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Double Play: Lemonheads and Dark Castle - Crave Online
The Lemonheads and their main singer/songwriter Evan Dando was the quintessential “alternative” band in the way it was defined during the nineties. They were possessed of an anti-corporate attitude while still able to write catchy pop tunes....
Old-Fashioned Cover Band Shoots For The 'Stars' - NPR
Their new album The Stars Are Out contains five original songs and five covers from artists ranging from The Lemonheads to NRBQ. To make sure you don't think the title is a pun, the album features a picture of a glittering night sky, because Sarah...
CQ Listen: Kate Moss singing on "Dirty Robot" track with The ... - Catwalk Queen
Now, the supermodel has provided vocals for The Lemonheads' forthcoming album, Varshons. Kate can be heard singing on their rendition of 'Dirty Robot' by Dutch duo, Arling & Cameron. Liv Tyler has also collaborated on the album, adding her voice to the...
Evan Dando At NME Radio -
By Iain Baker Despite the fact he'd only just got off a plane, he was bright and chatty, animated and friendly, and wildly enthusiastic about his new album 'Varshons', which sees The Lemonheads frontman get to grips with songs originally performed by...
Sarah Borges, Planet Casper w/David Grissom & Warren Hood, Ephraim ... - Austin 360
Possible songs were put forth not only by Borges, but also her band mates-guitarist Lyle Brewer, bassist Binky, and drummer Rob Dulaney-and producers Paul Q Kolderie (the Pixies, Lemonheads, Radiohead) and Adam Taylor. "Every day, we'd sit down at the...
Summer offers concert deals, rip-offs - The News Journal
The Lemonheads, 9 pm June 24 at Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N. Frankford Ave., Philadelphia. There aren't too many well-known bands serving up pure, vintage power-pop these days -- Superdrag and The New Pornographers are two that come to mind....
Arsenal 4 Stoke City 1 - Vitalfootball
I think that chorus of 'Into Your Arms' by the Lemonheads in the middle of Whitechapel high street in the wee small hours was possibly ill advised too! I'll be chewing the fat of the season in a series of articles over the coming weeks, reviewing the...
Evan Dando Talks Cobain -
Dando's band The Lemonheads broke through with their 1992 album 'It's A Shame About Ray' transforming the singer into a pin up for Generation X. Rumour linked Dando to Courtney Love, then married to Kurt Cobain. In a new interview with Gigwise,...
Private photos for my favourites -
I'm a lover of apple juice, rare steak, Charlie Kaufman, The Lemonheads, evening classes, xkcd, the NPG, Gordon's Wine Bar, cooked breakfasts, food markets, riding at the front and top of the bus, This American Life, ginger anything and long Sunday...
It Hugs Back - Inside Your Guitar - DOA
It Hugs Back is a quartet from England that boasts it was influenced by the songwriting of Wilco, the sound layers of My Bloody Valentine, the pop charm of The Lemonheads and the textures of Sonic Youth. But after listening closely many times to Inside...

The Lemonheads

The Lemonheads at Shepherd's Bush Empire, photo courtesy of Stuart Goodwin

The Lemonheads are an American alternative rock band, formed in 1986 by singer/guitarist Evan Dando, who has been the only constant member.

Since forming, recording, and touring lineups of the band have also included co-founder Ben Deily, John Strohm (Blake Babies), Doug Trachten, Jesse Peretz, Corey Loog Brennan, Byron Hoag, Ben Daughtry, Juliana Hatfield (Blake Babies), Nic Dalton (Godstar, Sneeze, The Plunderers), Dave Ryan, Patrick "Murph" Murphy (Dinosaur Jr), Bill Gibson (Eastern Dark), Mark 'Budola' Newman, Kenny Lyon, Vess Ruhtenberg, Devon Ashley, Karl Alvarez, Bill Stevenson, P. David Hazel and various others.

The Lemonheads' popularity grew in 1992 with the album It's a Shame about Ray which was produced, engineered, and mixed by The Robb Brothers (Bruce Robb, Dee, and Joe), followed by a cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson", which eventually became one of the band's most successful singles to date. Cited as one of the most important alternative rock groups, The Lemonheads were active until 1997 and went on hiatus, but reformed with a new lineup in 2005 and released The Lemonheads in the following year. The band has been working on their next album that should be released in late 2008/early 2009.

The Lemonheads were formed by Evan Dando and Ben Deily, in high school, at the Commonwealth School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, circa 1986. At this stage they played punk rock, and were briefly known as The Whelps, until a name change later that year led to the birth of the Lemonheads, named for a candy which Dando noted was sweet on the inside, and sour on the outside, possibly a metaphor for the band's sound. Their very first recording as a group was titled Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners.

Dando enrolled at Skidmore College, but couldn't maintain his grades and dropped out to pursue a career as a musician. Having signed to local label Taang! Records, the Lemonheads released the albums Hate Your Friends, Creator, and Lick with Deily and Dando sharing lead vocals and songwriting duties until about 1989, when Deily left the band. Dando then recruited David Ryan on drums, signed to major label Atlantic Records, and produced the album Lovey in 1990. Straddling punk, rock, country, and metal, this album was released a year before grunge became popular and did not sell well - roughly 30,000 copies.

Dando cut his losses and flew to Australia to write some songs with friends Nic Dalton and Tom Morgan. These songs formed the basis for It's a Shame about Ray, the Lemonheads' breakthrough album. A cover of "Mrs. Robinson" (recorded to promote the video release of The Graduate) was released as a single to the annoyance of the band and got them the most exposure they'd had so far. This cover was also used in the film Wayne's World 2. When the Ray album was reissued, the track was tagged on to the end. The band enjoyed quite a bit of success on college radio, and modest mainstream exposure. During 1992-1993, Dando's face graced many a magazine cover, and he was included in People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list.

The band officially renamed themselves from "Lemonheads" to "The Lemonheads" prior to the release of the Come on Feel the Lemonheads LP. A huge breakthrough single still eluded the band as they released Come on Feel the Lemonheads in late 1993. The band continued to tour featuring various lineups including bassist Mike County and guitarist Bill Peterson. This was a successful album but paved the way for future madness with tracks like "Style" and "The Jello Fund." The band enjoyed modest mainstream success, this time with the single "Into Your Arms" (their highest charting UK hit to date).

Dando famously befriended Oasis and appeared at the band's live shows. The cracks were beginning to show, and after one particularly disjointed interview where Dando (not being able to speak, having lost his voice after smoking crack cocaine) admitted to having a drug problem , he was no longer viewed as the "slacker sex kitten" of the previous year.

In 1996, Dando re-formed The Lemonheads, featuring old friends John Strohm and Murph (ex-Dinosaur Jr), as well as Ken Lyons of 38 Special. This band produced another Lemonheads album, Car Button Cloth. While featuring jangly guitar songs such as "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You," this set also showed off the darker side of Dando's writing: "Break Me" and "Losing Your Mind" suggested that all was not well with Dando.

The band toured successfully in 1997 and played a final gig at the UK's Reading Festival. Following a cameo line in the BBC's all-star cover version of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" (which reached number one in the UK singles chart), Dando continued to play live solo shows.

Atlantic's release of The Best Of The Lemonheads in 1998 only served to increase the mystery. Through 1998 and 2004 Evan Dando did some solo tours performing the band's songs but an official reunion was never confirmed. During this time Evan released a live album Live at the Brattle Theatre in 2001, and a solo album in 2003, titled Baby I'm Bored. Following the release of the album he performed his new songs all over the world.

After a nine-year recording absence for the band, during which Dando performed frequently as a solo artist and released two solo albums, it was announced in the summer of 2005 that the band had reformed with a recording lineup bolstered by Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez, members of The Descendents. Recently, the live lineup has fluctuated, with Bill Stevenson, and George Berz (Dinosaur Jr) all sitting in on drums during 2005, while Josh Lattanzi - chiefly known for his work with Ben Kweller - has frequently taken on bass duties for live shows.

On September 14 & 15 2005, Dando, Stevenson and Lattanzi performed two shows at Shepherds Bush Empire in London as part of the ATP Don't Look Back series, where they played the It's a Shame About Ray LP in its entirety. Live photos from this show can be seen here.

In April 2006, The Lemonheads were signed to Vagrant Records. The album, simply titled The Lemonheads, was released on September 26, 2006 in the United States and one day earlier in the UK; the album featured special guests Garth Hudson and J Mascis on select tracks. To promote the album Dando toured the UK, Europe and US in late 2006 with a band consisting of Vess Ruhtenberg (bass) and Devon Ashley (drums) of The Pieces. In the US, they toured with Vietnam and Hymns (band) as support. The same line-up toured again in 2007 and 2008. The recording line-up of Dando, Alvarez and Stevenson played live for the first time together on a 20-date US tour in late 2007.

While The Lemonheads reformed, co-founder Ben Deily received a degree from Harvard University. He currently works as an Associate Creative Director in the advertising industry. His power pop/punk band, Varsity Drag, completed a 25-city European tour during January and February 2007, performing their own material alongside several Deily compositions from the first four Lemonheads releases. Varsity Drag continues to perform periodically in the Boston Area.

A deluxe reissue of Lemonheads' 1992 album It's a Shame About Ray was released in March 2008 (US) and April 2008 (UK) on Rhino Records., which features demos, B-sides and a DVD issue of the previously VHS-only Two Weeks In Australia, featuring footage from the band's Australian tour in the wake of their breakthrough album's release. To promote the reissue, the line-up of Dando, Ruhtenberg and Ashley performed the album in full at a number gigs between March and May 2008. Fall of 2008 has found the band touring again in Europe with Vess Ruhtenberg and P. David Hazel (drums) of Beta Male.

On 23 April 2008 at the inaugural NME US Awards ceremony at the El Rey in Los Angeles, Dando received the classic album award for It's A Shame About Ray, and also performed My Drug Buddy and the album's title track acoustically. According to reports, soon after receiving the award, Dando deposited it into a garbage can, telling a minder "I don't want this".

It has been widely reported that The Lemonheads will release a covers album, entitled Varshons - a collection of 11 covers, including tracks by Gram Parsons, Wire (band), GG Allin, and Christina Aguilera. The album also features actress Liv Tyler performing a duet on Leonard Cohen's "Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye". Despite several websites reporting a release date of 13 September 2008, the album was not released on this date. Later, in a blog post on the band's MySpace page, Dando hinted at a March 2009 release. On 27th March 2009, it was announced that Varshons will be released on 23rd June on The End Records. A ninth album of original material is also expected to follow.

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The Lemonheads (album)

The Lemonheads cover

The Lemonheads is an album by The Lemonheads. It was released on September 25th 2006 (see 2006 in music) in the UK and on September 26th 2006 in the USA, on the Vagrant label. Although a "reunion" of the Lemonheads, the album featured none of the original members aside from lead singer Evan Dando, instead featuring Bill Stevenson on drums/guitars/backing vocals and Karl Alvarez on bass. The album also featured contributions from Josh Lattanzi (bass), Garth Hudson from The Band on keyboards, and J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr on lead guitar.

The tracklisting of the album was sequenced by Evan Dando's wife, model Elizabeth Moses who also appears on the inner artwork.

Steve's Boy is dedicated to William A. Stevenson, Bill Stevenson's father.

A limited edition yellow vinyl version of the album was released in 2008, with signed copies made available via the band's website.

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Come On Feel the Lemonheads

Come on Feel the Lemonheads cover

Come On Feel the Lemonheads is an album by The Lemonheads. It was released on October 12, 1993 (see 1993 in music).

Although the album did not maintain the same popularity as the previous album, It's a Shame About Ray, Come on Feel the Lemonheads reached number 56 on the Billboard 200, making it the Lemonheads' highest ever chart position to date. The album produced the singles "It's About Time", "Big Gay Heart", "The Great Big No" and "Into Your Arms", which reached #1 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks for 9 weeks (from November 6, 1993 to January 1, 1994).

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The Lemonheads discography

This is a comprehensive listing of official releases by The Lemonheads.

The Lemonheads are an alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts featuring guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Evan Dando, who is the only original member left in the current Lemonheads line-up. Current members in addition to Dando are Karl Alvarez, Vess Ruhtenberg, Bill Stevenson and Devon Ashley; previous members include original band co-founder Ben Deily, and Juliana Hatfield. The first Lemonheads album, Hate Your Friends, was released in 1987 on punk/underground label Taang! Records. After releasing two more albums in the next two years, both of which performed well on North American college radio, the band parted ways with Taang! and signed to Atlantic in 1990. Over this period, the band's fame rose, as did their charting positions. After the 1996 release of the Car Button Cloth album, The Lemonheads went on an extended hiatus before reuniting in the early 2000s. In their recording career, the band has released eight studio albums, two compilation albums, three extended plays and 15 singles.

NOTE: This list is not intended to include material that members have recorded or performed outside the Lemonheads.

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