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Review: John Adams conducts young composer-performers at Disney Hall - Los Angeles Times
Tuesday night's Green Umbrella Concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall, this time with the orchestra's New Music Group under John Adams' direction, featured two young American composers, and they, too, proved just as eclectically jumpy....
Euclid High School baseball team blows out John Adams - The Plain Dealer -
The Euclid baseball team cruised in a 27-0 victory over John Adams in a Division I sectional semifinal Thursday at Stanic Field at Euclid High School. The Panthers scored 15 runs in the first inning and 10 more in the second....
Flight Booking Rules Changed - KGMB9
"The new rule says if your name is John Quincy Adams then your ticket reads John Quincy Adams, not John Q. Adams, not John Adams, not Quincy A., not any nickname. It reads exactly as on your ID," said Wendy Goodenow, HNL Travel Associates President,...
Alan Peppard on Bud Shrake, Bill Wittliff and Craft Beer Week - Dallas Morning News
We learned that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were craft-beer brewers. John Adams was not, but his cousin Samuel Adams was. Fifth-generation brew master Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co. and brewer of Samuel Adams, made the rounds....
stresses of Iraq duty led US sergeant to kill comrades -
Late last year the military launched an advertising campaign to try to persuade traumatised veterans to come forward using a young army sniper, Bryan Adams, who was shot in the hand and leg during a battle in Iraq. After he returned, Adams sank into...
Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court - Washington Post
The case originated in the final days of John Adams's presidency, when he tried to appoint as many Federalists as possible to positions established in legislation passed by the outgoing Federalist-majority Congress. A handful of commissions for justice...
Euclid High School baseball gets ready for sectional tournament - The Plain Dealer -
The Panthers open Division I sectional play at 4:30 pm today against John Adams at Euclid High. The winner advances to play Mentor at 4:30 pm Friday at Mentor. The Cardinals, seeded third, have a first-round bye. Euclid coach T.J. Florkiewicz said the...
University of Oklahoma graduates reminded of the importance of the ... -
The author of "1776,” "The Johnstown Flood,” and "John Adams,” which was transformed into the acclaimed HBO series, last visited OU in March 2007 with President George HW Bush. This time, McCullough tied lessons from history to the uncertain future...
Candidates put their heads together for City Council run - Toledo Free Press
Also running as part of the team are John Adams Jr., Ty Daniels, David Washington and Michael Watson. If they win, they will occupy six of 12 council seats. “This is a great group of individuals — honest, hard-working, family-oriented,” Milliken said....
A History of Infamy, Sold Off in Little Pieces - New York Times
Seven documents signed by John Adams surpassed their estimated sales prices. But Bill Panagopulos, the company's owner, said buyers were once again feeling more comfortable buying items that once belonged to history's villains, too....

John Adams (ice hockey)

John Adams (born July 27, 1946) was a professional ice hockey goaltender in the National Hockey League. He was born in Port Arthur, Ontario.

John Adams was promoted to the NHL during the 1970 playoffs. He did not play a game, yet the Bruins decided to engrave his name on the Stanley Cup. Adams would not play his first NHL game for another 3 seasons. In 1972–73, he played 14 games for the Boston Bruins sporting a 3.00 goals against average with 9 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. He played for the Washington Capitals two seasons later in 1974–75. This season saw him appear in 8 games, losing 7 and winning none with a 6.90 goals against average.

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John Adams High School (Cleveland, Ohio)

For schools with similar names, see Adams High School.

John Adams High School is a public high school located on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It is part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The mascot for the school is the Rebel. The primary rivals for the schools sports teams was the John F. Kennedy Eagles who are located nearby and the James Ford Rhodes Rams on the west side.

John Adams High School opened at East 116th Street and Corlett Avenue in 1923. It was closed in 1995, along with West Tech, and Aviation High School to help cut the cities budget. The school was rebuilt in 2006.

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John Adams (book)


John Adams is a 2001 biography of Founding Father and U.S. President John Adams written by popular historian David McCullough. It won a 2002 Pulitzer Prize (for "Biography or Autobiography") and has been made into a TV miniseries with the same name by HBO Films.

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John Adams (geographer)

Professor John Adams of University College London, is a professor of geography and leading theorist on risk compensation and an environmentalist. His book Risk is an analysis of how humans assess and respond to perceived risks.

Adams spoke at the Shared Space conference held in Ipswich, UK in June, 2005, where in his talk titled "Risk Compensation versus the obedient automaton theory of human behaviour" he discussed how understanding risk compensation was essential to the understanding of why shared space principles work for the design of public spaces such as road layouts in towns.

John Adams is among the leading public intellectuals in the UK, known for his avant-garde but ultimately accepted opinions and analyses of an extraordinary range of phenomena linked under the general rubric of risk.

He has also coined the term and written extensively on the phenomenon of hypermobility.

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John Adams (Confederate Army officer)


John Adams (July 1, 1825 – November 30, 1864), was an officer in the United States Army. With the onset of the American Civil War, he resigned his commission and joined the Confederate States Army, rising to the rank of brigadier general before being killed in action.

Adams was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to Irish immigrant parents. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1846, ranking 25th in his class. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 1st Dragoons, serving under Capt. Philip Kearny. Adams was brevetted for gallantry during the Mexican-American War at the Battle of Santa Cruz de Rosales. After the war, Adams served on the western frontier, primarily in California. He was subsequently promoted to first lieutenant and captain. As a lieutenant colonel in the state militia, he was aide-de-camp to the Governor of Minnesota in 1853.

With the secession of Tennessee, Adams resigned his commission in the United States Army in early 1861 and joined the Confederate Army not long afterward as a captain in the cavalry. He was commissioned a colonel in 1862, and a brigadier general in December of that same year, replacing the late Lloyd Tilghman in charge of his brigade of infantry. Adams served entirely in the Western Theater and was commended in several official reports for his leadership. He was particularly conspicuous during the Atlanta Campaign, where he again displayed personal bravery as well as a talent for battlefield tactics. His brigade was selected to lead the advance of John Bell Hood's army into Tennessee.

General Adams rode up to our works and, cheering his men, made an attempt to leap his horse over them. The horse fell upon the top of the embankment and the general was caught under him, pierced with bullets. As soon as the charge was repulsed, our men sprang over the works and lifted the horse, while others dragged the general from under him. He was perfectly conscious and knew his fate. He asked for water, as all dying men do in battle as the life-blood drips from the body. One of my men gave him a canteen of water, while another brought an armful of cotton from an old gin near by and made him a pillow. The general gallantly thanked them, and in answer to our expressions of sorrow at his sad fate, he said, 'It is the fate of a soldier to die for his country,' and expired. — Confederate Veteran, June 1897.

Adams left a widow with four sons and two daughters.

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