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Wilson man charged with 151 sex offense counts -
Detective Dinise Williams arrested Romie Jonathan "John" Williams, 40, of Sims School Road, after a long investigation, according to Major John Farmer. "We will not be releasing any other information about the case," Farmer wrote in an e-mail to WRAL...
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Surprise Mayor Lyn Truitt and council members John Longabaugh, Richard Alton, John Williams, Roy Villanueva and Joe Johnson came to the Police Department Saturday to learn about the Special Assignment Unit. The simulation and training session was a...
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Slain man shot 12 times on South Side - Chicago Sun-Times
The man, who was shot as many as 12 times, was taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, where he was dead on arrival, police said. Kenneth Williams, 26, of the 12400 block of South Eggleston Avenue, was pronounced dead at 3 am at Stroger,...
Man charged with 151 sex offense violations - Wilson Daily Times (subscription)
By Gina Childress | Times Staff Writer Romie Jonathan "John" Williams, 40, of Sims School Road, was arrested by detective Dinise Williams with the Wilson County Sheriff's Office after a lengthy investigation. "We will not be releasing any further...
Former mayor pinch hits as history host - Times-Mail (subscription)
BY JEFF ROUTH BEDFORD — Former Bedford Mayor John Williams proved to be as apt as any pinch hitter in the Big Leagues Monday night as he filled in as guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the Lawrence County Historical and...

John Williams (snooker referee)

John Williams (born 8 June 1937, Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales) is a retired Welsh snooker referee.

Williams was well-educated and passed his 11-plus at the age of nine; and when he left school, he had obtained seven O-levels. He got a job in the local steel works, and passed up the chance of becoming a professional footballer. He was invited to join Bolton Wanderers as an amateur, but declined their offer because he worked on Saturday mornings.

After nearly 20 years in the steel industry, he quit and joined the civil service as an executive officer in the Department of Employment, and during that time he displayed his all-round sporting versatility by turning out regularly for the Wrexham civil service cricket team.

Williams then started a career in snooker refereeing during the mid 1960s, and became the referee in the 1973 World Snooker Championship quarter-final match between Fred Davis and Alex Higgins at the Manchester Exhibition Hall when rain stopped play. There was no TV coverage, and Granada TV cameras got an interest in this unusual event and brought fame to John Williams himself. He retired from his role at the civil service in 1981 to become a full-time referee.

Williams then went on to referee 10 World Snooker Championship finals between 1976 and 2002, including the famous 1985 final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, which Taylor won at 12.20 a.m.

He became the referee in Pot Black after Sydney Lee's retirement in 1981, and continued in this role for the remainder of the series and the revivals during the 1990s.

He was suspended for a while in 1982 by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Referees' Association following a brief skirmish with the law. He was reinstated in time to officiate at the 1983 World Championship, during which he refereed Cliff Thorburn's 147 break against Terry Griffiths.

He retired from refereeing after the 2002 World Championship final, in which Peter Ebdon beat Stephen Hendry in an 18–17 decider.

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John Williams (Ab Ithel)

John Williams (bardic name: Ab Ithel) (1811–August 27, 1862), was an antiquary and Anglican priest. Born in Llangynhafal, Denbighshire Wales in 1811, he graduated from Jesus College, Oxford in 1835 to become the Anglican curate of Llanfor, Merionethshire, where he married Elizabeth Lloyd Williams. In 1843 he became perpetual curate of Nercwys, Flintshire, and rector of Llanymawddwy, Merionethshire, in 1849.

For much of his early life he adopted the pseudonym Cynhaval, after his birthplace in Llangynhafal, Denbighshire, however took the pseudonym Ab Ithel from the surname of his grandfather, William Bethell. His first book entitled The Church of England independent of the Church of Rome in all ages, concerned the relationship between the Church of England and Rome. This book was published in 1836. It was followed by another in 1844 on the ecclesiastical antiquities of Wales entitled Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Cymry or The Ancient British Church. In 1856 Archdeacon Williams produced Rules of Welsh Poetry and Medical Practice of Rhinwallon and his Sons with the Welsh MSS. Society. By 1860 he had two more pieces of work ready for publication; Chronicle of the Princes, and Annales Cambriae were both published in Rolls series.

Williams was industrious both as a parish priest and as an antiquary. He was regarded by many of his contemporaries as one of the leading Welsh scholars of his day, and was able to exert a considerable and decidedly mixed influence on the course of Welsh scholarship. Nonetheless his enthusiasm and Welsh nationalist fervour, cause some to criticize him of being uncritical in his approach to the historical record and strongly influenced by Edward Williams (Iolo Morganwg, 1747-1826).

In 1846, together with Harry Longueville Jones (1806-1870), another cleric and antiquary, Williams founded the Cambrian Archaeological Association, whose journal, Archaeologia Cambrensis, he edited until 1853, when he and Jones quarrelled over editorial policy. He also published an edition and translation of the Gododdin in 1852, established the Cambrian Journal, which he edited from 1854 until his death, and was prominent in the Welsh Manuscripts Society, editing four of its publications. The Llangollen Eisteddfod of 1858, which he organized together with Richard Williams Morgan ('Mor Meirion', c. 1815-c. 1889) and Joseph Hughes ('Carn Ingli', 1803-1863), caused much derision and embarrassment; Williams' own family won several prizes, and Thomas Stephens (1821-1875) was adjudicated against because he suggested that the story of Madog ab Owain Gwynedd's American expeditions was not true. Williams was nevertheless considered for the chair of Celtic at Oxford University, and he was appointed by the government in 1858 to complete the editions of the medieval Welsh chronicles Annales Cambriae and Brut y Tywysogion, which had been left incomplete by Aneurin Owen (1792-1851), and which were published in 1860. His editorial work was later criticised by academics due to his lack of the diplomatic skills for interpreting medieval manuscripts.

Williams became rector of Llanenddwyn and Llanddwywe, Merionethshire, in 1862, by which time he was very ill, and he died in the same year. The Ab Ithel Memorial Fund was established in his memory.

Many of his the letters and papers of Rev. John Williams ('Ab Ithel') and his family exist today in drafts or incomplete copy. His collection includes letters to his family 1832-1898; page-proofs of parts of Brut y Tywysogion; drafts in manuscript of several of Ab Ithel's printed works, including Y Gododdin, The Traditionary Annals of the Cymry, Druidism, Brut y Tywysogion, and Annales Cambriae; contributions to the Cambrian Journal; his address at the Conwy Eisteddfod, 1861; papers relating to his collation to the rectory of Llanymawddwy, 1849; 'The Church of England independent of the Church of Rome in all ages'; sermons in English and Welsh; 'A few plain and practical Observations on Anglican Education'; the prize essay on the question 'whether the British Druids offered human sacrifices' by 'Hu Gadarn'; an essay entitled 'Traethawd ar Ddarganfyddiad yr America Gan Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, yn nghylch y ddeuddegfed ganrif' by 'Columbus'; an essay 'On the state of Agriculture and the progress of Arts & Manufactures in Britain, during the period & under the influence of the Druidical System' by Rev. John Jones, Llanllyfni (see Archaeologia Cambrensis, Supplement 1850); 'Y Telynwr Cymreig, sef cyfarwyddiadau i ddysgu'r Delyn' by 'Dafydd Frenin'; four essays on 'Y manteision a ddeillia i'r Cymry o ddysgu yr iaith Seisnig' by 'Uthr Bendragon', 'Eiddil', 'Gwir Gymro', and 'Y cynyg cynta' 'rioed'; a 'History of Wales to the death of Llewelyn'; sections of a work on Christianity in Britain; letters addressed to Ab Ithel and also to his wife and daughters; press cuttings and extracts; sketches and medical and household recipes, and letters, 1884-1885, relating to the Ab Ithel Memorial Fund.

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John Williams (equestrian)

John Williams (born April 4, 1965) is an equestrian from the United States of America, who competed for the USA in the US Eventing team at the 2004 Summer Olympics, winning the bronze medal.

Williams was born in Mendon, New York, and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology's School for American Craftsman, where he graduated after studying furniture design and woodworking. Williams spent time after college in Middleburg, Virginia, and now resides in Southern Pines, North Carolina with his wife, Ellen.

Williams has trained with many great eventers, including Jack Le Goff, James C. Wofford, and David and Karen O'Connor. Williams is also a recognized AHSA "R" Combined Training course designer, and designed the 2005 American Eventing Championship courses (novice to advanced).

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John Williams (Manitoba politician)

John Williams (July 3, 1860—1931) was a politician in Manitoba, Canada. He served in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba from 1907 to 1910, and again from 1914 to 1922. Williams was a member of the Manitoba Liberal Party, and briefly served as a cabinet minister in the government of Tobias C. Norris.

Born at Yscefiog in Flintshire, Wales, Williams was educated at common schools and came to Canada in 1881 with "absolutely no capital". After living in Hamilton, Ontario for a year and a half, he moved to Manitoba in 1882 to become a farmer. He remained in this vocation for several decades, and served for a time as director of the Melita Farmers' Elevator Company.

Williams first sought election to the Manitoba legislature in the 1903 provincial election, running in the southwestern constituency of Arthur. He lost to Conservative incumbent Allan Thompson by forty-eight votes. Thompson retired at the 1907 election, and Williams defeated new Conservative candidate Amos Lyle by a margin of three votes (536 to 533). Williams served as an opposition member for the next three years.

In the provincial election of 1910, Lyle defeated Williams by 175 votes to regain Arthur for the Conservatives. Control of the riding shifted again in the 1914 campaign, when Williams defeated Lyle by sixty-six votes. He again served as an opposition member.

Early in 1915, the governing Conservative Party of Rodmond P. Roblin was forced from office amid scandal. The Liberals won a landslide victory in the 1915 provincial election, and Williams was elected by an increased margin in Arthur. After this election, he served as a backbench supporter of Norris's ministry. In the 1920 election, Williams defeated Farmer candidate Duncan Lloyd McLeod by only ten votes.

Norris's Liberals were reduced to a minority government in the 1920 election, and had difficulty passing legislative initiatives in the next two years. The government was defeated in the legislature in early 1922, and elections were called for later in the year. Williams was called on to play a prominent role in the campaign, and was promoted to cabinet on June 6, 1922 as Minister of Agriculture.

The Liberals were defeated by the United Farmers of Manitoba in the 1922 provincial election, and Williams lost his seat to McLeod by 353 votes. He resigned from cabinet with the rest of the Norris ministry on August 8, 1922.

In the 1925 federal election, Williams run for the Canadian House of Commons as the candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Souris. He finished third against Progressive candidate James Steedsman.

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