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Fashion Face-Off: Paris Hilton vs. Mischa Barton - E! Online
Mischa Barton first wore this Grecian-inspired gown to a DSquared party in LA last fall, while Paris picked the frock for a fete in Cannes. Mischa kept her look fairly simple with a few bracelets, while Paris added a belt and headband to her ensemble....
Mischa Barton Blogs About The Beautiful Life - The Hollywood Gossip
Despite her incomprehensibly gaunt frame, and lack of acting talent, Mischa Barton has been cast in a new series. The actress - whose character was hilariously killed off The OC - has landed a role in The CW's fall drama The Beautiful Life....
Go to HOMECOMING with Mischa Barton... - FANGORIA
Mischa Barton stars as Shelby, a small-town girl and former homecoming queen who's just a tad upset when her former beau Mike (Matt Long) comes home from college for Christmas break with his new girlfriend Elizabeth (THE HILLS HAVE EYES II's Jessica...
Barton's new movie missing money for launch - Ireland Online
Mischa Barton has become the latest victim of the credit crunch - her new movie has stalled as makers can't find the cash to distribute the film. The actress appears alongside Bruce Willis in 'Assassination Of A High School President', but the project...
Mischa Barton bags a new role as celebrity designer - WalesOnline
Mischa Barton has jumped on the celebrity-turned-designer bandwagon by creating her own range of handbags. The actress and fashionista tells Albertina Lloyd about her style icons and life after The OC... It may surprise you that Mischa Barton, actress,...
Big-bag ladies and gentlemen beware - Irish Independent
In Britain last week a crime survey found that theft had risen by more than 25 per cent and carrying oversized handbags (of the kind that dwarfs the lithe frames of Victoria Beckham, the Olsen twins and Mischa Barton) makes women increasingly...
Mischa Barton Designs Headbands - LimeLife
How will Mischa Barton's design prowess prove to be? Mischa Barton has always been a lover of headbands and other accessories, so it comes as no surprise that she's teamed up with designer Stacey Lapidus to come up with a full line of hair accessories,...
The CW Announces the 2009-10 Television Lineup - About - News & Issues
Mischa Barton...Sydney Andrews...Michael Mancini...all on one network?! It almost doesn't seem fair to all the other kids on the block. It's happening this fall on the CW. After renewing most of their dramas back in February, TPTB at the CW have been...
Mischa's fashion faux pas - Stuff.co.nz
MISCHA BARTON: The actress goes her own way where fashion is concerned and is launching a range of handbags. Actress Mischa Barton doesn't care if she makes fashion mistakes. The former OC star would rather experiment with her own look than have a...
Elle Macpherson launches new TV show in Victoria Beckham dress - Mirror.co.uk
Supermodel Elle, 45, was at Madison Square Garden, New York to celebrate the drama in which she stars alongside Mischa Barton. Produced by Demi Moore's other half, Ashton Kutcher, The Beautiful Life is centres on a group of New York models....

Mischa Barton

Mischa Anne Marsden Barton, (born 24 January 1986) is an English film, television, and stage actress, perhaps best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the American television series The O.C.

Mischa Barton was born in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom to an Irish mother, Nuala (née Quinn), a photographer, and an English father, Paul Marsden Barton, a foreign exchange broker. She has two sisters, Hania and Zoe Barton. Barton moved to New York City at the age of five and became a naturalised citizen of the United States in Los Angeles on 3 February 2006. Barton graduated from the Professional Children's School in Manhattan in 2004, and attended classes at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in the Summer of 2006.

Barton began acting at the age of eight (as she said on The Friday Night Project), co-starring in the Off Broadway premiere of Slavs!, written by Tony Kushner. She appeared in several other Off Broadway productions, taking a lead role in James Lapine's Twelve Dreams at Lincoln Center. She made her film debut in Lawn Dogs, which won awards at film festivals around the world. Since then, she has appeared in several films, such as The Sixth Sense, Notting Hill, St Trinians, and Closing the Ring. In St Trinians, she appeared as a former head girl of that school advising current senior pupils on fashion and style.

Barton first appeared on television in 1996, as young Lily Montgomery in the soap opera All My Children, and in a modern re-make of Bonnie and Clyde. She guest-starred in eight episodes of the television series Once and Again as Jessie Sammler's (Evan Rachel Wood's) girlfriend, Katie Singer. Other television appearances include an episode of the FOX series Fastlane, James Blunt's music video "Goodbye My Lover", and Enrique Iglesias' music video "Addicted".

In August 2003, FOX premiered the television series The O.C., about affluent teenagers with stormy personal lives who reside in scenic Orange County, California. The show became an overnight success due to its large fanbase, and resulted in Barton's fame being increased through her role as Marissa Cooper. Barton departed from the show in the third-season finale in May 2006. The O.C. dropped in ratings dramatically during its third and fourth seasons, and ended in early 2007.

In July 2006, Barton appeared on the British comedy variety show The Friday Night Project as a guest host.

In 2007, Barton appeared nude briefly in the film The Oh in Ohio, and again in Closing the Ring. She also appeared in the R-rated comedy film Virgin Territory with Hayden Christensen, which was a flop, going straight to DVD and being ignored by most critics. Later in 2007, Barton was cast in the international film produced by the Russian band t.A.T.u., called You and I.

In 2008, Barton appeared on the popular show Gok's Fashion Fix on Channel 4. In the episode, Gok goes on an exclusive shopping trip in Paris with Mischa. She was filming Bhopal: Prayer for Rain in India alongside Martin Sheen. She appeared in Assassination of a High School President, co-starring Bruce Willis, when the film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. She has completed filming Walled In, Homecoming and Don't Fade Away, which are all expected to be released in 2009. You and I and Assassination of a High School President are also scheduled to be released in 2009.

Barton was recently cast in The Science of Cool. According to reports, she will instead be starring in A Beautiful Life another new series on The CW.

Barton has been in many television commercials and print advertising campaigns. Long time friend and mentor Ivan Bart of IMG Models New York has represented her throughout her career. Barton has modeled for companies Calvin Klein, bebe stores, Aéropostale, Monsoon Accessorize, Dooney & Bourke, JC (Jeans and Clothes), European clothing line Morgan de Toi, Jaspal, and Neutrogena skincare products. She became the spokesperson for Keds Sneakers, substantially increasing their sales. In Australia, she appears in commercials for teen magazine Famous and was the guest of honour at retail giant David Jones Tahitian Summer Collection launch. She has also modeled jewelry for the company Waxing Poetic.

In 2007, Barton also became a spokesperson for the SAFE (Skin Awareness for Everyone) campaign. In addition, she lent her name to the TRAID campaign (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) in association with Visa Swap. Barton was photographed in April 2007 for the Fall 2007/2008 advertising campaign for Italian clothing brand Iceberg, modeling with Nicolas Bemberg.

In July 2008, she created a 14 piece handbag collection for online retailer, ASOS.com. Barton was reportedly very involved in the line which retails from £20 to £145. She told ASOS magazine that she first discovered the website through her sister.

In December 2008, Barton premiered her line of headbands released on the Stacy Lapidus line. The headbands cost from $90 to $200. She also has a handbag line for London-based Ri2k, which is sold in the United Kingdom and Australia only.

In early 2009, Mischa Barton became the "new face" of Herbal Essences.

In December 2008, there were reports that she was dating The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard . The reports were confirmed during the relationship by Luke; Mischa only confirmed the relationship after the pair split in March 2009.

When asked in interviews if she feels English or American, she states she feels English.

Barton is currently the spokesperson for "Climate Star", an organization that fights Global Warming through social and legislative activism.

Barton serves as an Entertainment Industry Foundation Ambassador teaming up with QVC to spread awareness and raise funds for women's cancer research through the Fashion Footwear Association of New York Shoes on Sale Initiative.

In 2006, Barton also became a spokesperson for the SAFE (Skin Awareness for Everyone) campaign and also lent her name to the TRAID campaign (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) in association with Visa Swap.

Barton is an ambassador for Save the Children and the "One Water" campaign which brings water to remote locations in Africa, and is on the board of the "Lupus Research Committee" in Los Angeles.

Barton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, and driving without a valid license on December 27, 2007. She was stopped by the police during the early morning hours in West Hollywood, California when she was seen "straddling the lanes and failing to signal for a turn". Police discovered during the traffic stop that Barton "was an unlicensed driver and was driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage". She was detained and released later the same morning from the West Hollywood Sheriff Station on US$10,000 bail.

Barton was subsequently charged with two misdemeanors: driving without a valid license; and a DUI.

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Don't Fade Away


Don't Fade Away is an upcoming 2009 coming of age drama starring Mischa Barton and Ryan Kwanten. The film has been produced by Origin Entertainment Group and was shot in New York and North Carolina.

Life was easy for Jackson White (Kwanten). With looks, brains, and athletic ability, the world's possibilities seemed limitless. But, when he came to New York City to pursue a career in the music industry, he was so seduced by money and status that he lost track of who he was. Now, with both his personal and professional lives on the edge of ruin, he's been called home to care for his dying father. While in North Carolina and New York, he'll have to confront the friends he lost track of and the girl he never met.

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Once and Again

Once and Again is an American television series that initially aired on ABC from 1999 to 2002. It depicts the family of a single mother and her romance with a single father. It was created by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the same team that created Thirtysomething and produced My So-Called Life.

One of the show's more unique aspects were the "interview" sequences filmed in black and white and interspersed throughout each episode, where the characters would reveal their most innermost thoughts and memories to the camera.

Lily Manning (Sela Ward) is a 40ish suburban soccer mom living in Deerfield, Illinois. Recently separated from her philandering husband Jake (Jeffrey Nordling), Lily is doing the best she can in the raising of her two daughters, insecure, anxiety-ridden 14-year-old Grace (Julia Whelan), and wide-eyed, innocent 9-year-old Zoe (Meredith Deane). Lily is a woman who, in her own words, has "always wanted to be safe." Now, for the first time in her life, she sees no clear direction as the life she had always imagined for herself and her family seems to be slipping away. Although well supported by her younger sister, Judy (Marin Hinkle), at whose bookstore, called My Sister's Bookstore, she works, she still feels very anxious about the future. Then, one day, she discovers an unexpected new possibility for herself when she meets Rick Sammler (Billy Campbell) in the principal's office at Grace's school, Upton Sinclair High School.

Rick is a single father and co-head of an architectural firm, Sammler/Cassili Associates, which is located in downtown Chicago. Rick has been divorced from his uptight ex-wife Karen (Susanna Thompson) for three years and has two children, Eli (Shane West), a 16-year-old basketball player at Sinclair High who suffers from a learning disability, and sensitive 12-year-old Jessie (Evan Rachel Wood), who longs for the days before her family's disintegration.

Lily and Rick share an immediate mutual attraction and begin dating. Their budding relationship causes problems in both of their respective families. Jake, who still maintains a close relationship with Lily's parents, Phil and Barbara (Paul Mazursky and Bonnie Bartlett on a recurring basis), is in the midst of remodeling and reopening their restaurant, Phil's, which they have left to him before retiring to Florida. His high level of continued personal involvement with them keeps them from accepting Lily's relationship with Rick right away, even as Jake gets them all into increasingly worse financial situations in his endeavor to get the restaurant up and running again. Grace strongly objects to Lily and Rick's relationship as she still hopes to see her parents get back together. Judy doesn't care much for Rick, but still supports her sister since it seems like no one else is going to. Karen, a public interest attorney at the downtown law firm of Harris, Riegert, and Sammler, is worried about the toll Rick's new relationship would take on their children, particularly Jessie, who is shy and emotionally fragile. She is also working through her own feelings of jealousy that Rick is moving on to a new relationship.

The stories presented on 'Once and Again' explore the wonder and the difficulty of a second chance at love, as well as the family dynamics of divorce and subsequent remarriage, parent and child relationships, and the search for love, self-discovery, and personal fulfillment.

The relationship between Rick and Lily in "Once and Again" is definitely the main plot of the series. Although they discover a rare and lasting connection right away in the beginning (Pilot season one), their love must withstand great tests if it is to survive. In the first season, the main issue between the two is that of timing, particularly because Lily has not formally ended her marriage to Jake as the romance first blossoms. This problem is overcome when Lily finally stands up to Jake and asks for a divorce and accepting all the challenges that come with being a single parent. In the second season, Rick and Lily must hang in there together as they make a transition from romantic couple to husband and wife. It is particularly challenging when Rick and Lily must unite their children into one home and as Rick faces legal and professional troubles. The third season portrays their new life together. The fact that Rick and Lily are able to commit to one another and start a new life in the midst of ex-spouses, children, family, and finances in three seasons shows the great success and fulfillment found in their union and also the real success of the series.

In addition to the relationship between Rick and Lily, the stories of the other main characters are also brought to center stage. The series explores the lives of each one of the characters closest to Rick and Lily: Karen's troubles and new relationships; Eli and Jessie's relationships and troubles; Jake's evolving relationship with one of his women, Tiffany, with whom he inadvertently starts a new family; Grace's and Zoe's relationships and troubles; and Judy's relationships and personal struggles with being a single woman in her mid-30's.

The show also explores the families that Rick and Lily have come from. Rick's father died when he was only fourteen, and he doesn't speak to his brother. His mother visits during the second Thanksgiving and meets Lily (Feast or Famine) and confronts Rick when she sees how his children need him. Lily is the oldest of three. While the series shows Judy (the youngest) as a main star, it also includes the middle child Aaron as a powerful figure in the world of the story. Aaron has schizophrenia, and episodes in each season show him finding success and contentment with family in the midst of the tragic illness. Lily's parents are also main characters in the story. Unfortunately, Lily's father passes away in the first season, and the family must then come closer together like never before after the loss.

Once and Again examines and analyzes many subjects present in modern society. In a day and age where half of all marriages end in divorce, it is promising to have shows such as Once and Again where characters work to make sense of what happened in their broken marriages.

In the three seasons of Once and Again, both Rick and Lily work to make sense of how their first marriages fell apart. Rick spent years in wedded bliss with the idealistic, righteous, and somewhat controlling corporate fighting attorney Karen. Then, when their children Eli and Jessie were 13 and 9, the two decided to end things.

Once and Again also tackled various other problems including mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, and sexual identity. Several of these plotlines reached fruition among supporting characters in the show's final season. Among these were Karen Sammler's battle with depression, the doomed romantic attraction between Grace and a male teacher, Mr. Dimitri (Eric Stoltz), and Jessie's coming to grips with her romantic interest in a female classmate named Katie (played by a young Mischa Barton).

Ron Lagomarsino is an American television and theatre director. He is the recipient of an NEA Directing Fellowship, and the Outer Critics Circle Award for Driving Miss Daisy, Christopher Durang's Laughing Wild (Playwrights Horizons), and Timothy Mason's Only You. Lsgomarsino is a graduate of Santa Clara University (valedictorian) and New York University School of the Arts (Seidman Award Graduate in Directing).

His television credits include The Unit, Once And Again, Ghost Whisperer, The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire, Big Shots, Homefront (Friend of LML), Picket Fences, The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, My So-Called Life, What About Brian, Ally McBeal, Joan of Arcadia, Side Order of Life, Shark, Another World, thirtysomething, One Life to Live, Dinner At Eight, The Counterfeit Contessa, Sweet Temptation, and The Madam's Family: The Truth About The Canal Street Brothel.

His theatre credits include The Last Night of Ballyhoo, Driving Miss Daisy, My Favorite Year, Laughing Wild, and Only You.

It originally aired on ABC from 1999 to 2002. In the U.S it was in syndication on Lifetime Real Women the spinoff channel from Lifetime Television. The channel stopped running O&A in April 2005, and no American outlet presently carries the show. However, on August 2, 2008, it was announced that Once and Again will return to United States television for the first time since April 2005. It might return to U.S. TV for the first time in 4 years by the first quarter of 2009. Once and Again was seen on the now-defunct ABC1 in the United Kingdom and the Seven Network in Australia. In Canada, the show was seen on the W Network until late 2007 or early 2008. Today, the show might be seen in full-length episodes on YouTube.W Network will be broadcasting the series at 3 am beginning September 2008 (from their network schedule).

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (formerly Buena Vista Home Entertainment) released Season 1 on November 5, 2002, mere months after the series finale. It was expected that the remaining two seasons would be released soon afterward. However, it took three more years and numerous petition drives for season two to be released, which occurred on August 23, 2005. A little over a month later, on September 30, 2005, news broke about the release of the third and final season, which was slated to occur on January 10, 2006, but by October 2005 the title was delayed and has been ever since, with no explanation. It was almost two years before another official word was uttered on the subject and in July 2007, it was reported that Buena Vista's license on the program was soon to expire and, as a result, could lead to a new company acquiring the distribution rights to the title and thus a potential third season release.

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Walled In


Walled In is a 2009 horror-thriller starring Mischa Barton. The film is based on the best-selling French novel Les Emmurés by Serge Brussolo. It is the English-language debut of critically-acclaimed French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner. The film was shot in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Based on Serge Brussolo's bestselling French novel "Les Emmures," about a demolition company rep (Mischa Barton) who supervises the razing of a mysterious building and discovers horrifying secrets and past inhabitants entombed within its walls by a vicious murderer.

The film premiered at the Glasgow Film Festival on 20 February 2009.

The film received a straight-to-DVD release in North America on March 17 2009.

There is also an accompanying graphic novel by the same name produced by Spacedog, published through Ape Entertainment available in April 2009.

As the film has been released straight-to-dvd it has only received limited critical reviews. So far, the film has garnered a mixed reaction. DVD Talk rated the film 3/5 stars, praising the performances of the cast and the effectiveness of the low budget. Although the review concluded that the film deseved a stronger conclusion. The film was rated 5/10 by IGN and had conflicting accounts of the performances of the cast, describing Barton as "terrific" and Bright as "wooden". Real Movie News described the film as "atmospheric" and "attractive" but questioned the confused identity of the film.

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Tart (film)

Tart (2002).jpg

Tart is a 2001 coming of age film starring Dominique Swain as Cat Storm, a teen going to a Manhattan prep school, who must deal with the issues of sex and drugs, and the loss of her best friend Delilah Milford, played by Bijou Phillips. Mischa Barton (The O.C.), also appears as Grace Bailey, who becomes Cat's best friend in the wake of Delilah's death. Brad Renfro plays the delinquent love interest. Cat has to choose between her best friend or the "in crowd" of snobby teens at her school. Bijou Philips and Brad Renfro both starred in the 2001 film Bully.

Melanie Griffith, who co-stars, also co-produced the film.

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Bhopal: Prayer for Rain

Bhopal: Prayer for Rain is an upcoming historical-drama film set amidst the real-life Bhopal disaster, an Indian industrial disaster. Mischa Barton and Martin Sheen have been cast in the lead roles. The film is being directed by Ravi Kumar.

The film follows multiple characters' lives and dilemmas in the months leading to the 1984 Union Carbide industrial disaster in Bhopal, India. This was the biggest industrial disaster in human history that killed around 8,000 people in roughly two weeks starting the night of December 3 1984.

Sienna Miller was previously attached to the project, but has since dropped out and according to reports, her role has been given to Mischa Barton. In December it was confirmed that Barton, Sheen and Kal Penn are currently filming in India for the project. On 7 January 2009, Barton was questioned by the Indian media on why she chose to sign on the project; "I'm interested in all kinds of things, I did this film for moral reasons. Also, I felt the story needed to be told, I feel that this is going to be an important film." It has been confirmed that Barton is playing the role of a foreign journalist in the film. Filming locations have included the city of Hyderabad, the Charminar area and Golconda Fort. Fagun Thakrar plays the role of Rekha in the film Prayer for Rain. Fagun Thakrar is a British East India Actress.

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