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Such a Great Show With That Last Act - New York Times
By BEN BRANTLEY Geoffrey Rush at center, surrounded by Lauren Ambrose, left, Brian Hutchison, top, and Andrea Martin in the revival of “Exit the King.” The latest news and discussion on all things Tony. Think you know the Tonys? Test your knowledge....
'Glee' Finds Heart That 'Nip/Tuck' Never Had - BlackBook Magazine
Then they paired Parker Posey with Lauren Ambrose, but not before dooming them to a Friday night racked by a merciless laugh track. They even brought Shirley Manson to primetime only to axe The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And lately, the network looks a...
Exit the King - Time Out New York
As his queens, Susan Sarandon and Lauren Ambrose seem uncomfortable with the broad style, but it is a pleasure to see bona fide ideas on Broadway. Exit the King suggests that every man is a world unto himself, and all the world'sa stage—eventually,...
Theater Listings: May 8-14 - New York Times
"Exit the King": Geoffrey Rush, with Lauren Ambrose and Brian Hutchison, background, stars as the crazed, dying monarch in this adaptation of Eugène Ionesco's Absurdist farce, playing at the Barrymore Theater through June 14....
Theater Listings: May 15-21 - New York Times
Susan Sarandon, Lauren Ambrose and Andrea Martin are immensely appealing as the women who help the king confront (and avoid) his mortality (2:15). Barrymore Theater, 243 West 47th Street, (212) 239-6200. (Brantley) ★ 'GOD OF CARNAGE' Never...
"Mary Stuart" and "Exit the King" - America Magazine (subscription)
... explicit and implicit religious themes--Freidrich Schiller's old chestnut "Mary Stuart," brought to exciting new life by Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter; and Eugene Ionesco's "Exit the King," with Geoffrey Rush, Susan Sarandon and Lauren Ambrose....
Serious theatre gives Broadway a shot in the arm -
"I moved to New York the day Six Feet Under was over because I wanted to have theatre in my life," says Lauren Ambrose, 31, who segued from the role of Claire on the TV series to doing Sam Shepard at London's National Theatre and, more recently,...
All-star cast delivers deeply moving, rich piece of theatre - Toronto Star
He's left with only five subjects: his first wife (the chilly Sarandon), his younger trophy wife (the electric Lauren Ambrose), his faithful guard (the charismatic Brian Hutchinson), his doctor (the droll William Sadler) and his one servant (the...
Brookdale Community College's class of 2009 - Asbury Park Press
... Manalapan; Quinese L. Rascoe, Meriden; Christian Ambrose Rathbone, Hazlet; Cynthia Marie Ratto, Colts Neck; Mason Louis Rausch, Aberdeen; Arianna Raya, Morganville; Allison T. Rayburn, Manalapan; Allan Raysberg, Manalapan; Alexandria Reda, Howell;...

Lauren Ambrose

Lauren Ambrose.jpg

Lauren Ambrose (born February 20, 1978) is an American film and television actress, best known for portraying the character Claire Fisher on the popular HBO drama Six Feet Under.

Ambrose was born Lauren Anne D'Ambruoso in New Haven, Connecticut, the daughter of Anne, an interior designer, and Frank D'Ambruoso, a caterer. She is of Italian descent on her father's side, and attended Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut, Wilbur Cross High School, High School in the Community, and the ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven. She is also a trained opera singer who studied voice and opera at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Ambrose has been married to professional photographer Sam Handel of Needham, MA since September 2001. The couple have a son, Orson Handel (b. January 16, 2007) and currently live in Stockbridge, MA.

Ambrose began her career in New York theater, playing in off-Broadway. Her early career also included television appearances, most notably playing supporting guest roles on Law & Order, and a feature guest role on the show as a mentally-challenged young woman raped by a group of popular high school students. Her first film role was In & Out (1997), which was followed by a more prominent role in the chaotic high school comedy Can't Hardly Wait (1998). She was the ingenue lead, Florence "Chicklet" Forrest, in the cult favorite Psycho Beach Party (2000). Ambrose began her role on Six Feet Under in early 2001. She was nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Emmy Award twice, following the 2002 and 2003 seasons of the critically-acclaimed drama.

In 2006, Ambrose made her Broadway debut in the Lincoln Center Theater revival of Awake and Sing!. In 2007, she appeared as Juliet in the Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, to great critical acclaim. In 2008 she appeared as Ophelia in the 2008 performance of Hamlet for Shakespeare in the Park.Lauren currently (as of 3/31/09) can be seen in the Broadway play, "Exit, the King" at the Ethel Barrymore Theater, opposite Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon.

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Can't Hardly Wait

Cant hardly wait poster.jpg

Can't Hardly Wait is a 1998 romantic teen comedy film directed by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, and Seth Green.

The movie takes place at a high school graduation party, and in a style much like that of the high school movies of the 1980s. The filmmakers were inspired to make the movie because they felt that in most teen films the best scenes were the party scenes. So, they decided to make a movie that was set entirely at a party. Though the film deals in common high school stereotypes, some favor the film's chaotic but appealing mise en scène and performances.

The movie was named after The Replacements' song of the same title, from their 1987 album Pleased to Meet Me. The song plays at the end of the movie, when the credits start rolling.

The film was heavily cut upon its release (seventeen confirmed changes) to get a PG-13 rating. None of the deleted scenes had officially surfaced until the release of the 10th Anniversary Reunion DVD collection.

This movie ranked number 44 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Best High School Movies.

The film revolves around an eclectic group of students from Pennsylvania attending a high school graduation party at a large house owned by a rich class member's family. Each character has different plans for the night. Optimistic misfit Preston Myers (Ethan Embry) plans to proclaim his love to his four-year secret crush, to whom he's never had the nerve to speak before, prom queen Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who in turn has recently been dumped by her top jock boyfriend, Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli) who is targeted by classmate William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo), who is plotting revenge against Mike for happily making his high school years a living hell.

Cynical Denise Fleming (Lauren Ambrose) has no intention of going to the party. But when her best friend, Preston, says he's going to proclaim his love for Amanda, she is dragged along. Kenny Fisher (Seth Green) is a ludicrous wannabe rapper who plans on losing his virginity by the end of the night. When he goes into the upstairs bathroom to "get ready", Denise happens to walk in. That is when the pair of former friends learn that the door has a broken doorknob, trapping them in the bathroom. The two begin talking about how they drifted apart, which eventually leads them back to their friendship and escalates into them having sex in the bathroom.

During the course of the party, Amanda deals with being alternately consoled by the drunken girlfriends of Mike's jock friends and her own cousin, and trying to figure out if she truly has an identity past being known as "Mike Dexter's girlfriend". At one point during the night, she discovers a letter with her name written upon it. Unbeknownst to her, the letter was written by Preston, and after reading and subsequently being moved by its contents, she makes it her mission to find him.

Before the party, Mike Dexter convinces his fellow jock friends to follow his lead and dump their girlfriends in order to make a pact in which they all pledge to remain single as they go into college. Later on, an intoxicated Mike learns from a guy named Trip McNeely (Jerry O'Connell in a cameo) a graduate and former stud from his high school that in college, jerks like them are "a dime a dozen" and ironically, find themselves on the receiving end of bullying. This reality is even driven in further by the fact that Trip emphasizes how he dumped his girlfriend in the same fashion that Mike did to score with women which was unsuccessful. Terrified, Mike tries to get Amanda back, but she is happier without him. At the same time, William devises his plan to wreak revenge on Mike by humiliating him. He has his two even more nerdy, X-Files-obsessed friends wait on the roof, while he goes into the party and to drive Mike out. However, while inside the party, William begins drinking in order to fit in. After a while, he drinks enough to make him forget what he was originally doing there and an impromptu sing-along to Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City" causes him to become popular for the evening. William begins talking with Mike, and Mike apologizes for tripping him earlier in the day at the graduation ceremony while William was giving the valedictorian speech. William forgives him, and the two of them seemingly become friends. When Mike and William are jailed as a result of a police bust, Mike takes the blame, saying that he forced William into drinking. However, the next morning when William sees Mike and some of his friends at a local diner, Mike acts as though he remembers nothing of what happened the previous night and proceeds to ridicule him in front of his friends. William, feeling the sting of betrayal, leaves dejected while Mike laughs with his friends to William's chagrin.

Meanwhile, Preston finds Amanda and confesses his love, however she assumes he is just another drunk creeper and rejects him. She later finds a yearbook and realizes her mistake. The scene relocates to a railway station. Amanda visits Preston at the station where she asks him about the letter. Preston confesses he wrote it and that he's about to depart for a pre-college writing workshop with Kurt Vonnegut. But he immediately stops and finally comes back to Amanda where they kiss.

Many other actors from Can't Hardly Wait went on to roles in the HBO series Six Feet Under, Lauren Ambrose (played Claire Fisher, the only daughter of the Fisher family), Freddy Rodriguez (played Federico Diaz, the assistant turned partner at Fisher and Sons ), Eric Balfour (played Gabriel Dimas, Claire's high-school boyfriend), and Peter Facinelli (played Jimmy).

Four actors later appeared together in the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats. Loveburger bandmembers Donald Faison and Breckin Meyer, along with Seth Green (Kenny) and Alexander Martin (the foreign exchange student) made up the fictional boy-band Dujour. Meyer and Faison also previously appeared together in Clueless, and Green and Meyer appeared together in Rat Race.

Nine actors from Can't Hardly Wait were also on the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, including Seth Green (Daniel 'Oz' Osborne), Amber Benson (Tara Maclay), Paige Moss (Veruca), Eric Balfour (Jesse McNally), Channon Roe (Jack O'Toole in "The Zeppo"), Nicole Bilderback (a Cordette in "The Wish"), Clea DuVall (Marcie Ross in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"), Christopher Wiehl (Owen in "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"), and John Patrick White (Pete in "Beauty and the Beasts"). Because of her character's undeniable drug use, Amber Benson's scenes in Can't Hardly Wait were deleted in order to avoid an R rating, though you can get a very quick glimpse of her in the kitchen when William is going to collect Mike. She is seen sitting at the kitchen table, staring at a banana.

Another actress whose appearances were deleted was Jennifer Elise Cox. Cox plays a student at the party who is so drunk that her entire dialogue is subtitled to help the viewers understand her slurred speech. A lot of her scenes involved her approaching each one of the characters to explain problems, but is completely incoherent. Due to such alcohol involvement, Cox's scenes, like Amber Benson's, were deleted by the filmmakers at the request of the MPAA prior to the theatrical release to ensure the PG-13 rating.

In the beginning of the film, the opening credits are intertwined with clips from the graduation. The directors Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont provide the voices for the two students talking about the upcoming party.

In the film Not Another Teen Movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt's character was parodied by her Party of Five castmate Lacey Chabert.

On the Phoenix album by Zebrahead, the tenth track is called "Mike Dexter is a God, Mike Dexter is a Role Model, Mike Dexter is an Asshole", written after the Mike Dexter character.

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Six Feet Under (TV series)

Six Feet Under was an American television drama created by Alan Ball that was originally broadcast from 2001 to 2005. It was produced by Alan Ball, Alan Poul, Robert Greenblatt and David Janollari. The series centers on Fisher & Sons (known as Fisher & Diaz after Season 3) Funeral Home, a family-run mortuary, and explores the lives of the Fisher family in the years immediately following the death of the family patriarch. It is set in modern-day Los Angeles. The title is a colloquialism for death, six feet (1.83 metres) being the traditional depth at which a corpse is buried.

Six Feet Under was produced by Actual Size Films and The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio. It first aired on HBO in 2001, and has been broadcast in syndication in the US by basic cable channel Bravo and later HDnet as well as in dozens of other countries. The series ended its five year run on August 21, 2005.

The show received critical acclaim from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and The New York Times, among other media, and has garnered praise from fellow television producers and funeral directors. In total, Six Feet Under won three Golden Globe Awards and nine Emmy Awards, as well as a Peabody Award. The series won the Golden Globe award for Outstanding Drama Series and Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Griffiths in 2002. Frances Conroy went on to receive the award for Best Actress in a Drama for the Golden Globes in 2004. The show also won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Ensemble for a Drama Series two years in a row (2003–2004).

The show stars Peter Krause as Nathaniel Samuel ("Nate") Fisher Jr., the son of a funeral director who, upon the death of his father (Richard Jenkins), reluctantly becomes a partner in the family funeral business with his brother David, played by Michael C. Hall. The Fisher clan also includes mother Ruth (Frances Conroy) and sister Claire (Lauren Ambrose). Other regulars include mortician and family friend Federico Diaz (Freddy Rodriguez), Nate's on-again, off-again girlfriend Brenda Chenowith (Rachel Griffiths), and David's on-again, off-again boyfriend Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick).

On one level, the show is a conventional family drama, dealing with such issues as relationships, infidelity, and religion. At the same time, it is a show distinguished by its unblinking focus on the topic of death, which it explores on multiple levels (personal, religious, and philosophical). Each episode begins with a death — anything from drowning or heart attack to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome — and that death usually sets the tone for each episode, allowing the characters to reflect on their current fortunes and misfortunes in a way that is illuminated by the death and its aftermath. The show also has a strong dosage of dark humor and surrealism running throughout.

A recurring plot device consists of a character having an imaginary conversation with the deceased; for example, Nate, David, and Federico sometimes "converse" with the person who died at the beginning of the episode, while they are being embalmed or planning or during the funeral. Sometimes, the conversation is with other recurring deceased characters, most notably Nathaniel Fisher Sr. The show's creator Alan Ball states they represent the living character's internal dialogue by exposing it as an external conversation.

Although overall plots and characters were created by Alan Ball, there are conflicting reports on how the series was conceived. In one instance, Ball stated that he came up with the premise of the show after the deaths of his sister and father. However, in an interview, he intimates that HBO entertainment president Carolyn Strauss proposed the idea to him. In a copyright-infringement lawsuit, screenwriter Gwen O’Donnell asserted that she was the original source of the idea which later passed through Strauss to Ball; the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, proceeding on the assumption that this assertion was true, rejected her claim.

Who are these people who are funeral directors that we hire to face death for us? What does that do to their own lives - to grow up in a home where there are dead bodies in the basement, to be a child and walk in on your father with a body lying on a table opened up and him working on it? What does that do to you?

Six Feet Under refers not only to being buried as a dead body is buried, but to primal emotions and feelings running under the surface. And when one is surrounded by death it seems like to counterbalance that, there needs to be a certain intensity of experience, of needing to escape. It’s Nate with his sort of womanizing; it’s Claire and her experimenting with dangerous boys and dangerous drugs; and it’s Brenda’s whole sexual compulsiveness; it’s David having sex with a hooker in public; it’s Ruth having affair after affair; it’s the life force trying to push up through all of that suffering and grief and depression.

The series' main theme, written by composer Thomas Newman, won an Emmy award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music and Grammy awards for Best Instrumental Composition and Best Instrumental Arrangement for title theme.

The song played during each episode recap is a 1995 single called "Nothing Lies Still Long" by Pell Mell.

Previews for upcoming episodes feature the Six Feet Under theme. The first and fifth seasons feature the original version of the song while the second, third and fourth seasons feature the Rae & Christian remix.

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Jack Carpenter

Replace this image male.svg

Jack Carpenter (born 18 September 1984) is an American actor. He starred in the movie Sydney White as Lenny, one of the dorks befriended by the title character (Amanda Bynes). He played the lead in the acclaimed failed pilot Lipshitz Saves the World, has been cast in the television project Held Up, as Ray Pfeiffer, and plays the role of Dash in the Fox comedy The Return of Jezebel James, opposite Lauren Ambrose and Parker Posey.

He is currently filming the movie I Love You, Beth Cooper on location in Vancouver, Canada.

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Chris Messina (actor)

Chris Messina (born August 11, 1974) is an American film and television actor.

Messina started his career as a well-received off- Broadway actor. He has appeared in episodes of the television series Law & Order, Third Watch and Medium. He had a recurring role in the fifth and final season of the HBO drama Six Feet Under, playing Claire's (Lauren Ambrose) love interest Ted Fairwell. His film credits include Rounders, The Siege, You've Got Mail and Nothing is Private.

Chris starred as Ira in Ira and Abby, a film directed by Robert Cary and written by and co-starring Jennifer Westfeldt. The film was released in August, 2007 by Magnolia Pictures and won best comedy at the HBO Comedy Festival earlier that year. In 2008 Chris starred in the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Scarlet Johannsen, and Rebecca Hall.

Chris is also starring in an HBO pilot Anatomy of Hope which J.J. Abrams is directing. Simon Callow also stars. He was named one of the 10 actors to watch by Daily Variety in October 2007. His next film appearances include Julie & Julia where he will star alongside Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, and Amy Adams and the Sam Mendes directed film "Away We Go".

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Psycho Beach Party


Psycho Beach Party is a 2000 film based on the off-Broadway play of the same name, directed by Robert Lee King. Charles Busch wrote both the original play and the screenplay. As the title suggests, Psycho Beach Party, set in 1962 Malibu Beach, is a parody of 1950s and 1960s beach movies. Besides the obvious references to Gidget and similar early 60s beach movies, the movie also borrows from Alfred Hitchcock movies like Marnie.

Florence Forrest (Lauren Ambrose), a Gidget-like character, experiences inexplicable blackouts, and fears that she might be the one responsible for a series of mysterious deaths in her beach-side town. The deaths are investigated by Captain Monica Stark (Charles Busch), who also suspects Chicklet's mother (Beth Broderick), Chicklet's best friend Berdine (Danni Wheeler), surfing guru The Great Kanaka (Thomas Gibson) and B-movie actress Bettina Barnes (Kimberley Davies). Florence is determined to learn to surf, and earns the nickname "Chicklet" from the surfer guys, while developing multiple personalities.

Other characters include university drop-out (and Chicklet's love interest) Starcat (Nicholas Brendon), Swedish exchange student Lars (Matt Keeslar), surfers Yo-Yo (Nick Cornish) and Provoloney (Andrew Levitas), Starcat's girlfriend Marvel Ann (Amy Adams) and the class "queen bee" Rhonda (Kathleen Robertson).

The play was originally entitled Gidget Goes Psychotic, but the title was changed due to concerns about copyright. In the original 1987 production, Charles Busch played the role of Chicklet. Deciding that he might not be believable in the role of a sixteen year old girl ("while I can still manage, with the aid of a sympathetic cameraman, to play a sophisticated 25, 16 would be a stretch"), he added the character of Monica Stark to the movie.

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