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New work by Connolly, new release by Green - The Dominion
Kevin Connolly, in his new Griffin Prize-nominated collection, Revolver , is refreshingly aware of these conventions without falling victim to them. Instead of adopting a lone voice to examine a set of well-trodden themes, Connolly pursues a gamut of...
Cherokee Cowboy - BBC News
Travelling through Oklahoma, Kevin Connolly recalls the life of Cherokee-American Will Rogers, a star of silent and talking movies. When someone is a real star you know it because on the day of their death, the world seems to turn more slowly and feels...
Kevin Connolly Wins Award for High School Sports Coverage - My Fox 8
Kevin Connolly, FOX8's sports' co-anchor and reporter, will be honored Thursday by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association for his coverage of high school sports. Connolly recently was named the Tim Stevens Media Representative of the Year,...
Licensing Board cloaked in secrecy - Boston Herald
For their part-time jobs, newcomer Suzanne Iannella and Michael J. Connolly earn $85000. But last year he took in $122018, including a retroactive raise. The panel's only full-time member, Chairman Daniel Pokaski, grabbed $156268, including his...
Championship play-off final: Burnley v Sheffield United - as it ... -
That month, after thrashing West Ham 6-0, a side starring Jimmy McIlroy, John Connolly and Jimmy Adamson went four points clear at the top of the First Division with a game in hand over Alf Ramsey's newly promoted Ipswich. Then the wheels sheared off:...
Reporting a crime? Just go online - Cape Cod Times
Barnstable Detective Kevin Connolly, who oversees the Barnstable online reports, said the form "will probably be changed as we go along." In both Yarmouth and Barnstable, the online forms ask a series of questions aimed at screening out incidents that...
Man wanted for 29 years fights extradition - Albany Times Union
Henry appeared before acting city Judge Kevin Connolly, and after a closed-door conference with his assigned counsel, John Turi, returned to court and refused to waive extradition, meaning he would not agree to voluntarily return to Tennessee....
Two-man relay -
Team TRI III, Burlington, Vt. (Declan Connolly, Bill Bissonette), 2:10:41, 4:16:11; 100. Team Bond, Windham, NH (Mark Adamske, Michael Bombardier), 2:10:14, 4:18:02. 101. Motivation III, Milton, Vt. (Rodney Olivera, Jeremy Francis), 1:52:38, 4:21:24;...
Some scenes of HBO's series 'Entourage' are filmed at Auto Club ... - Fontana Herald-News
The local speedway got a taste of international flair on track as cast members Kevin Connolly (Eric), Adrian Grenier (Vince), Kevin Dillon (Drama), and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) shot an episode which included the new Ferrari California — the latest...
Spike to Air Entourage - World Screen News
The series also stars Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara. This is the first time the Emmy-, Golden Globe- and Peabody Award-winning series will be broadcast on basic cable. "Entourage is the epitome of aspirational television...

Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly by David Shankbone.jpg

Kevin Connolly (born March 5, 1974) is a Golden Globe-nominated American actor and director. Connolly is known for his role on the HBO original series Entourage as Eric Murphy (also known as "E").

Connolly was born on Long Island to a waitress mother and a truck driver father. He began his career at age six, appearing in television commercials including the popular "Betcha bite a chip" campaign for Chips Ahoy. In 1990, he landed his first film role, as Chickie, in Rocky V. Two years later, Connolly was cast as Shaun Kelly in the film adaptation of Myron Levoy's novel Alan & Naomi, and co-starred in the short lived Fox sitcom Great Scott!. His appearance in the show later earned him a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Television Series. He portrayed Dabney Coleman's son in the 1993 movie The Beverly Hillbillies. Connolly continued guest starring in television shows like Wings, Getting By and the medical drama ER.

From 1995 to 1996, Connolly filmed Don's Plum, alongside friends and future collaborators, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. Later that year, he landed the role of Ryan Malloy on the sitcom Unhappily Ever After. The show also marked Connolly's directorial debut when he directed six episodes in its fourth season. In 2007, Connolly made his full length movie directorial debut with the film Gardener of Eden, which premiered in April 2007 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

In addition to television work, Connolly has starred in several major motion pictures including, Antwone Fisher, John Q, and The Notebook. In August 2007, he signed on to play a supporting character in Drew Barrymore's new comedy He's Just Not that Into You, which was released in 2009. Most recently, Connolly has reportedly been cast as jazz musician Benny Goodman in an upcoming movie. The film, set in the 1930s, will focus on one of the first interracial bands of the era. Nick Cannon, Brandon Routh and rapper Ludacris will co-star.

In December 2008, Connolly was nominated for his first ever Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy, for his role as "E" on Entourage.

Connolly was linked with his Unhappily Ever After co-star Nikki Cox. He also dated heiress and designer Nicky Hilton from January 2005 to October 2006. In 2007, he was romantically linked with actress Haylie Duff and Dancing with the Stars dancer, Julianne Hough.

In June 2007, Connolly was named one of People magazine's hottest bachelors of 2007 along with cast mate Adrian Grenier.

Connolly is a die-hard New York Islanders fan. He showed his support for the team by wearing an Islanders hat in the Entourage episode "Welcome to the Jungle". For the Islanders home opener of the 2008-2009 season, Kevin dropped the ceremonial first puck wearing an Islander jersey with former Islander John Tonelli (# 27) on the back.

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The Beverly Hillbillies (film)

Beverly hillbillies.jpg

The Beverly Hillbillies is a 1993 20th Century Fox comedy motion picture starring Jim Varney, Diedrich Bader, Erika Eleniak, Cloris Leachman, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman, Lea Thompson, Rob Schneider, and Penny Fuller. It features cameo appearances by Buddy Ebsen (in his final motion picture appearance), Dolly Parton and Zsa Zsa Gabor. The movie reunited Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Dabney Coleman for the first time since the three had co-starred in 9 to 5 in 1980. Kevin Connolly of Entourage fame has a minor role as Mr. Drysdale's son and the love interest of Elly May. The movie was directed by Penelope Spheeris.

Based on the long-running CBS TV sitcom, The Beverly Hillbillies, a poor hillbilly named Jed Clampett (played by Jim Varney) goes hunting on his land one day and becomes a billionaire when he misses an animal with his rifle and the bullet hits the ground, sending up a bubbling geyser of crude oil.

Diedrich Bader later made a reference to his role in the film in an episode of The Drew Carey Show.

Jed Clampett (Jim Varney), a hillsman of humble means, discovers oil on his land whilst shooting at a rabbit. He suddenly finds himself incredably wealthy. His cousin, Pearl Bodine (Linda Carlson), convinces him that his daughter, Elly May (Erika Eleniak), needs to be taught "womanly ways," and so the widowed Jed, his daughter, his mother-in-law, Granny (played by Oscar-winning actress Cloris Leachman), and his nephew, Jethro, Pearl's son Diedrich Bader), load up the old, dilapidated truck in their home near Bugtussle, Arkansas, with Jethro driving and Granny sitting in a rocking chair elevated in back, and move to Beverly Hills.

They arrive in Beverly Hills and locate their mansion, which has been provided for them by the banker in charge of Jed's billion dollars, Milburn Drysdale (Dabney Coleman). He purchased the mansion next door to his own with the help of his secretary/assistant, Miss Jane Hathaway (Lily Tomlin). Upon arrival in their dilapadated country clothing however, the Clampetts are perceived to be transient derelicts by Miss Jane and the police are called. Sometime later their identies are discovered, and while she is prepared to resign, the Clampetts are actually touched somebody would have defended their property and she keeps her job.

When they get settled into these large and strange surroundings, the country folk are very naive with regard to life in the big city and have to contend with a serious culture clash, strange and unusual customs, and snobbish neighbors, especially Mrs. Drysdale (Penny Fuller). Mr. Drysdale pushes his son into befriending Elly May, but he quickly becomes attracted to her. At school, Elly May easily outwrestles a bully on the wrestling team, though Jed does not approve of such actions from a lady.

Wanting to make Elly May into a "sophisticated woman," Jed decides she needs a French tutor to help her acquire more ladylike ways. He also expresses a desire for a new wife, for Elly's sake. The Clampett clan, along with everyone else, set out to hunt him down a bride. Since he is filthy rich, there are plenty of women who will gladly marry Jed. Woodrow Tyler (Rob Schneider), an employee in Drysdale's bank, contrives a scheme to bilk the bumpkin hillbilly out of his billions. He gets his golddigging, con artist girlfriend, Laura Jackson (Lea Thompson), to go to the front door of the Clampett mansion posing as a French etiquette teacher, Laurette Voleur (voleur means thief in French), asking for work.

Once she is hired, Voleur lures Jed into proposing marriage and plans are set. All the Clampett's kin from back in the hills, including Pearl and Jethro's twin sister, Jethrene Bodine (Diedrich Bader), fly to California for the wedding. Granny, however, hears Laurette Voleur and Woodrow Tyler talking about their scheme while she is brewing some moonshine, and she jumps up and yells, "When I inform Jed, the wedding will be off! Hehehe!" They grab her and then tie her up and gag her and take her to the Los Viejos Nursing Home and put her there against her will where they tell the head doctor she is their grandmother who suffers from dementia. Voleur demands she be kept restrained in a straitjacket at all times because she is a danger to herself and others and that she is to be kept away from sharp objects and pay phones. The doctor says she will be a fine test patient for electro shock therapy and should be tested for rabies.

A few songs are given by Dolly Parton during the wedding reception.

Miss Jane, searching for a private investigator to locate Granny, goes to the offices of Barnaby Jones (Buddy Ebsen, who portrayed the original Jed Clampett in the TV series, recreating the title role of his later TV series).

However, the plot is foiled when Miss Jane finds out from Barnaby Jones that Granny is in the retirement home. Miss Jane dresses up like the new nurse and breaks in and tells the orderly that she is here for the rabies test. The orderly tells her to be careful, they had to give her electro shock therapy. She gets to Granny's room and finds her restrained in the straitjacket with her hair frizzed up from the electro shock therapy. Miss Jane unstraps her from the restraint and helps her escape from the doctor and the home. They arrive at the wedding in time to foil the plot (with a little help from Jethro's monster truck modified hot rod). The Clampetts learn that "sparking" and marrying are not the same in Beverly Hills as back home in Bugtussle.

The movie has Zsa Zsa Gabor parodying her 1989 Beverly Hills arrest, as she stands in a lineup at the police station.

The end credits are shown over various outtakes and bloopers.

In its first weekend, The Beverly Hillbillies grossed $9,525,375 at the box-office. The total U.S. gross was $44,954,205.

The scene where some man driving a car points a gun at the Clampetts and Jed points his shotgun at them was a direct reference to the "Now that's a knife" scene in Crocodile Dundee.

In the scene showing the White House (as the residence of cousin Bill), the flag on top is at half mast.

Robert Easton, who played Beau Short in an episode of the series, plays Mayor Jasper in the film.

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Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton.jpg

Nicholai "Nicky" Olivia Hilton (born October 5, 1983 in New York City, New York, USA) is an American fashion model, socialite, celebutante, heiress, fashion designer. She shares her nickname with her grandfather's brother, Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, who died fourteen years before she was born.

She launched her own clothing line, Chick by Nicky Hilton in 2004 and has also designed a line of handbags for Japanese company Samantha Thavasa from 2002–2005.

In 2007, she started her second line aimed at a more mature audience and higher pricepoint, called Nicholai, which had its debut fashion show for the spring/summer 2008 season on September 9, 2007 in New York City during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The video and photos from the collection can be viewed at the MBFW website.

Hilton began her career as a fashion model. She has done several runway shows for major designers and is a regular model for Heatherette, along with her sister Paris; they usually open and close the runway shows.

In 2005, Hilton, along with Kimberly Stewart, was the face of Australian underwear line Antz Pantz. Stewart remains contracted, however Hilton has since been replaced by Australian up-and-coming model Megan Maitland. Around this time, Hilton modeled for the cover of Lucire magazine for its New Zealand and Romanian editions.

In 2006, she entered a partnership to open two Nicky O Hotels, the first in Miami and the second in Chicago. On February 12, 2007, Hilton was sued for breach of contract by her partners.

Hilton has dated MTV VJ Brian McFayden, Ian Somerhalder in 2003. Later, she married Todd Andrew Meister on August 15, 2004 at Las Vegas Wedding Chapel; the marriage was annulled in November 2004. Hilton dated Kevin Connolly from January 2005 to July 2006.

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He's Just Not That into You (film)


He's Just Not That Into You is a 2009 US romantic comedy film, based on the self-help book of the same name by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, which, in turn, was based on a line of dialogue in Sex and the City. Produced by Drew Barrymore's Flower Films. Featuring an ensemble cast, it stars Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kevin Connolly, and Bradley Cooper; and is directed by Ken Kwapis.

The plot chronicles the romantic misadventures of nine individuals in their twenties and thirties. Set in Baltimore, the common thread of the story is that one person in each relationship is more enamored with the other person than vice versa. At the core of these multiple stories is Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), a young woman who repeatedly misinterprets the signs that men give her about their level of interest in her.

After a rejection from Conor (Kevin Connolly), Gigi begins getting dating advice from the romantic and promiscuous Alex (Justin Long), the manager of a bar and Conor's best friend. Alex tells Gigi that Conor simply wasn't interested in her since he hasn't called, otherwise he would have definitely made a move. He also tells her that she should stop thinking that she is an exception to this rule, and to stop obsessing over every "sign" that she might pick up on during a date. Gigi proceeds to go on several unsuccessful dates, often calling Alex during dates for advice. Gigi starts believing that Alex is interested in her because he is so willing to take a call from her (even when he's busy at work, or is with a girl), and because she thinks Alex intentionally botched a blind date he organized for Gigi and one of his friends. Alex then invites Gigi to a party he's having at his apartment. Interpreting this invitation as an opportunity to "co-host" the party, Gigi helps make food for guests, and stays behind to clean up. When all the guests are gone, Gigi kisses Alex. Alex, surprised and very frustrated, tells her he wasn't interested in her romantically, and if he was he would've pursued her. Gigi tells him that even though she obsesses over everything and has embarrassed herself many times, she is closer to finding love than he is. Gigi and Alex stop speaking to each other, but Alex feels continuously troubled at work. After being confronted by one of his employees he realizes he's obsessing and over-analyzing his situation with Gigi, in the same way Gigi was at the beginning. Meanwhile, Gigi goes on a date with Bill (Alex's friend who was meant to go on the blind date with her). After she returns home, Alex goes to see her at her apartment. He apologizes to Gigi and kisses her, telling her that she is his exception.

Gigi's co-worker Janine (Jennifer Connelly) is starting to have difficulties in her marriage. Her husband, Ben (Bradley Cooper), begins cheating on her with Anna (Scarlett Johansson), a yoga instructor and aspiring singer. During his affair he reveals that he was never ready to marry Janine, and was forced between marrying her, or breaking up with her. Janine is unaware of this, and is focused on renovating their new home. On a particular day, she discovers a pack of cigarettes under some construction equipment. Concluding that it belongs to her husband since the renovators don't smoke, she gets upset because she had asked Ben to quit as her father had died of lung cancer. Janine confronts Ben, but he adamantly denies that they're his. Ben eventually tells Janine that he's been having an affair. Although initially upset, Janine attempts to salvage their marriage by surprising Ben at work; she proposes sex with him in his office to "bring back the fire". Ben agrees and they proceed to have sex, but Anna is hiding in the closet of Ben's office as they were also about to have sex until Janine knocked on the door. Janine eventually leaves, and Anna runs out of Ben's office soon after, disgusted by his actions. When Janine arrives home she begins to clean the house but discovers a park of cigarettes in Ben's clothing, prompting an angry outburst. When Ben arrives home he finds all this clothes neatly folded with a dozen-box of cigarettes and a note from Janine telling him she wants a divorce. Janine moves in to a new apartment by herself to start a new life.

While in her secret affair with Ben, Anna is also casually dating Conor, but she isn't as interested in him as he is in her; Anna treats Conor more as a very close friend, while Conor wants to pursue a relationship with her. Soon after the incident at Ben's office, Conor goes to Anna's apartment and and asks her to be his girlfriend. Anna agrees, but is still troubled by the end of her relationship with Ben. Anna and Conor continue their relationship but when Conor proposes buying a house and moving in together, Anna tells him honestly that she doesn't want to. Anna and Conor break-up, but both are happy just to remain friends. Meanwhile, Anna's friend Mary (Drew Barrymore) is a newspaper editor who also helps Conor promote his real-estate business. Like Gigi, she goes on many dates but all ending unsuccessfully. After Anna and Conor end their relationship, Mary runs into Conor having coffee and introduces herself to him as he had only ever spoken to her over the phone and never seen her in person. They both hit it off, and begin dating.

Gigi's other co-worker, Beth (Jennifer Aniston), is living with her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck), who is also friends with Ben, and who she has been with for seven years. Although Beth wants to get married, Neil does not believe in signing a piece of paper to say you love someone. After listening to a rant about relationships from Gigi, Beth becomes upset and starts thinking about her relationship with Neil. When she arrives home after work she asks Neil if he'll ever marry her; when he doesn't respond, Beth breaks up with him. Neil moves out to live in his boat while Beth goes home to see her family and to be a bridesmaid at her younger sister's wedding. During the reception, Beth's father has a heart attack. Beth constantly looks after her father: she brings him food and keeps him company, and cleans the house. Meanwhile all the other sisters' husbands do is watch football, make a mess, and are not concerned at all about their father in-law. Beth is constantly frustrated and worried, but Neil suddenly appears in the kitchen helping her wash dishes. Beth goes to see Neil on his boat and they get back together, telling him that he is more of a husband than her sister's husbands will ever be. Back at their apartment, Beth scolds Neil for bringing back a pair of pants she told him to leave on the boat. Neil insists that if she's going to throw them out then to check the pockets for any valuables. Beth complies and discovers a box with a diamond ring, and turns around to find Neil kneeling down behind her. Neil proposes to her, telling her that for him to be happy then Beth needs to be happy. Beth accepts his proposal.

The score to He's Just Not That into You was composed by Cliff Eidelman, who recorded his score with an 80-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony at the Newman Scoring Stage.

Baltimore, Maryland, was selected for filming He's Just Not That Into You because the city had not been used as the setting for recent romantic comedies. In addition, screenwriter Marc Silverstein had lived in the city for several years prior to attending college.

The film's original release date was postponed, moving from October 24, 2008 to February 13, 2009 then to February 6, 2009.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics. As of February 6, Rotten Tomatoes reported that 44% of critics gave positive reviews based on 97 reviews. Another review aggretator, Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film has received a 48% approval rating based on 30 reviews. While the film received mixed reviews, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck are often praised by critics as being the stand-outs in the film.

In its opening weekend, the movie made $27.8 million, topping the box office. As of March 13, 2009, its total worldwide gross is $130,684,038.

The DVD and Blu-Ray will come out June 2, 2009. The Blu-Ray will come with a Digital Copy.

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Eric Murphy

Entourage ep307.png

Eric "E." Murphy is a character on the Dramedy television series Entourage. He is played by Kevin Connolly.

In season one, Eric serves informally as Vince's manager. In the first season finale, Eric insists on formalizing the relationship; Vince gives E a ten percent commission, plus health benefits. While this new financial bias could potentially skew Eric's actions, his devotion to his best friend transcends the money. This often puts him at odds with Vincent's more avaricious agent, Ari Gold, but the two of them are willing to co-exist for Vince's sake. Although not a Hollywood insider, Eric strives to become a seasoned manager. Eric hates being referred to as a "Suit" especially by Billy Walsh, Ari and Eric are capable of seeing eye to eye on issues like Vince doing "Aquaman" and keeping his behaviour from ruining the film.

Season 4 saw Eric achieve more character development than ever, as he made the leap from manager to movie producer when he was tapped by Vince to co-produce Medellin, the story of real-life Colombian drug dealer Pablo Escobar, in which Vince is in the lead role. However, after producing the movie, Eric decides that he can't stand the attitude of the director Billy Walsh to produce on another movie and goes back to being a manager. Not only that, Eric felt that Walsh had "fucked up Medellin," especially after Eric attempted to suggest changes to the film, only to be rejected before even getting a sentence out since Walsh has final cut. In the final episode of Season 4, The Cannes Kids, the guys arrive at the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Medellin. Eric seemed to be in full support of the film, even though, somewhere deep in the back of his head, he knew it would bomb, and indeed it did.

Unlike the rest of the entourage, Eric tends to pursue lasting relationships with women, although he is not above the occasional one night stand. He briefly dated Ari's assistant, Emily. He spent much of season one and part of season two working through a relationship with his girlfriend, Kristen, that ended after she admitted that she cheated while he was in New York filming Queens Boulevard. In season two and three, Eric dated Sloan, the daughter of Ari's former partner at the agency. At the beginning of season four, Eric said that he and Sloan are "on a break", however it is revealed later in the season that they have indeed broken up and that Sloan has moved on.

In Season 5, Eric and his company The Murphy Group will be expanding and taking on a lot more clients, as told by Kevin Connolly on the radioshow loveline on October 1, 2007. It was revealed after the writers strike that Eric's newest client with be Charlie an up and coming comedian who will be played by rap/r&b singer Bow Wow.

List of Eric's clients signed to his management co. "The Murphy Group." (officially opened in season 4, episode 8).

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Kevin Connolly (photographer)

Kevin Michael Connolly is an American photographer who was born without legs. He has made a collection of photographs of people's reactions to him as he traveled the world, and published it on the Internet.

Connolly was born in Helena, Montana in August 1985. He was born without legs, as a "'sporadic birth defect,' which is basically the doctors saying they don't know what happened.", he says.

His parents didn't coddle him; as a toddler he wasn't treated any differently than his sisters, Meagan and Shannon, and grew up floating rivers and climbing mountains. His parents enrolled him in gymnastics, and wrestling, which gave him the agility and upper body strength to flip himself onto counters and do handstands. At the age of 10, he started skiing, with a custom designed monoski. He was good enough at skiing to win a silver medal at the X Games extreme sports competition. He travels mostly by propelling himself with his arms on his skateboard, rarely using his wheelchair, and not using a pair of prosthetic legs since age 12. He once brought so many new clothes when traveling he had to get a girl to carry them for him.

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Entourage (TV series)

The cast of Entourage. From left to right: Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Kevin Connolly (Eric "E" Murphy), Adrian Grenier (Vincent "Vince" Chase), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Kevin Dillon (Johnny "Drama" Chase).

Entourage is a dramedy broadcast on HBO and created by Doug Ellin, that chronicles the rise of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Hollywood, California. Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson serve as the show's co-executive producers, and the show's premise is loosely based on Wahlberg's experiences as an up-and-coming movie star.

According to Mark Wahlberg, Entourage was initially conceived when his assistant asked to film him and his friends, calling them "hilarious." Other reports credit Eric Weinstein, a long-time friend of Wahlberg's, with the idea of filming the successful actor's group of friends. In order to be more satirical of the Hollywood lifestyle, a fictional approach was chosen rather than a straight documentary.

Vincent Chase, the show's main character, was envisioned to be more similar to Wahlberg, but it was decided that some of his and his friends' activities (particularly some elements of their criminal past) would not work well on television. A lighter approach was subsequently decided upon.

However, according to Donnie Carroll, who was the inspiration for the Turtle character, the idea for a show involving an actor and his friends had come from him. It had originated as a book idea, centered on Carroll's own life and his experiences with Wahlberg, entitled From the 'Hood to Hollywood, A Soldier's Story.

Entourage revolves around Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), a young, up-and-coming actor who eventually becomes an A-list star. His experiences are loosely based on those of Mark Wahlberg, who is also executive producer on the show. His best friend and manager is Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly). "E", as his friends call him, is based on Wahlberg's friend and executive producer Eric Weinstein. He's also been reported to be inspired by Stephen Levinson, Wahlberg's manager.

Vincent's older brother Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon), is also Vince's personal chef and trainer. Johnny is a C-list actor who was in the fictional show Viking Quest during his younger days. His role in the new fictional hit show Five Towns has begun to resurrect his fame and career. This character is based on Johnny "Drama" Alves (cousin of Mark Wahlberg), whom Donnie Wahlberg had hired to keep his younger brother out of trouble.

Rounding out the entourage of friends is Sal, known as "Turtle" (Jerry Ferrara), who is another of Vince's old friends from childhood. Turtle's official role is as Vince's driver and assistant, though his value as such is often brought into question. This character is based on Mark Wahlberg's former "gofer" Donnie Carroll aka "Donkey". Carroll auditioned for the role, but the Boston-native was turned down when it was decided the actors would have to be New Yorkers. Carroll died on December 18, 2005 after an asthma attack.

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Vince's abrasive but lovable agent. The role has led to several nominations and Emmy Awards for Piven. Ari is based on Wahlberg's real-life agent Ari Emanuel.

Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven have been credited in every episode in the opening credits since season one. Debi Mazar who had a recurring guest star role as Shauna in season 1 began to receive opening credits billing in season 2. Because of pregnancy, her appearances in season 3 were limited and Mazar made her final regular appearance in episode 42. When she made appearances in seasons 4 and 5, Mazar was credited as a special guest star. Perrey Reeves (Mrs. Ari) and Rex Lee (Lloyd) had recurring roles in the first two seasons. Starting in season three, Reeves and Lee were credited as "starring" in the end credits in the episodes that they appeared in. After Debi Mazar left on maternity leave, Reeves began to receive in the opening credits starting in season 4 replacing Mazar's credit, and is now credited whether she appears in the episode or not. Rex Lee's name also now appears in the opening credits as of season 5 whether he appears in the episode or not. Also In season 4, Rhys Coiro's recurring character Billy Walsh was given a bigger role in the storyline, and Coiro was credited as "starring" in the first six episodes of the season. However, when his character returned in episode 52, he was again credited as a guest star.

Entourage features many recurring characters. Sometimes these characters are played by celebrities such as Malcolm McDowell as Terrance McQuewick while other celebrities, such as Mandy Moore and Seth Green appear as parodies of themselves.

Entourage typically has at least one celebrity guest per episode. Appearances include Kanye West, Michael Phelps, Martin Scorsese,Bow Wow, Gary Busey and Larry David.

The first season of Entourage chronicles Vincent Chase's adventures as he climbs the celebrity ladder after his first successful movie: Head On. At the forefront of the first few episodes is the conflict between Vince's best friend "E" and his agent Ari, who are both working to get the best for Vince, but often differ on how to accomplish this.

Vince's next project is decided halfway through the season: Queens Boulevard. Signed on is indie director Billy Walsh, who comes into immediate conflict with E. Eventually their differences are put aside and the season ends with the start of production on Queens Boulevard, with E formally becoming Vince's manager.

Running subplots include: Turtle's laziness and quest for marijuana; Drama's attempt to follow in his younger brother's footsteps; E dating Ari's assistant Emily (Samaire Armstrong); and Vince's many and varied girlfriends.

The second season revolves around Vince's proposed role in the movie adaptation of Aquaman as the titular hero. Ari's inability to close the contract leads to trouble, but Vince manages to convince the film's director, James Cameron, that he is right for the part. However, new problems arise when the role of the leading lady goes to Mandy Moore, Vince's ex-girlfriend, for whom he still has feelings, but who is engaged to be married.

Mandy and Vince resume their romance after Mandy's engagement shows signs of problems, but she eventually returns to her boyfriend and resigns from the Aquaman project. Initially devastated, Vince finds the will to go on with the movie in the end.

However, Ari has his own problems in the form of his boss and partner, Terrance McQuewick (Malcolm McDowell), who is trying to steal Vince away from him. Near the end of the season, their conflict reaches a head and Ari is fired from the agency. E, meanwhile, starts to date Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), McQuewick's daughter.

Meanwhile, Drama continues to try to become a star, even considering getting his calves augmented. He is eventually dropped by his agent, Adam Davies, after Vince decides to stick with Ari after Ari is fired. Turtle starts a career of his own, as manager of rapper Saigon.

The third season continues with the Aquaman plotline as the movie premieres and becomes a huge hit. Problems arise however when Medellin, Vince's dream project about the life of Pablo Escobar, conflicts with the schedule of Aquaman 2. The end result is that Vince is unable to star in either and is fired by Warner Brothers.

Ari meanwhile has to juggle his new, failing, business with keeping Vince happy. Even though Ari manages to set up a successful new agency with the help of Barbara Miller (Beverly D'Angelo), it leads him to neglect his star client.

E's relationship with Sloan comes into question when he has a threesome with her and her friend Tori, to whom E is attracted. Tensions rise further when E is confronted with Sloan's stalker Seth Green.

Near the end of the season, Drama finally lands his big break as he's signed on to the new series Five Towns. Turtle's career as a music manager ends unceremoniously when he is bought out by Saigon's original manager. In the season finale, Ari is fired as Vince's agent when his abrasive methods lead to him being unable to secure a film about punk rock band The Ramones.

The second part of the third season focuses almost entirely on Vince and Ari and the troubles surrounding Medellin. Attempting to get Vince back, Ari convinces him that he can secure the film after all. Vince's new agent, Amanda (Carla Gugino), tries to steer Vince towards a different film, but he ends up refusing.

To compound their problems, they both admit to a mutual attraction, and have a relationship. When Medellin once again slips Vince's grasp, he questions Amanda's motives. After proving her innocence, she drops him as both client and boyfriend. With the help of Ari, who is once again hired, Vince and E finally secure their dream project when they buy the rights to the film themselves. Billy Walsh is signed on as the director with E given his first shot at producer.

In the continuation of the previous part's subplot, Drama's star rises, and Five Towns becomes a hit. At the end of the season, Vince (along with Turtle), impoverished after buying Medellin, moves in with Drama, the new star. E proceeds to move in with Sloan.

The fourth season continues the Medellin plotline as production of the film finally begins. Conflicts quickly arise when E admits to being dissatisfied with the first cut after Walsh reluctantly agrees to a midnight screening. Vince and E subsequently clash over the creative direction and financing of the film in an arc which escalates through the season.

When the Medellin trailer leaks to the public via YouTube, an opportunity is presented to leverage the resultant hype to broker a deal attaching Vince to a new big-budget project. The deal, however, is unexpectedly sold on the strength of not just Vince, but the "Medellin Dream Team" — also involving E as producer and Walsh as director — at the point when animosity between E and Walsh begins to come to a head. Consequently, E must decide between jeopardizing the deal, and the prospect of working on another project with Walsh, which he had previously sworn he would never do again. There is much contention over the ending of the script, and Stephen Gaghan is brought in briefly, at which point Walsh comes up with what he believes to be a good ending.

Meanwhile, Ari contends with various complications in his personal and professional lives, including the incapacitating relationship troubles of his indispensable assistant, Lloyd, the uncertainty of his son's acceptance into the exclusive private school his daughter currently attends, and interpersonal conflicts between employees of his agency.

E navigates unfamiliar waters as he clumsily attempts to expand the representation of his fledgling management agency beyond Vince, his only client at the time. By chance he comes to meet and subsequently represent Anna Faris, but when his loyalty to Vince and his personal feelings for Faris are set at odds with one another and compromise his professional judgement, he is ultimately fired by Faris.

Drama and Turtle are featured throughout the season in various subplots that see them engaging in the type of antics typical of their characters, such as procuring marijuana and engaging in furry fetishes via Craigslist on a bet.

In the season finale, the entourage travel to Cannes to promote Medellin, and sign a distribution deal. However, the film bombs with the Cannes audience, and they are forced to accept an offer from producer Harvey Weingard (whom they earlier rebuffed) of a mere one dollar for the movie.

The show's fifth season begins with Vince and Turtle on a beach in Mexico, while Eric and Ari try to get Vince an opportunity to get his career back on track back in California. Medellin has gone straight-to-DVD, and made numerous worst-of-the-year lists, with Vince's performance coming under fire from critics as well. Drama is also in Hollywood, continuing production of his show Five Towns while maintaining a long-distance relationship with his French girlfriend Jacqueline. Ari and E remain unsuccessful in convincing Vince to return to the States until Ari gets a sit-down for Vince with producer Carl Ertz about a new movie titled "Danger Beach". When Vince and Turtle return, they all realize that Ertz was not actually interested in Vince but was instead using him to secure Emile Hirsch for the role. Seemingly at a dead end, Vince returns to basics and begins reading scripts Ari claims are already taken. One sticks out to Eric; Named Nine Brave Souls. Meanwhile Drama's nervousness about Jacqueline possibly cheating on him leads to their break-up and he works himself through a guilty frenzy that reaches its peak when he breaks down during a guest appearance on The View. Eric sees potential in Nine Brave Souls and approaches the writers to begin representing them. He gets Ed Norton and Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) interested, and they change the name of the movie to Smoke Jumpers. When Ari finally reads the script of Smoke Jumpers he convinces Eric to start a bidding war for the movie with Vince attached. Amanda refuses to participate and passes on it until later reconsidering and making an offer. However, Alan Gray, the man who fired Vince from the sequel to Aquaman, outbids them.

Ari asks for the second lead in Smoke Jumpers for Vince but Alan Gray says no. Vince is offered a role in a live-action "Benji" movie but after considering it he realizes that Smoke Jumpers is still the movie he really wants. Ari, determined to get Vince the role he desires, challenged Alan to a round of golf for the part. Alan brings PGA Tour pro Phil Mickelson along as a coach and beats Ari. Venting his anger, Alan begins to yell at Ari for even bringing up Smoke Jumpers, knowing he hates Vince; but suddenly drops dead of a heart attack. At Alan's funeral, Ari takes the opportunity to ask John Ellis, Alan's boss, about giving the role to Vince. Ellis instead offers him Alan's position as president of the studio, with Amanda Daniels (Carla Gugino) as the number-two choice for the job. Rather than accepting the offer and abandoning his clients, Ari instead gets Dana Gordon the job, therefore locking up Smoke Jumpers for Vince. Meanwhile, Turtle meets Jamie-Lynn Sigler on an airplane and the two hit it off, but their potential relationship is ruined when Turtle tells the guys she gave him a handjob and they tell everyone.

Smoke Jumpers begins filming and Vince becomes increasingly angry when his co-star, Jason Patric, steals several of his lines. He discovers that the director, Verner (Stellan Skarsgård), gave his lines to Patric. Vince talks to Verner about his frustration over how few of lines he's been given, and rather than giving him more, he tells Vince about his bad acting habits. Ari signs his old colleague Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) as a new partner in MGA.

Verner eventually fires Vince from Smoke Jumpers when one scene is shot several times without good results and Vince gets angry. Ari flies in but cannot convince Verner to give Vince another chance, so he seeks Gordon's intervention. She scolds Verner but he storms into a conference room where Ellis is hosting a meeting. Furious, Ellis pulls the plug on the whole movie. Meanwhile, Jamie-Lynn forgives Turtle for opening his mouth and appears to want to start a relationship with him if he keeps quiet, so they spend the day together and consider spending the weekend together. However, their plans are cut short when he receives a call from Vince explaining the situation and they all fly back to Queens for a week.

With Vince's future in acting looking dim, his relationship with Eric is tested when Vince pursues a role in Gus Van Sant's new film. Eric persistently tracks down Gus in an attempt to convince him to meet with Vince, despite Ari's opposition. Gus refuses, saying he has seen all of Vince's work and he is not a fan, but agrees to see the Smoke Jumpers footage. Meanwhile, Jamie-Lynn reveals her relationship with Turtle to the guys. Gus calls back saying he loves the footage and claims that he would love to work with Vince, but not on his current project. Vince gets really upset and fires Eric only to later apologize after learning that his persistence led to an offer by Martin Scorsese for a lead in his next feature, a re-envisioning of The Great Gatsby set in the Upper West Side of New York City. The episode ends with them all back in Hollywood on their way to celebrate. The final episode also includes a cameo appearance by Michael Phelps.

The season five DVD box set is slated for a June 2, 2009 release date keeping with HBO's theme of releasing the series on DVD within three weeks of its new season's premier.

HBO confirmed on October 6, 2008, that Entourage has been renewed for a sixth season with filming set to begin in March 2009. The episodes are set to air Mid-2009. Gary Cole has been confirmed to be joining the cast as a regular for the new season. Tom Brady will be a special guest in an episode, as well. Autumn Reeser will also appear as a new junior agent in Miller/Gold. On March 6 2009, Dan Patrick of Sports Illustrated reported on his radio show that LeBron James would also make a cameo in an episode. Actress Jami Gertz will also be joining the cast, she will play Gary Cole's wife. Aaron Sorkin recently confirmed on his Facebook Group he would be guest appearing on the show as himself. Israeli 2004 Miss Israel Gal Gadot will act as Vince's girlfriend for several chapters. Also, in late February, 2008 it was confirmed that Alexis Dziena has been cast to play Ashley, a new "love interest" for Kevin Connolly's character Eric.

The first episode was simply titled "Entourage" and aired on July 18, 2004. The show has completed five seasons. HBO aired the finale of season five on November 23, 2008. Seasons one through five can be found either on DVD or iTunes.

A recurring theme in Entourage is the strength of friendship and its importance over work. Series creator Doug Ellin stated, "Entourage works because it's about male friendship. The Hollywood setting is entertaining but it's really about the relationship between these guys". He later added that, "Ultimately, the show's theme is friendship and family. The characters may have the bling, but they're grounded guys who look out for each other. That's the backbone of the show. If it was just about fantasy lifestyles, it wouldn't be relatable".

To strengthen the bond between the actors, only actors with ties to New York were chosen.

Episodes of Entourage focus, beside the friendship between the four main characters, on their lifestyle in Hollywood. Specifically, the various parties and movie premieres they visit, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of being, or being connected to, a star on a person's social status. To lend credence to the show's situations and locations, most episodes of Entourage feature at least one celebrity guest star.

Entourage has received mostly positive reviews from critics, scoring 73/100 for season 3 and 71/100 for season 5 on the review aggregator site Metacritic.

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