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Jennie Garth Hits Disneyland With Bandaged Foot - Access Hollywood
Jennie Garth turned up at Disneyland on Friday with a bandaged up right foot, the result of a home injury earlier this week. The “90210” star and her family – husband and “New Moon” star Peter Facinelli – and their children, hit the park on Friday...
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Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth return for the season finale of CW's “90210,” at 9 pm on WLVI [website] (Ch. 56). Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) goes into labor and Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) get into yet another fight....
Twilight's Peter Facinelli Wants to Kick My Ass - E! Online
Sounds like things got a little heated the other day over at Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth's house—and I'm to blame! I recently posted some jokey comments Garth made to me during an interview about being "pissed off" that hubby Peter doesn't cook...
here! Networks Nominated for Daytime Emmy Award - Gay Wired
... different stories that all trace back to a common theme and starring Lucy Liu, Stockard Channing and Chloe Sevigny; and Girl Positive, the Lifetime movie, about a high school girl's relationship with an HIV-positive boy and starring Jennie Garth....
90210 "Zero Tolerance" Episode 23 - Daemon's TV
Kelly (Jennie Garth) attempts to warn Ryan (Ryan Eggold) about Jen's devious personality, which he interprets as Kelly's jealousy. Navid (Michael Steger) confronts Ty (guest star Adam Gregory) during a fight about abandoning his soon-to-be child with...
Books, reality TV, plenty of life after '90210' for Tori Spelling - The Canadian Press
NEW YORK — On "Beverly Hills 90210," Tori Spelling's character Donna Martin wasn't as pretty or as cool as the characters played by co-stars Jennie Garth or Shannon Doherty. Many people thought Spelling got the job because of her dad,...
Ecollywood: The cast of 90210 goes green - Mother Nature Network
(Photo: Art Streiber/The CW) "We do everything from recycling to using cloth instead of plastic bags, driving a hybrid and using natural products,” says Jennie Garth of 90210, which has its season finale May 19. “I'm very fond of Lycomed and Arcona...
Toys 'R' Us gives blankets to needy babies - San Jose Mercury News
Baby blanket designs by Marcia Cross, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isla Fisher, Jennifer Garner, Jennie Garth, Melissa Joan Hart, Julianne Moore, Kyra Sedgwick, Niki Taylor and Kerri Walsh will be featured online at, which also includes...
Nipplegate is back - are we really that surprised? - Globe and Mail
Oh yes, LA The other week on the emphatically LA-centric 90210 (Tuesdays, Global, 9 pm) the following exchange took place: Kelly (Jennie Garth) said, "Donna, umm, do you think we're at a lesbian bar?" And Donna (Tori Spelling) said, "No....
Celebrity Moms Design Baby Blankets to Benefit Save the Children - Celebrity Baby Blog
One-of-a-kind baby blanket designs by Marcia Cross, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isla Fisher, Jennifer Garner, Jennie Garth, Melissa Joan Hart, Julianne Moore, Kyra Sedgwick, Niki Taylor and Kerri Walsh will be auctioned on eBay, with all proceeds benefiting the...

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth Heart Truth.jpg

Jennifer Eve Garth (born April 3, 1972) is an American actress, best known for starring as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210 and its third spinoff, 90210. She is also known for starring as Valerie Tyler in What I Like About You.

Jennifer Eve Garth was born in Urbana, Illinois to John and Carolyn Garth, who each already had three children from different marriages. She grew up on a 25-acre (100,000 m2) horse ranch in Arcola, Illinois, with her six older half-siblings: Johnny, Chuck, Lisa, Cammie, Wendy and Lynn. Jennie also lived in Tuscola, Illinois, during her younger years. When Garth was 11, she and her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She took dancing lessons and did a little modeling while living there, at the time wanting to go to college and later dropped out of Greenway High School during her junior year, and she and her mother moved to Los Angeles so she could become an actress, later obtaining her diploma in California. There, she started taking acting classes and went to auditions almost every day. After living in L.A. about four months, she landed the role of Erica McCray on the NBC series A Brand New Life (1989).

In 1990, Garth landed her most famous role to date, that of Kelly Taylor on the television series Beverly Hills, 90210. At various points in the series, Garth's character was involved in a love triangle between Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) and Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley), became a diet pill abuser, was trapped in a fire, became involved in a cult, used cocaine, was raped, shot, had amnesia and had a miscarriage. Garth appeared on the show for the full 10 seasons until its end in 2000, along with Ian Ziering, Tori Spelling, and Brian Austin Green.

In 2002, Garth starred in the sitcom What I Like About You as Amanda Bynes' sister Valerie Tyler. Along with Bynes, she starred on the show for all four seasons. In other roles, she also played the lead in a 1993 television production of Danielle Steel's Star and her story, "I Am Home," was featured in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.

In September 2008, Garth returned to the role of Kelly Taylor on the series premiere of the CW Network's spin-off series, 90210 where she is reported making $40-50,000 per episode. In the new series, Garth's character Kelly Taylor is now a guidance counselor at West Beverly High, where her half-sister Erin Silver also attends. Kelly now has a four and a half year old son with long-time flame Dylan McKay. The writers were eager to have her share scenes with Shannen Doherty who is also reprising her 90210 role of Brenda Walsh. It was reported that Garth and Doherty's characters would both have a romantic interest in the character Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold), reminiscent of their old rivalry for former bad boy character Dylan McKay. Garth and Doherty later confirmed that the reports about the love triangle between their characters were false.

Garth appeared on the U.S. game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? on 21 November 2008. She won $100,000 for her charity, the American Heart Association.

In 2007, Garth appeared on Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars and was paired with Derek Hough. Garth had consistently high scores throughout the entire competition and was one of the few contestants to maintain 8s and above after week 2. She was eliminated on the ninth week of competition finishing at a respectable fourth out of 12, after scoring her first perfect score of the competition with her Cha-Cha-Cha while Marie Osmond (who came in last place for three weeks up to that point) remained in the competition. The audience gave her a standing ovation (something very uncommon in the show). Judge Len Goodman stated that it "was not her time to go." In her exiting montage video, Derek Hough stated how proud he was of her for going on an emotional journey and improving from three 7's to three 10's.

Jennie Garth is also a spokesperson for Wen Haircare products.

Garth ranked #59 on the FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 2000, and #93 on the magazine's 100 Sexiest Women of 2001.

Garth is known to speak Italian fluently. She is often rumored to be a vegetarian, however she is not. In the February 2009 issue of Energy Times magazine she conducted an interview. They asked her if she was a vegetarian and she stated "no" that she is not a vegetarian. She is quoted as saying she does eat chicken and fish in order to get some protein. She is a long-time sufferer of migraine headaches, for which she has done public service announcements on TV. On April 16, 1994, Garth married musician Daniel B. Clark. They separated in 1995 and Garth filed for divorce in 1996.

On January 20, 2001, she married actor Peter Facinelli; they met in 1995 while filming the movie An Unfinished Affair. They have three daughters: Luca Bella (born on June 22, 1997), Lola Ray (born on December 6, 2002), and Fiona Eve (born on September 30, 2006).

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Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise

Beverly Hills, 90210 logo

The Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise composes the ongoing timeline and shared characters which link the American television series Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, Models Inc., and 90210.

The continuity was introduced in 1990 with the debut of Darren Star's teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210, which was produced by Aaron Spelling and initially aired on the FOX television network in the United States. After this series became a worldwide success in 1991, Star expanded the franchise with 1992's Melrose Place, a drama about young adults in L.A. which would also grow into a famous hit. The third series, Models Inc., has thus far been the least successful of the shows to air, having lasted only one season (June 1994 to March 1995).

The fourth entry, simply titled 90210, was the first show in the franchise to not debut on FOX in the United States. Developed by Rob Thomas, Gabe Sachs, and Jeff Judah, the series premiered on The CW Television Network on September 2, 2008.

Throughout its run, the continuity has attracted several established actors, while bringing fame to others and the roles which they have portrayed. The narrative's most widely seen character is Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor, who was instrumental in launching two spin-offs, and has been used in the most episodes throughout the franchise. Also made famous via the first program was male lead Jason Priestley, who earned Golden Globe nominations and began a directorial career via the series, and actor Luke Perry, who won acclaim and drew comparisons to James Dean. The first series brought fame to several other cast members as well. Melrose Place featured former Dynasty star Heather Locklear, whose performance has been called one of the most prominent of the series, while Models Inc. starred former Dallas actress Linda Gray, and later added Dynasty veteran Emma Samms.

The first series initially followed the teenage lives of several friends who attended the West Beverly Hills High School: Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley), Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty), Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris), Dylan McKay (Luke Perry), David Silver (Brian Austin Green), Scott Scanlon (Douglas Emerson), and Donna Martin (Tori Spelling). As the series progressed, several other characters were introduced at varying points.

Originally, the series centered around the culture shock of twins Brandon and Brenda as they adjusted to the new experiences and friends that awaited them upon their family's move to Beverly Hills. As the show progressed, however, it gradually became more of an ensemble cast drama, with equal attention given to the parental issues, academic matters, career aspirations, and romantic concerns of the other characters. One of the series' early focal points involved an initially forbidden Brenda-Dylan relationship—along with a subsequent triangle involving Kelly. Other series milestones included the beginning of a long and complex relationship between Brandon and Kelly, the question of how long Donna and David's bond could endure without sex, and a rally organized on Donna's behalf in order to overturn a school ruling against her.

Toward the end of the second season, the character of Jake Hanson—a tough but mellow biker who served as an older friend and mentor to Dylan—briefly arrived for a construction job at Kelly's house. The subsequent attraction that developed between a resistant Jake (Grant Show) and a willing Kelly led into the second series of the 90210 continuity.

Darren Star's next show, also produced by Spelling Television, followed the lives of several young tenants in an apartment complex. The relationship between Kelly and Jake was resolved over a series of episodes, with a persistent Kelly eventually letting go and returning to Beverly Hills.

Originally conceived as a lightly toned drama about the personal and professional lives of yuppies, Melrose Place began to change with the arrival of testy Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear), whose conflicts with the generally strait-laced Alison (Courtney Thorne-Smith) over Alison's roommate Billy (Andrew Shue) quickly became the show's centerpiece. Also focused upon was the adulterous relationship between Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) and his colleague Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross), which was eventually discovered by Michael's wife Jane (Josie Bissett).

With the progression of the second season—which was highlighted by divorce, blackmail, revenge, character revamps, and much angst between couples—the show had begun to secure a reputation for darker, more extraordinary story lines. This kind of writing would become standard for the series throughout the remainder of its run.

Toward the end of season 2, a somewhat mellowed Amanda was reunited with her long-estranged mother Hillary (Linda Gray), the owner of a modeling agency. This development would provide a foundation for the franchise's third story.

Debuting in the summer of 1994, Models Inc. was produced by Spelling Television and created by Charles Pratt, Jr. and Frank South. The series followed the lives of Hillary and several of the disparate, ambitious models in the titular agency—women whom Hillary sometimes felt a maternal bond toward. Also present was Hillary's son David (Brian Gaskill), the loyal, valiant, and occasionally hot-headed vice president of the company. At the beginning of the first episode, actors Grant Show and Daphne Zuniga briefly appeared as their Melrose Place characters, seeing off a young model (Cassidy Rae) as she headed to the agency.

Unlike the previous two shows in the continuity, Models Inc. did not experience any significant changes in character focus or tone—choosing, instead, to explore the ensemble cast from the start and immediately present the kind of story lines that had made Melrose Place famous. The initial focus of the series was a mystery surrounding the murder of model Teri Spencer (Stephanie Romanov), who'd announced her intentions to leave the agency. For a number of episodes throughout the first story arc, suspects included Hillary, Teri's ex-boyfriend Brian (Cameron Daddo), Teri's rival Julie (Kylie Travis), and Teri's own sister Carrie (Carrie-Anne Moss). Once the killer was revealed, the characters moved on, with their focus switching to the arrival of Stephanie Romanov's new character Monique, a model who was a nearly dead ringer for Teri. The remainder of the series centered largely around the models' growing relationships with their boyfriends and each other, while also dealing with the issues of substance abuse and the pressures of the business. Primary antagonists included several figures from the past—including a stalker, a jealous sister, and Grayson (Emma Samms), the cunning and powerful ex-wife of Monique's fiance.

The series was cancelled in March 1995. Jake Hanson, who was originally introduced in the continuity's first show, was the only character to appear in both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Models Inc.

Premiering on September 2, 2008, 90210 is produced by CBS Paramount Network Television. The series acts in part as a re-imagining of the original show, following two siblings—Annie and Dixon Wilson (Dixon is adopted), played by Shenae Grimes and Tristan Wilds—who've recently moved to Beverly Hills with their family and enrolled in West Beverly High. Like Brandon and Brenda 18 years before, Dixon and Annie meet several new friends who compose the rest of the cast.

Among the returning characters is Kelly Taylor, who has appeared in a recurring role while serving as a guidance counselor at the school. Brenda also returned in a recurring part, reuniting with Kelly and directing a school musical.

Joe E. Tata has made guest appearances, reprising his role of Nat Bussichio, owner of the Peach Pit coffee house where Dixon works.

On Oct 11, TV Guide reported that series creator Darren Star said that the spin-off was a possibility that he'd be interested in pursuing and acknowledged that it's been up for discussion. However, he also noted that no official discussions about the spin-off have taken place. Later that month The CW and CBS Paramount Network Television said they are in fact "exploring" the possibility of creating a new version of the series. On October 31, 2008 Ace Show Biz reported that when it comes to the spinoff, Jennie Garth (who was instrumental in launching the original Melrose Place) does not plan to appear as her character Kelly Taylor. Kelly Rutherford, who played Megan on the original series, stated there is a possibility of her reprising her Melrose Place role. Lisa Rinna, who played Taylor McBride on the original series, stated that she would "definitely" reprise her role if asked.

On December 31, 2008, it was reported that Heather Locklear is being courted to reprise the role of Amanda Woodward in the new spin off.

On January 14, 2009, E! reported that Grant Show, who portrayed cast member Jake Hanson (who was instrumental in starting Melrose) stated that he is up for portraying his Melrose character on the new spinoff.

On January 19, 2009, Entertainment Weekly reported that The CW had been talking with Smallville show-runners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin about shepherding the update.

On February 6, 2009, Entertainment Weekly confirmed Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer were now officially installed as showrunners of the spin-off. They also revealed the names and descriptions of the characters who'd be featured on the series, including the son of Grant Show's character Jake Hanson, David Patterson.

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Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty.jpg

Shannen Maria Doherty (born April 12, 1971) is an American actress and television director. She appeared as Heather Duke in the 1989 black comedy film Heathers. However, she is perhaps best known for her work in the Aaron Spelling produced television series Beverly Hills, 90210 as Brenda Walsh and Charmed as Prue Halliwell. Most recently, she returned to the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, reprising her role of Brenda, in its third spinoff series, 90210.

Doherty was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the daughter of Rosa, a beauty parlor owner, and Tom Doherty, a mortgage consultant. Doherty has Irish Catholic ancestry, though was raised in her mother's Southern Baptist religion. At the age of seven (in 1978) her family moved to Los Angeles, and she immediately announced that she wanted to be an actress.

Success began early, with guest spots on TV series including Voyagers!, Father Murphy and Airwolf starting in 1981. When a casting notice was released in Hollywood for a regular role on the popular Little House on the Prairie she leapt at the opportunity and eventually won the role of Jenny Wilder at the age of eleven, thanks in part to actor/producer Michael Landon seeing her guest spot on Father Murphy, which he also produced.

Doherty was cast as the oldest Witherspoon sibling, Kris, on the family drama Our House, which ran from 1986 to 1988. A role which garnered her several Young Artist Award nominations. She then went on to appear in an episode of Magnum, P.I. Doherty's first major motion picture role was in Heathers, released in 1989 where she played Heather Duke. In 2006, the film was ranked #5 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Best High School Movies.

Doherty's breakout role came when she was cast to star as Brenda Walsh in the Aaron Spelling-produced TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1990. In 1991 and 1992 her portrayal of Brenda earned her a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series. In 2004, E! placed Brenda at number ten on their list of the 50 Most Wicked Women of Prime Time. Following reported on-set friction, Doherty left the show at the end of the fourth season in 1994. Doherty's character, Brenda, was written off the show as moving to London to attend school at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts.

While the character's absence was originally described as only being for a year, she never actually returned, despite being mentioned from time to time during the show's remaining seasons. She was replaced with former Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen, who played bad girl character Valerie Malone. Her departure from the series was reportedly acrimonious, however, and her career afterward was somewhat spotty, marked for the most part by made-for-TV movies. There were a few bright spots, though, particularly a lead role in Kevin Smith's 1995 film Mallrats.

In 1998, Spelling cast her in another TV series, Charmed, in which she played lead character Prue Halliwell, the oldest of three sisters who discover they are witches, along with occasionally directing some of the episodes. At the end of the third season, Doherty left the show in 2001, resulting in her character's death, and the introduction of Rose McGowan's replacement lead character Paige Matthews. Reportedly, the reason for her departure was because of tensions between Doherty and co-star Alyssa Milano. Though she had left the show long before it ended, she continued to own five percent of the rights to the series.

Doherty was also twice nominated for the Saturn Award, Best Genre TV Actress for her portrayal of the character Prue, in 1999 and 2000 respectively. In 2007, AOL named Prue Halliwell the 9th greatest witch in television history.

Two years after her departure from Charmed, Doherty hosted the Sci Fi Channel candid camera show Scare Tactics during its initial season. It is unsure why she left the show. Doherty's hosting position was given to Stephen Baldwin for the season two cycle; however, the series stopped production in 2006 after the second season's end. After a three and a half year hiatus, the series returned in July 2008 with host Tracy Morgan. After her stint on Scare Tactics Doherty, in a return to her prime-time soap roots, starred as a regular on the short-lived TV series North Shore. She starred as Alexandra Hudson from 2004–2005. Later in 2005, Doherty was cast in the new TV comedy Love Inc. Although she filmed the original pilot, she was dropped from the show just months before its debut.

Doherty later went on to produce and star in her own reality show, Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty, which premiered on the Oxygen network in 2006. In the show Doherty goes around doing "dirty work" for members of the public, including dumping boyfriends or telling people what their friends really think about them. The show was canceled after one season due to a small audience. She also starred in the popular British sitcom Bo! in the USA, a program of brain child Leigh Francis. In the show, she plays herself, being randomly harassed by Avid Merrion (Francis) who claims they are lovers. The show aired in October 2006 on the British channel 4, and she appeared in several episodes.

In 2007, Doherty appeared in two television projects. First up was the pilot Kiss Me Deadly: A Jacob Keane Assignment for the here! network, and then the holiday picture Christmas Caper for ABC Family. That same year Doherty also set up a production company called "No Apologies" where she’s developing a TV-drama for herself. In 2007 Doherty was also ranked as number 96 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 Greatest Television Icons.

In 2008, Doherty was featured on the Swedish television show High Chaparall, appearing in the second episode of the show’s fourth season. Later that year, it was confirmed that Doherty would join the cast of the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin off for the CW Television Network, for a reported $40,000–50,000 an episode. She returned as a guest star, reprising her old role of Brenda Walsh in four of the new series' initial six episodes. Her character, now a successful theater actress and stage director, returned as the guest director of the high school musical. After her initial guest spot was completed, Doherty stated she was open to returning to the series later in the season and eventually agreed to appear in three additional episodes with her most recent appearance slated to air in May 2009.

The writers were eager to have her share scenes with Jennie Garth who also reprised her 90210 role of Kelly Taylor. It was reported that Doherty and Garth's characters would both have a romantic interest in the character Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold), reminiscent of their old rivalry for former bad boy character Dylan McKay (Luke Perry). Doherty and Garth later confirmed that the reports about the love triangle between their characters were false.

Doherty also has an upcoming role in the SciFi Channel’s adventure film, The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon as Susan Jordan opposite Michael Shanks and Bianca Owens. The film is currently in post-production and is set for a 2008/2009 premiere on the cable network. She is also in the process of pitching a new television show to networks. On October 30, 2008, TV Guide reported that Doherty is due to co-star alongside Dylan McDermott in the indie film Burning Palms, a satire based on Los Angeles stereotypes told through five intertwining storylines. She will also be starring in the upcoming TV movie thriller Resistance with Mark Humphrey.

Doherty was married briefly to Ashley Hamilton, son of actor George Hamilton. She was also married to Rick Salomon, and was briefly engaged to actor Judd Nelson. She was once linked to her Charmed co-star, Julian McMahon. Doherty was once sentenced to either ten days in jail or twenty days of work-release duty, three years probation, and ordered to pay a $1,500 fine for drunk driving charges in 2001. She has appeared several times, nude, in Playboy magazine. Her first appearance was in December 1993, followed by a spread in March 1994. Later she posed for the magazine again in December 2003, and has been featured in a 10-page pictorial.

Doherty is a fan of the TV series 24, and on the show's Season 4 DVD set, she provides audio commentary on "3:00 PM - 4:00 PM" with episode writer Evan Katz. As of date, she lives in Malibu, California. She also has a horse ranch in Ventura County, California and owns seven horses and two dogs.

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Beverly Hills, 90210


Beverly Hills, 90210 is a prime time television drama series that aired from October 4, 1990 to May 17, 2000 on FOX in the United States, and subsequently on various networks around the world. It is the first series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. The show followed the lives of a group of teenagers living in the upscale, star-studded community of Beverly Hills, California and attending the fictitious West Beverly High School and, subsequently, the fictitious California University after graduation. The show was created by Darren Star and produced by Aaron Spelling and Spelling Television. The "90210" in the title refers to the city's ZIP code.

The original premise of the show was based on the adjustment and culture shock that twins Brandon (played by Jason Priestley) and Brenda Walsh (played by Shannen Doherty) experienced when they and their parents, Jim and Cindy moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Beverly Hills. In addition to chronicling the friendships and romantic relationships of a group of close-knit teenagers, the show also addressed numerous topical issues including date rape, alcoholism, domestic violence, gay rights, drug abuse, teenage suicide, AIDS, teenage pregnancy, and abortion.

The series gained popularity during the summer of 1991, when FOX aired a special "summer season" of the show while most other series were in reruns. The series became one of FOX's top shows when it began its next season that fall. Viewership increased dramatically and the cast members, particularly Jason Priestley and Luke Perry became teen idols, while the series would make actresses Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling household names in the US.

The series began with the introduction of the Walsh family—Jim, Cindy, Brandon, and Brenda—who'd recently moved from Minnesota to Beverly Hills, California as a result of Jim's job promotion. In the first episode, Brandon and Brenda began attending West Beverly Hills High School, where they were eventually introduced to several friends who composed the remainder of the cast: Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Andrea Zuckerman, Dylan McKay, David Silver, Scott Scanlon, and Donna Martin. The show followed the personal and professional matters of its characters throughout early adulthood, while introducing several additional characters as its seasons progressed.

Beverly Hills, 90210's opening credits went through various changes during its ten-year run.

The opening credits starts with a postal worker walking up to the Walsh home in Minnesota. The worker then writes "Please forward to 953 Hillcrest Drive Beverly Hills CA, 90210." The text "Beverly Hills, 90210" then jumps from the letter onto the screen on top of various video of Beverly Hills (this was later removed after a couple of episodes). Then, footage from the show of each cast member is shown with their names. The last few scenes in the opening are of the Walsh family together. The theme was composed by John E. Davis and the opening was designed by Kathie Broyles. The cast shown in this version are Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Douglas Emerson, Tori Spelling, Carol Potter and James Eckhouse.

The opening credits starts with the younger cast gathered around a white background (mainly playing around and having what seems to be fun). The opening then flashes white (turning the live action film into a still picture) and then goes to a title card. Footage from the show (and during the summer episodes, footage from a beach photo shoot taken in 1991) is shown with the word "starring". Then video taken from a photo shoot (from the shows first and fourth seasons respectively) of the cast is shown with each cast members name.

Noticeably missing is Douglas Emerson, whose character Scott Scanlon, was dropped to recurring and later killed off early on in the second season. This caused original footage of the cast that was taken from the photo shoot which Emerson participated in not to be used and replaced with the new footage.

At the end of the opening, the cast is shown shaking hands and then walking away from the camera. In season 4, the footage is replaced with the ending scene from the show's third season finale, "Commencement". The opening(s) were designed by Luise Hollowell. The theme used is a remixed version of the Season 1 theme by John E. Davis. The theme is later remixed once again by John E. Davis in Season 4. The cast shown in these versions are Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, Carol Potter and James Eckhouse.

With Shannen Doherty's Brenda now gone, the opening credits went through some remodeling. The theme song was cut down to 58 seconds instead of 1 minute and 38 seconds. And new cast members Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Mark Damon Espinoza were added. Also, a new logo and text effect. Jennie Garth also moved up to the lead actress spot in the opening (vacated by Doherty). The opening originally featured scenes from the show, but this was later replaced by more footage from a photo shoot. After Andrea (Gabrielle Cateris) and Jesse (Mark Damon Espinoza) left the series, their footage remained in the opening until the next season. The opening was designed by an unknown person, whose name is not listed in the end credits for this season, though William Brown has been speculated by many as the designer. The cast shown in these versions are Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, Mark Damon Espinoza, Tiffani Thiessen, Carol Potter and James Eckhouse.

With new executive producers, the opening once again went through some major changes. In were Kathleen Robertson (Clare Arnold), Jamie Walters (Ray Pruit), and for the first time Joe E. Tata (Nat Bussichio). Out was Darren Star's name at the end of the credits (this was due to the fact that Star had sold all his shares in both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place). A new logo was introduced (which unlike previous logos, overlayed on top of a cast shot), as well as another text effect (which was very similar to the one used in Season 5). The opening(s) were designed by William Brown. The cast shown in these versions are Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Luke Perry (Season 6, episodes 1-10 only) Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, Tiffani Thiessen, Joe E. Tata, Jamie Walters (Season 6, episodes 1-13 only) and Kathleen Robertson.

Following reported on-set friction, Shannen Doherty left the show at the end of the fourth season. Doherty's character, Brenda Walsh, was written off the show as moving to London to attend school at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Arts. While the character's absence was originally described as only being for a year, she never actually returned, despite being mentioned from time to time during the show's remaining seasons. She was replaced with former Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen, who played bad girl character Valerie. Shannen Doherty has appeared as Brenda Walsh in the 2008 spinoff series, 90210 along with former costars Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and Joe E. Tata.

Both actors left the show following the fifth season at the end of their original five year contracts. During the high school years of the show, Jim and Cindy Walsh played secondary roles, offering advice to Brenda and Brandon, along with their friends, but were rarely given plotlines of their own. They generally would spend most of their time reacting to various things that Brenda, Brandon and later Valerie did. As the show entered the college years, Jim and Cindy were moved even farther into the background as the show took on a much more soap operatic tone and the characters grew up, reducing their need for parental oversight. Following the fifth season, both characters left Beverly Hills for Hong Kong, making occasional guest appearances in the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons. Even though all the Walshes eventually left the show, the Walsh home continued to play a central role in the series. The show explained this by having Brandon tell Steve his parents had given the green light for Steve to keep living in the house.

Gabrielle Carteris left the show following the fifth season. Her character, Andrea Zuckerman, changed radically during the transition from high school to college. In high school, Andrea was the brainy editor of the West Beverly Blaze, who had a crush on Brandon and secretly lived out of district. During the fourth season, the character's freshman year of college, Andrea drops journalism, becomes pregnant, and gets married to someone she barely knows (Jesse Vasquez) before the year is out. While the pregnancy plotline was written at Carteris' request, so as to incorporate her real life pregnancy, this was a major shift for the character, and also caused her to become somewhat isolated from the other characters on the show. Andrea Zuckerman eventually left the show during the end of the fifth season because she decided to finally go to Yale. After her original five-year contract ended, Carteris voluntarily left 90210 for her own self-titled talk show, which lasted only one season. Carteris returned to 90210 for guest appearances during the sixth, eighth, and tenth seasons.

Luke Perry left Beverly Hills, 90210 towards the beginning of the sixth season. Perry's send-off features his character, Dylan McKay, marrying Antonia Marchette (Rebecca Gayheart), the daughter of the mob boss (Stanley Kamel) who ordered his father's death during the third season. Before the marriage, Dylan thinks that Toni is a guy but finds out that it's a girl and attempted to use Antonia to get to her father, but falls in love with her instead. Dylan and Antonia decide to get married but her father, uncomfortable with the marriage, orders Dylan's death. He hired a hitman to kill Dylan to stop Antonia from getting married but, inadvertently kills Antonia instead due to the fact that she is driving Dylan's car at the time of the planned hit, and is wearing a hooded raincoat, so the hitman cannot see whom he is shooting. Dylan is heartbroken about the death of Antonia and decides to leave town, after his father-in-law reluctantly agrees to a truce in the wake of his daughter's death. During the seasons where Perry is absent, it is explained that his character Dylan has reconciled with Brenda and is living with her in London. It is revealed later in the series that Dylan's father was not really murdered and that he had faked his death in order to enter the Witness Protection Program. Perry returned permanently during the ninth season of the show, but was now credited as a "Special Guest Star"—much like Heather Locklear was on Melrose Place. His return was not fully explained, but it is acknowledged that Dylan had broken up with Brenda.

Jason Priestley stopped acting on the show at the beginning of the ninth season. However, he remained credited as an executive producer for 90210 until the end of the series. In the show, Brandon is still recovering from his aborted wedding to Kelly, and is offered a job in Washington, D.C., which he accepts. Brandon was the last Walsh family member to leave Beverly Hills, and his only other appearance on the series following his departure is by video to Donna and David at the time of their wedding.

Tiffani Thiessen (credited as Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, late of Saved By the Bell) replaced Shannen Doherty after her departure following the fourth season. Thiessen portrayed Valerie Malone, an old Walsh family friend from Buffalo, New York who moves into Brenda's old room, and smokes pot. While Valerie is meant as a replacement for Brenda, the characters are very different, and Valerie has a rocky relationship with most of the gang during her time on the show. Valerie leaves Beverly Hills soon after Brandon, saying that she is going to return home to Buffalo. Thiessen returned to the show for the series finale for Donna and David's wedding.

Beverly Hills, 90210 originally aired from October 4, 1990 to May 17, 2000 on FOX in the United States; SoapNet currently airs reruns seven days a week. Various networks around the world subsequently aired Beverly Hills, 90210. In the United Kingdom, ITV showed the first two seasons until the satellite channel Sky1 acquired the rights for the rest of its run from Seasons 3-9; Season 10 was never shown. Five later acquired the repeat rights of Seasons 1-4 . Australia aired the show on Network Ten, FOX8 and their now ceased Fox Kids. In Canada, the show's later seasons aired on Global. It was also shown on TVA (in French), and aired in syndication on TVtropolis. It is shown in Denmark on TV2. In Spain, the show was aired on Tele 5 from 1991 to 2005.

In Italy, Rai 4 is now airing again this series every day at 6:45pm and 7:35pm, beginning on November.

When Beverly Hills, 90210 began, the show was heavily issue-oriented with the Walsh twins facing a different teen issue nearly every week in largely self-contained episodes. As the show progressed, it became more character-driven with the characters entering into various love triangles, while dealing with general adult issues.

Ratings for the tenth season declined to an average of 10 million viewers per episode (according to a May 2000 issue of Us Weekly). The ratings were small compared to previous seasons. The lower ratings, along with the high costs associated with any television show in its later seasons led Fox to cancel the series in January 2000. The final episode aired in May 2000. However, even with all the cast changes, the series finale of the show attracted 25 million viewers.

The series Melrose Place was a spin-off from the show, as actor Grant Show (who played Jake on Melrose Place) appeared for a multi-episode run as Kelly's love interest, and a friend of Dylan's. Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering made appearances as their Beverly Hills, 90210 characters in the first few episodes of Melrose Place.

Models Inc., a series about the personal and professional struggles of several young models, spun-off from Melrose Place. The series was introduced via the characters Hillary Michaels, the mother of Melrose Place's Amanda Woodward, and model Sarah Owens—both of whom had appeared in a multi-episode run on MP. Jake Hanson, originally introduced in Beverly Hills, 90210, was the only character to appear in both the first show and the third.

A third spin-off from the show is currently airing, which focuses on a family from Kansas who move to Beverly Hills when their grandmother suffers from alcohol addiction. It premiered on the CW Network on September 2, 2008.

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty reprised their roles as Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh, respectively. During the fourth episode of the season entitled, "The Bubble," Brenda reveals to the audience in a rather heated conversation with Kelly, that the father of Kelly's son is Dylan McKay. Additionally, Tori Spelling will make a return as Donna Martin in the 19th episode.

Joe E. Tata also reprised his role as Nat, owner of the Peach Pit, diner turned Coffee house.

In October 2008, it was officially announced that The CW Television Network was contemplating a Melrose Place follow-up. Lisa Rinna has claimed to be interested, while Jennie Garth has stated that she does not intend to appear. Kelly Rutherford states there is a possibility of a guest appearance as her character Megan.

On January 19, 2009 Entertainment Weekly reported that The CW had been talking with Smallville show-runners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin about shepherding the update.

On February 6, 2009 Entertainment Weekly confirmed Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer were now officially installed as showrunners of the spin-off. They also revealed the names and descriptions of the characters who'd be featured on the series, including the son of Grant Show's character Jake Hanson, David Patterson.

The Rap duo, Insane Clown Posse, released an EP titled Beverly Kills 50187, whose title is similar to the show's title.

Star later produced a series Grosse Pointe, which satirized the production of a high-school soap opera being filmed in Los Angeles. The show was clearly a 90210-style show.

The short-lived The Ben Stiller Show did a parody of this show, The Heights and Melrose Place called Melrose Heights 90210-2420 that portrayed the cast as superficial, self-absorbed, and self-pitying. A typical episode's "issue" was a character getting a headache, which affected all the other characters. Each episode would end the same upbeat song (resembling The Heights hit single "How Do You Talk To An Angel") performed by the whole cast with new lyrics for each episode.

Another aspect of the show that was the subject of parody was the fact that a number of the show's cast members were in their mid-to-late 20s and not teenagers. In particular, Luke Perry and Gabrielle Carteris were singled out for most of the criticism regarding being too old to play teenage characters. Carteris was 29 during filming of the first season, Perry was 23, Jason Priestley turned 21 prior to the show's premiere, and Ian Ziering was 26. Brian Austin Green (then 17), Shannen Doherty (19), Tori Spelling (17) and Jennie Garth (18) were the only cast members to have started the show as teenagers who grow older later on in the show. This was the premise of the Family Guy parody, where Andrea is portrayed as a senile elderly woman.

Saturday Night Live did their own parody of the show when Jason Priestley hosted in 1992. In the episode, it is announced that the zip code 90210 would be changed to 90218. Several of the kids took offense to it and reacted in different ways (Kelly and Donna go shopping, Dylan gets drunk, Brandon keeps taking everyone's keys and putting them in a lock box feeling they are not able to drive, etc.). In the end, the zip code reverts to 90210 after protest.

The short-lived Fox Television sketch show The Edge did a parody of 90210 that mocked Tori Spelling. During the sketch, the character of Tori constantly says, "I can do whatever I want because this is my Daddy's show." Aaron Spelling took offense to this, and asked for an apology from the producers of the show (he never got one).

The Mickey Mouse Club did a parody sketch called Beverly Hillbillies 90210, combining the characters of both 90210 and The Beverly Hillbillies. In 1999, Christina Aguilera from the Mickey Mouse Club made a cameo performance on Beverly Hills 90210 as herself performing at the PPAD for David Silver's surprise birthday party, season 10 episode 2: "Let's Eat Cake". Music from former MMC members Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez of 'N Sync also was originally used during several opening title sequences during the mid to late seasons of 90210.

MADtv made its own parodies of the show as Beverly Hills, 90210 B.C. set in prehistoric Beverly Hills. When Luke Perry made his high profile return to the series, MADtv did a second parody entitled Beverly Hills 9021-H20 which had the characters being stalked and killed off by Luke Perry, who had rejoined the cast as a masked killer who was a parody of Michael Myers of the Halloween film series.

Czech TV Nova parody show Tele Tele made parody of the show known as "Heverly Debils". Three mini-episodes (about 10 minutes each) were filmed.

GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan released a song called "Killah Hills 10304", an ironic reference to the show's title in a song about crime and a rough neighborhood.

Tentative titles for the show included Class of Beverly Hills (which would end up being the name of the first episode) and Potomac 20854, with Star's actual high school, Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Montgomery County, Maryland—a school with similar demographics to Beverly Hills High—as an inspiration. Additionally, Luke Perry was not an original cast member of the show and he was first featured in the show's second episode. His character Dylan McKay was originally intended to only appear in one story arc, for one or two episodes. Fox was initially reluctant to have him included as a regular, but Aaron Spelling felt differently and paid Perry's salary himself during the first two years until the network was won over.

After the pilot episode, the Walsh house changes to a different building. The building for "The Peach Pit" was also changed after a few episodes in season one.

Beverly Hills High School is actually located in ZIP code 90212. There are three zip codes in Beverly Hills and the most affluent homes lie within the mostly residential 90210, where the High School does not. (Most of the 90210 zone is in fact in Los Angeles City despite the name.) However, the characters attended the completely fictitious West Beverly High School, which could have been located in any ZIP code. The filming location for West Beverly High School was in the middle class community of Torrance, California at Torrance High School located in the 90501 zip code. Torrance High can also be seen in other shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The characters later began attending the then-fictitious California University in the show's fourth season, and the scenes around campus were actually filmed at Occidental College.

The series was actually produced in Van Nuys, California. For the 10 years the series was in production it was filmed in a warehouse complex in Van Nuys, the interiors of the series as well as the exteriors of the Peach Pit parking lot and P.P.A.D. club entrance were all located off the 15000 block of Calvert St in Van Nuys, CA. An unmarked gated studio entrance now stands at this address, but the exterior brick facing of the P.P.A.D. is still visible down the alley on the north side of the building. The studio building complex has since been the home to various projects including the CBS series Jericho, which guest starred James Eckhouse in one episode.

Aaron Spelling created the character of Gina Kincaid especially for Vanessa Marcil. The character Jim Walsh was ranked #41 in TV Guide's list of the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" (June 20, 2004 issue). Terence Ford and Arthur Brooks portrayed Dylan's father, Jack McKay, in two episodes before Josh Taylor assumed the role. While Kelly and Valerie were constant enemies in the show, Jennie Garth and Tiffani Thiessen are close friends.

In the first season, when Donna tries out for school D.J., she is referred to as Donna Morgan. Throughout the entire show, her name is Donna Martin. In addition to this, in the first season Donna's mother was named Nancy Martin and played by actress Jordana Capra. When she was reintroduced in Season 2 she was named Felice Martin and was played by actress Katherine Cannon.

Torand Productions was a dba used by the production company for several seasons on the show. Torand productions came from the first three letters of Aaron Spelling's first child, Tori and the first four letters of his second child, Randy's, name.

Entertainment Weekly named the show #20 on its list of top 100 tv shows in the past 25 years. The magazine also named the theme song #15 on its list of top 25 tv theme songs in the past 25 years, and the "90210 Sideburns" #50 on its list of Pop Culture Moments that Rocked Fashion. Shannen Doherty's departure from the show would be the longest the continuity had seen with a lead cast member not making another guest appearance after they had left the show. Spanning for a time of 14 years, Brenda Walsh was not seen in any 90210 incarnation until September 2, 2008 in which she reprised her role in the CW's spinoff, 90210.

Nicholas Pryor who plays Chancellor Arnold and Clare Arnold's father also played as the father of Shannen Doherty's character Jenny Wilder in Little House on the Prairie as Royal Wilder.

CBS Home Entertainment has released the show on DVD. Due to music licensing most of the original music has been replaced. Deleted songs include "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover", "Losing My Religion" and "In The Mood". Starting with Season 2, some episodes edited from their original broadcast versions.

For reasons that were never made clear, the first three season releases used promotional pictures from their succeeding seasons instead of the actual promotional pictures that were taken while the seasons aired. Due to the group pictures from the fourth season being used on the third season DVD and the absence of Shannen Doherty in later seasons, a collage of still photos was used on the fourth season. As well, photos of Jamie Walters and Kathleen Robertson appear on Season 5.

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We're Not in Kansas Anymore

90210 Kansas.jpg

The pilot introduces the Wilson family, along with numerous other students at West Beverly Hills High, where Annie Wilson (Shenae Grimes) and Dixon Wilson (Tristan Wilds) begin attendance. Their father, Harrison "Harry" Wilson (Rob Estes), returns from Kansas to his childhood home of Beverly Hills with his family to care of his mother, former television star Tabitha Wilson (Jessica Walter), who has a drinking problem. Annie and Dixon struggle to adjust to their new lives while making new friends and adhering to their parents' wishes.

The Wilson family—comprising of parents Harry and Debbie (Lori Loughlin), daughter Annie, and adopted son Dixon—arrive at the mansion of Harry's mother, Tabitha, where they will be taking care of her. Annie and Dixon discuss what their first day of school will be like at West Beverly Hills High, where their father will be the principal. Annie hopes to meet and hook up with a friend named Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan), whom she met two summers ago. When she arrives at school, Annie spots Ethan getting out of his car and makes eye contact, only to realize that he is receiving a blow job from a fellow student. Dixon goes to journalism class, where he meets Navid Shirazi (Michael Steger), while Annie goes to her first class taught by Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold). Matthews asks another student, Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord), to show Annie around the school. After class, Annie insists Noami does not need to show her around, who instead talks about her busy life and upcoming birthday party. Naomi tells Annie that she is dating Ethan, and introduces Annie to her best friend, Adrianna Tate-Duncan (Jessica Lowndes), who is the lead in the school play. Annie, also an actress, is upset that she arrived too late to audition, but Adrianna tells her that scenery would have suited her better anyways.

Ethan finds Annie and asks if she is going to tell Naomi what she saw, and Annie promises not to. In the parking lot, Adrianna takes several pills from a drug dealer, and agrees to pay him the next day. While eating lunch, Annie meets Silver (Jessica Stroup); however, Naomi pulls Annie away, explaining that Silver makes insulting videos about people. Naomi invites Annie to her birthday party, and they decide to go shopping together. Principal Harry, guidance counselor Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) and Matthews meet with Naomi's parents, who feel that Naomi should not have to hand in her assignments on time when she is planning her party. Prior to leaving, Naomi's mother, Tracy (Christina Moore), tells Harry if things had been different, they would be discussing their own child. Naomi receives a text message from her mother, telling her that she must complete the assignment that night. Annie remembers that she completed a similar assignment for her old school, and offers to give Naomi a copy for inspiration.

Dixon tries out and makes the lacrosse team, but gets into a fight with team member George Evans (Kellan Lutz). Annie tells Dixon of her invite to Naomi's party, whom she saw Ethan cheating on. The next day at school, Annie finds out that Silver made a video blog about her, depicting her as a farmer. Annie confronts Silver, who felt insulted by Annie's decision to leave her for Naomi. When Silver is reprimanded by her half-sister, Kelly, she explains that Naomi had done something horrible to her in the past, which is why she made a video about Annie. Ethan is forced by his team members to lie that Dixon started the fight during lacrosse, who is subsequently kicked off the team. Annie argues with Ethan for lying, and asks what happened to the Ethan that she met two years ago. When Naomi reads an exact copy of Annie's paper in class, she apologies by giving Annie an $800 dress. Annie decides to watch the school play rehearsals, and Silver apologizes for the video by asking the drama teacher to let Annie sing with Adrianna. Annie is allowed to sing the chorus for the play, much to Adrianna's dismay. Naomi again gets into trouble when Harry discovers that she cheated, and forces her to write the paper in his office. Ethan has a fight with George and tells the truth, resulting in Dixon being allowed to play on the team. Dixon tells Annie that he feels horrible, as he sent a text message to Naomi telling her that Ethan is cheating on her.

Harry and Debbie punish Annie for cheating by disallowing her to go to Naomi's party. When they reconsider and decide to let her go, they discover that she has already left. Harry goes to the party to find Annie, but is instead told by Tracy that they have a son together, whom she gave up for adoption. Adrianna claims to have found Naomi's purse and gives it back, only for Naomi to learn that Ethan is cheating on her. Naomi asks Ethan if he is really cheating on her, and leaves the party after he fails to answer. Annie leaves with Silver for another party on the beach, where she apologizes to Ethan for revealing that he was cheating on Naomi. When she asks why he told the truth about Dixon not starting the fight, he replies that he is trying to be the good guy he used to be. Annie, Silver, Dixon and Navid spend the rest of the night swimming at the beach. In the closing scenes, Kelly talks to the father of her four-year-old son, Adrianna pays her drug dealer with money she stole from Naomi, and Ethan spends the night with the girl he had been cheating on Naomi with.

On March 13, 2008, it was announced that The CW was developing a contemporary spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210. The project was put on the fast track by the network, and an order of the pilot was expected by the end of the month. The Beverly Hills, 90210 creator, Darren Star, was announced not to be involved with the project, as well as producer Aaron Spelling, who died in 2006. The only surviving element from the original series was believed to be Creative Artists Agency, the talent agency which masterminded the spin-off idea. Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas was in negotiations to write the pilot, and Mark Piznarski was in talks to direct.

A detailed breakdown of the pilot written by Thomas was released on March 17, containing information on the plot and characters of the series. None of the characters were related to the original series; however, the series' featured a similar premise: a family with two teenagers who recently moved from the Midwest to Beverly Hills. To reflect the situation at the Beverly Hills school, where around 40 percent of the students were from Persian descent, a student named Navid Shirazi was created. Thomas intended to introduce The Peach Pit, the diner from Beverly Hills, 90210, but noted that it would not be featured in the pilot. The writer considered giving the siblings a job at a movie theater, as he did not want them to use their parent's credit cards. Thomas revealed that there were plans to reintroduce one of the original cast members, but had not met with any of them to discuss a role. Thomas later elaborated the producers wanted to see "as many of the original cast members as possible", but were careful not to "parade them all out in the pilot".

On April 14, Thomas announced that he was leaving the series to focus on his two pilots for ABC. Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah were hired as the new executive producer and wrote a new version of the script in late April. Sachs said that although Thomas had a "great script", their version of the script was edgier. Judah said that they were trying to ground their script in reality, with real character stories and emotional stories. The writers wanted the audience to relate to the characters' problems, which they wanted to be truthful and emotional, but also comedic. The pair were interested in telling several stories simultaneously, featuring many characters. The pair changed the surname of the family from Mills to Wilson, and told reporters that they would be adding their "comedic impulses" to the script. Sachs and Judah found the parents to be an important part of the series, and designed to be contemporary parents. Since the producers were both fathers, they designed the script to include more prominent adult story lines and a strong point of view on parenting. Judah was interested in focusing on how the family kept their moral center when moving to Beverly Hills, and the way the parents dealt with their teenagers.

Lori Loughlin auditioned for the role of Debbie and was given the part straight away. Sachs thought that Loughlin was too established to read for the part, but realized that she understood the role immediately. The producers were fans of Jessica Walter after watching her film, Play Misty for Me. Sachs found that Walter knew pieces of scenes, and suggested "stuff that works". Sachs described Ryan Eggold, who portrayed Matthews, as "a sophisticated actor, and he's also very funny". The producers wanted his character to be a mix between a teacher and a real guy in this world. Sachs believed that every time Eggold would be on screen, "people are going to go, 'Wow!'".

Following rumors of cast members from Beverley Hills, 90210 appearing on the spin-off, The CW confirmed that Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Tori Spelling and Joe E. Tata would be returning in recurring roles as their original characters. Sachs was familiar with Garth, and talked to her about a possible role in the series. Garth agreed to star on the series without reading a script after brainstorming ideas with Sachs. The producers offered Garth a role as a series regular, but she opted to sign on as a recurring character. Sachs described Tata's casting as an accident; a friend told Sachs that he had seen Tata in a store, which led to the offer of a recurring role in the series. Sachs said that Tata was ecstatic about the idea and agreed. After reading the script, Spelling expressed interest returning, and the writers decided to give Donna her own fashion line. Spelling was scheduled to appear in the premiere, but due to personal reasons and the birth of her daughter, she opted to appear later in the season. On August 11, it was reported that Spelling had pulled out of the series after discovering that she was receiving less pay than Garth and Doherty. Spelling asked for her salary of $20,000 per episode to be increased to match their salaries—$40,000 to $50,000 per episode—but when denied she left the show altogether.

On May 11, one day before The CW's upfront presentations, the network officially picked up the series for the 2008–2009 television season. Filming for the pilot began in early June in Los Angeles. Torrance High School, which served as the high school in the original series was also used by the spin-off. Filming for the series usually took place in numerous high schools in Torrance and El Segundo, although several scenes were filmed in Torrance High School because of its large auditorium. Sachs returned to the school for the first time after graduating in 1979. Judah announced that the Peach Pit would be back, but as a coffeehouse rather than a diner. Other filming locations included the mansions of the Bel-Air neighborhood and the Hollywood night club Boulevard3. One week prior to the pilot's broadcast, it was confirmed that filming was still taking place, as the producers wanted to reshoot scenes and add extra ones.

Prior to the season premieres of most television series in September, a common practice by television networks would be to send screeners of pilots of new shows to critics. On August 18, The CW notified critics that they would not be releasing the premiere episodes, " have made the strategic marketing decision not to screen 90210 for any media in advance of its premiere. We're not hiding anything... simply keeping a lid on 90210 until 9.02, riding the curiosity and anticipation into premiere night, and letting all our constituents see it at the same time." Oscar Dahl of BuddyTV speculated that the decision was an indication of the low quality of the episodes, but pointed out that the pilot may not have been finished in time for a screener release, which was later confirmed to be the case. Despite not having watched the episode, the Parents Television Council said in a statement that "if Gossip Girl is any indication of what 90210 will look like, advertisers have plenty of reason to steer clear of the show... No reputable advertiser should even consider sponsoring the show without viewing the content in advance." "We're Not in Kansas Anymore", along with the following episode, averaged 4.9 million viewers throughout the two-hour broadcast on September 2. This gave The CW its highest-rated premiere ever in the adults 18-49 demographic. By comparison, the series finale of the original series was watched by 25 million viewers on its original broadcast in May 2000.

Most reviews of the pilot were average, claiming that while it was not bad, it was not great either. Metacritic gave the episode a Metascore—a weighted average based on the impressions of a select 12 critical reviews—of 46, signifying mixed or average reviews. When compared to the original series, Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette felt that the spin-off covered the same themes—family, friends, teen melodrama, relationships—but with more humor. Owen praised the compelling characters and the acting, and found the dialogue to be more clever than painful. Adam Buckman of the New York Post commented on the crude language used by the characters, and found nothing surprised him with watching the episode. Ray Richmond of The Hollywood Reporter found that despite The CW's decision not to send out screeners to critics, the pilot was " so horrible after all". Richmond praised the actors and writers, especially returning actor Garth, whom he found looked terrific and did a fine job.

Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger found that while 90210 was neither "trainwreck nor masterpiece", it remained remarkably faithful in tone and spirit to the original series. The reviewer realized that "the dialogue was at times intentionally funny", and pointed out that although the actors looked to old for high school, they acted "a lot more natural" than the actors on the original series. Sepinwall questioned The CW's intended audience, saying that while the music and styles were reminiscent of Gossip Girl, those who had not seen the original series would not have cared for the returning characters. Verne Gay of Newsday described 90210 as a "perfectly competent and reasonably seamless revival", with enough contemporary touchstones to attract new viewers. The reviewer commended the spin-off for integrating the new characters with the originals, with also including the adults. Gay found that while the pilot featured too many story lines, the vibe felt right and it was not the disaster it was expected to be.

Among the reviews were several negative ones, who compared it negatively to the original. Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe felt that like the original, 90210 was "pretty bad". Gilbert said that the episode "seemed to take forever to set up some remarkably bland plotlines", which he found had been executed with more finesse by other teen soaps. The reviewer criticized the writers for their "unimaginative material", and commented on the risqué oral sex scene. Gilbert disliked the lack of depth and distinction in the characters, especially Naomi, whom he compared negatively to Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly described the pilot as "corny but trying to be hip, crammed with subplots until the producers figure out which ones the audience responds to." Tucker praised Walters acting as a "slashing panache that no one else on screen approaches", and found the only time he laughed with pleasure throughout the pilot was when her character exclaimed, "I'm gonna call Dan Tana's for some takeout!". Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel described the pilot as "a blah variation on Beverly Hills, 90210", and being too "extravagant and less believable". Boedeker expressed disappointment in the series, and predicted that it would be canceled within a year.

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Dancing with the Stars (U.S. season 5)

The fifth season of Dancing with the Stars premiered on September 24, 2007 with a special three-night premiere week. The season ended on November 27, 2007. As with previous seasons, CTV Television Network had aired the series in Canada.

The show was hosted by Tom Bergeron, with returning judges Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba. Co-host Samantha Harris gave birth on September 23, 2007; during her leave of absence second-season champion Drew Lachey served as co-host. On October 15, 2007 Harris returned to the show.

On August 29, 2007, the celebrity cast was announced on Good Morning America by host Tom Bergeron, judge Carrie Ann Inaba, and reigning celebrity champion Apolo Anton Ohno.

In the fan voting there were more controversies than any other season. In week 2 Reed and Trebunskaya were surprisingly eliminated instead of Newton and Burke who received the lowest marks of the season from the judges. Two weeks later Mel B was in the bottom 2 although many thought it should have been Mark Cuban. Just a week later Jane Seymour found herself in the bottom 2 with Cuban, who was eliminated, despite receiving 26, which also the same score that Brown received, and coming in third.

Then Sabrina Bryan was shocking eliminated leaving judge Carrie Ann Inaba crying and host Tom Bergeron stating that he had Bryan, "so pegged for the finale". Bryan's elimination was especially shocking since Marie Osmond and Jane Seymour remained, although they each received considerably lower scores than Bryan. TV Guide named this the Most Shocking TV Moment of 2007.

Then, Osmond started to receive many fan votes with Cameron Mathison being eliminated in Week 8 and Jennie Garth eliminated in the semi-final although Osmond had the lowest score over the past two weeks and was the only one in the semi-final to ever place last on the leaderboard and not receive a 30 (Marie was the only celebrity that did not receive a 30 in the semi-final). She also was the only star to make it to the final without topping the judges leaderboard (though Garth hadn't either).

Some also considered the winner shocking as Mel B was by far the better dancer than Castroneves to some fans. In response, Mel B's partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy threatened to leave the show.

This chart is based on the dancers' averages and not their place in the competition.

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