving Indiana County and taught evening emergency responder courses at Admiral Peary Area Vocational Technical School in Ebensburg. Wagner received IUP's Distinguished Alumni Award for service to the community and the university in 1994.

Wagner is married to Nancy. The couple has two children: Luke and Sara.

Wagner was running a restaurant in 1980 when his community experienced serious water problems. He organized a community meeting which no public officials attended. He chose to run that evening.

Councilman Wagner served on Pittsburgh City Council for 10 years representing his Beechview neighborhood. He served as Council President from 1990-93. In May 1994, Wagner was elected to the Senate of Pennsylvania in a special election.

Wagner served in the leadership of the State Senate as Democratic Caucus Chairman and as the Democratic chairman of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee. He also served on the Appropriations; Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness; Rules and Executive Nominations; and Policy committees.

Wagner ran for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in the 2002 Democratic primary on a ticket with then-Auditor General Robert P. Casey, Jr. Despite Democratic State Committee endorsement, he lost to former State Treasurer Catherine Baker Knoll, who became the running mate of the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell.

In 2004, Sen. Wagner ran to succeed Casey as Auditor General and won in a landslide. He became Pennsylvania's 50th elected Auditor General on January 18, 2005. He is responsible for auditing school districts, executive agencies, and state commissions to ensure fiscal responsibility. The legislature is exempt from the Auditor General’s purview. The Auditor General also serves as an ex officio commissioner of the Delaware River Port Authority.

Wagner won re-election by a landslide on November 4, 2008. He beat Republican businessman Chet Beiler. Wagner beat Beiler 59% to 38%. He earned the most votes of any candidate in Pennsylvania (3.26 million), including Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

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Melrose Place


Melrose Place is an American primetime soap opera that ran between 1992 and 1999, created by Darren Star for the FOX network and executive produced by Aaron Spelling for Spelling Television. It is the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, and is set in a small apartment courtyard complex in the West Hollywood district of Los Angeles, where several young individuals reside, each with their own dreams and drives.

Like its predecessor, the show struggled in its first season with low ratings. However, with the arrival of more interesting characters and over-the-top storylines, ratings increased. The show was cancelled after its seventh season. In 2004, the network SOAPnet began repeating the series. Seasons 1 through 5 are currently available on DVD.

During the first season, the show was a relatively earnest serial drama with low-key storylines, and focused on how young people come to Los Angeles to realize their dreams.

The series was introduced with a cross-over story from Beverly Hills, 90210 involving Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) pursuing Melrose Place resident Jake Hanson (Grant Show), a struggling manual laborer and bad-boy biker. Jake appeared in two episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Kelly appeared in three episodes of Melrose Place; Jake eventually breaks off the potential romance because of their different backgrounds. Tori Spelling later appeared in two episodes of Melrose Place as her Beverly Hills, 90210 character Donna Martin, and Brian Austin Green appeared in three as David Silver.

Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) and Jane Mancini (Josie Bissett) were originally the stable couple in the apartment building, with Michael working as the building superintendent, and a sympathetic doctor at Wilshire Memorial Hospital, and Jane working as a budding fashion designer. Their neighbors were roommates Alison (Courtney Thorne-Smith) and Billy (Andrew Shue). Allison was a receptionist as D&D Advertising, a local advertising firm, and Billy was a struggling writer who worked odd jobs from a taxi driver to a copywriter at a local magazine company. Allison and Billy later began a love affair. Matt Fielding (Doug Savant), was a homosexual social worker who had no love life during the first season, and spent much of his storyline involved in one discrimination-related lawsuit after the next when he was beaten up in a gay-bashing incident, lost his job, and regained it.

Other original cast members were Rhonda Blair (Vanessa A. Williams), an African-American aerobics instructor, and her roommate, the blonde, budding Southern belle starlet Sandy Harling (Amy Locane), who moonlighted as a waitress at a bar called Shooters which served as the group's hang-out place. Sandy was written out after 13 episodes when the powers that be decided they were not interested in having to continually address her acting pursuits. Rhonda was removed after the first season when she got engaged to a wealthy restaurant entrepreneur.

Early in the show's run, photographer Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) arrived from New York to escape her alcoholic ex-husband. The tough Jo was compatible with Jake, and the two would enjoy an on-again, off-again romance, remaining close throughout whether they are romantically involved at the time or not.

Producers were faced with mediocre ratings and attempted to revamp the series during the first season. This revamp came in the form of the first-season arrival of Dynasty and T.J. Hooker alumna Heather Locklear as the opinionated and assertive Amanda Woodward, who worked as the ambitious art director at D&D Advertising and became Alison's confidante after she received a promotion. Initially intended as a high-profile guest, Locklear was retained on the series on a permanent basis but kept her "Special Guest Star" billing throughout the show's entire run. Amanda soon vied with Alison for Billy's affections and became a vice-president for D&D Advertising, and had affairs with several male residents. Amanda's malevolence, catty one-liners, and sexy "power dressing" wardrobe helped to make Melrose a guilty pleasure for many millions of viewers around the world. The show became less of an episodic series, and more of a soap opera with ongoing, interwoven stories, beginning with Michael Mancini's love affair with the lonesome co-worker Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross) and Alison's affair with a married man who eventually stalks her. The first season came to a close with Alison and Billy coming together as a couple, Michael and Jane splitting up when Jane finally discovered his infidelity with Kimberly, and the discovery that Amanda has purchased the apartment complex.

As the second season started to simmer, Michael divorced Jane and got engaged to Kimberly, and then had a fling with Jane's immature and irresponsible younger sister Sydney (Laura Leighton). Sydney was presented as somewhat a chaotic schemer, often outwitted and double-crossed by others, forcing her into ill-advised jobs such as a stripper and later, a prostitute. While working at Shooters as a waitress, Sydney was introduced by a co-worker to Lauren Ethridge, a notorious Hollywood madam, who recruited Sydney into her call-girl ring. Uncomfortable with the work, Sydney quit, but soon got arrested for solicitation. Michael bailed her out of jail and used this damaging information to blackmail Sydney to break up Jane and her latest love intrest, her divorce lawyer Robert.

The storylines began to heat up when a drunken Michael crashed his car, sending him and Kimberly tumbling down a ravine. Kimberly's angry, grieving mother sent word that her critically injured daughter had died in a medical facility in Ohio. Michael eluded potential manslaughter charges when Matt faked Michael's blood alcohol test results at the hospital -- and Sydney used this information to blackmail Michael into marrying her, despite her sister Jane's protests, leading to a catfight in the Melrose Place pool as Jane discovers Sydney stealing the family wedding dress. Sydney's plans for blackmailing Michael are foiled when Kimberly later re-appears, alive and well, revealing that her mother had lied to keep Michael away. Kimberly returned as a more ruthless, unstable individual, with her sanity negatively affected by brain surgery and her accident. She reclaims Michael as her own, and ultimately reveals her desire to take vengeance on him by killing him, and she enlists Sydney's aid. In one of the series' most famous moments, Kimberly removes her wig in front of a mirror to present a gruesome scar left from the drunken car accident.

Later in the series, after being rejected by Michael after Kimberly's return, Sydney took over Lauren Ethridge's call-girl ring when Lauren was in jail facing criminal charges. But when Lauren was released, she ousted Sydney and demanded all of the profits from her escort service while she was incarcerated. Sydney was forced to take a job as a stripper to get the money, and later as a street prostitute to pay off Lauren. Here, Sydney got attacked and beaten up on the street by some low-life streetwalkers and ended up in the hospital where the scheming and manipulative Kimberly recruited her in part of her scheme to kill Michael whom she blamed for the car accident that left her physically and emotionally disfigured.

Early in the season, Matt lost his job when the halfway house he worked in closed dow. Michael then gave Matt an office job at Wiltshire Hospital working as a social services worker. There, Matt met and befriended a Russian immigrant doctor named Katya Petrova. Katya showed a romantic interest in Matt at first, but Matt didn't recriprocate Katyas feelings. Matt told Katya that he was gay and the two became close friends after this. When Katya was in danger of being deported Matt offered to marry her, but only after rejecting Katyas initial proposal. If Matt married Katya she and her five-year-old daughter could remain in America. Katya seen better opportunity for her daughter in America over Russia. Matt agreed to the deal, but found that his "marriage" to a woman hindered his social cruising life. When Katya traveled back to Russia to visit her family, she decided to stay and had her daughter send back with her, thus freeing Matt from their arrangement. Matt became close with Katyas daughter throughout his marriage. Later in the season, Matt became romantically involved with Jeffrey Teller, a U.S. Navy officer whom was closeted, and whose choice to remain private did not suit well with Matt whom was out and proud of his homosexuality. Matt persuaded Jeffrey to "come out" about his sexual orientation, and soon regretted it when Jeffrey was dismissed from the service and left town shortly thereafter because of it.

Jake purchased a struggling motorcycle repair shop, which soon burned down in a fire that was accidentally started by Amanda. Jake never found out that Amanda was indirectly responsible for the fire, but the end result had him ending his romance with Jo. Jake then become involved with Amanda, whom had purchased the Melrose Apartment building, and she then gave him a job at her father's auto making factory. But Jake soon discovered that Amanda's father, Palmer, was involved in a scam of selling illegally reproduced cars as originals and was forced by the FBI to help in their arrest of Palmer.

Jo became romantically involved with supposedly innocent ex-con and former high school flame Reed Carter, who works on boats where he secretly smuggles drugs. Jo's discovery of his stash lead Reed to kidnap her on the boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Jo killed Reed in self-defense, but learns later that she is pregnant with his child.

As for Alison and Billy, their romance through the season had various ups and downs. Alison met and had a relationship with Steve McMillian, an eccentric entrepreneur whom became a new client at D&D Advertising. Alison tried to set up Jo with Steve to keep her interest in Steve suppressed, but found it hard to keep her romantic feelings for him to herself. Eventually, Steve left town for a job in Europe, in which Alison and Billy reconciled. Billy by then had taken a job at a top-line magazine company which had him trying to get ahead in the company any way he could.

Late in the season, while dealing with her difficult romance with Jake and struggling to run D&D Advertising under her aggressive and mean-spirited attitude, Amanda had an uncomfortable reunion with her long-estranged mother Hilary Michaels (Linda Gray) whom was the CEO of a top-line modeling agency called Models Incorporated, (which would leads into the spin-off series Models Inc.). Jo became acquainted with one of the models from Hilary’s company, named Sarah Owens, whom she helped get out of an abusive relationship. Hilary asked Amanda to employ her charming (but very scheming and sociopath) fiancé Chas at D&D, whom made sexual advances against Amanda which resulted in her firing him, and it led to the devious Chas filing a lawsuit against Amanda and her company by typically playing the poor-innocent victim and making it look like that Amanda had taken advantage of him. But Hilary finally learned the truth about Chas' intentions and had her lawsuit against Amanda dropped, but Amanda refused to forgive her own mother for it and Hilary then departed from the series to settle on her own.

Late in the season, Alison and Billy got engaged and planed a wedding set in the building's courtyard, but Alison flees through a window shortly before the ceremony after she realizes that her recent nightmares are flashbacks to childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by her father, who threatened her on her wedding day. Alison ended up running away from the wedding, and Billy, and ended up living with her older sister, Meredith, in San Francisco whom was also a victim of sexual abuse by their father. The season wraps up with the psychotic Kimberly, wearing a short blonde wig, running Michael down with Jane's car, and ends with Jane getting arrested for the crime.

As the high-octane third season gets underway, Jane first, and then Sydney, are blamed for Michael's hit and run accident, which has left him with amnesia and Kimberly, the real culprit, completely getting away with the crime. Though Michael eventually regains his memory and realizes Kimberly was his attempted killer, the pair reconcile and soon marry in an impulsive Las Vegas wedding.

The pregnant Jo gets embroiled in a custody battle with Reed's parents, who want to take their grandchild away from the woman who "murdered" their son. Kimberly appears to help Jo conspire to fake the baby's death so that Jo can escape and live in anonymity with her child; but, having recently learned that she is unable to bear children of her own, Kimberly actually steals the baby from Jo and starts to raise him herself. Once Jo reports them to Wilshire Hospital's chief of staff, the ruthless and conniving Dr. Peter Burns (Jack Wagner), Michael relents and returns the child. Enraged, Kimberly informs the Carters (Reed's parents) that Jo's baby is alive, and the Carters hire a nanny to steal the baby from Jo. After tracking them down and getting shot in the back for her troubles, Jo ultimately decides to give her son up for adoption.

Matt continued working at social services at the hospital. He briefly got back together with his former lover, Jeffrey Teller, who reveals to him that he was discharge from the U.S. Navy when he discovered that he was HIV-positive. Matt soon become uncomfortable with Jeffrey wanting to live the rest of life as fully as he could, and they broke up midway through the season. Later in the season, Matt became involved with a doctor, Paul, the new plastic surgeon at the hospital who is in the closet... and still married to a woman. But in the shocking season final, Paul ends up murdering his wife and meticulously set Matt up as the perpetrator.

In this season, Sydney transformed from being a seductive and crafty vixen into a victim to which one bad incident after another happened. She never was able to exonerate herself for the attempt on Michael's life at the end of Season 2, and everyone treats her with hostility and suspicion for the duration of the series. After being sent first to prison, and then to a mental hospital by Jane, who believed that Sydney was insane, she got released by Jane in a work release program under her. But Sydney ended up gaining the unwanted attention of Chris Marchette, an Australian businessman associated with Jane, and who was a closet gigolo and psychopath who made sexual passes at Sydney, and always denied any of his wrongdoing to Jane and everyone else. (Skepticism, betrayal, greed and mistrust became the recurring theme for the series from this point forward). Chris eventually embezzled most of Jane's business money and skipped town.

Sydney returned to work as a waitress at Shooters, where she grew closer to Jake. But Jake later broke up with Sydney when Chris forced her into sexual favors when he threatened to murder him, as well as Jane. Sydney's bad luck continued when she advertised for a roommate to help pay her rent, and a charming young woman named Rikki moved in. Rikki turned out to be another typical, conniving psychopath who hooked Sydney up with a religious cult led by a shady guru, named Martin Abbott. Eventually, Sydney was rescued rescued by Jane and Jake. Frustrated at this turn of events, and with everyone still treating her with distrust, Sydney finally gave up trying to be a good person and reverted back to her wicked, devious and crafty self and started by sabotaging a romance between Jake and Jane before it began. Shortly afterward, Sydney got back at both Michael and Kimberly by extorting money from them over their marital difficulties and used it to take control of Jane's design business. Jane, eventually learning that the only way to combat evil and win is to become evil herself, successfully ousted Sydney in a crafty scam of her own.

Jake bought the late Reed Carter's boat, only to have it destroyed when Amanda's fugitive father, Palmer, returned plotting to murder him for losing his business, and hiring a contract killer named Brittany to do the deed. But predictably, the greedy Brittany doubled crossed Palmer by stealing his ill-gotten money for herself, and then murdered Palmer and attempted to murder Jake by destroying his boat with explosives. Jake was rescued at sea, and for helping the FBI to track down Brittany, received a $50,000 reward which he used his windfall to purchase the bar Shooters.

Late in the season, Jake reconciles with Jo shortly before reuniting with his half-brother, Jess, when their mother died in his Washington state hometown. Jess followed Jake back to Los Angeles, and immediately set out to infiltrate Jake's life, first by getting involved with Jo and setting Jake up to get shot in an armed robbery at Shooters. Jo did not believe Jake's claims that Jess tried to have him killed in order to claim his whole life for himself, until Jess got violent with her. When Jake discovered Jo beaten up, he set off to avenge her, and he and Jess tumbled off the top of a construction site in their brawl during the season finale cliffhanger.

After ending her relationship with Billy (who was both unable and unwilling to understand Alison's mental problems), Alison descended into alcoholism and ended up in a rehab center to recuperate. She became involved with an NFL football player, only to not have it last. Billy remained irate at Alison for the duration of the season, and took another job as the copywriter at D&D, thanks to Amanda's ploy. Amanda got involved with Wilshire Memorial chief of staff Peter Burns, who secretly conspired to take her down as President of D&D so his old girlfriend, Caitlin, could take her place. He even went as far as to attempt to kill Amanda on the operating table in a fake appendicitis attack until Michael came to her rescue and Peter got arrested.

Amanda later discovered that she was suffering from lymphoma, causing her to lose her job as president of D&D, with Alison serving as her eager replacement. But Alison, unable to cope with this sudden change of career move, couldn't cope with the workload and became a villain herself when she developed the same aggressive, take-no-prisoners attitude which she resented in Amanda. Michael began to fall for Amanda while serving as her doctor and they had a brief affair--enraging the increasingly unstable Kimberly. Amanda rejected Michael's advances once her health was restored, and she puts her energies back into reclaiming her status at D&D, teaming up with upstart and conniving intern Brooke Armstrong (Kristin Davis) to overthrow the overwhelmed Alison as president. Brooke got involved with Billy and got Alison out of the way in a ruse that sent her off to a job in Hong Kong, while Brooke, after helping Amanda oust Alison from D&D (not surprisingly), began plotting to oust Amanda too so Brooke could take over D&D all for herself. Brooke marries Billy in the season finale, despite Alison's interrupting the ceremony to beg Billy for another chance.

Kimberly, after being served with divorce papers, plotted revenge against Michael once again first by setting him up for assaulting her. Michael is bailed out of prison by Peter Burns, (having served a short jail sentence for the attempt on Amanda's life) who needed Michael's and Kimberly's help in testifying to the medical board in the Amanda debacle in order for him to keep his medical license. Peter seduced Kimberly into a romance to get her to take his side. Once the medical board lets Peter go, his real motives become apparent to Kimberly, finally pushing her over the edge and, pushed by demonic visions in her mind, plants four fire bombs in the apartment complex in a thrilling third-season cliffhanger to destroy the whole apartment building and everyone in it. Note: due to the Oklahoma City bombing that occurred April 1995, one month before the May cliffhanger, the actual bombing did not take place onscreen until the beginning of season four.

Picking up where Season Three left off, Kimberly sets off a horrendous and spectacular series of explosions that destroy half the Melrose apartment complex. Jane's potential new boss is killed and Alison temporarily loses her eyesight. Jess died in the fall at the construction site, leaving Jake plagued with guilt. Matt is exonerated in Paul's wife's murder when Paul confesses to the crimes before dying after being shot by the police. Matt later enrolls in medical school, turns to drugs to cope with his course load, and quickly becomes an addict.

Kimberly is declared insane by the courts for the bombing and locked away in a lunatic asylum. Peter takes special care for her, revealing to Sydney that his concern stems from memories of his now-deceased sister who suffered similar mental problems. Kimberly reveals that she is being coaxed into violent and murderous actions by visions of a man named Henry, and Kimberly's mother admits that Henry was once their family's gardener whom Kimberly, then a child, stabbed to death when she walked in on him raping her mother. Kimberly is released into Peter's protective custody, but becomes lonely when he starts devoting his time to rekindling his romance with Amanda.

Alison eventually gets involved with and marries Brooke's father Hayley (Perry King), and Brooke and Hayley interfere with each other's marriages. Hayley eventually discovers he is financially ruined and, during a trip with Alison, he drowns after falling from his yacht while drunk. Brooke and Billy's marriage is rocky from the start due to her jealousy over Alison, and Billy threatens to leave her when he discovers she lied about a pregnancy and miscarriage. They reconcile when Brooke attempts suicide, but Billy leaves again, for good, when he cannot put up with Brooke's behavior any longer. Brooke eventually drowns in the Melrose Place pool, and Billy is haunted by her death and tries to keep her "memory" alive by emulating her personality in his work life, becoming ruthless and vindictive.

Amanda reveals she faked her own death years ago in Miami to escape her violent husband Jack Parezi, a businessman with Mafia connections, who now tracks her down in L.A. and dies in an accident after trying to reclaim Amanda as his. Shortly after, Amanda is reunited with her long-lost first love, Jack's brother Bobby, and dumps Peter for him. Peter soon gets involved with Alycia Barnett, who had been Matt's lawyer in the Paul situation, and the two also conspired to ruin Bobby so that Alycia could take control of Bobby's TV cable company empire and, secretly, so Peter could win Amanda back. Bobby discovers the duplicity and, when attacking Alycia at Peter's office, she accidentally knocks him out of the high-rise window to his death. Peter is arrested for the crime, and Alycia is killed in a car accident while trying to leave town.

Kimberly and Michael reconcile and remarry, but her sanity begins to break down once again and she develops multiple personality disorder, often reverting to the persona of a '50s-era housewife named Betsy, who had a tendency to become violently angry. While driving with Peter to the police station to give her statement as his alibi for the night Bobby died, Kimberly slips back into Betsy mode and kidnaps Peter and takes him to a mental institution, where she locks him up in an act of revenge for previously declaring her insane.

After breaking up with Jake, Jo gets involved with Richard Hart, creating a rift between her and Jane. Jane pretends to seduce Michael to make Richard jealous, infuriating Sydney, who tries to sabotage Jane by spiking her drink with prescription pills, accidentally causing her to suffer a stroke, leaving Jane paralyzed on one side. Jake becomes an ally during this time, and he and Jane start a relationship as Jane recovers. But on a business trip to New York, Richard rapes Jane, and in her anger she unexpectedly breaks up with Jake and sets out to get revenge on Richard.

Jo begins a relationship with one of Matt's medical school professors, Dominick O'Malley, and must decide if she will move to Bosnia with him. And, as the season wraps up, Amanda and Michael set out to rescue Peter from "Betsy" at the mental institution; Kimberly snaps back to reality before tumbling off a scaffolding and falling into a coma, leaving Peter once again without an alibi. Billy decides to get back together with Alison and seeks Jake's help to reunite them, but Jake and Alison develop feelings for each other instead and begin a relationship of their own.

In the season's final episode, Jane discovers that Sydney was responsible for her stroke and blackmails her into helping her murder Richard. Sydney seemingly kills Richard with a shovel and the two sisters bury his body in a field. The last scene reveals that Richard is really alive as his hand shoots out of the ground as the two sisters speed away in their car.

The Fifth Season seemed to have been the point where the series hit its peak. A detective reveals to Amanda, now married to Peter, that Peter isn't really who he claims to be. Jane and Sydney try to fight back worry of the truth being revealed of what happened to Richard. Richard rises from the grave and begins to harass Sydney and Jane, without letting them know that he's still alive. Jake and Allison begin a secret love-affair behind Billy's back. Kimberly can't remember her dinner with Peter, and his trial is only a few days away. Taylor McBride learns of Peter's visit to jail and comes to Melrose in search of answers where she rents Jo's apartment along with her husband Kyle McBride. Taylor appears to have a secret and it clashes with Amanda early on...

Richard continues to stalk Jane and Sydney while Samantha, Jane's new roommate, begins to suspect something is wrong. Richard is eventually killed by a police officer after trying to shoot Jane and Sydney at a convenience store. The police let Jane and Sydney leave with the money Richard stole from Jane. Kimberly begins to remember the dinner and the waiter is found who waited on her and Peter. Peter is released as Taylor begins to grow closer to him. Peter begins to drink heavily and spend time at Kyle's restaurant, Kyle's. Allison rejects Billy's proposal as Jake and Allison get closer. Billy eventually hates both of them. Jane learns of Jake and Allison relationship and begins to act out her heartache by throwing a brick through Jake and Allison's bedroom window, slashing Allison's tires, and then getting a restraining order against Jake. Taylor reveals to Peter that she is the sister of his deceased wife, Beth. Amanda begins to lose hold of Peter.

Megan Lewis meets Michael on the beach quickly begins to have an affair with him. Michael resists at first but eventually agrees with it as Kimberly can't have sex due to orders from her psychiatrist. Michael soon discovers that Megan is a prostitute and demands her to let him be the only man in her life. Amanda meets a new co-worker at work, Craig whose father is Amanda's boss. He learns he has control of the company from his mother's will and begins to make things rough for Amanda. Eventually, Craig's father dies of a heart attack after Amanda learns that his father was involved in the murder of Craig's grandfather.

Michael finds Megan and Kimberly talking with each other and we learn that Megan and Kimberly were working together the whole time. Kimberly had hired Megan to sleep with Michael. Michael makes Megan give up being a prostitute and assures her that he will pay for her living expenses. Kimberly learns she has a terminal brain tumor and she only has 3 months left to live.

Allison learns she's pregnant with Jake's baby, which leads to trouble in her life. Allison isn't even sure if she wants a baby and after a brief stint of returning to D & D, Jake and Allison hit a rough patch and Allison soon miscarries and learns that she can't ever have a baby. Despite this Allison and Jake get married.

Taylor and Kyle continue to have trouble in their marriage after coming to Melrose. Kyle ends up having a one-night stand with Sydney. Sydney, still running Jane's company, has a relationship with a millionaire which ends after he learns of her love for Kyle. A con artist fakes an accident at Sydney's store, leaving her trying to prove the truth. After the trial, Sydney is left with nothing and becomes a con artist herself.

Michael and Kimberly divorce as she pushes him and Megan together. She tells Megan she is planning on killing herself, which leads to a car accident hurting both Kimberly and Michael. Michael survives after having a dream of Megan pulling him to heaven and Kimberly pulling him into hell. Michael promises Kimberly he will spend his final days with her and he eventually ends up having sex with her.

Billy and Samantha form a relationship after Samantha has a short relationship with Craig. She and Billy eventually move in together and seem to be on the right track towards marriage until Samantha's convict father shows up, who has escaped from prison.

Jake begins to spend more time with his son and ex-girlfriend after her husband left them. Allison sees that what Jake really needs is a family, something that she is unable to provide. Allison fakes returning to alcohol so Jake could leave her. Jake is reunited with his son, and Allison leaves Melrose Place alone, heading for Atlanta.

Peter eventually ends up sleeping with Taylor and they start having an affair. Kyle and Amanda learn of the affair and they both file for divorce. Peter begins to make Taylor look and act like his dead wife. Taylor starts to get upset and doesn't think she can take it anymore.

Samantha's father demands money from Billy and Sam and goes out on the run. The police tap Sam and Billy's phone to learn what happened to her father.

Michael and Megan get married, making this his fourth marriage of the series.

Michael and Taylor drug Peter to convince him he has rage epilepsy. Michael cheats Peter out of Chief of Staff position by tricking Peter into signing a contract. Peter soon learns the truth and throws Michael through a window, cutting up Michael's surgeon hands, and then he attempts to push Taylor off a lighthouse until she reveals to him that she's pregnant.

Sydney's job as a con-artist heats up when she plots to take down Amanda. Sydney falls down the spiral staircase and fakes injuries during a party at D&D. Craig fakes concern for Sydney to save D&D from a lawsuit, but a real relationship soon develops.

Kimberly's brain tumor goes into remission and attempts a plot to break up Michael and Megan, but soon dies of an aneurysm in her mother's arms. Amanda loses her grip on D&D after Craig and Sydney launch a new ad business. Craig proposes to Sydney and she accepts. Michael's sister, Jennifer, shows up and begins to cause trouble. Matt finally gains custody of his niece. Sydney and Craig are married, while Kyle leaves the wedding to find Amanda who is planning on moving to New York to start over. Amanda and Kyle get together and begin to make love. Samantha is taken hostage by her father and end up in a high speed chase with the police.

Meanwhile, Craig and Sydney's wedding ends out in front of a church, while Samantha and her father have a car accident from the police chase. They crash through a nearby bus stop and run over Sydney, leaving Craig crying over Sydney's bloody body.

New characters are introduced to revive the series, including the violent Dr. Brett Cooper (Linden Ashby) and his seductive, spoilt ex-wife, Lexi Sterling (Jamie Luner). The focal point of the season is the troubled relationship between Kyle and Amanda, who returns to her nasty ways after creating her own advertising agency, Amanda Woodward Advertising. Craig attacks Jennifer who is aided by Billy in a fight for her life after Billy successfully destroys Craig's new advertising company, but Craig escapes, steals Jennifer's car, and commits suicide, unable to live with the grief of losing Sydney months earlier.

Early on in the season Billy and Samantha are engaged, and he asks Craig to be his best man. As with all of Billy's weddings in the series it is not smooth sailing and the pair have a falling out after Connie creates friction. Fortunately they patch things up and get married, but it is not long before he starts cheating on her with Jennifer. In spite of his affair he is committed to making his marriage work.

The characters of Sam, Taylor, and Coop depart from the series by the season final, with Taylor, who gives birth to Michael's child and agrees to share mothering duties with the returning Jane. But Taylor reconsiders and goes back to Boston, keeping the baby for herself.

After Coop's failed murder attempt on Lexi's life, diverted with Megan's aid, he leaves to take up a job offer with a man who previously tried to con Megan into sex, knowing of her past as a prostitute. The show is renewed for a seventh season, which would also be its last.

New characters were hurriedly drafted into the series for its final season, including Kyle's younger brother Ryan McBride (John Haymes Newton), who is revealed to have a young daughter living at a convent in New York following the death of her mother. Also new is Eve Cleary (Rena Sofer), an old school friend of Amanda's. Both characters had difficulty gaining a following during this period of cast instability. Overall, the series seemed unable to handle the high number of cast changes in such a short time, and its popularity never recovered. Amanda and Michael remained leading characters through to the end of the series.

As the seventh and final season began, the residents learned that Matt, who had moved away a year earlier for career advancement provided by Michael, died in a car accident on his way to a reunion dinner at Kyle's restaurant. The residents also learned that Matt had kept a journal of all the secrets they shared with him and each of them schemed to get their hands on it. This was the driving force behind the stories for this season. One of the most notable stories was that of the hidden relationship between Amanda and Eve Cleary Burns. They were high school cheerleaders together until an ugly encounter ended up in the death of Eve's boyfriend which resulted in Eve spending 15 years in prison. Kyle eventually learns about their secret past and grudgingly agrees to keep the truth from Peter, Eve's new husband.

Billy marries Sam although he is having an affair with Jennifer and the pair move in together despite her seeing Jeff. Samanntha and Jeff get together and attempt to break up Billy and Sam by pretending as if Alison sent a fax. Jennifer is heartbroken because she is worried that he still has feelings for her. Early in the season Jennifer and Billy reconcile after Jane convinces Michael to help them resolve their issues, and they move to Rome together.

Amanda and Kyle enjoy wedded bliss and even try to get pregnant, but things come crashing down when Peter gives Kyle the wrong test results that indicate he cannot father a baby. They reunite after Kyle goes through rehab. Amanda agrees to sell the building in order to pay for their dream home, but eventually their marriage comes to an end.

Josie Bissett returned to the series as Jane in 1998 in a move to halt the series' downward spiral, and story lines centered on the rekindling of her relationship with Michael. It is revealed she slept with a current client of Amanda's the day before her wedding to Michael, leading to his distrust of her now as they decide to marry again. They exchange wedding vows again, only to end up estranged and on the road to an ugly divorce within hours. The two reunited at Christmas, but it didn't last.

Megan and Ryan begin a relationship which led to them getting married in the season final. Lexi underwent a transformation from a rich, spoilt daddy's girl to a scheming super-bitch who succeeded in purchasing the Melrose Place building from Amanda and started a new agency, Sterling-Conway, which drove Amanda out of business. Eventually, the show paired the long-suffering Jane with Kyle (the actors were real-life spouses) and returned to the coupling of Amanda and Peter, in spite of the fact that Peter was still married to Eve. Lexi also became sexually involved with Michael, but they broke up by the season's end.

Chin compared the works to viruses, symbiotic and invisible. The project was called "In the Name of the Place", as part of the "Uncommon Sense" art show at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, California in 1997. A portion of the Fifth Season was filmed at the Geffen Contemporary where the project was displayed. The artwork was also shown at the 1997 Kwangju Biennale in Kwangju, Korea and at Grand Arts in Kansas City, Missouri in 1998. Sotheby's Auction house auctioned almost fifty of these artworks for charity.

CBS Home Entertainment is releasing Melrose Place on DVD in Region 1 for the very first time. To date they have released seasons 1-4. Season 5, Volume 1 was released on February 10, 2009.

Melrose Place is a spin-off of the '90s teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. The character of Jake Hanson was introduced in the second season of the former series, and became involved in a relationship with Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) with led to a string of cross-over appearances as she followed Jake to Los Angeles. Accompanying Kelly were Steve Sanders (Ian Zeiring), Donna Martin (Tori Spelling), and David Silver (Brian Austin Green). The story line was resolved within early episodes of Melrose Place, with Jake and Kelly going their separate ways.

In early 1994, former Dallas star Linda Gray guest starred as Amanda's mother, Hillary Michaels. Hillary ran a modeling agency, and viewers were invited to follow Hillary to her own series, Models Inc., which lasted one season.

90210 is the 2008 spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 which premiered on The CW on September 2, 2008. Like all shows within the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, the series takes place within the same continuity as Melrose Place.

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Kristina Wagner

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Kristina Wagner (born Kristina Crump on October 30, 1963 in Indianapolis) is an American soap opera actress.

In addition to the name she is known by currently, she was once credited by the name Kristina Malandro, Malandro being the last name of her first husband, whom she met at Northwest High School in Indianapolis.

Wagner got her big break when General Hospital hired her to play Aztec princess Felicia Cummings Jones Shore Jones Scorpio from 1984 to 2003, 2004 to 2005, and again from 2007 to 2008. Eventually, her character fell in love with Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) and married him on the show in 1986. Frisco and Felicia were one of General Hospital's numerous supercouples.

Real life mirrored the on-screen fiction when Kristina fell in love with Jack Wagner. After years of dating, they were finally married in December 1993. Citing irreconcilable differences, they filed for divorce in February 2001. In 2003, after two years separated, Kristina announced that she and Jack were working through their problems and privately reconciling.

In a July 2004 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kristina and Jack Wagner went public with their news of formal reconciliation. Since then they have attended the Monte Carlo Television Festival: their first public appearance since their split four years ago. In 2005, the Wagners again filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2006.

Wagner was eventually bumped to recurring status on General Hospital. However, during May 2005, she asked ABC to place her back on contract for an important storyline in the summer. However ABC refused and thus Wagner walked. Wagner was briefly replaced by former Another World actress Sandra Ferguson, but the character of Felicia has more recently been absent from the show and simply referred to as being "out of town." Despite being replaced in 2005, Wagner returned to General Hospital as Felicia in 2007. She left the series in January 2008, but may return in the future, according to a February 2008 issue of ABC Soaps.

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Michael Diven

Michael B. Diven is a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 22nd District. He was defeated in 2006.

Diven is the son of Joey Diven, who Sports Illustrated once called "the world's toughest street fighter." Diven graduated from Duquesne University in 1993. He then served as a staff assistant to Allegheny County Commissioner Tom Foerster from 1993 through 1996. In 1997, he was elected to represent 4th district of the Pittsburgh City Council at the age of 27, which made him the youngest person elected to that body at that time.

At various times, he served as a member of the Brookline Area Community Council, as chairman of the Pittsburgh Public Safety Services committee, and on the board of the Penn State Allegheny County Cooperative Extension. He co-founded the Police and Communities Together (PACT) organization and served as president of the South Pittsburgh Housing Task Force. He served on the board of the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority until he was removed from the board in 2008 by Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

Diven won election to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in November 2000, following the resignation of Frank Gigliotti, who was convicted of soliciting bribes. During his tenure, Diven clashed with Jack Wagner, Bill DeWeese and the leadership of the House Democratic Caucus, who later backed Richard A. Nerone's unsuccessful primary challenge in 2004.

Citing the primary challenge and frustrated by the leadership's reluctance to pursue some of his agenda, including making health care benefits less expensive for school districts, Diven became a Republican in January 2005. After he switched parties, the Democratic caucus fired his staff and cut the office phone lines. That April, he unsuccessfully ran for the Pennsylvania Senate seat left vacant by Jack Wagner's 2004 election as Pennsylvania Auditor General, losing to Wagner-ally Wayne Fontana.

In 2006, Diven was defeated by Jack Wagner's niece, Chelsa Wagner. Diven has returned to the Democratic party and is running for District Justice in Pittsburgh in 2008, where he will face his former employee and successor in Pittsburgh City Council, Jim Motznik.

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Dominick Marone


Dominick "Nick" Marone (neé Payne) is a fictional character on CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, played by actor Jack Wagner since March 28, 2003.

Nick is the younger son of Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo) and Jacqueline Payne (Lesley-Anne Down). Raised as Dominick Payne by his mother in Seattle and her husband Frank Payne although only Jackie knew Nick was sired by Massimo Marone. He has no full siblings only an older half-brother Ridge Forrester (Ronn Moss), and a half-sister Diana Carter through their father. His father favored Ridge over him which caused severe problems when Nick tried to steal Brooke and her children away from Ridge. He has been romantically involved with Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) on-and-off since his arrival in Los Angeles in 2003. When Brooke left him the first time in 2003 to marry her true love Ridge, Nick took comfort with Ridge's half-sister Felicia (then played by Colleen Dion-Scotti). Realizing that Nick was just on the rebound, Felicia left town for Europe several months later.

Nick found happiness again early in 2005, when he fell in love with Brooke's daughter, Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones). The two soon became engaged and even made it to the altar, but the ceremony was cut short when Ridge collapsed after his presumed-dead wife, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) appeared. Following the revelation that Taylor was alive, Ridge left Brooke for her. This caused Nick to re-evaluate his feelings for Brooke.

Having discovered she was pregnant, Bridget caught on to Nick and Brooke's mutual attraction. In order to test Nick's love for her, she faked an abortion. When she revealed the truth that she was still pregnant, Nick was at first furious, then relieved. They married on Nick's boat in September 2005.

Weeks later, Felicia (now played by Lesli Kay) returned to town with a baby named "Dominick" in tow. Felicia revealed that the child was Nick's, and when she discovered she was dying of colon cancer, asked Nick and Bridget to adopt the infant. A paternity test soon revealed that baby Dominick was not Nick's son, but the result of a one-night stand in France with Dante Damiano (Antonio Sabato, Jr.).

When Bridget's daughter Nicole was stillborn in February 2006, she realized that she was only hanging on to Nick for the sake of Dominick and Nicole, and that there was no longer anything to keep them together. She soon presented Nick with divorce papers and decided to raise Dominick with Dante. Nick reunited with Brooke, who was engaged to Ridge at the time. Brooke and Nick married, but weeks later, he had a drunken one-night stand with Bridget. When Brooke found out about this, she told him the marriage was over.

Nick's fury was unleashed when, during an argument with Stephanie, his mother Jackie went over the side of the balcony and landed in a coma. With her encouragement, he ordered Stephanie to hand over Forrester Creations to him, or else face time in jail for what she did to his mother. He claimed it was to get justice against the Forresters, but the Forresters claim it's a vendetta.

Undaunted, Nick signed Brooke's sister, Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis), to become the face of his new company and his lead model. In a final confrontation, he faced off with Stephanie, and despite her shattering the windows in the main office, Nick gloated that he had Forrester in the palm of his hand, and until she died, it would remain in his hands.

He underwent therapy with the aid of Taylor. He told her about Jackie's days in Seattle, when she sold herself for money. Stephanie, inadvertently overhearing Taylor recording her session, used this information as ammunition and turned the first Forrester Creations fashion show under Nick's control into a total chaotic mess, by blabbing the story to everyone there via the intercom.

Despite his unyielding stance and his refusal to sell, he was forced out of the CEO spot at Marone Industries by George Septolino (Patrick John Hurley), the senior member of the board of directors, and as his first act, divested Forrester Creations and is in the process of returning it back to Eric (John McCook) and his family. However, Nick sold his shares of Marone stock to the new CEO and bought Forrester "Lock Stock and sewing machines", incuring not only the wrath of Ridge and Thorne (Winsor Harmon), but also Eric.

Despite the growing animosity between the Forresters and the Marones, Taylor remained Nick's friend. She continued to be questioned about her choice to remain "close" to Nick against the wishes of the Forrester clan. In fact, it was becoming more and more difficult to decipher whether her loyalties lied with Thorne, or with Nick.

Eventually, Taylor broke off her engagement to Thorne, (due to the animosity of his daughter Alexandria after she learned that Taylor killed her mother) and over time, she and Nick fell in love. Recently Nick and Taylor became engaged, just as Brooke's engagement to Ridge was broken due to him hitting her son, Rick, who was seeing Ridge's teenage daughter, Phoebe. Brooke has made it clear that she wants Nick back, but he is determined to be with Taylor even though he still loves Brooke, and has rebuffed her advances. Nick and Taylor were married not long after, and now have a little boy, his first biological living child. Nick recently sold Forrester Creations back to Eric, in exchange for dissolving his marriage to Stephanie, an exchange Eric agreed to. Baby Jack was found to be Brooke's biological son, not Taylor, since Brooke's eggs were implanted. (She was Mrs Marone While she was married to Nick.) This has caused Taylor to become furious and start having hallucinations. She has now left Nick because he admitted he is still in love with Brooke. Nick gained custody of Jack, and this infuriated Taylor who lashed out at both him and Brooke; Nick has also gained the help and support of his former wife, Bridget, who is willing to help with Jack, and presented Nick with the blanket that had been made for their own daughter, Nicole, who had passed away. Nick has decided to give his relationship with Bridget another chance, which is risky because he is still in love with Brooke and could end up hurting Bridget again.

On July 4th, Nick proposed to Bridget despite having feelings for her aunt, Katie Logan. Nick and Bridget married on July 14th.

On August 1st, Katie finds out she's pregnant with Nick's child as a result of them sleeping together on Catalina Island. Nick told Bridget on his boat that he slept with Katie on Catalina Island and that she was pregnant with his child. Bridget has now left Nick and their marriage.

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