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Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Movie -- Who Would You Cast? - New York Post
Anyone who read Anthony Kiedis' biography knows that the Red Hot Chili Pepper's life story would make for a seriously spicy movie. He is literally the living embodiment of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. And when that film does come to fruition,...
Bitch Please: The Red Hot Chili Peppers - UI The Daily Iowan
I first listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was 12, close to By the Way's release, and I felt very strongly about the band's music. And though the 12-year-old me also had passionate feelings for *NSYNC, she was not wrong about all things....
Eat at your own risk! The world's spiciest foods - Kansas CW
Both dishes share a common ingredient-birds-eye (or Thai) chili, a small red pepper grown throughout Southeast Asia. From the Sichuan province of China hails the infamous Sichuan hot pot, the consumption of which chef and Travel Channel host Anthony...
Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Not Splitting' - Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Red Hot Chili Peppers have downplayed rumours that they are splitting up, insisting that they need a break. The "Californication" group last year announced a year-long hiatus but have now decided to extend it by a further six months....
York band takes off - York News-Times
They rattle off some of their biggest musical influences: Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, Pomeroy and 311. “They're Nebraska boys,” Isaac notes of 311, an Omaha band that, like Matic Impulse, combines the reggae, ska, punk, funk,...
A poem: 'After the Sound' - Battle Creek Enquirer
“I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl,” from The Red Hot Chili Peppers' “Scar Tissue” 3. “I know it's unlikely she'll ever be mine, so I mostly just pray she don't die,” from The Hold Steady's “Lord, I'm Discouraged” 2....
Grand Rapids' Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be ... -
Anthony Kiedis, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, performs in Grand Rapids at Van Andel Arena in 2006. Red Hot Chili Peppers' lead singer Anthony Kiedis, a native of Grand Rapids whose years of drug use and partying were well-documented in his 2004...
HBO Plans Series on Red Hot Chili Pepper's Anthony Kiedis - Creative Loafing Sarasota
HBO announced that Independent writer/director John Sayles will write a series treatment of Red Hot Chili Pepper's singer Anthony Kiedis' autobiography about his West Hollywood youth, “Scar Tissue.” Set in 1970s West Hollywood, the book and series will...
Trent Reznor asks fans to tell Dave Navarro why he's sexy -
As well as Jane's Addiction, Dave Navarro has played guitar for the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson,... Trent Reznor has asked fans to tell Dave Navarro why he's sexy. In a posting on his Twitter page today (May 15), the Nine Inch Nails...

List of awards and nominations received by Red Hot Chili Peppers


Red Hot Chili Peppers is an alternative rock band formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Bassist Flea has remained the only consistent member since the band's formation. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received numerous awards, including four Grammy Awards for the songs "Give It Away", "Scar Tissue", and "Dani California" in the years 1993, 2000, and 2006, respectively. Red Hot Chili Peppers have also received 18 nominations for MTV Music Video Awards, including Video of the Year, for the song "Under the Bridge".

Red Hot Chili Peppers and many of their works have had great critical acclaim. Their albums, Californation and Blood Sugar Sex Magik, have both ranked in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, placing at 189 and 310, respectively. In 2008, Red Hot Chili Peppers was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Billboard Music Awards are sponsored by Billboard magazine and are held annually in December. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have received 4 nominations.

The Billboard Music Video Awards are sponsored by Billboard magazine. Red Hot Chili Peppers has won 1 nomination.

The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards were held annually from 1994 to 2001 and were sponsored by Blockbuster Inc. Red Hot Chili Peppers have received one nomination.

The BRIT Awards are held annually and were created by the British Phonographic Industry. Red Hot Chili Peppers have received 1 award from 4 nominations.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have won 2 nominations.

The ECHO Music Awards are held annually and are granted by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie. Red Hot Chili Peppers have received 1 award.

The Juno Awards are held annually to Canadian Music artists to acknowledge their artistic and technical achievements in all aspects of music. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 2 nominations.

The Kerrang! Awards is an annual awards ceremony held by Kerrang!, a British rock magazine. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 4 nominations.

The Meteor Ireland Music Awards are held annually and are presented by MCD Productions. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 4 awards.

The MTV Australia Video Music Awards are awarded annually since 2004 and are presented by MTV. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 award from 2 nominations.

The MTV Europe Music Awards were established in 1994 by MTV Europe to celebrate the most popular music videos in Europe.

The MTV Video Music Awards were established in 1984 by MTV to celebrate the music videos of the year. Red Hot Chili Peppers have won 5 awards from 19 nominations.

The MTV Video Music Awards Latin America are held annually and are broadcast by MTV. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 award from 2 nominations.

The mtvU Woodie Awards are awarded annually and are broadcast by mtvU. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 nomination.

The MuchMusic Video Awards are awarded annually presented by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 award from 5 nominations.

The My VH1 Music Awards were awarded annually from 2000-2001 presented by Vh1. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 2 awards from 7 nominations.

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards are awarded annually by Nickelodeon. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 2 nominations.

The NRJ Music Awards are awarded annually by the radio station NJR. Red Hot Chili Peppers have received 1 nomination.

Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 3 awards.

The People's Choice Awards are held annually to recognize people in pop culture. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received one nomination.

The Q Awards are the United Kingdom's music awards run by the British magazine, Q. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 award from 4 nominations.

The Radio Music Awards are held annually to award the most successful song on mainstream radio. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 nomination.

The Teen Choice Awards are held annually and presented by Fox Broadcasting Company. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 nomination.

The TMF Awards (Belgium) are held annually and broadcast live on TMF. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 award.

The World Music Awards are held annually that honors worldwide sales figures. Red Hot Chili Peppers has received 1 nomination.

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Greatest Hits (Red Hot Chili Peppers album)

Greatest Hits cover

Greatest Hits is the Red Hot Chili Peppers' second compilation album released on November 18, 2003 by Warner Bros. Records.

While What Hits!? encompassed material from their 1984 debut to 1989's Mother's Milk, this collection of songs takes off from that point, including material from the 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik up to 2002's By the Way. It was during this period of their career that the band became a major commercial force in the music industry. Therefore this compilation includes the majority of hit singles released since their breakthrough cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" (also included on What Hits!?).

Fourteen new songs were made for this compilation, however only two were chosen to be tracks. The two that made the cut were the hit single "Fortune Faded" and "Save the Population". A music video was filmed and released for "Fortune Faded" but was left off the DVD included in this package.

The names of the other twelve songs are either unknown or unconfirmed except for Runaway which was included as a bonus track on the iTunes release of By The Way. There are rumours that the songs "Leverage of Space" and "Rolling Sly Stone", which were included in Live in Hyde Park, were recorded at this time. Also, the song Mini-Epic, which was performed on the 2004 tour and supposed to be on an anti-war album produced by Rick Rubin (a project that never came to fruition), is believed to be recorded at this time. One other song name, which Flea stated backstage at a performance for his Silverlake Conservatory of Music, is Desiree.

This album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions.

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Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Frusciante playing a reflective silver Fender Stratocaster and wearing flashy mirrored pants in the music video for "Give It Away".

While several radio stations originally refused to air the song because they felt it lacked melody, "Give It Away" went on to achieve international fame; it peaked at number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks in late 1991 and a year later charted inside the top seventy-five of the U.S. Hot 100 in the wake of the huge success of the record's second single "Under the Bridge". "Give It Away" also became the band's first top ten hit in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number nine on the UK Singles Chart.

The song was recorded between April and June 1991 at The Mansion in Los Angeles, California. Through the recording of "Give It Away" came a practice of crafting songs that the band would continue to use on every album following Blood Sugar Sex Magik. When the group encountered difficulty in composing a bridge for the song, they developed a tool colloquially termed "face-offs". Flea and Frusciante were unable to come to an agreement on guitar or bass progressions, but separately crafted part of the song. The band then reconvened at a later time and chose the most appropriate inclusion. With "Give It Away", a chorus and verse had already been written but a bridge was lacking, so thus they partook in a "face-off".

The act was something that affected Kiedis significantly because he had never before experienced such an enlightening ideology on life. Growing up in Los Angeles he had always thought differently than Hagen; instead of giving material possessions away and being free thinking the vocalist believed one must take what they want as no one will provide for you. Instead, he now adopted Hagen's philosophy: "It was such an epiphany that someone would want to give me her favorite thing. That stuck with me forever. Every time I'd be thinking 'I have to keep,' I'd remember 'No, you gotta give away instead.' When I started going regularly to meetings, one of the principles I had learned was that the way to maintain your own sobriety is to give it to another suffering alcoholic. Every time you empty your vessel of that energy, fresh new energy comes flooding in." Flea's bassline for the song allowed Kiedis to recall this incident and he believed the music paired perfectly with the lyrics. During the verses, Kiedis departs from the idea of unselfishness and sings about a variety of topics including long time friend River Phoenix, musician Bob Marley and various sexual themes including fertility and lust.

During the chorus, Kiedis sings "Give it away, give it away, give it away now" repeatedly over a more rapid guitar riff before Frusciante provides, according to Steve Huey of Allmusic, a "sudden contrast to Kiedis' hyperactivity in the form of a languid solo pre-recorded and dubbed backwards over the rhythm track." The solo was recorded in one take because Frusciante had developed a preference towards speedy execution and a raw feeling; according to Flea, "We did very little fix-up stuff. John's philosophy was that he would only play a solo twice. He'd play it once, and if he didn't like it or we didn't like it, he'd play it again—completely different. And that was it." "Give It Away" also makes use of other instruments like the jaw's harp, which was played by band friend Pete Weiss. The song continues through several verses and choruses before reaching a bridge that introduces the outro, which consists of "a hard-rocking riff" that, according to Huey, strongly resembles the main riff from Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" from their 1971 record Master of Reality. Kiedis repeats "Give it away now" for several measures before both the guitar, bass and drums drop out.

Since the song's release, it has become a notable factor in the Red Hot Chili Peppers' success and has won a variety of accolades. In 1994 "Give It Away" was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's unordered list of the "500 Songs That Shaped Rock"; in 2002 Kerrang! placed the song at number sixty-seven in their list of the "100 Greatest Singles of All Time"; in 2004 Q included it in their unordered list of the "1001 Songs You Must Own!"; and VH1 awarded the band the fiftieth spot in their 2009 compilation of the "100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs". "Give It Away" also won a Grammy award at the 35th Ceremony in 1993 for the "Best Hard Rock Performance".

The music video for "Give It Away" was made by French fashion photographer and director Stéphane Sednaoui. Kiedis wanted the video to be visually distinct and readily identifiable but disliked much of the material Warner Bros. sent for him to choose from: "I started viewing reels and reels and reels of video directors but nothing looked good to me. Everything was the same, boring, homogenized, contrived shit." Upon finding Sednaoui's reel, however, Kiedis noticed it was "like nothing else. It was slower and poetic, shot in black and white. It seemed like authentic art, not something shot for MTV." He and Flea met with Sednaoui to talk about the video, for which the director proposed a "very desolated very graphic landscape," while heavily emphasizing focus on the band members with little to no outside influence. It was decided that the video would be filmed in black and white while Sednaoui took the idea of painting the band members with silver acrylic from previous photo shoots he had done. Sednaoui recalls that he was "amazed by what gave me because they went far far far beyond what I was expecting and I think that's one of my best experiences in that regard." The overall mood of the video was intended to be a personification of the song, which is upbeat and lively.

Sednaoui experimented with a variety of cinematography including wide-angle lenses, shots from below the subject, superimposition, vertically cut screens displaying different angles of the same shot, reverse film effects, multiple lighting situations and flashy clothing to convey his concept. Frusciante noted the feeling of the video to be extremely vibrant and over the top: "When it was us just painting ourselves silver and wearing these big silver boots and stuff, I mean it felt like glam rock or something." The video begins with a wide-angle shot of Flea in a desert setting wearing pants with several gold colored horns protruding from each leg. The bassist is standing in a meditative stance and brings his arms together above his head, when the music begins to play. The video then transitions between a variety of shots edited together that consist of the four band members standing with their eyes closed; the band dancing around in a dimly lit setting; a ground view of Frusciante playing a reflective silver Fender Stratocaster in between his legs while wearing pants made up entire of small pieces of mirror; the band members moving around with full makeup on; and the band members dancing frenziedly. Kiedis adopted a deliberately outlandish wardrobe which incorporated gold lipstick, thinly braided hair, revealing meshed shorts and bright silver boots.

During the backwards guitar solo, Frusciante was filmed waving an large aluminum ribbon; Kiedis was initially apprehensive about Sednaoui's desire for the guitarist to do so, believing he would tell the director "'Fuck you and take that dancing ribbon and shove it up your French ass, buddy' but gladly went off and made love to the air with this dancing ribbon. He would have danced around for hours with that thing." The footage was edited in reverse to compliment the solo. While some of the scenes in the video were planned with a storyboard, much of it was improvised or made up on the spot over the two-day shoot. During a particular scene Kiedis began to move his tongue flamboyantly to dramatically accentuate the lyrics, which Sednaoui believed was extremely beneficial to the exuberant nature of the video. Where the video begins in what appears to be the daytime, it concludes at dusk with silhouettes of the band members running into the setting sun.

The video—which cost an estimated $140,000 to produce—was completed while Kiedis and Frusciante were on a promotional trip through Europe in support of Blood Sugar Sex Magik. When the vocalist first saw it, he was "more hysterically ecstatic about that piece of visual footage than anything ever done." Warner Bros. executives, however, were worried that the content would be "too weird" or "too artsy" for the general public and favored a more traditional premise in contrast to the experimental approach Sednaoui took. The video was ultimately released in its originality without being edited by the record label; since then it has been widely credited as being a considerable factor in the Red Hot Chili Peppers' success and greatly increased their international popularity. Journalist Jeff Apter noted the video's "funky brew of goofy looks, a subtle invasive hook, Flea's spindly fingered baseline and Kiedis' crotch-hugging shorts made the clip essential viewing across MTV throughout the last few months of 1991." Steve Huey of Allmusic commented in his review of the song that "MTV jumped all over the visually distinctive video." It was nominated for three awards—"Best Alternative Video", "Breakthrough Video" and "Best Art Direction"—at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards, for which it won the latter two.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers discography

Red Hot Chili Peppers performing at Pinkpop Festival on June 5, 2006.

The discography of Red Hot Chili Peppers, a Los Angeles, California based alternative rock band, consists of nine studio albums, one live album, three compilation albums, one EP, two box sets, four video albums, forty-three singles, and thirty-five music videos. This list does not include solo material performed by guitarist John Frusciante.

Red Hot Chili Peppers released their first three albums to virtually no commercial success during the mid to late 1980s. It was not until their fourth album, 1989's Mother's Milk, that the band received critical attention when the album peaked at number fifty-two on the Billboard Top 200. After releasing Blood Sugar Sex Magik in 1991, the Chili Peppers broke into the mainstream. The album went on to sell over seven million copies in the United States—thirteen million worldwide—and became a foundation for alternative rock in the 1990s. Frusciante quit the band shortly thereafter, and the band hired Dave Navarro and released One Hot Minute in 1995. Although moderately successful, it was both a commercial and critical disappointment in comparison to Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Frusciante rejoined the Chili Peppers in 1998, and they released their seventh album, Californication, in 1999 which was followed by By the Way (2002) and Stadium Arcadium (2006). To date, Red Hot Chili Peppers have sold over fifty million albums worldwide.

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