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Eminem on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live': a behind-the-scenes report - Entertainment Weekly
Here's a deep, dark showbiz secret, one I'm sure will shake you to your very foundations and may even rip open a hole in the space-time continuum: Jimmy Kimmel Live isn't always exactly "live." Last Friday the 15th, I was in the Kimmel Hollywood studio...
Video: Eminem Performing in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' - AceShowbiz
Eminem has performed 'We Made You' in front of 200 jobless auto workers from Detroit in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on May 15. Video footage of Eminem's live performance in "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on May 15 has hit the web. It shows the Detroit rapper delivering...
Come see the hottest comics showcase Jimmy Kimmel Live! - New York Press
Venue: Comix Come watch some of the hottest up and coming comedians as they auditioning for the chance to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This is the place to see not only new talent before they become famous, but seasoned comedians that have already appeared...
Em gives back to city, jobless fans on Kimmel Live - Detroit Free Press
By BJ HAMMERSTEIN • FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER • May 16, 2009 Eminem returned to the public eye with a give-and-go flow and get-down-to-business sense of humor on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Friday night. The rapper, making the first of three appearances on...
Sideshow: Kanye's healing statement - Philadelphia Inquirer
On Friday, he and Jimmy Kimmel flew 200 out-of-work Michigan auto workers to Lalaland for his appearance on Jimmy's TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon tells USAToday.com that it's about time New York state legalized...
Local autoworkers on Jimmy Kimmel Live - KGO-TV
They're set to be guests of Eminem during Friday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. That's according to the plant manager at Ohio Module Manufacturing. He confirms five or six Ohio Module employees are in line for the VIP treatment. We spoke with Jon Zapf who is one...
Mike Tyson Interview with Jimmy Kimmel - Fight Ticker
By Steve Ficca, FightTicker.com Mike Tyson recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote a new documentary about his life. Mike discussed his tattoo, the documentary, and ear biting among other things. Tyson is quite introspective during the...
ANVIL Interviewed On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'; Video Available - May ... - Blabbermouth.net
Guitarist/vocalist Steve "Lips" Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner of Canadian heavy metal legends ANVIL were interviewed on last night's (Thursday, May 14) episode of ABC-TV's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Watch the segment below. ANVIL will perform at the...
Eminem Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video) - Right On Music
By Patricia In the run-up to his highly anticipated album release, there are three Eminem Jimmy Kimmel Live performances beginning Friday, May 15, 2009. See photos, video and find out more about the Eminem appearances on the popular US late night talk...
Tuesday's Talk Shows - Los Angeles Times
(N) 11:35 pm KABC Jimmy Kimmel Live Eminem performs. (N) 12:06 am KABC The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Kathy Griffin; author Nelson George. (N) 12:37 am KCBS Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Matt Lauer; Mary McCormack; Ultimate Fighting Championship...

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! intertitle

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and broadcast on ABC and 3e in Ireland. The nightly hour-long show made its debut on January 26, 2003, following Super Bowl XXXVII. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is produced by Jackhole Productions in association with ABC Studios (formerly Touchstone Television). The TV Guide Network used to rebroadcast the previous night's episodes, but this has since been discontinued.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is no longer truly "live"; instead, it is taped at 7:00 pm Pacific Time on the day of broadcast (two hours before it reaches air on the East Coast), except in the event of reruns. The show plans to rename itself the The Jimmy Kimmel Night Show starting September 2009, in order to replace the current misleading name.

It is the only late-night (talk show) program in the United States that doesn't tape in the afternoon, and has become the longest running ABC late-night talk show since The Dick Cavett Show in the early 1970s.

The hour-long program made its debut after Super Bowl XXXVII on January 26, 2003. The program originally aired live (albeit with a broadcast delay of a few seconds) in the Eastern Time Zone.

However, in 2004, due to increasing concerns about offending local affiliates, the show began its current practice of taping an hour before it is aired so network executives can vet it before it goes to air. It airs weeknights after Nightline in most parts of the country but the start time varies by affiliate.

The show's house band is Cleto and the Cletones, led by saxophonist Cleto Escobedo III, a childhood friend of Kimmel's. The other members in the band are Cleto Escobedo Jr. (the bandleader's father, on tenor and alto saxophone), Jeff Babko (keyboards), Toshi Yanagi (guitar), Jimmy Earl (bass), and Jonathan Dresel (drums). Like other talk shows with live bands, Cleto and the Cletones play the show's opening and closing themes and plays into and out of commercial breaks (they usually play through the entire break for the studio audience). The show's opening theme was written by Jonathan Kimmel and Cleto Escobedo III and sung by Robert Goulet.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer, Dicky Barrett is the show's announcer. The show used to feature announcers from the audience, but after the Bosstones went on hiatus in 2004, Dicky became the permanent announcer.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Houston On January 30, 2004 the show did it's first ever show in Houston, in preparation for Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Quentin Tarantino Directed Episode In April 2004, Quentin Tarantino directed and produced an episode incorporating his signature camera shots, lighting, fashion and music elements.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! - Best of 2004 In December 2004 Jimmy Kimmel Live! reflected on the best moments from 2004 during a special year-in-review show hosted by James Lipton.

Non-Denominational All-Star Celebrity Holiday Special In December 2004, Kimmel offers his own witty take on conventional holiday specials in the style of Perry Como or Bob Hope, featuring a sing-along of "Winter Wonderland" with Mike Tyson, a woodwind duet with Kenny G, color commentary by movie critics Roger Ebert & Richard Roeper, children's stories read by Flavor Flav and special appearances by Green Day, Serena Williams, actress Jolene Blalock and musical guest Chris Isaak.

Destiny's Child Episode In November 2005, an entire show devoted to Destiny's Child, aired. This episode, which was the first to devote an entire episode to a musical guest, was also their final television appearance as a group.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Detroit In January 2006, Kimmel took the show on the road for a week as it originated from the Gem Theatre in Detroit (the host city of Super Bowl XL). Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Matt Hasselbeck of the Seattle Seahawks were the guests.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards (2006) In March 2006, Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired the first special post-Academy Awards. But instead of originating from its regular home at the El Capitan Theatre, the show taped at the El Portal Theatre, in neighboring Los Angeles community North Hollywood.

J.J. Abrams Directed Episode In May 2006, J.J. Abrams guest-directed one episode, with featured guests Dominic Monaghan, J.J. Abrams himself, and musical guests Taking Back Sunday.

Jimmy Kimmel Live's 'All-Star Salute to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Prime Time Special In September 2006, a special prime time edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired. This special showed memorable clips from the show's 3 3/4 years on the air.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards (2007) The second Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards show aired in February 2007. Among the featured guests who appeared in this episode were Dr. Phil, Ellen DeGeneres (host of the 79th Annual Academy awards), and musical guest Gwen Stefani.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a Bus In an episode that originally aired in May 2007, Jimmy traveled through Santa Monica, CA in an official city Big Blue Bus. Jimmy Kimmel and his house band picked up unsuspecting passengers along the 15-stop bus route, in addition to his celebrity guests (Paula Abdul, Flavor Flav, and musical guest Feist).

Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Pontiac Garage In this episode, Jimmy Kimmel aired here with heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne to kick off his new album, Black Rain. Three of Ozzy's songs were performed: I Don't Wanna Stop, Crazy Train, and Not Going Away.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Fifth Anniversary episode The show commemorated its fifth anniversary on January 31, 2008 with long time girlfriend Sarah Silverman who "surprised" Kimmel with a "music video" of her and longtime butt of jokes actor Matt Damon (see below). A star-studded clip (originally intended to wish Happy Birthday on November 13, 2007, but pre-empted by the 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike) was shown featuring appearances by Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Jon Stewart, Elvis Costello, Shaquille O'Neal, the hosts from The View (except Barbara Walters), The Killers, Andy Dick, Don Rickles, Charles Barkley, Adam Carolla, Mike Piazza, Steve Garvey, Stephen Colbert, Mike Tyson, and finally Tom Cruise. An "Anniversary Special Unnecessary Censorship" was featured showing memorable "censored" moments the show has mocked. The musical guest was a replay of Coldplay's performance on the first show. At five years, the series is ABC's longest running entertainment late-night show in over thirty years.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards (2008) The third Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards show aired in February 2008. Among the featured guests who appeared in this episode were Ben Affleck (whom with Kimmel made a rebuttal video to the Silverman-Damon video), Jon Stewart (host of the 80th Annual Academy awards), and musical guest Mary J. Blige.

1,000th show The 1,000th Jimmy Kimmel Live show aired on April 3, 2008. Scheduled guests were Richard Simmons and musical guest Kid Rock, who performed on the Pontiac Garage outdoor stage.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Game Night These episodes aired at 8pm ET and preceded the network's 2008 NBA Finals coverage each game night. These special half-hour pre-game shows began airing on June 5, 2008 and continued through June 17, 2008 (the final night of the NBA Finals), when the Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA World Championship by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 2.

Jimmy Kimmel's Big Night Of Stars Jimmy Kimmel’s Big Night of Stars, which aired prior to the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards on September 21, 2008 at 7pm ET, featured guests Ryan Seacrest, Tracy Morgan, Salma Hayek and Kobe Bryant.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s James Bond Edition Jimmy Kimmel's James Bond Edition aired on Thursday, November 13th, 2008, which featured an opening montage of Kimmel as James Bond with guests that included actor Daniel Craig, actress Olga Kurylenko, and musical guest Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards (2009) The fourth Jimmy Kimmel Live! after the Academy Awards show aired in February 2009. Among the featured guests who appeared in this episode were Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, and musical guest Robin Thicke.

Frequently at the end of the show, Kimmel thanks the guests as usual, but then adds, "Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time." Kimmel told TMZ.com that he says this "for no good reason at all," continuing, "A star like Matt Damon would never be scheduled to appear near the end of the show where he can be bumped." On September 12, 2006, Damon appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. A montage of clips demonstrating the numerous times Kimmel performed the bit was shown and, after a very lengthy introduction by Kimmel, Damon appeared on stage. After a few seconds, Kimmel apologized and stated that the show was out of time. He asked Damon if he could come back tomorrow, to which he replied, "Go f*** yourself." Damon continued to curse at Kimmel throughout the rolling of the credits, ultimately slapping the desk and walking off the set with Kimmel chasing after him. In the December 17, 2006 issue of USA Weekend, Kimmel himself confirmed that the Damon incident was a joke, putting the debate to rest. In the June 5, 2007 episode, Kimmel sent his sidekick Guillermo to the Ocean's Thirteen premiere to interview Matt Damon, though when he started the interview, he said that they were out of time, at which point Damon assumed that Kimmel sent him. In the August 2, 2007 episode, Kimmel then announced that Guillermo was taking on the role of Jason Bourne, who was played by Damon, for The Bourne Ultimatum. A clip was shown in which Guillermo was playing Bourne, until Damon showed up and thought that Kimmel was now trying to bump him from his movie. Damon tried to chase Guillermo but Guillermo escaped.

In a related segment that aired on January 31, 2008, Kimmel's then long-time girlfriend Sarah Silverman announced, via a music video, that she had been "f***ing Matt Damon." Damon took an additional jab at Kimmel's long running gag by telling Kimmel at the end of the video, "Jimmy, we're out of time. Sorry." On February 24, on Kimmel's third post-Oscar show, he debuted his rebuttal video announcing that he's "f***ing Ben Affleck." In addition to Affleck, the video featured Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Benji Madden with Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, Dicky Barrett, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Lance Bass, Dominic Monaghan, Meat Loaf, Pete Wentz, Joan Jett, Huey Lewis, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray, Rebecca Romijn, Lauren Conrad, Josh Groban, Mike Shinoda with David "Phoenix" Farrell from Linkin Park and unnamed choir singers as recording booth singers, along with Brad Pitt as a delivery man.

In late February 2008, Quick Stop Entertainment premiered a parody video entitled "I'm F***ing Seth Rogen" as a promotion for Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The stage where the show is taped has gone through many changes, from the addition of a platform in front of the stage for Jimmy to do his monologue, to various stage backgrounds. In January 2005, the show's original set at LA's famed El Capitan Theatre, which had video screens in the background and the band performing on the left side of the stage, was replaced with the current set, which has a city in the background. The band now performs on the right side of the stage.

In the special February 25, 2007 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! (the second "After the Academy Awards" show), the current set was slightly tweaked when an illustrated picture of a city, which was seen in the background from January 2005 to February 2007, was replaced with a 3D collage of Los Angeles and Hollywood (including the adjacent Kodak Theatre across from the studio where his show is broadcast from). The 3D image, which was first used during Lionel Richie's outdoor stage performances in the September 16, 2006 episode, was created by artists Colin Cheer and Brian Walters.

In the Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series segment, there is a musical performance at the end of the show, which is performed on either an indoor or outdoor stage, or on location. Coors Light previously sponsored most of the show's musical performances from 2004-2006 (Pontiac is the now the current sponsor).

In June 2005, Jimmy Kimmel Live! partnered with Pontiac for its concerts from the Pontiac Garage outdoor stage in Hollywood. Streaming videos of off-air performances, which are shown in their entirety, can be seen by going to the show's Web site and clicking on the "Pontiac Garage" link.

At the end of some shows, there are comedians doing stand-up comedy. This is occasionally seen in place of the Jimmy Kimmel Live Concert Series segment. Another end-of-show segment is the rarely seen Future Talent Showcase.

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Guillermo Díaz (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Guillermo Díaz Rodriguez (born January 27, 1971), widely known as Guillermo, is a talk show personality who rose to fame while working as a parking lot security guard at the El Capitan Theatre for American late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. He quickly became a permanent, nightly cast-member after performing satisfactorily in comedy bits written by the show.

Guillermo's broken English (characterized most clearly with his constant pronunciation of the show's host as "Yim-ee") coupled with his affable likability and Teddy Bear-like quality have earned him as high a profile as any supporting personality on the show. Guillermo has taken over main red-carpet interviewing duties from Kimmel's original choice for such events, "Uncle Frank" Potenza.

Guillermo's signature segment is "Guillermo's Hollywood Roundup", in which Guillermo, dressed in a cowboy outfit and pretending to twirl a special effect operated lasso, makes mockery of entertainment news shows featured widely on television. From outside the theater and standing next to his West Coast Customs-made "Guillermobile", he'll answer inquires directed at him from Kimmel about the latest tabloid stories by simply taking a rack of tabloid magazines that the "Guillermobile" has been fitted with and attempting to interpret the stories in usually an unintentionally and amusingly mis-translated way.

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Veatrice Rice

Veatrice Rice (October 1, 1949 – January 21, 2009) was a nurse turned security guard turned television personality, best known for her appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she served as a comic relief sidekick for comedian Jimmy Kimmel. A native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, Rice worked as a parking lot security guard in the building where Jimmy Kimmel Live is taped. With the two other security guards on staff at the program, she performed in a variety of skits and the recurring segment "Worst Team on Television". Veatrice was characterized by her wry, sarcastic demeanor, with quiet moments punctuated by outbursts of obscene language.

Rice died after a battle with cancer on January 21, 2009, and a montage of some of her funniest moments was played in her honor on Jimmy Kimmel Live the following day.

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Big Blue Bus


The Big Blue Bus is a municipal bus operator in the Westside region of Los Angeles, providing both local and bus rapid transit service, in Santa Monica and adjacent neighborhoods of Los Angeles County.

In 1928, the City of Santa Monica launched their first route. Choosing a blue livery, it was originally called Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines. It kept their base fare at 10 cents for an extensive period of time. The impetus for the creation was a fare increase on the Pacific Electric interurban trains between Santa Monica and Los Angeles. The Santa Monica bus would connect with the Los Angeles Railway streetcars at Pico and Rimpau Boulevards in the Mid-City section of Los Angeles. That historic terminus point has become an important transit center in Los Angeles simply because it is the point where thousands of bus riders along Pico Boulevard must transfer to continue their trips eastward to Downtown Los Angeles or westward to the Westside.

The Big Blue Bus is considered one of the best bus services in the Los Angeles area. The system won the American Public Transportation Association’s Outstanding Transportation System award in 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2000. The Big Blue Bus did not raise its regular fare above 50 cents until 2002, when it became 75 cents. In contrast, most public bus lines in California were charging fares of a dollar or more well before 2000. On the other hand, there is no monthly pass except for the EZ Pass and unlike all other EZ Pass agencies, Metrolink tickets are not accepted. Schedules for the buses are also less frequent when compared to some Metro lines (especially the Rapids).

The Big Blue Bus was one of the last transit agencies using the GMC New Look buses; they were retired in 2005. The only remaining new look in the fleet is #5180, which was the last bus built by GM.

The system was started by former Brentwood resident Ruldolph F. Brunner, who later sold the system thinking it wouldn't amount to any more than a few dollars a week.

The Rapid 3 and Rapid 7 are listed in the Metro Rapid article, as they are part of the Metro Rapid network.

The most famous Big Blue Bus is probably the one rigged with a bomb in 1994's hit movie Speed. Driving through Los Angeles at rush hour, the driver cannot slow down below 50 mph (80 km/h) or the bomb on the bus will detonate.

The bus operator in the movie is called the Santa Monica Intercity Bus Lines, a barely fictionalized version of the Big Blue Bus's official name, the Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines. Even more tellingly, the bus in the film is a General Motors "New Look" bus, introduced in 1959 but kept in prominent and active service by Santa Monica until early 2005, long after most other American cities had retired the retro-looking bus.

However, number 33 buses are operated by Metro, not Big Blue, and run on Venice Boulevard, not the Santa Monica Freeway. The closest thing to the movie bus's routing is Santa Monica's number 10 express route.

The bus number was 2525, not within any equipment number range operated by the real company at that time.

It should also be noted that at the time the movie was released, Santa Monica's GM New Look fleet were the Canadian-built versions with wheelchair lifts; the US-built version were retired in 1990 to make room for the Classics.

In an episode that originally aired on May 15, 2007, the ABC late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, was filmed on a New Flyer L40LF model LNG bus. In this episode, titled Jimmy Kimmel Live on a Bus, Kimmel sat behind the desk, which was rigged to fit in a bus. This particular Santa Monica Big Blue Bus that was used in the episode was driven by veteran bus driver Erskins Robinson, who picked up unsuspecting passengers along his route. The celebrity guests who appeared in the Jimmy Kimmel Live on a Bus episode were Paula Abdul, Flavor Flav, and musical guest Feist.

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Dicky Barrett

Richard Michael Barrett (born June 22, 1964), better known as Dicky Barrett, is the frontman of skacore band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, named the 11th most successful Boston-area band of all-time, and the announcer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Barrett is known for his distinctive loud, gravelly voice.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Barrett attended Norwood Junior High School and Xaverian Brothers High School in Massachusetts. He left Xaverian Brothers High School and went on to Norwood Senior High and later Bunker Hill Community College where he met Bosstones drummer Joe Sirois. He has mentioned that he is an Irish Catholic.

Prior to his association with the Bosstones, Barrett played in the local Boston area bands Cheapskates, Toxic Toast (as mentioned in Michael Patrick MacDonald's book "Easter Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Under"), and Impact Unit.

Barrett spent the majority of his musical career playing with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. He appeared on seven full-length albums, three EPs and a live album with the Bosstones, as well as touring continuously throughout the world, until the band’s announcement of a hiatus in December 2003. The band's 1997 release, Let's Face It, would prove to be the band's biggest break, mostly due to the first single "The Impression That I Get," which charted at number one on the Billboard charts. The band's latest full length album entitled A Jackknife to a Swan was released in 2002.

In 2003, Barrett began working on an untitled solo album. The album was said to be a radical departure from the ska-core sound made popular by the Bosstones. Barrett was quoted as saying that the album will be "more sombre, darker". Fellow Bosstone, Lawerence Katz, was said to be assisting Barrett with the recording of the album. However there has been no further mention of the album, and its uncertain whether the album will be released.

Barrett appeared on two Brain Failure tracks, which are featured on their split entitled "Beijing to Boston" with Big D and the Kids Table.

Barrett had guest vocals on the Street Dogs song "Justifiable Fisticuffs" from their first album Savin Hill, on The Gaslight Anthem song "The Patient Ferris Wheel" from their album The '59 Sound, and on "Charge Into The Sun" from The Briggs' album Come All You Madmen . Also H2O songs "Force Field" and "Faster Than The World" from their 1999 album F.T.T.W..

Barrett announced that the 10th official Hometown Throwdown, will occur between the 26th-30th of December 2007 at Cambridge's famed Middle East club. Barrett also confirmed that the Bosstones would be joining him. He seemed unwilling to confirm any long-term plans for the band. Aside from the 10th Throwdown, he performed with the rest of the Bosstones on New Year's Eve 2007 in Providence, RI.

The Bosstones returned to the recording studio to record three new songs, which were included with unreleased material and vinyl b-sides on a collection titled "Medium Rare" released on December 18th 2007.

Barrett became the host of his own radio show, the "Mighty Morning Show" on Los Angeles radio's Indie 103.1 FM from 2005 until his firing on March 22, 2006, under mysterious circumstances.

He has been a regular on three of Boston's rock stations: WAAF, WBCN, and WFNX.

In 2005, it was rumoured in that Barrett would be Howard Stern's replacement at heritage rock station WBCN.

While Barrett was with the Bosstones he performed on several television shows, including Saturday Night Live, The Jon Stewart Show, as well as Sesame Street's Elmopalooza. Also, he and the rest of the Bosstones appeared in the film Clueless.

After the Bosstones went on hiatus Barrett became the announcer for ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2004.

Barrett has also done voice-over work for Minoriteam and appears in the documentary film American Hardcore. He has appeared on an episode of Criss Angel's Mind Freak. As well he portrayed rock pioneer Bill Haley in the miniseries Shake, Rattle, and Roll: An American Love Story.

In the April 2007 edition of Mad magazine, in the comic strip Monroe, the main character meets a school kid named Dicky Barrett. He looks strikingly similar to the real Dicky Barrett. This is owing to Barrett's association with fellow Kimmel staffer Anthony Barbieri, who writes the Monroe feature.

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Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla (born May 27, 1964) is an American radio/television host, comedian, actor and voice actor. Carolla achieved fame for several broadcast stints: co-host of the radio show Loveline, from 1995 to 2005 (and its television incarnation on MTV from 1996 to 2000); co-creator and co-star of the television program The Man Show (1999–2004); co-creator and performer on the television program Crank Yankers (2002–2007).

In 2006, Carolla completed work on The Hammer, an independent film that he co-wrote and co-produced. Carolla plays the lead role in the film, opposite Heather Juergensen. The film was released on March 21, 2008.

From January 3, 2006 through February 20, 2009, Carolla hosted The Adam Carolla Show, a weekday morning radio program broadcast from Los Angeles and syndicated by CBS in eleven west-coast markets beginning January 6, 2006. The last show aired Friday, February 20, 2009, when CBS shifted the format of the syndicating station, KLSX, away from talk radio, opting for a less expensive Top 40 format instead.

On Monday, February 23, 2009, Adam moved his weekday talk show to a self-produced podcast format, now called The Adam Carolla Podcast. It is distributed as a daily download on his official website (), and as a free subscription through the iTunes Music Store ().

After living in Menominee, Wisconsin and Secane, Pennsylvania, the Carolla family relocated to the San Fernando Valley, and Adam was raised in North Hollywood, California. His family is often a topic on his radio show; he claims that his parents were uninterested in his upbringing, and still have no interest in his life. He describes his family as good people, fair and honest--but often claims that they were opposed to anything that involved getting off the couch and doing something. He also alleges that his family was incredibly cheap; Carolla would get small amounts of money, usually coins, for his birthday instead of gifts, and he did not go to any funerals growing up.

Carolla attended Colfax Elementary School, Walter Reed Junior High, and North Hollywood High School. Carolla never received good grades, graduating with a 1.75 grade point average. He claims to have majored in ceramics. Carolla did not receive his high school diploma until years later, because (as he claims) he owed the bookroom $19.95 for a copy of We The People (ISBN 0-385-41903-1). Although he eventually did pay for a history book at his high school, it was many years later; he incorporated it into his home improvement comedy "The Adam Carolla Project". Because of this, he also did not participate in his high school graduation ceremony.

He was voted class clown and was the captain of his football team. Carolla played Pop Warner football for many years; he later suggested that being involved in sports saved him from a chaotic home life.

He began living on his own at the age of 18. He briefly attended Los Angeles Valley College, a junior college, where he was placed on academic probation before dropping out to work in a series of jobs, including a carpet cleaner, carpenter, boxing instructor, traffic school instructor, and metal worker. Promotional posters and billboards introducing his self-titled radio show in early 2006 carried the caption "Adam Carolla: American Genius".

Carolla claims that his goal from youth was to write comedy. He did not envision working on-air on the radio, or on-camera in movies and television. In his spare time he worked on his comedy skills, training with The Groundlings and attempting stand-up, but he didn't believe either of these were a good fit for him. He did perform sketch comedy with Acme Comedy Theatre for a few years, during which he worked with M.D. Sweeney (later, his business partner in a restaurant venture), Paul Rugg, and John P. McCann (with whom he wrote and performed a number of sketches involving Manly Men Doing Manly Things).

During Carolla's early twenties, while working in various jobs, he grew fond of listening to talk radio. In his late twenties he heard an ad on the radio seeking a boxing instructor to train Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel was, at the time, a radio personality on the KROQ morning show Kevin and Bean as "Jimmy the Sports Guy." Carolla met Kimmel at the radio station, and the two became best friends. Carolla asked Jimmy how he could get into radio; Jimmy replied that Carolla should create a character. Carolla eventually joined the show's cast as "Mr. Birchum," the ornery and misanthropic Vietnam-veteran shop teacher.

Carolla was offered the job of co-hosting Loveline with physician Dr. Drew Pinsky in 1995, replacing Riki Rachtman. Pinsky selected Carolla personally, after hearing Carolla's earlier radio work. Loveline is a syndicated radio program produced by Westwood One, and was also a television show on MTV for four years. On Loveline, Carolla often gave extended commentary about matters having little to do with the official subject matter of the show. Common topics included: Carolla's dislike of the negative effects of religious zealotry, criticism of celebrities, and complaints about politically-originated policies that make little sense, such as junior colleges, traffic/parking enforcement as pure revenue-generation, superfluous red left-turn arrows, and other "wastes" such as the abundance of police officers available to serve traffic citations while none seem to be available for important issues like counter-terrorism, and incessant radio weather and traffic reports. ("How many traffic reports have you listened to? Thousands. How many times have you actually changed your route based on a traffic report? That's right! Never!") His impassioned criticisms and observational humor became a central characteristic of the show.

During his time on Loveline, Carolla gradually drew an increasing fan base to the program. Carolla, on Loveline after earlier attempts at traditional stand-up comedy, eschewed traditional stand-up methods, such as scripted comedic "bits". Carolla has claimed that he has no "act", referring to himself as a "comedy factory, as opposed to a comedy warehouse", distinguishing himself from comics who prepare material. Carolla preferred to use his time on the airwaves—and the subject matter of Loveline as an inspirational springboard—to launch into rants in a similar fashion to Dennis Miller. Carolla's presentation of his views frequently fits the description of black comedy. While Carolla distinguishes himself as being self-educated, he frequently refers to his formal education in abysmal, self-deprecating terms. Carolla claims to have genuinely forgotten several of his own past jokes, insights and innovations that have caught on with fans, attributing his forgetfulness to his "no self-esteem".

During his final shows on Loveline, the fanbase that he had cultivated was, in his own words, larger than he expected. Carolla often claimed that he had no idea of the effect he had on his audience, saying frequently that, among the small staff in the Loveline broadcast studio, "no one cares"; he repeatedly drew attention to the apathy of his co-workers—with extended, comedic complaints about the staff, including Pinsky (they both stated they had become very close during their work together). He repeated sentiments of fan appreciation on-air during his last few Loveline broadcasts, consciously breaking from his black-humor comedic tone to thank his fans in earnest, explaining that the opportunity for his own morning radio show similar to Howard Stern's was an opportunity he could not pass up.

On November 1, 2005, Carolla announced that he would leave Loveline to pursue a position in morning radio, replacing Howard Stern—with Stern's approval—in a number of West Coast markets. Adam's last night on Loveline was November 3, 2005, to allow him to have time to prepare for his morning debut in January, 2006. He stated that he would love to continue to do Loveline by recording it immediately after his morning show, but Westwood One insisted that the show must be broadcast live. On October 25, Infinity Broadcasting officially announced that it would be replacing Stern with Carolla on several radio stations in the western United States.

On February 18, 2009 it was confirmed that The Adam Carolla Show had been canceled as part of a format switch at KLSX to AMP FM, a new top 40 station. The final show was Friday, February 20, 2009.

As of February 23, 2009, Adam began hosting a daily podcast at www.carollaradio.com. The show is available through iTunes: The Adam Carolla Podcast. The RSS feed is The Adam Carolla RSS Feed. In the initial 24 hours, the first Adam Carolla podcast was downloaded over 250,000 times and, as of the third podcast, it was the number one podcast on iTunes in both the U.S. and Canada. During the debut week, the Adam Carolla podcast recorded 1.6 million downloads. In the second week it recorded 2.4 million downloads. By the second week of the show, the fourth episode of the podcast featuring former Adam Carolla Show sidekick Dave Dameshek was downloaded over 500,000 times.

Carolla began his first original television series with The Man Show, along with partner and close friend Jimmy Kimmel, on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2003. He left The Man Show at the same time as Kimmel, after having been reportedly offered $50,000 per episode to stay on. Carolla has continued his work with Kimmel as a writer and regular guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With partner Daniel Kellison, they are the heads of Jackhole Productions and created another television show named Crank Yankers for Comedy Central, which revived the Mr. Birchum character.

Carolla has also done voiceovers for cartoons, including Commander Nebula on the Disney animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Death on Family Guy (replacing Norm Macdonald who only did one episode) and Spanky Ham on Drawn Together.

From August 2005 to November 2005, Carolla hosted the talk show Too Late with Adam Carolla on Comedy Central.

Also in 2005, Carolla was featured in a home remodeling program called The Adam Carolla Project wherein he and a crew of old friends renovated his childhood home. The 13 episodes aired on the cable channel TLC (The Learning Channel) from October through December 2005.

In 2006, he appeared on the special summer series Gameshow Marathon as a celebrity panelist on the Match Game episode.

In August 2007, Carolla guest hosted Jim Rome Is Burning.

Recently, he has appeared as a guest on several episodes of Comics Unleashed.

On the February 18, 2008 broadcast of his radio show, Adam announced that he would be one of the contestants on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. Later in the broadcast, it was revealed to Adam that his partner would be Julianne Hough. He was voted off on the April 8, 2008 episode after his performance of the Paso Doble.

On June 16, 2008 Carolla was selected to host a pilot of an American version of the popular BBC show Top Gear for NBC. NBC declined to pick up the show; it is currently being shopped to cable networks.

On 21 February 2009, a day after his Los Angeles-based morning radio show was canceled -- as part of a format change at KLSX-FM -- CBS picked up a comedy pilot starring the actor/comedian. "Ace in the Hole" stars Carolla as a husband and father who works as a driving instructor. Carolla created and wrote the pilot with Kevin Hench ("Jimmy Kimmel Live").

In 2006, Carolla finished work on The Hammer, a semi-autobiographical independent film in which he stars opposite Heather Juergensen. The film is based loosely on his real life and is filmed at a gym he helped build with his co-star, Ozzie, which is played by Oswaldo Castillo, his friend in real life whom he met while building the gym when they both worked in construction.

The film made its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and shortly thereafter received a positive review in Variety.

Adam made a short appearance in "Waiting" sequel "Still Waiting" directed by Jeff Balis playing a pick up artist guru.

Adam has written a new movie titled Deaf Frat Guy: Showdown at Havasu. It has been sold and will begin filming shortly.

He would voice the title character in the independent short film Save Virgil.

On September 28, 2002, Carolla married Lynette Paradise. Lynette gave birth (via cesarean section) to their first children, twins Natalia and Santino "Sonny" Carolla on June 7, 2006. On The Adam Carolla Show, Adam repeatedly mentioned the birth was originally scheduled for June 6, but that he and Lynette decided to push it back one day as to avoid the symbolic 666 (06-06-06).

An avid car enthusiast, Carolla has owned a BMW M3 E30-generation model, an E46-generation M3, Datsun 510, an Audi S4, Audi R8, Jaguar sports coupe, MINI Cooper S, Nissan 350Z, Aston Martin, Lamborghini 350GT, Ferrari and 1984 Nissan 300ZX Turbo (The original Newman Sharp car driven by Paul Newman and Fitzy to an SCCA national championship in 1984).

Asteroid 4535 Adamcarolla is named in his honor.

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Sal Iacono

Salvatore "Sal" Iacono (born July 5, 1971) is an American comedian, writer and game show host best known as "Cousin Sal" on the late night television show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Iacono was born in Brooklyn, New York. He graduated John Glenn High School in 1989 and went on to SUNY College At Oswego. He received a degree in Public Justice in 1993. He went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from Touro Law Center in Huntington, NY in 1996. In 1999, Iacono moved from Long Island to Hollywood to pursue a career as a television writer. Iacono currently resides in a Los Angeles suburb with his wife and two sons.

Iacono's first foray into television writing was on the Fox Sports Net program Sports Geniuses, a sports-themed game show starring Matt Vasgersian. From there, he joined the writing staff of Comedy Central's The Man Show starring Adam Carolla and Iacono's cousin Jimmy Kimmel.

In 2002, Iacono joined Kimmel during his weekly prognostication sketches on FOX NFL Sunday.

Iacono also wrote for the puppet show Crank Yankers.

When Win Ben Stein's Money co-host Nancy Pimental left the show in 2002, Iacono replaced her, becoming Ben Stein's co-host and comic tormentor. Iacono served as the co-host through the rest of the run of the series, earning an Emmy nomination for his work.

Iacono has been a permanent member of the Jimmy Kimmel Live writing staff since 2003. He also appears frequently on the show in comedy sketches. These comedy bits are often shot using a hidden camera, and "Cousin Sal" pretends to be a store employee or delivery person who is incredibly inept or annoying. Cousin Sal's victims are invariably dumbfounded or become extremely infuriated, much to the delight of the viewing audience.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 16, 2008, Iacono had a birthday cake delivered to him on air by his favorite wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. He and Piper were confronted by Santino Marella, who had the cake thrown on him and was attacked by Iacono. The following Monday, Marella (dressed as Piper) brought Iacono to the ring on Monday Night Raw to "apologize" to "Cousin Sal". The real Piper entered the ring and Marella got his own apology cake thrown on him and on his way back to the locker room, he challenged Iacono to a wrestling match, which Piper accepted on Iacono's behalf. The match took place at the Friday Night SmackDown! tapings in Los Angeles on June 3. "Cousin Sal" was accompanied to the ring with Jimmy Kimmel and Piper. "Cousin Sal" won the match. Later that night, Kimmel jokingly announced that Iacono will face The Big Show in his next wrestling match.

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