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Bokeen's Cybook Opus E-Reader Beats Kindle to a Pocket-Friendly Size - Fast Company
Unlike Amazon, which recently super-sized the Kindle 2 into the larger DX, Bokeen's innovation goes in the other direction: the Cybook Opus fits in a pocket. Bookeen revealed the device at Digital Book 2009 last week, and its specs make it sound pretty...
The Opus card: A user's guide - The Gazette (Montreal)
MONTREAL QUE: APRIL 30 2009--Linda Mavriplis tries, without success, to add single unit bus passes to her Opus card in Montreal Wednesday April 30 2009. The system will only allow her to add preset packages and not single fares....
Thomas Roberts out as president and CEO of Opus West - Bizjournals.com
Thomas Roberts, president and CEO of Opus West, confirmed Friday that he is no longer with the company he had headed for many years. In an e-mail sent to the Phoenix Business Journal, Roberts said, “After more than two decades, I am leaving Opus West....
Cybook Opus Ebook - UberGizmo
Electronic books could catch on in society if more and more affordable ebook readers are released, and the Cybook Opus is yet another model to hit the market. It will play on its strengths by being touted as pocketable, boasting a 200DPI resolution...
Opus East strikes APG tax break deal - Bizjournals.com
Rockville developer Opus East LLC has agreed to pay for millions of dollars in upgrades at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in exchange for not being charged property taxes on a 400-acre business park it's developing inside the gates of the federally owned...
Angels and Demons – better than The Da Vinci Code - Malta Independent Online
Angels and Demons was written three years before The Da Vinci Code, but became successful only after the latter made the headlines because of the controversial subject it tackled – the battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the claimed...
Green Day Delivers Another Rock Opus Most Righteous - Washington Post
By J. Freedom du Lac Five years ago, when the long-running Northern California trio released an ambitious, righteous rock opera about living with war, etc., it signaled a serious and surprising growth spurt for a snot-slinging band of brats previously...
NEW APPOINTMENT AT OPUS - Meetpie (press release)
Phil Williams has joined Opus as head of performance improvement. He has 20 years of experience in the performance improvement and direct marketing industries and has spent more than 10 years as a board member of leading agencies in the performance...
Opus retail project files bankruptcy in Texas - Finance and Commerce
by Burl Gilyard Staff Writer Minnetonka-based real estate titan Opus Group is feeling more pain from its operations around the country. The Phoenix-based Opus West Corp. was one of three partners that developed a large retail project, the Hill Country...
Reality Digital Receives “Red Herring 100 North America” Award - Business Wire (press release)
Reality Digital products include Reality Digital Opus™, a full-service social media platform for enterprises, and Reality Digital Harmony, a self-service, entry-level social media platform for small businesses and projects....

Opus the Penguin

An early Opus appearance in the strip Bloom County

Opus the Penguin (Opus T. Penguin) is a character in the comic strips and children's books of Berkeley Breathed, most notably the popular 1980s strip Bloom County. Breathed has described him as an "existentialist penguin" and the favorite of his many characters. Until November 2, 2008 he ran in the comic strip Opus.

Opus was originally introduced as a one-time gag about hapless Mike Binkley bringing home what he thought was a German Shepherd, which turned out to be a penguin, much to the disappointment of his father. However, Opus' popularity quickly grew until he became the signature character of Breathed's comic strips.

Opus' appearance has changed dramatically since his inception - he originally looked like a common penguin, but between 1982 and 1986 his nose grew dramatically (developing its signature bump in the middle, of which Opus is very self-conscious). Mike Binkley, during one Sunday strip, points out the fact that Opus more closely resembles a puffin, a revelation which shocks Opus. (In the final panel of the same strip, Opus responds by telling Binkley that he looks like a carrot.) Opus says he is attracted to "svelte buoyant waterfowl".

He is usually seen wearing a bow tie and collar, though he sometimes switches to a diagonally striped necktie when running for public office. Beginning in Outland during the 1990s, he is also occasionally seen inexplicably wearing white briefs.

Over the years Opus has served as Steve Dallas' legal secretary, journeyed to Antarctica in search of his mother, played the tuba in heavy metal group Deathtöngue (later renamed Billy and the Boingers), wooed an abstract sculptor named Lola Granola, worked as a newspaper personals editor, lifestyle columnist and comic strip writer, had brief, experimental stints employed as a farmer, garbageman and even a cartoonist (or, as he called it, a stripper, which he would also be at one point), and run for vice president on the National Radical Meadow Party ticket, along with his running mate Bill the Cat.

In the tradition of many other popular characters, Opus apparently died (while unwillingly brought along on a balloon expedition to Washington, DC, to zap the ambassador from apartheid-era South Africa with a ray that would temporarily turn him black) only to return with amnesia. He later regained his memory after being in a state of intense and total shock; he heard an erroneous report that Diane Sawyer (on whom he had an enormous crush) had married Eddie Murphy. Another story line led Opus, in search of his mother, to a Mary Kay Cosmetics testing building, which he was shocked to find out was cruelly using animals as test subjects for various cosmetics. Another memorable story line featured Opus being the subject of moral scorn as a perpetrator of "penguin lust". He fled Bloom County, and was absent for a long time, eventually reappearing lost in the desert, before his mother came to him in a hallucination and told him to return to his home. In another story, Opus wrote an autobiography, A Penguin's Story, which nobody bought. Milo Bloom later rewrote the memoir, exaggerating and fabricating most of it, in his typical fashion. The new, scandalous memoir, entitled Naked Came I, became a bestseller in the Bloom County universe, leading Opus to even more notoriety than he had as Bill the Cat's running mate.

A major failing of Opus is his inability to resist the temptations of television infotainment commercials, with the result being that he is frequently seen receiving crateloads of useless and arcane kitchen utensils such as "turnip twaddlers".

Opus also has a very amusing (but somewhat unfortunate) history of "losing parts"; on several occasions, his "fanny" has fallen off (often with a clanking sound on the floor), and he has also had instances where his nose droops or is taken completely off as a result of sneezing while using dental floss and so on. Sometimes these are combined; he has had either his nose and rear end fall off, or his nose droop while his rear end has fallen off, and so on. He eventually learned that his navel was in fact the screw that attached his rear end to his body.

Opus was the second Bloom County regular to appear in the Sunday-only Outland strip, after Outland's original protagonist, Ronald-Ann Smith. He also appeared in some of Breathed's children's books, including A Wish for Wings That Work and Goodnight Opus.

Eight years after Outland ended, Opus returned in a second Sunday-only strip simply titled Opus, in 2003. The first few strips showed Opus's discontent living in Antarctica with his overbearing mother. A misdirected Mars probe happened to give him the means to return to Bloom County, where he set about looking for his old friends. To date, he has been reunited with four — Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, and (on June 3, 2007), Michael Binkley and Oliver Wendell Jones.

According to the July 10, 2005 edition of the Opus comic strip, Opus lived at 996 Melba Lane, presumably in Bloom County.

Opus appears on the label of Honest Tea's Peach Oo-la-long tea.

On October 6, 2008, Berkeley Breathed announced that he would end Opus on November 2. He added that "I'll be leaving Opus in a way that it should be very clear that this time there's no going back home" and that he felt "unrealistically emotional" about drawing the final Opus strip and writing a final ending.

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Opus (content management system)

Opus is a free, open source content management system for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets.

It is written in the PHP programming language and uses the MySQL database.

Opus is short for Opus Publishing System. Opus is also the penguin in Bloom County, a comic strip by Berkeley Breathed which Paul Oldham, who wrote most of the original Opus code, used to read avidly.

It was developed to publish a web site and online newspaper for the village of Milton, Cambridgeshire, UK, and then extended into a general-purpose CMS.

Opus is easy to use, and once installed requires little or no knowledge of PHP, MySQL or HTML to maintain. The default layout has a sidebar with links to articles, and a top-left icon, with a main panel extended right from the sidebar in which the content resides but it is possible, through the use of templates, to create web pages laid out in any way the site owner wishes. It supports the publication of news articles in a most-recent-first format with an option to allow blogging and to add an RSS feed. It has a flexible authentication system that allows editors to be granted selective rights over different areas of the site.

The Opus CMS is in use across many web sites, particularly charity and local community groups, and Parish Councils, but it is also used by a number of companies too.

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OPUS card

An OPUS card reader located at the Bonaventure Metro Station

OPUS is the name of a rechargeable contactless stored value smart card which is being gradually introduced in most of the public transit systems in the Canadian province of Quebec. One card can contain up to four different kinds of fares. (ex: An OPUS card can contain 1 STM pass, 10 STL tickets, and 2 train tickets for zones 2 and 5.) The main goal behind the creation of this card is to reduce the amount of fare evasion that takes place in the province's transit systems.

The card can be found inside various points of sale where local transit fares are currently sold; Recharging stations can be found at Montreal Metro stations, train stations, and Agence metropolitaine de transport bus terminals, as well as where local transit fares are sold.

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Opus latericium

Example of opus latericium on a tomb of the ancient Appian Way in Rome.

Opus latericium is a Roman form of construction in which coarse-laid brickwork is used to face a core of opus caementicium (lateres meaning "bricks" in Latin),. It was the dominant form of wall construction in the imperial era.

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Opus reticulatum

Opus reticulatum (also known as reticulated work) is a form of brickwork used in ancient Roman architecture. It consists of diamond-shaped bricks of tuff which are placed around a core of opus caementicium. The diamond-shaped tufa blocks were placed with the pointed ends into the cement core at an angle of roughly 45 degrees, so the square bases formed a diagonal pattern, and the pattern of mortar lines resembled a net. Reticulatum is the Latin term for net, and opus, the term for a work of art, thus the term literally translates to "net work".

This construction technique was used from the beginning of the 1st century BC, and remained very common until opus latericium, a different form of brickwork, became more common.

Opus reticulatum was used as a technique in the Renaissance Palazzo Rucellai in Florence, the skill having been lost with the end of the Roman Empire, and rediscovered by means of archeology by Leon Battista Alberti.

The initial, rough form of opus reticulatum, an advancement from opus incertum is called opus quasi reticulatum.

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