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Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy: PDA in NYC - Radar Online
The Ghost Whisperer costars were seen in New York City for a comedy gig Kennedy booked this weekend, and haven't been wasting any time--the pair have been all over each other, all over the Big Apple. Caught stealing kisses outside Soho club Comix,...
PDA is great, NDA is vital - News & Observer
My PDA consistently arms me with up-to-date information that I'm interested in (world news, legal resources, sports scores, store hours, phone numbers, blogs and so forth). As well, with a few keystrokes, I can communicate promptly with clients,...
HTC Snap-Innovative PDA offering from HTC steals the show - PitchEngine (press release)
Its main aim is as a PDA, but it covers all bases with a function packed little bundle coming in at only 12 mm thick. This phone sits very nicely in the "got to have” category for many who view its futuristic design and layout....
Kindle for iphone App a Complement – Not a Threat – to Amazon's Kindle - Wireless Design & Development Asia
In-Stat does not cover the PDA market any longer because the primary functionality of these devices was absorbed by sophisticated mobile phones. PND shipments are still on the rise, but year-over-year growth will slow substantially, due in part,...
Put a PDA in your practice for easy access to current medical ... - Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are convenient reference tools that help clinicians keep up with new treatments, practice lifelong learning, reduce medical errors, and prepare for recertification examinations.4 Cell phones are now a part of daily...
Paris Hilton Stung by "Sadistic" Pranksters, Nosy Neighbors - E! Online
Reports that the PDA pals got into a screaming match on Reinhardt's driveway last night are "not true at all," Hilton tells E! News exclusively. Rather, the celebutante claims, someone made a prank call and said her prized pooch was in trouble....
YOUR TAKE: PDA Horror Stories - WFMY News 2
Undated -- Parents, you may have tried this excuse with your cell phone company, "My kid dropped my PDA in the toilet." If you have, you're not alone. The survey called "Save Your PDA" was done by Leapfrog, a maker on innovative kid toys....
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Pump Up the PDA - The Gossip Girls
Enjoying life as newlyweds, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted out shopping for sunglasses at IIori on Robertson Blvd. on Monday (May 11). After finishing up their shopping duties, the “Hills” co-star lovers then enjoyed a fun-filled lunch at...
Verizon Wireless is offering two free PDA (personal data assistant) and smartphone workshops at its Grand Rapids store, located at 2605 E. Beltline Ave. SE, from 10:30 am – noon and 1:30 pm – 3 pm, on Tuesday, May 19. Reservations are required....
Video Available of Verizon Wireless Phones Aiding Residents and ... - PR Newswire (press release)
WHO: Verizon Wireless, the leading wireless company with the most reliable voice and data network, including the nation's largest wireless 3G broadband network. WHAT: Broadcast-quality B-Roll of: -- Comments from Region President Kevin Zavaglia on...

Hipster PDA

Hipster PDA

The Hipster PDA is a paper-based personal organizer, popularized by San Francisco writer Merlin Mann. Originally a tongue-in-cheek reaction to the increasing expense and complexity of personal digital assistants, the Hipster PDA (said to stand for 'Parietal Disgorgement Aid') simply comprises a sheaf of index cards held together with a binder clip. Following widespread coverage in the media and blogs, the Hipster PDA (abbreviated 'hPDA') has become a popular personal management tool particularly with followers of David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology and users of the Fisher Space Pen.

Advocates of the hPDA claim that it is a cheap, lightweight, free-form organizer that doesn't need batteries and is unlikely to be stolen. Critics cite the lack of integration with desktop PC productivity software and point out that there is no easy way to back up the often critical information stored in an hPDA.

Although it began as a joke, or perhaps a statement about technology fetishism, the Hipster PDA has rapidly gained a population of serious users, with hundreds posting pictures of their customized hPDAs on photo sharing sites and exchanging tips on Internet mailing lists. Enthusiasts also design and share index card-size printable templates for storing contacts, to-do lists, calendars, notes, project plans, and so on.

A Hipster Nano PDA utilizes business cards (often given superfluously at trade shows) with blank backs and one that has a calendar on the back.

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Wrist PDA

The Fossil Wrist PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant designed to take the place of a wristwatch.

The device, manufactured by FOSSIL , features a tiny gray 160x160 pixel screen, the same number of pixels as most palm devices up to Palm III, with 16 shades of gray. It is run on Palm OS 4.1 and has a tiny stylus hidden in the watch clasp. It is able to carry out most PDA functions, and run any normal Palm OS-compatible application. It features 8 Mb of RAM (about 7.7 Mb available to user) and 4 Mb of flash memory. Like other Palm OS devices, it can synchronize or exchange information with PC or Mac, has an infrared port, a virtual keyboard, and a touch screen. The device also has a watch mode, with several "watch faces" to display the time.

The price at debut was $200, but due the releases of newer Palm Operating Systems, and perhaps poor marketing, the price has fallen and as of January 2006 was around $79US.

However, the watch was recently discontinued, and replaced with Fossil's new line of WristNet watches, which do not run PalmOS, but can receive updates from the MSN Direct wireless service. This means the price has been going up, as collectors and enthusiasts race to get this soon to become rare watch. The models Fossil created, which have the same hardware, but a few differences in cosmetic design, were the FX2009 Wrist PDA, FX2008 Wrist PDA,and the Abacus AU5005, Abacus AU5006, and Abacus AU5008. Abacus is a subsidiary of Fossil.

Its major competitor is OnHand PC. OnHand PC has its own OS, but much longer battery life (2-3 months instead of 3-4 days), because it is a much simpler device, with a fraction of the RAM and processor power.

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Dalian Port (PDA) Company


Dalian Port (PDA) Company Limited (SEHK: 2880) is port operator of Port of Dalian, Dalian, Liaoning, China. It provides container loading and discharging services, storage services for crude oil, refined oil and liquefied chemicals, container logistics services and the operation of container depots, warehouses, shipping agencies and cargo forwarders and a bonded logistics park.

The company was established in 2005. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006 with its IPO price of HK$2.575 per share. It received the retail portion of its IPO with 851 times oversubscribed and the institutional tranche with 90 times oversubscribed.

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PDA College of Engineering

The PDA College of Engineering or Poojya Dodappa Appa College of Engineering is located at Gulbarga in state of Karnataka. The college was established in 1958 by Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society. The college offers courses in ceramic and cement technology, one of the few in India.

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PDA (song)

This song is one of the oldest songs by Interpol and has appeared on many of their early demos and EPs (included their first demo tape, the Fukd I.D. EP, and the Precipitate EP).

Between the release of the Interpol EP and the recording of Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol released "PDA" as a promo single along with a music video, directed by Christopher Mills.

The song is a playable track on Rock Band 2.

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