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Oops. Mea culpa! This looks like an old letter from the previous ... - Baltimore Sun
Update: As several smarter people than I pointed out, this looks like a letter from the previous iphone pricing brouhaha. Many people -- including myself -- are probably wishing it applied to current circumstances. I regret the confusion....
Pens' Fleury looks forward to returning to net, home ice - USA Today
By Bruce Bennett, Getty Images By AJ Perez, USA TODAY PITTSBURGH — The defense for Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury after Monday's practice rivaled anything he had on the ice in the Stanley Cup Finals. "You should watch more carefully,"...
In a Hunt for Cash, Macerich Looks to Sell Stakes - Wall Street Journal
By KRIS HUDSON As other real-estate companies sell piles of stock to raise capital, debt-heavy mall owner Macerich Co. is betting that it can do better for its shareholders by selling stakes in some of its malls first. Macerich, a real-estate...
Fort Worth looks at cutting pay and furloughing employees to trim ... - Fort Worth Star Telegram
By MIKE LEE FORT WORTH — Cutting pay, furloughing employees, slashing aid to nonprofit groups, eliminating entire departments — they're all on the table as the city struggles to close a $61 million gap. Fort Worth's spending is expected to rise 5...
GOP Looks For Fountain Of Youth - CBS News
Jim Kearney who attends Colorado College says, "I think there's this sort of stereotype that's percolating that, "What does a Republican look like? Someone kind of like me; white, male. There isn't really diversity in the party and that the Democrats...
Sprint breaks sales records, looks to keep Pre momentum going - FierceWireless
Following the release of the new iPhone, Sprint Nextel now must work to maintain the momentum behind its Palm Pre. The carrier said that its Saturday launch of the Pre broke company sales records for a first day and first weekend....
A look inside the foreclosure factory - Boston Globe
Thanks to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal it looks like we are about to get a glimpse at the inner workings of the foreclosure business. And if preliminary indications are anything, it is not likely to be a pleasant view....
Senate looks to shrink no-drilling zones - MiamiHerald.com
A no-drilling buffer zone for Gulf water crafted by Florida lawmakers in 2006 would be radically reduced under a provision approved by a US Senate panel. BY CURTIS MORGAN Offshore oil and gas rigs could move dramatically closer to Florida's coastline...
Schwarzenegger looks to replace textbooks with ebooks - VNUNet.com
The governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has outlined a plan to replace paper textbooks with ebooks as a way to save money. In an article in the San Jose Mercury News the governator, as he is known, said that r4eplacing paper books with...
NBA, NCAA partnership looks to straighten out youth hoops - NBA.com
By John Schuhmann, NBA.com ORLANDO -- Fourteen months after their initial announcement that they were joining forces to clean up youth basketball, the NBA and NCAA formally introduced the iHoops program before Game 3 of the 2009 NBA Finals at Amway...

A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle

To meddle wi the thistle and to pluck/ The figs frae't is my metier, I think... ll.341-2. The figs = the thistle's flower heads.

A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle is a long poem by Hugh MacDiarmid written in Scots and published in 1926. It is composed as a form of monologue with influences from stream of consciousness genres of writing. A poem of extremes, it ranges between comic and serious modes and examines a wide range of cultural, sexual, political, scientific, existential, metaphysical and cosmic themes, ultimately unified through one consistent central thread, the poet's emotionally and intellectually charged contemplation, from a male perspective, of the condition of Scotland. It also includes extended and complex responses to figures from European and Russian literature, in particular Dostoevsky and Nietzsche, as well as referencing topical events and personalities of the mid 1920s such as Isadora Duncan or the UK General Strike of 1926. It is one of the major modernist literary works of the 20th century.

The Scots poem A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle is an extended montage of distinct poems, or sections in various poetic forms, that are connected or juxtaposed to create one emotionally continuous whole in a way which both develops and consciously parodies compositional techniques used by poets such as Pound and Eliot. Much of the poem is comic, especially in its earlier sections, but the rhapsodic structure, 2685 lines long, is able to accommodate broad swings in tone from remarkable lyric passages at one extreme to colourful invective, diatribe and flyting at the other. It ultimately builds to produce deeply serious and even transcendent effects, particularly in the climactic final sections.

One of the most distinctive features of the poem is its language. MacDiarmid's literary Scots is principally rooted in his own Borders' dialect, but freely draws on a wide range of idiom and vocabulary, both current and historic, from different regions of Scotland. His sustained and innovative use of the leid in the work, though sometimes loose and idiosyncratic, did much to increase awareness of the potential for Scots as a medium of universal literary expression at a time when this was not well appreciated. Its expressive drive is integral to the entire effect of the poem.

Some of the poem's initial sections include interpolated Scots translations of other European poets, including Blok and Lasker-Schüler. These introduce the mysterious and lyrical tone that begins to offset the comic persona of the poem's thrawn narrator.

MacDiarmid claimed for his poem national literary ambitions similar to those Joyce did for Ulysses in Ireland.

Ian Hamilton QC, uses the title of the poem as the tag line for a political blog which can be found at www.ianhamiltonqc.com.

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Looks and Smiles

Looks and Smiles is a novel by English writer Barry Hines. Published in 1981, it tells the story of a disadvantaged young man trying to get by in Margaret Thatcher's England. In the same year, the novel was adapted into a film by the same name, and directed by Ken Loach.

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Number 12 Looks Just Like You

Number 12.JPG

In a society of the future, Marilyn Cuberle chooses to forgo "The Transformation," a medical procedure given to everyone at the age of nineteen (either by convention or by law; it isn't made clear) through which patients are made beautiful and immune to disease. As part of the process, a person chooses from a limited collection of body models, labeled by number, for their new physical appearance.

No one understands why Marilyn wants to forgo her Transformation, but she sees nothing wrong with her own, distinctive appearance. Her "radical" beliefs were fostered by her father, who came to regret his own Transformation years earlier (and, as we learn, committed suicide in a fit of depression.) The motivation of The Transformation is unclear: is the society purging all forms of "difference" to produce a compliant populace? Or are the genuine benefits afforded by the Transformation causing Marilyn's friends and family authentic concern for her well-being?

Marilyn is eventually subdued by hospital employees, undergoes the procedure and--surprisingly--is enchanted with the beautiful result. Why this is so is ambiguous: does "The Transformation" alter personality, too? Or is Marilyn so seduced by her lovely new form that her objections have simply melted away?

The book Uglies and its following sequels by Scott Westerfeld has a plot similar to this episode, and a similarly dystopian society is explored in the novel We. The band The Number Twelve Looks Like You take their moniker from this episode as well.

In the Austin Powers series of movies, Dr. Evil uses the signature pinkie-on-mouth gesture demonstrated in this episode.

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Looks at Life

Looks at Life cover

Looks at Life is singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist John Hartford's debut album. It pretty much set the pattern for all of his RCA albums over the next four years. a combination of dry wit and superb musicianship, delivered with a warm conversational baritone. This, along with all six of his first albums were repackaged in three "twofer" CDs on BMG's Camden Deluxe label in 2002, immediately following his death.

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Looks Like We Made It

“Looks Like We Made It” cover

The song was first released in 1976 on his album This One's For You, and it was released as a single in 1977 where it reached the number one spot on both the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and the U.S. Adult Contemporary chart.

Hyatt, Wesley. The Billboard Book of Number One Adult Contemporary Hits. "Looks Like We Made It," page 208. Billboard Books, 1999.

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Dirty Looks (band)

Dirty Looks is a Hard rock band from San Francisco.

From the ashes of Erie, Pennsylvania cover-band Crossfire, Danish-born vocalist/guitarist Henrik Ostergaard and fellow Crossfire band-mate and bassist Jimmy Chartley traveled to San Francisco to form Dirty Looks in 1984. Fellow Crossfire bandmate Boyd Baker would join them a year later.

While in California and upon their return home to PA, the group had a revolving door membership, yet managed to release an EP and three independent (and hard to find) albums before Atlantic records came calling.

For the follow-up album, there were conflicts with original producer Beau Hill and the original recordings for Turn Of The Screw were scrapped, but the re-worked album would be the group's most successful release reaching even higher on the Billboard charts.

The solid album of outtakes, Bootlegs was released in 1991, then the group broke up in 1993 following the release of the awesome Five Easy Pieces with Ostergaard forming Rumbledog, Lidel hooking up with Dangerous Toys (and later Broken Teeth and Adrenaline Factor, his current project) and bassist Brian Perry resurfacing in Jake E. Lee's Wicked Alliance, and most notable the 2002 resurrection of Industrial Thrash legends Prong.

Ostergaard began recording under the Dirty Looks moniker again in 1994 to record the under-rated Chewing On The Bit album. Then he worked with Rumbledog again, releasing an album in 1995 with bassist Jassen Wilber, drummer Ron Sutton, guitarist Mike Ondrusek and guitarist Mike Smith. Ostergaard put out two releases as Dirty Looks in 1996.

With the personnel above minus Ondrusek and adding singer Gabriel Scott Robison, Ostergaard took a back seat in the vocal department and formed the Burning Orange project who released an album before calling it a day in 1996. Since then, Ostergaard has been retired from the music business to focus on family life.

New CD "Super Deluxe" from Dirty Looks set for early March 2008! New material features Henrik Ostergaard, Paul Lidel, Jack Pyers, and Jeremy Hummel. Stay tuned for more info! Concert update, Dirty Looks will play a concert in Erie Pa at the Warner theater on Oct 5th 2008. The show starts at 5:00 pm. This will not be a reunion show. The only original member will be Henrik.

Welcome back Dirty Looks!

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