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The Young and the Restless

2007-2008 The Young and the Restless cast photo. Top row (l-r): Ted Shackelford, Tammy Lauren, Bryton, Christel Khalil Second row: Greg Rikaart, Judith Chapman, Kate Linder, Amelia Heinle, Thad Luckinbill, Vincent Irizarry, Eyal Podell, Daniel Goddard, Tammin Sursok Third row: Nia Peeples, Kristoff St. John, Jeanne Cooper, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Jess Walton, Emily O'Brien Bottom row: Doug Davidson, Vail Bloom, Christian LeBlanc, Tracey E. Bregman, Joshua Morrow, Adrienne Frantz, Michelle Stafford, Michael Graziadei, Sharon Case, Peter Bergman, Hunter Allan, Don Diamont, Darcy Rose Byrnes

The Young and the Restless is an American television soap opera, first broadcast on CBS on March 26, 1973. It was created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, who set their show in a fictional version of Genoa City, Wisconsin, a town near their annual vacation home in Lake Geneva.

The soap opera is one of the very few TV shows to successfully write out their original cast, and to replace them with new ones. When it debuted, The Young and the Restless originally focused on the personal and professional lives of two core families in Genoa City: the wealthy Brooks family and the poor Foster family. After a series of recasts and departures in the early 1980s, most of the original characters were written out and the show shifted to the rivalry between the Abbotts and the Newmans. Other families such as the Williams, the Winters, and the Fisher/Baldwins were also introduced through the years. However, one basic plot that has run throughout almost all of the show's history is the feud between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor, one of the longest rivalries on any American soap opera.

The series was originally broadcast as half-hour episodes, five times a week. It was expanded to one-hour episodes on February 4, 1980. The Young and the Restless is currently the highest-rated daytime drama on American television. As of 2008, it has appeared at the top of the weekly Nielsen Ratings in that category for more than 1000 weeks since 1988.

The Young and the Restless has won seven Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series.

Taped at CBS Television City in Los Angeles since its debut, the show was groundbreaking for daytime serials in its lush production values. When it premiered, in 1973 The Young and the Restless stood out from other soaps on the air for its visual darkness. Soap operas at the time tended to be comparatively brightly-lit in tone. The show lighted primarily the actors and not the background settings, so as to focus the attention of the viewer on the emotions of the actors. Also, its glamorous sets utilizing fresh cut flowers, and wardrobe and hairstyles were a huge contrast to existing soap operas, which often set the action in a simple living room or kitchen set, where characters would discuss their world over a cup of coffee. It should also be noted that The Young and the Restless is one of the few soaps that used an actual orchestra for the background music (its sister soap Days of our Lives also used, and pioneered the use of in American soap operas, an orchestra for background music), a lavish expense for a soap in the '70s.

When the show began as 30 minutes in 1973, it was shot in what is referred to as "Live To Tape", meaning it was basically like a stage play that was filmed, with actors freezing in place during the "Black Space" where commercials would later be inserted by the network and affiliates. Later, after the show went to 60 minutes in February 1980, the taping style changed, and it was shot scene by scene, and edited, with which the format stands to this day.

In 2001, The Young and the Restless became the first - and, so far, only - daytime soap opera to be broadcast in high-definition. The April 2, 2008 episode of The Young and the Restless was the first and only episode aired in a film look.

For the most part, the writers and producers of the show have stayed unchanged since the 1980s. Throughout most of the show's history since its inception, creator William J. Bell served as both the Executive Producer and head writer for the show. He also had a number of executive producers over the years including John Conboy, H. Wesley Kenney, Edward J. Scott, David Shaughnessy and John F. Smith. Starting in the mid-80s, Bell was credited as "Senior Executive Producer".

As the show continued to reach new, record heights in 1987, co-executive producer H. Wesley Kenney defected to network television's #1 mainstay in the soap ratings, General Hospital. This was rather ironic, since the following year it was The Young and the Restless that surpassed the longtime champ for the Nielsen ratings top spot, with Kenney not being able to be a part of his former show's ultimate success. However, Kenney did keep GH near the top of the pack during his two-year tenure as executive producer there.

Kay Alden took over as head writer after Bell stepped down in 1998. After Bell died in April 2005, Smith served as the sole executive producer. In late February 2006, Lynn Marie Latham was promoted to head writer, while Alden and Smith served as co-head writers. In late August 2006, Latham was announced as the new executive producer (in addition to her writing role) by CBS Daytime Senior Vice President Barbara Bloom. More behind-the-scenes shakeups continued into September 2006 when Smith's contract as co-head writer wasn't renewed. Kathryn Foster, a long time producer and director since the 1980s, resigned in October 2006.

Alden quit the show in November 2006 and was hired by ABC Daytime in December 2006 to consult on All My Children and One Life to Live. After her consulting contract ended, Alden joined The Bold and the Beautiful as an Associate Head Writer. Lynn Marie Latham, the show's former creative consultant, was named its new executive producer shortly after the departure of Smith. In June 2007, former supervising producer Edward J. Scott was chosen by Sony Pictures Television to join Days of our Lives. Anthony Morina, episode director and husband of former series writer/story consultant Sally Sussman Morina, was named as producer shortly after Scott's departure (and later promoted to supervising producer).

The show had been known in the industry for its close-knit team that rarely changed; however, with Latham's ascension, many crew members that had been with the show since the '80s were fired or quit: Joshua S. McCaffrey, Marnie Saitta, Trent Jones, Mike Denney, Janice Ferri Esser, Sally Sussman Morina, Jim Houghton, Marc Hertz, Sara A. Bibel (Denney and Esser have since returned). New crew members were hired: Neil Landau, Darin Goldberg, Brett Steanart, Valerie Ahern, Shelley Meals, Phideaux Xavier, Karen Rea, Cherie Bennett, Jeff Gottesfeld, Bernard Lechowick, Scott Hamner, Christian McLaughlin, Lynsey DuFour, Vincent Lechowick, James Stanley, Jenelle Lindsay, Tom Casiello, Paula Cwikly, Rick Draughon and Chris Abbott.

By 2007, only four writers from the pre-Latham era: Sandra Weintraub, Eric Freiwald, Linda Schreiber and Natalie Minardi Slater, remained with the serial. Josh Griffith took over the executive producing duties after Latham was fired, but his tenure ended in September when it was announced that he would be replaced by Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch as co-executive producers. Bell and Rauch's episodes began airing on October 3, 2008.

With Maria Arena Bell at the helm, The Young and the Restless has seen the return of several long-time writers and directors; most notably Mike Denney, who was part of the directing team for nearly 20 years before Lynn Marie Latham had him relieved, as well as writer Janice Ferri Esser who was also relieved of her duties by Latham.

The original March 1973 cast consisted of a mixture of veterans and young, relative unknowns. The most notable cast member was Robert Colbert, star of the 1960s TV series The Time Tunnel, as Stuart Brooks. Dorothy Green, a frequent guest star in numerous 1950s-60s TV programs, was cast as Stuart's wife Jennifer, while veteran actress Julianna McCarthy played Liz Foster. The only original character remaining since the program's debut in 1973 is Jill Foster Abbott, who has been played by Jess Walton, the fourth actress the play the role, since 1987.

Among the current The Young and the Restless cast members, longtime veteran actress Jeanne Cooper, who plays Katherine Chancellor, debuted on-screen in November 1973 and has been on contract since Autumn 1973. The other current senior cast members who joined the show in the 1970s are Doug Davidson (Paul Williams, 1978) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, 1979). Eric Braeden joined The Young and the Restless as Victor Newman in 1980 after becoming notable for his roles in The Rat Patrol and Colossus: The Forbin Project, as well as a variety of guest starring roles in numerous primetime TV shows during the 1970s.

When The Young and the Restless premiered in 1973, the show revolved around the dramas which befell two families: the wealthy Brooks and the poor Fosters. Patriarch Stuart Brooks was an upper class newspaper publisher while matriarch Liz Foster was a single parent struggling to pay the bills.

The rivalry between Liz's daughter Jill and socialite Katherine "Kay" Chancellor became one of the show's first and longest-lasting storylines. Kay was a boozy matron trapped in a loveless marriage to Phillip Chancellor II. After Jill went to work as Kay's paid companion, she and Phillip fell in love. After he returned from obtaining a divorce in the Dominican Republic, Kay picked him up at the airport, and in an attempt to kill both Phillip and herself, drove the car off a cliff. On his deathbed, Phillip married Jill and bequeathed her and their love child his fortune. Kay ended up getting a judge to declare that Jill and Phillip's marriage was illegal since Kay was drunk when signing her divorce papers. After the ruling, the rivalry between the two ladies spiraled out of control, each blaming the other for Phillip's death.

After a series of recasts and departures in the late 1970s-early 1980s, the Brookses and the Fosters were phased out, and two new core families were introduced: the Abbott and the Williams families, and later the Newmans. The Abbott–Newman family rivalry also extended to the corporate warfare between their respective companies, Jabot Cosmetics and Newman Enterprises. Core African American characters, the Barbers and the Winters, were later introduced in the 1990s. The latest family to be introduced in the early 2000s were the Fisher/Baldwin Family.

Show creator William J. Bell resigned as head writer in 1998, and since 2002, The Young and the Restless has suffered audience erosion. Despite remaining the most watched daytime drama on American television since 1988, later head writers such as John F. Smith and Lynn Marie Latham began to rely on several highly publicized, retcon storylines to attract more viewers. Notable retcons introduced in the 2000s include revealing that Kay is Jill's actual birth mother, and Phillip II and Jill's baby was switched at birth.

In spring 1973, CBS decided to discontinue production on two of its four in-house serials; one of these was the controversial Where the Heart Is, a show reminiscent of Peyton Place's sex-driven intrigue that focused on multiple-married characters and incestuous themes. In its place, the network sought a youth-oriented, Los Angeles-based (most soaps at the time still recorded in New York City), socially relevant show, and Screen Gems/Columbia, which had considerable success with NBC's Days of our Lives, got the job as packager. CBS (successfully) insisted that the show be taped at CBS Television City and not at Columbia's Hollywood Studios (which Columbia was in the process of closing down at the time, after it bought majority control of Warner Brothers' Burbank studios). The Bell family wanted to tape The Young and the Resltess at Warner Brothers/The Burbank Studios (which neighbors NBC Burbank, where Days was moved to after the closedown and sale of the Columbia Hollywood studios), but Screen Gems and CBS declined their request.

The Young and the Restless began on March 26 at noon Eastern Time/11 am Central with the handicap of inheriting the affiliate clearance problems attained by WtHI, especially in conservative small-to-medium-sized markets. It also faced a long-standing audience favorite, with which, ironically, it is now co-owned (via Sony): NBC's Jeopardy!, which had for years been daytime's number-two game.

The Young and the Restless's ascent was slow, but got major boosts from missteps made by the rival networks. First, NBC sent Jeopardy! to a mid-morning slot in January 1974, with the briefly-popular Jackpot! taking its place, only to eventually lose much of the old audience. Next, Password on ABC made the bad decision to convert to an all-celebrity format in November of that year, a move that would lead to its cancellation the following June. More importantly, though, was the fact that Jackpot! had appealed strongly to a demographic of young housewives and mothers, a group whose shift in viewing allegiances would be crucial for The Young and the Restless's continued audience growth.

By summer 1975, ABC and NBC changed up their shows at Noon/11, offering two lightweight games that audiences shied away from, thereby enabling The Young and the Restless to enter the Nielsen serial top three. For its part, NBC would enter into a string of low-rated disasters at that timeslot for the next several years (among them an attempt to revive Jeopardy! in 1978-79), while ABC similarly struggled until it moved The $20,000 Pyramid there in January 1978. However, Pyramid's time was running out, and the former hit game wrapped up six years on the network in June 1980. The only parts of the country where The Young and the Restless experienced some trouble were those Eastern time zone markets where affiliates plugged the show into the network's half-hour access break at 1 p.m./Noon (in order to free the Noon hour for local newscasts); there, ABC's All My Children would somewhat hinder The Young and the Restless's progress, especially when the former show expanded to an hour in April 1977.

However, the show's progress in the ratings was steady, and when the long-running soap Love of Life was canceled on February 1, 1980, CBS rewarded The Young and the Restless's performance with an expansion to a full hour the following Monday. In so doing, it opted to counter AMC and The Young and the Restless's sister show Days of our Lives (on NBC) head-to-head directly at the 1-2/Noon-1 time frame, marking the first time in nearly a quarter-century that the network placed a full-length show in the 1-1:30/Noon-12:30 slot. To those stations that carried the feed directly, namely the Eastern time zone affiliates again, it experienced at best mixed results, while Central time zone stations often tape-delayed the feed one day in order to keep the show in its original slot of 11 a.m., which meant that ABC's Family Feud, then daytime's highest-rated game, gave the soap considerable opposition.

With the less-than-impressive results, CBS reinstated the affiliate break to its traditional time network-wide and, taking into account the local stations' desire for scheduling flexibility, gave them the option of running The Young and the Restless at either noon/11 (the preference of most) or 12:30/11:30 (mostly in the Eastern time zone), on different feeds. Beginning on June 8, 1981, the arrangement proved highly popular with fans all over the U.S., and the show has stayed put ever since. The wisdom of CBS' decision was confirmed by the continued downfall of NBC's ratings at midday and the eroding popularity of Feud, which by this time aired also as a five-day-per-week syndicated strip on local stations in the early-evening Access slots, something which likely brought the Richard Dawson-hosted game overexposure and consequent audience backlash. Also, another family-and-youth-oriented serial, ABC's Ryan's Hope, had never performed to network expectations in its 12:30/11:30 slot and proved no threat to The Young and the Restless at all.

All this propelled the soap to the top among CBS' serials, and, after General Hospital spent most of the 1980s on the top of the Nielsens, in 1988, after 15 years on the air, The Young and the Restless knocked General Hospital off the throne to gain the crown; it has held it ever since. However, the triumph has been mitigated considerably by negative developments: The Young and the Restless's ratings have declined steadily since that time. From 1988 to 2006, the show lost a significant share of its audience, from eight million viewers to about six million, despite only attracting nominal competition from the two other traditional networks. This has occurred because of the explosion of viewing alternatives available to cable television viewers, which increased choices dramatically. Further, the steady increase in percentage of women working outside the home has cut the show off from a large segment of its historic audience (and the formerly preferred demographic of advertisers such as food and household products). The Young and the Restless has not been the sole victim of these trends, nor even the main one; all U.S. daytime network serials have witnessed similar declines in their ratings. The pace of the decline was sped up considerably by the events on and following the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, with all-news cable news networks swelling their audiences with around-the-clock coverage of the pursuit of Al-Qaeda and the Iraq War.

Probably in an effort to maximize audience potential (such as students and people home from early work shifts), a few CBS affiliates show The Young and the Restless at 4 p.m. local time, finding it to be a viable lead-in to their 5 p.m. local newscasts. These include KMOV in St. Louis, WAFB in Baton Rouge, La., WLKY in Louisville, Ky,, and WRAL-TV in Raleigh/Durham, N.C. WKYT in Lexington, KY airs The Young and the Restless at 9:00 am on a one day delay due to airing a one hour noon newscast and Oprah at 4:00 pm.

Only six Central, Mountain and Pacific time zone stations presently air The Young and the Restless on the 11:30 a.m. feed: KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, WBBM-TV in Chicago, KTVT in Dallas-Fort Worth (all owned and operated by CBS), KOLR in Springfield, Mo.,WHBF in Quad Cities, IA/IL and WTVF in Nashville, Tenn. Illinois viewers in the Central time zone see The Young and the Restless at 11:30 a.m. due to WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana broadcasting the show at 12:30/11:30 a.m. The Terre Haute DMA serves both Eastern and Central time zone viewers.

In Honolulu, CBS affiliate KGMB airs The Young and the Restless at 1 pm local time, rather than at 11:30 am.

In Colorado Springs, Co., CBS affiliate KKTV aired The Young and the Restless at 2pm local time for many years. Since the start of 2009, however, The Young and the Restless has aired at 11am local time.

Those unable to view The Young and the Restless on CBS Daytime may watch it instead on the all-soap cable channel SOAPnet, which airs that day's episode at 7 p.m. ET, repeating that airing at 6 a.m. ET and Midnight ET Also, a block of the entire previous week's episodes airs Saturday evenings between 7 p.m. and Midnight. The network picked up The Young and the Restless in April 2006, its first CBS serial.

In late June, 2007, The Young and the Restless became available for viewing full episode on CBS online Audience Network. Episodes are placed online the day of being broadcast usually between 5 and 6 p.m. EST and are removed after one week.

All of the above mentioned services, however, are only available within the United States.

Beginning in 2008, full episodes of "Young and the Restless" can be viewed one day after broadcast in the United States on CBS's official channel. Several episodes from the years 1973 to 2002 are available in Minisode format on Crackle.

Botkin wrote a rearranged version of the piece specifically for The Young and the Restless's debut, which has basically remained unchanged, save for a three-year stint in the early 2000s, when an alternate, more jazzy arrangement of that tune was used. The closing stinger of that arrangement has been used as a mid-show bumper since around 2004.

All background music for the show has been composed by first, Don McGinnis, Jerry Winn, and Bob Todd, with Jack Alloco and Jez Davidson assuming the duties in the 80's. During the 1980s, the show employed a mixture of the original score and new pieces composed by Alloco and Davidson. However, Alloco and Davidson kept all background music within a classical theme, to provide continuity. Two soundtrack albums were released, one in 1974 by Pickwick International Records, and another in 1998 by Paradigm Records. The 1974 release contained many pieces from the original score by Winn, McGinnis, and Todd, while the 1998 release was made up entirely of compositions by Alloco and Davidson. The music composed by Alloco and Davidson makes up 90 percent of the show's score today, supplemented by occasional music from other sources. Music from Winn, McGinnis, and Todd is also still used occasionally. Other background pieces were also utilized from the film soundtrack "Bless The Beasts And The Children", an instrumental version of the movie's title tune was used often in the show's early years, last being used in February, 2001. A song titled "Universal Mind" from the Mystic Moods album "Awakening"(Also composed by Winn, McGinnis, and Todd) was used frequently in the first ten years of the show.

The opening title sequence has also become well-known. For many years since the show's debut, it showcased the characters, drawn by an artist, on a white background. For the first year, the character's portraits were seen behind the The Young and the Restless title. For the remaining years until 1984, the characters' headshots were seen to the right of the show's title.

Starting in 1984, the sequence both began and ended with an interlocking Y and R painted on the white canvas in a sweeping brush motion. The logo (and in the earlier years, the drawings) were done by artist Sandy Dvore. The drawings were now sketched with a lighter shade of gray than the previous sketches. The drawings were replaced with live-action shots of the characters in formal or semi-formal wear, still on a white background, in 1988.

Beginning on December 24, 1999, in an unprecedented move for a main title sequence of a daytime soap opera, the names of the principal cast members were mentioned (whereas previously the main title only showed the cast members' faces). The 1999 version also included live-action shots of the characters, but featured in front of a wind blowing satin red curtain as the background.

For over 25 years, the announcer for the show's opening and closing credits was Bern Bennett, who would tell viewers to "Join us again for The Young and the Restless." In 2003, Bennett retired and CBS hired former casting assistant Marnie Saitta for the job of announcer. In 2006 Marnie Saitta was replaced by cast members announcing for the show.

As of 2008, The Young and the Restless has managed 1000 consecutive weeks in the #1 spot and 20 consecutive years. Despite this, the show reached a record low of 4,380,000 viewers on Friday, June 13, 2008. The previous lows were 4,392,000 viewers on Friday, October 17, 2008, 4,487,000 viewers on Friday, September 19, 2008, 4,491,000 viewers on Friday, May 9, 2008, 4,548,000 on Thursday, October 16, 2008, 4,563,000 viewers on Friday, October 3, 2008, and 4,805,000 viewers on Friday, August 31, 2007.

When introduced during the 1972–73 season, the show was at the bottom of the ratings, but rose rapidly: ninth by 1974–75 and third by 1975–76. It remained a strong and increasingly important part of CBS daytime's lineup and by 1988-1989 had dethroned long-time leader General Hospital as the top-rated soap, a position it has held ever since.

In Mid December, The Young and The Restless celebrated 20 consecutive years, every single week at #1 in the daytime ratings, with no sign of letting up.

The Young and the Restless has been referenced in several movies and TV shows. For example, many TV programs use a variation of the The Young and the Restless name in some of their episode titles, including "The Jung and the Restless" from Charmed and "The Young & The Tactless" from Will & Grace. In the 1976 film Taxi Driver, Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) kicks his TV while watching a scene from The Young and the Restless between Jill Foster and Brock Reynolds.

In The Simpsons' episode "Pygmoelian", the opening sequence of the soap opera It Never Ends parodies that of The Young and the Restless. The titles have also been parodied on the Australian sitcom Kath and Kim.

In Weird Al Yankovic's film UHF one of the shows on the U62 line-up is "The Young and the Dyslexic", an obvious parody of the Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless is also parodied in the 1983 film Mr. Mom. After unemployed automotive engineer Jack Butler (Michael Keaton) becomes a regular viewer, watching actual footage featuring the characters of Victor Newman, Nikki Reed, Kevin Bancroft. Eventually he and his newfound friend Joan (Ann Jillian) engage in a spoof of soap operas in general with music from The Young and the Restless playing in the background. The parody gradually includes Jack's wife Carolyn (Teri Garr), who shoots him, his former supervisor Jinx (Jeffrey Tambor), who was going to give him his old job back, and Carolyn's boss Ron (Martin Mull), who leaves with her.

The set of The Young and the Restless and the show was used in Entourage for the character of Mrs. Ari to show her as a possible return to acting as she used to be a regular on the show in her early acting career.

On the game show The Price Is Right, which airs before The Young and the Restless on most CBS stations, if a contestant spun the Big Wheel hard enough to go around several times before stopping, host Bob Barker would often quip that CBS would have to "cut into The Young and Restless." The show itself was also the theme of a 1992 showcase to celebrate its 5,000th episode.

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The Young and the Restless minor characters

The following are characters from the American soap opera The Young and the Restless who are notable for their actions or relationships, but who do not warrant their own articles.

Keemo Volien Abbott is the son of Jack Abbott and Luan Volien Abbott. He was found in the jungles of Vietnam by Christine Blair and Paul Williams who found Keemo within a week after the search started. Keemo's mother had searched for years without success. Upon his arrival in town, Keemo resented his parents for abandoning him and couldn't bond with them, but was eventually able to ease up. Keemo became romantically involved with Mari Jo Mason, but shortly after, Keemo quickly tired of Mari Jo's mind-games and broke off the relationship (after she tried to make him lose his virginity by ordering a hooker to sleep with him). After his mother, Luan, died, Keemo left Genoa City with his sister Mai.

While serving in Vietnam, Jack Abbott fell for Luan Volien, but their love story came to an end at the conclusion of the war. Several years later, 20 to be exact, Luan came to Genoa City and their love story continued, as they happily reunited. Luan informed Jack that she was pregnant and that Jack has a son named Keemo. Keemo was brought to town by Christine Blair and Paul Williams, and both Jack and Luan had troubles dealing with him because he had resented them for leaving him. Jack and Luan got married, and Luan's other daughter, Mai, came to live with them. Unfortunately, Luan was diagnosed with a terminal illness from which she later died.

Involved in one of Kevin Fisher's schemes, Alex first appeared in 2004 when Kevin, along with his friend Daniel Romalotti, approached him with a plan to try to hurt Lily Winters and then have Kevin rescue her, as a way of being the hero. Kevin had no idea that Alex had bigger intentions. He tried to rape Lily after slipping her a drug, but he was stopped in time and he left town. He tried to blackmail Daniel and Kevin, but was confronted by Damon Porter and Phyllis Newman, so he finally left the boys alone. He reappeared in 2006 asking for money to keep quiet about Kevin's and Daniel's plot. The boys paid him money, but Alex wouldn't stop there and he kept coming back for more money. Gloria Abbott helped out by staging an attack on Jana Hawkes and filming a drugged Alex in action. Alex found out that he was taped and was forced to leave town in exchange for Jana not pressing charges against him.

While hiking in the woods, Dr. Logan Armstrong came upon an injured Nicholas Newman, who had just been in a serious plane crash, and took him back to her cabin, where she spent a few days trying to nurse him back to his health. She found a way to bring him back to his loved ones in Genoa City. She started living in town for a few days, and she started to develop friendships in town, before disappearing from the canvas completely.

The parents of Drucilla and Olivia Barber, Lillie and Walter, were always closer to their older daughter Olivia. They never thought Olivia could do anything wrong in her life, while their younger daughter was always restless. It came as a great shock to Drucilla when Lillie admitted that she was an unwanted child, a result of Walter's drunken adventure. Dru was never able to forgive her mother for that, and it was the main reason why she ran away from home. Later, Lillie showed up back in town after leaving Walter and decided to live with Olivia and her husband Nathan Hastings. Lillie caused various problems in their marriage and was a bit problem due to her health situation. Dru tried to get Lillie to move in with her, but Lillie always chose her oldest daughter. Walter showed up in town later and left with Lillie.

Lynne was hired in 1988 as Paul Williams' secretary. Ever since then, Lynne was also Paul's friend, always giving him advice and helping him out in his time of need. Lynne also had a crush on Paul, but he never shared the same feelings, even though they briefly dated. Not much was known about her past except that she was a rape victim. She also shared a friendship with her fellow co-worker Marissa Barton, and sparred occasionally with Paul's mother Mary Williams. When Paul went to work as an investigator at the Baldwin and Blair law firm, Lynne left town to visit her mother and hasn't been seen since.

First appearing as a disfigured woman in Victor Newman's office, Mary Jane accepted Victor's proposal to get plastic surgery and infiltrate Jabot, as a part of Victor's revenge against Jack Abbott, whom Mary Jane apparently knew years before. A month later, Mary Jane met with Billy Abbott in an attempt to land a job at Jabot, but Jack wouldn't give Mary Jane a job, even though she presented a good case for why he should hire her.

In 1993, a man named Blade came to work for Jabot Cosmetics as a photographer, and Ashley Abbott fell for him. They started dating and even got married, with Ashley aware of the fact that Blade didn't want to talk about anything related to his past. Blade's lover Mari Jo Mason came to town and also started working for Jabot, with both of them agreeing to keep mum about the past. Blade had, apparently, never forgave Mari Jo for sleeping with his evil twin named Rick, who died. Mari Jo knew that Blade was aware of Rick's cries for help, and she used that knowledge to her advantage.

Rick emerged in Genoa City filled with anger and resentment for his brother's actions. He started dating Mari Jo again, and Ashley saw them together so she immediately thought Blade was having an affair. Blade, however, wasn't able to tell anything to Ashley without revealing the truth. Mari Jo went on to fall in love with Ashley's brother, while Ashley and Blade tried to work on their marriage. Rick kidnapped Blade and replaced him as Ashley's husband. Ashley was overjoyed in the sudden change "Blade" went through. Blade managed to escape and convince Rick to leave town. After being switched a couple more times, Blade ended up dead when his car was hit by a train at midnight, and Rick revealed the truth to Ashley, who decided to leave and deal with the pain. Jill Foster Abbott and Mari Jo convinced Rick to get out of town.

Christine "Cricket" Blair's mother Jessica came to Genoa City suffering from AIDS, hoping to reunite with her daughter before the disease eventually claimed her life. She originally tried to keep her illness a secret from everybody in town, including John Abbott whom she fell in love with, but they all found out after she had to be hospitalized due to the symptoms. When she was being treated, she realized her doctor, Scott Grainger, was her own son and Cricket's half-brother.

Despite her illness, she and John got married. Then Cricket found Jim Grainger, her father and Jessica's ex-husband, and brought him back to Genoa City. With her condition worsening, Jessica's last wish was to reunite the family with Jim, Cricket, and Scott. John graciously accepted the divorce, and Jessica and Jim married before she finally lost her life to AIDS.

A computer-whiz and ex-lover of Phyllis Summers, Sean arrived in Genoa City coincidentally to replace Phyllis as Jabot web designer. He lived in a high rise apartment with no furnishings but a card table, two chairs and a futon - in an attempt to return to a minimalist way of life from his younger years. However he did still keep a Picasso in the closet. Sean seemed to have a lot of connections in his past, counting entertainers Lionel Richie and B. B. King among his friends.

The mysterious Sean seemed to have scoped out the options and chose "older woman" Jill Foster Abbott as his companion. While Jill remained wary of the younger man and his motives, he was able to sweep her off her feet. Sean was a good influence on the embittered Jill, showing viewers a glimpse of the fun-loving innocent woman she once was. Sean moved in to the Chancellor Estate and lived with Jill. But after Jill rejected his marriage proposals, Sean quit Jabot and returned to New York City.

Even before arriving in Genoa City in 2001, Amanda Browning had history with one of the town's residents. While working together in India, Amanda and Brock Reynolds fell in love, but they split when Amanda had to leave. Amanda left and came back to the USA, where she found out she was pregnant. She decided not to tell Brock that she had a baby. She arrived in Genoa City in 2001 looking for her daughter, Mackenzie Browning. Mac had run away from her home after Amanda wouldn't believe that her husband Ralph was abusing her.

Amanda divorced Ralph after realizing what kind of a man he was and she came to town to become closer to her daughter again. She started helping out at the shelter where Mac used to be, but had no idea that he life will change when Ralph finally tracked her down. She was then blackmailed by Ralph into stealing stuff from the Chancellor house, even though she was close to Katherine Chancellor. Ralph began his terror in town before being stopped by Larry Warton, with whom Amanda had developed a relationship. Amanda had to leave town after Jill Foster Abbott showed her the footage of her stealing jewels from the mansion and nearly getting people killed.

Molly Carter is the mother of former nurse Sheila Carter. When Molly visited her daughter in 1991, she discovered that Sheila had stolen Lauren Fenmore's newborn son Scotty and was passing him off as her own. After Molly suffered a stroke that left her inarticulate, Sheila sent her back to her farmhouse in Michigan, but it wasn't long before Molly regained her voice and told Lauren the truth. Sheila kidnapped both Lauren and Molly and held them hostage at the farmhouse, but after an accidental fire broke loose, everyone believed Sheila had perished in the flames. Lauren and Molly were then rescued by Paul Williams and his secretary Lynne Bassett.

When it was revealed that Sheila had escaped the farmhouse and started a new life in Los Angeles, Sheila began to use Molly to win Lauren's favor in the hopes that Lauren would eventually forgive her for her crimes so that Sheila could marry the renowned fashion CEO Eric Forrester. The plan however did not work and Lauren and Sheila remained at odds for years. Molly returned several years later to attend Sheila's wedding to James Warwick.

After Drucilla Winters returned back to Genoa City with her daughter Lilly in 2002, her boyfriend Wesley followed soon after. Even though he was no longer with Dru, Wes was close with Lily and he occasional?y gave her advice on her problems. Wesley was a psychiatrist that lived in Paris, and he came to town to propose to Dru, but she decided not to accept, and instead chose her former husband Neil Winters. Wesley then got into a relationship with Dru's sister Olivia Winters, and they ended up getting engaged, but never went reached the wedding because Wesley had returned to Paris and was never heard from again.

When Nina Webster stumbled upon Tomas Del Cerro at one of the town's restaurants, she immediately asked him for an autograph since he was a world known novelist. The two developed a friendship as they started to hang around together and writer novels, but Nina always felt that Tomas tried to distance himself, to hold back from his feelings. Even though Nina found out that Tomas had writer's block at the time, he helped her continue her career, as they became friends and lovers. Tomas helped Nina deal with the fact that she never found her baby. Nina's career took an upswing when Tomas' publisher got interested in her novel. He decided to propose to Nina and she reluctantly accepted, but their relationship was soon over when Tomas was unable to get over Nina's success as a writer. Nina left town, and Tomas simply disappeared as well.

Phillip Chancellor II was a wealthy pillar of the community and head of Chancellor Industries. When Phillip was first introduced, he was married to Katherine Shepard and they lived at the luxurious Chancellor Estate. However, he kept on thinking about divorcing her because he could not tolerate her being an alcoholic. Phillip began an affair with Kay's hired help, Jill Foster, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Phillip then got Kay to sign divorce papers so he could marry Jill. In a last-ditch effort, Kay met Phillip at the airport to offer him a ride home, while trying to convince him to change his mind about their marriage. But when he turned her down, Kay was so distraught that she lost control of the car and it careened off a cliff. Suffering fatal injuries, Phillip and Jill were married at the hospital moments before he died.

During the court battle for the Chancellor Estate in 1976, it was stated that Jill legally married Phillip. However, because Kay had been drunk when she signed the divorce papers, the judge ruled that Jill's marriage to Phillip was null and void. This decision relenting control of the Chancellor Estates to Katherine, until Jill's baby Phillip Chancellor III reached the age of 21. In a 2007 retcon, it was revealed that Phillip III was not a Chancellor or Jill and Phillip II's son. Their real son is Cane Ashby whom a jealous Kay switched at birth. The status of Phillip Chancellor IV. inheritance still remains unclear.

Phillip was the illegitimate child of Jill Foster and Phillip Chancellor Sr. Between Jill's job at Jabot Cosmetics and her efforts to secure a future for her son by constantly getting involved with rich men, she had little time for "Little Phillip." Jill's mother Liz practically raised him herself. When Jill married John Abbott, and she could afford it, Phillip was shipped off to a Swiss boarding school.

In 1986, Phillip returned from boarding school for the summer as a teenager with a low self-esteem and a drinking problem. Phillip chose to stay with Jill's nemesis, Katherine, at the Chancellor Estate. Kay persuaded Phillip to enroll at Genoa City university rather than return to boarding school. An enraged Jill fought for custody, which brought out all of the secrets surrounding Phillip's birth and Kay's revenge of taking away his Chancellor birthright. Because Phillip expressed the security and attention he got from Kay he had never had with Jill, the judge granted Kay temporary custody.

Phillip was befriended by Christine Blair and Nina Webster, who were best friends. Phillip fell for Christine, but didn't think he could compete with rock star Danny Romalotti. Nina campaigned heavily for Danny, but lost when Danny decided Christine was too young to be involved with only him. During Phillip and Chris' romance, Phillip began drinking again for confidence. One evening, they had an accident while Phillip was driving drunk, but Chris told the police she was driving in order to keep him from being arrested again. The negative publicity nearly cost Chris her job as the Jabot junior model. But Phillip, who had no recollection of the accident, turned himself in after Danny told him what actually happened. One evening, while Chris was visiting Danny, Nina got Phillip drunk and seduced him. Phillip proposed to Chris and she accepted his proposal, but Nina broke the news that she was pregnant with Phillip's baby, much to both Kay and Jill's horror. They plotted to break them up, but the tests proved that the child was Phillip's, and Nina believed that he would eventually marry her. Sure enough, he did, after Nina dramatically changed her personality, with help from Chris, Danny and Rex.

Phillip quit college and went to work at Chancellor Industries. Due to the pressure of being a husband and father, he once again hit the bottle. In a surprising turn of events, driving home from an office party, a drunken Phillip crashed his sports car and was killed. In 2004, Phillip briefly returned as a ghost, appearing in a vision to an alcoholic Kay, and warned her to stop drinking.

In 2007, as part of a retcon storyline, this character was revealed as NOT the real Phillip Chancellor III due to a baby switch Kay initiated when they were born; Cane Ashby is the real son of Jill and Phillip II.

Doris Collins is Sharon Newman's paraplegic mother, with whom Sharon had lived in Wisconsin after being abandoned by her father. Doris ended up being paraplegic after apparently going searching for Sharon in a snow storm. Doris was once again shaken up when Sharon ended up pregnant at sixteen years old, and she suggested for her daughter to give up the girl for adoption, which Sharon had agreed to. Years later, both Doris and Sharon were overjoyed when they found Sharon's daughter alive and well. Doris had been there for Sharon whenever she needed advice.

Steve Connolly was Traci Abbott's publisher who moved to Genoa City to help Traci out with writing her novel. The two bonded and soon started a relationship, which caused jealousy from Brad Carlton. Traci decided to leave town and go to New York with Steve and her daughter Colleen. Steve and Traci got married off-screen. In 2001, Traci revealed that Steve was cheating on her and moved back to Genoa City. Colleen was hurt by Traci's and Steve's fighting, while Ashley Abbott, fearing for her marriage with Brad, encouraged Traci to try to work on her marriage with Steve. Steve and Traci eventually reconciled and returned back to NY with Colleen, but she continues disrespecting them, so they sent her to live in Genoa City.

While walking through the woods, Ashley Abbott was rescued by a mysterious Kurt Costner from two thugs, but Kurt ended up shot and was rushed to the hospital along with Ashley. An attraction arose between the two and they started dating, but Kurt's mysterious past kept getting in the way of their happiness. Kurt's past included a wife and a daughter that were killed in a car accident, something that Kurt always blamed himself for, but Ashley proved that Kurt was not guilty for it. Kurt also saved the life of Hope Wilson, an event that pushed him to decide that he wants to be a doctor again. He was stuck between two women, Ashley and Hope, but eventually chose to go to Kansas with Hope.

In 1989, when Katherine Chancellor married Rex Sterling, a bum that spent some time in prison, his former cellmate Clint Radison found Marge Cotrooke, a diner waitress and realizes that she looked the same as Katherine. He decided to use her in his plan to replace Kay with Marge and get to her fortune. His pals went to work at the Chancellor mansion, while Marge was training to act like Kay. Kay Chancellor and her housekeeper Esther Valentine were held captive while Marge replaced Kay. Marge immediately changed things from Katherine's life, starting from unintentionally pushing Rex away into the arms of Jill Abbott, to selling Chancellor Industries. When Kay's son Brock Reynolds returned from India, he realized that someone had replaced Kay. Marge later helped Kay and the others push Clint and his pals into jail, and instead she was released from prison.

Marge returned to Kay's life in October 2008, asking her for help with her problems. Kay realized that Marge had become a drunk and she was keen on helping her beat the addiction as a payoff of Marge saving her life years ago. Kay never told anyone about Marge's problems and started showing signs of dementia, but she wouldn't give up on shipping Marge to a rehabilitation center. While at a local pub, Jeffrey Bardwell spotted Marge, drunk, and thought she was Katherine. Kay finally decided to drive Marge herself to the center, but ended up in a serious car crash. Marge died in the crash, but the residents of Genoa City are now convinced that Katherine Chancellor is dead.

Marge briefly returned as a ghost aware that she was dead, but realized after seeing the people attending her funeral, specifically Esther, that they incorrectly believe she is Katherine. Deducing that Kay must still be near the scene of the accident, she appeared near the crash site and discovered Kay's body lying motionless by the riverbank. In a final act of unselfishness, she attempted to awaken her friend, unsuccessfully; and her spirit soon dissipated. Fortunately, Marge's presence caused Kay to stir, and soon after Marge's friend Murphy arrived and rescued her. However, he mistakenly believes that it is Marge he has saved and is completely unaware of her demise.

Michael Crawford was one of the town's active lawyers during the 1980s. He dated Jill Foster Abbott during and after representing her in her first divorce from John Abbott. Michael was last seen in 1989, and his role as one of the town's most active attorneys was essentially replaced by John Silva.

Gary Dawson was a marketing expert, a man that seemed shy on the outside. Victoria Newman felt attracted to the man and their relationship was going fine, without Victoria knowing that Gary was the man that was stalking her for weeks. Victoria eventually found Gary's bedroom walls filled with a collage of her photos, even including the centerfold she did years ago. Gary kidnapped Victoria and held her hostage in the Newman's treehouse before she was rescued by her brother Nick and Paul Williams. Gary ended up in a sanitarium.

Rafael made his first appearance when his step sister Ashley Abbott went to Madrid to rescue him. She helped him out by buying back forged paintings that he had painted himself and sold to unsuspecting customers. Ashley's husband Cole Howard assumed that Ashley was having an affair with Rafael without knowing who Rafael actually was. Victoria Newman hooked up with Rafael while trying to break up Ashley and Cole, but nothing serious developed from their short adventure.

Keith Dennison was the father of Tricia and Megan Dennison. He took care of his daughters alone and was overprotective of them, especially Tricia during her obsession with Ryan McNeil. Keith was against Tricia's and Ryan's marriage and was worried that his daughter might end up hurt. After she miscarried, Tricia began acting strangely and did a number of crimes before leaving town with Keith. Keith returned to Genoa City later, once again to take care of Tricia, who was slowly losing her mental health. Keith decided to institutionalize his daughter, but she recovered later, even though Keith didn't believe her. Tricia tried to kill her father one day, but he suffered a stroke and ended up in the hospital.

Rose DeVille had a modeling agency that was really a front for drugs and prostitution. An unwitting young Nikki Reed signed on and became entangled in the death of a business man named Walter Addison. She later ran a home for unwed mothers while operating a black-market baby ring. She took in a teenage Nina Webster under her wing, later abandoning her on the delivery table and kidnapping her son. Nina was led to believe the baby was stillborn. Eventually, Nina learned the truth. She confronted Rose at gunpoint and demanded her baby. Rose took Nina to the home of the family that had adopted Nina's baby. When Nina saw how happy the baby was with his new family, she decided to leave him there. She let Rose go, who was never seen on the show again. But, the episode haunted Nina on and off over the years. At times it was suggested Nina may attempt to locate her son, but this never happened. She wrote a book which was loosely based on this experience. Nina occasionally had flashbacks about the ordeal, which featured Rose. Rose last appeared in a flashback scene in 2000. The character Nina left the show soon thereafter.

Carol Robbins worked as one Jabot's executive secretaries while Skip Evens served as the company's photographer. With the support of the Abbotts, the couple married in 1989. Carol survived a childhood illness that left her leg permanently disabled. This prevented her from conceiving a baby, and the adoption agencies refused to give them one. Carol and Skip then came into contact with a young, unwed pregnant mother named Nan who was unsure whether the father was her boyfriend or the result of a rape. After her baby was born, Nan discovered that the father was indeed her boyfriend and had second thoughts about giving up her baby to the Evans. Eventually, she let the Evans adopt her baby after realizing that she was unprepared for the responsibilities of raising a child.

Shawn was a stalker who was obsessed with Lauren Fenmore, who was at the time trying to pursue a singing career and already married to Paul Williams. First, Shawn tried to sabotage Lauren's singing partner Danny Romalotti by slipping him poison that affected his voice. Shawn then threatened Lauren to divorce Paul and move in with him or else he would arrange a hit man to kill Paul. Lauren tried to contact Paul to tell him the truth about Shawn's plans but she was watched too closely by Shawn to make any contact with her former husband. After discovering that she did not love him and was only agreeing to his demands to keep Paul alive, Shawn tried to bury Lauren alive. Lauren was rescued by Paul and Andy Richards, who found her with the help of her psychic friend, and Shawn was killed in the ensuing gunfire.

After Phyllis and Danny Romalotti were finally married again and happy in their marriage while raising their son, Sasha Green entered their lives blackmailing Phyllis into giving her money to keep quiet about the real paternity of Phyllis's son. Sasha went to Christine Blair with the same offer, but Phyllis was able to get a loan from Dr. Tim Reid to pay Sash off. Sasha made sure that she had copies of the manuscript that contained everything Phyllis did against Danny, but Phyllis managed to get rid of them. She confronted Sasha for the last time about possibly tricking her before Sasha died in her hotel room. Phyllis feared that she might have killed her, but the judge proclaimed it an accident.

When Devon Hamilton finally gained enough courage to see his homeless mother Yolanda, he found her living in a park unbelievably skinny and dirty. She explained that she was still addicted to drugs and that she spent any money she got for drugs, and that's why she wouldn't accept his money when he offered her some. She encouraged her son to return to Genoa City to his new family and enjoy his life, which he did, but he occasionally returned to check up on her.

Devon eventually visited his mother asking her to go to a rehab facility, but she refused to do so, claiming that she was finally off the drugs. She went to live with Devon and his new family, but her old habits didn't just disappear. She used the watch that she stole from Neil Winters to buy drugs, which later led to her being found overdosed and unconscious in the park by her son. Later Yolanda finally decided to go to rehab and even got a great jabot at Jabot, but her luck turned on her again when she came on to Neil. She asked Devon to accompany her back home, but left without him.

Years later, although unseen, Yolanda had a major role in a different storyline. Devon had found out that he had a sister named Ana, which Yolanda gave away to her sister Tyra Hamilton to raise as her own. Yolanda had apparently cleaned up her act yet again and wanted to have the custody of her daughter after finding a good man, but she never came to Genoa City to claim Ana. It was later said that she decided to give up her rights.

Several years before Katherine Chancellor had arrived in Genoa City, she had an affair with her husband's golfing partner, Arthur Hendricks, which resulted in a pregnancy. Kay had a girl which she gave away for adoption, which was later revealed to be Jill Foster Abbott. In early 2004, Arthur came to Genoa City to visit Kay, and Jill hoped Arthur would find a way to give Katherine hope for life, since she was in a really bad place during that time. Arthur moves into the mansion and got to know his daughter better. Arthur, along with several other family members, did an intervention to prevent Kay from drinking anymore, which eventually helped her realize she needed to go to rehab.

Arthur and Kay became closer again after all that time and Arthur had planned to propose to Kay, but his step son Harrison Bartlett came in down during that time claiming that Arthur had killed his mother to get his hands on her fortune. Arthur investigated the case with Jill, but was never charged for them. Jill and Kay confronted Arthur, who didn't want to go into it, just saying that Harrison had a big hand in ruining his life. Kay decided to trust Arthur and marry him, but he wasn't able to handle the suspicious minds, so he decided to leave town, which prompted yet another feud between Kay and Jill.

Sierra first appeared on-screen in 2003 when she joined Lily Winters and Colleen Carlton as a part of the younger scene. She attended the Walnut Grove Academy along with them and went to the Genoa City University afterward. She was always there whenever her friends needed help, most notably when Lily was involved with Kevin Fisher, when Colleen had relationship problems, and especially when Lily went on the run with her new boyfriend, Daniel Romalotti. She even gave advice to young Cassie Newman. Sierra developed a relationship with Devon Hamilton after supporting him during his troubled years of dealing with his drug-addicted mother. Sierra disappeared from the screen during 2006.

Anita and Frederick Hodges were the parents of Brittany Hodges. Their marriage wasn't going good because Anita needed more attention and Frederick was more focused on his job of being a banker. Anita had an affair with a young J.T. Hellstrom, which caused a conflict with J.T. and Brittany, while Frederick sought comfort in the arms of Jill Foster Abbott, but not much evolved from that. Frederick was the first family member to see his daughter Brittany Hodges stripping in Bobby Marsino's strip club. Neither Frederick nor Anita had much of a story aside from being included in their daughter's storylines. Both parents mostly disapproved of Brittany's relationship with Raul Guittierez, but were not happy when she was with Bobby either. Anita and Frederick were last seen in early 2005, when Brittany told them that she was pregnant, but neither parent offered her any support. They moved to New York City after that.

When Jack Abbott decided to run for the Wisconsin State Senate seat, he fired David Chow as his campaign manager and hired Ben to take over the position. Jack's opponent Nikki Newman hired David, and the two campaign managers began their battle for a better campaign. Ben stayed as Jack's manager after Jack had won the election, but lost his job after Jack had to step down from his spot caused by a scandal. Since then, Ben has been working on the John Abbott Memorial Foundation.

When Maxwell Hollister refused to accept Victor's offer to help out Julia Newman with her company, Victor promised to run Hollister out of business as revenge. Maxwell was forced to sign the purchase agreement even though he obviously didn't want to, and then went on to seek revenge on Victor by contacting his former lover Leanna Love. Maxwell appeared on Leanna's TV show where he revealed that Victor has been visiting his ex-wives, which put Nikki Newman in doubt over their reconciliation.

Victor told Nikki what was really going on, while Max admitted to Victor that he is the one causing him trouble. Leanne decided to drop the story, so Max found himself without a tool to use against Victor. When his estranged wife Lorie Brooks came to town to get her divorce from Max, he found out that she was once Victor's lover and asked her to join him in his revenge. Lorie fought with Nikki, who warned her to stay away from Victor. Max and Lorie tried to break up Nikki and Victor, but Lorie felt ashamed of what she had done and Nikki and Victor eventually found out the truth, and later married again. Max was last seen ordering flowers for Nikki and Victor's wedding.

Ralph was the ex-husband of Amanda Browning, whom Amanda left after their unsuccessful marriage and due to the fact that he was abusing her daughter Mackenzie Browning. Amanda didn't believe Mac at first and that's why Mac ran away from home. Ralph was mad at Amanda after she left him, and he was able to track her down to Genoa City, where he started to stalk Mac. He started blackmailing Amanda into stealing stuff from the Chancellor mansion. Mac was shocked to realize that Ralph was in town and Billy Abbott jumped to her rescue when they saw each other. Billy whacked Ralph over the head and thought he had killed him, but Ralph was okay. He kidnapped Kay, who was later rescued by Larry Warton. Ralph had plans to get revenge on Mac, but Larry stopped him in time. Ralph left town and was never seen again.

In 1943, Rebecca's family were killed by Nazis, and Rebecca was put to work in a concentration camp, cataloging stolen Jewish artworks. Rebecca escaped and testified at war crimes trials against the commandant, who was sentenced to death. She also returned all of the stolen artworks to their rightful owners. After receiving death threats, Rebecca and her sister Isabel immigrated from Rome to the United States, where Rebecca met and married Arturo (Arthur) Kaplan. The couple had two children, George and Stephanie. When George and Stephanie were in their teens, the Nazis managed to track the family down, and killed Arthur, Stephanie and Isabel (whom they mistakenly believed was Rebecca). Rebecca and George were forced to go on the run from the Nazis, and when George's friend Brad Carlton was killed, George took his identity and moved to Genoa City, with Rebecca still in hiding. In July 2006, Brad (George), now in his forties, finally told his wife Victoria and his oldest daughter Colleen about his past and his true identity, and introduced them to Rebecca, whom they had believed to be dead.

Dr. Joshua Landers was Nikki Newman's gynecologist, with whom Nikki got involved. Joshua was thought to have been a widower, but he had no idea that his presumed deceased wife was actually alive. Nikki and Joshua eloped to Las Vegas and got married. Nikki's ex-husband Victor Newman tried to stop them, but arrived too late. Joshua and Nikki lived together at the ranch and their marriage was going fine until Joshua's mentally ill wife Veronica got hired as a servant at the ranch under a disguise. She revealed herself to Joshua after a few weeks but he didn't want to be with her and asked her to leave him alone. Veronica killed Joshua after that.

Vanessa came to town looking for her ex lover Damon Porter in order to persuade him to hunt for an orchid that she discovered would straighten hair. She traveled with Damon to Japan during the same time that Drucilla and Neil Winters were getting married. They found themselves on the same plane as the couple, plus Phyllis and Jack. Damon and Vanessa secretly went looking for the orchid, eventually finding it in Dru's wedding bouquet. Somehow the others found out about the orchid and Phyllis ended up stealing it. Phyllis and Jack broke up, Damon and Phyllis became lovers, and it angered Vanessa to the point when she decided to offer her entire project to Newman. She wasn't seen in town after making that offer.

In 1988, Lisa, the psychotic first wife of Brad Carlton, resurfaced. Brad had married her before his arrival in Genoa City, and divorced her after her disapproving father paid him a large sum of money to do so. Lisa offered Brad, who was now married to Traci Abbott, a lucrative job in Chicago. When Brad instead accepted a job offer from his ex, Lauren, Lisa became obsessed with Brad and kidnapped him. For weeks, Lisa held Brad captive in a cage in a deserted lodge. Traci, thinking that Brad had abandoned her, suffered a miscarriage. This caused her to take comfort with her former lover Tim Sullivan.

In early 1989, Lauren was on a ski holiday with Jack Abbott, and spotted Lisa. Suspecting that Lisa was somehow linked to Brad's mysterious disappearance, Lauren followed her back to the cabin where she was holding Brad. Lisa spotted Lauren and threw her into the cage with Brad, intending to gas them both to death. Fortunately, Jack, who had tracked Lauren to the cabin, rescued them. Lisa escaped, and has not been seen since.

A part of the teen scene as of 1999, Rianna Miner was known in school for dating a rich bad boy J.T. Hellstrom who wasn't treating her right, and they broke up. Rianna was a part of the Glow by Jabot Kids, a promotion that Jabot ran. Rianna fell for Raul Guittierez and their relationship seemed perfect from the very beginning. Rianna was there for Raul when he had diabetes and it seemed like they were able to handle any problem future would give them, until Raul got careless with his medication and began acting strange again. Rianna was hurt when Raul wanted to break up with her, especially after he asked her for sex.

Rianna started dating with J.T. again, convinced that J.T. had finally become a better person, but eventually realized that he was using her again, so she decided to move out of Genoa City. She returned to town once again in time to attend prom with Raul. They were friends again, and Rianna even helped Raul get closer to Brittany Hodges, who started to have feelings for Raul. Rianna left to attend the University of Michigan.

Murphy was a long-time friend of Marge Cotrooke, with whom he often talked at Joe Jr.'s diner. When Marge ended up in a car accident with her look-alike Katherine Chancellor, Murphy found Kay at the edge of a lake and nursed her back to health, without realizing that 'Marge' is actually Kay. When her health got better, Kay realized who she really was and Murphy accepted her as a friend, but romance also started blooming between the two. They had been trying to prove Kay's identity for a few weeks with help from Amber Moore, Michael Baldwin, Kevin Fisher and others. Murphy was shocked when he returned home one day to find a goodbye note from Katherine claiming she wasn't really Kay and that she had to leave.

Walter was a member of the mob, first appearing in the company of David Chow as an unknown man, for whom David seemed to have been doing favors. It was revealed that Walter was blackmailing David because he had owed him (and his bosses) money. David's wife Nikki wasn't suspicious of Walter since David introduced him as a longtime friend, but the truth came out when David and Walter had a fight, and David admitted he owed him some money. Walter returned on occasions to collect money from David and once David payed off his debt with Nikki's money Walter left, saying that he will eventually return. David tried to stay away from his past but couldn't.

Investigation in David's past led by Paul Williams revealed Walter's real name, Tony Amato. He and David had known each other for years. Walter was worried that he might be compromised and David had to kill Skye Lockhart by his orders, but their business didn't end there. Walter continued blackmailing David, who finally decided to cut all links to Walter. Walter didn't take the news well, and he ordered David's wife killed. He didn't know that in the car, where Nikki was supposed to be, David took Sabrina Costelana and the two of them ended up in an accident, and eventually died.

Walter ran away to a secure location in Mexico, but was followed by Victor Newman, who was seeking revenge for the death of Sabrina. He went along on a boat ride with Walter where he confronted him for what he had done. Victor didn't kill Walter, but left him to die on the boat. Walter's body was found the following morning, but his death was never resolved by the police.

Alex arrived in Genoa City to work on an important case for Newman Enterprises, and the firm's boss Victor Newman was immediately impressed by the way she was doing business. She was working together with Neil Winters and the attraction between them was high even though they were constantly fighting. Olivia Winters helped Alex win the case, but in real life the two were never friends because Olivia was constantly afraid of losing Neil to Alex.

Meanwhile, Neil's brother Malcolm Winters fell for Alex and they started dating. Neil was extremely bothered by this because he was in love with Alex and he was about to reveal the truth when Alex finally decided to accept Malcolm's proposal of marriage. Alex desperately tried to hide any sign of involvement with Neil, while Neil was going through a rough time due to a death of his close friend. In a moment of depression, Neil admitted his feelings for Alex to Malcolm, but Alex reassured Malcolm that she didn't care for Neil, and the couple went back to planning their life together.

Malcolm, Alex and Neil ended up a trip to Kenya where Malcolm overheard Alex talking about her feelings for Neil, but didn't hear that Alex decided to fully commit to Malcolm. Malcolm ended up in an accident, as Alex and Neil returned to Genoa City. They realized that Malcolm must have overheard their conversation and that's why he left. Alex decided to move back to Minneapolis after she wasn't able to deal with the guilt.

Norman Peterson was a con man that put a personal ad in the newspaper which was found by Esther Valentine, who couldn't resist but to answer. In order to impress the gentleman, Esther posed as the owner of the Chancellor mansion, while the real owner Katherine Chancellor and Rex Sterling agreed to go along with her plan and dress as servants. In a rather short time, Norman convinced Esther to ask Kay to put her in her will. Kay and Rex were very suspicious of Norman when he proposed marriage to Esther, so they decided to have a fake wedding. Norman knew his plans were foiled and he wasn't ready to wait years until he could get his hands on the Chancellor fortune, so he tried to break into the safe. Rex caught him, so Norman killed him and was arrested for his murder later.

A former cellmate of Rex Sterling, Clint Radison, showed up in Genoa City and found out that Gina Roma was her daughter, so he developed a plot to seduce her, and eventually married her. In the meantime, he had stumbled upon Marge Cotrooke, a look-alike of town's most richest citizens, Katherine Chancellor, so he started training Marge, along with his friends, to take over Kay's position and kidnap Kay and her maid Esther Valentine. His plan was foiled when Kay's son Brock Reynolds and lawyer Mitchell Sherman revealed their plot and saved Kay's and Esther's lives. Clint went to prison after Marge decided to help out Kay.

Early in 2009, after getting out of prison, Clint found his way back to Genoa City to get his hands on the Chancellor fortune. He started working with Roger Wilkes in a plot to marry Esther. At the same time, Clint found out that Marge ended up in a car crash with Kay, and that Kay might still be alive, but unable to prove her identity. When Roger and Clint's plot to marry Esther was going too slow for them because Esther thought Kay might be alive, Clint decided to take a different plan and kidnap Kay, which he eventually did, taking her to an unknown location where she is being watched by Annie Wilkes, another one of Clint's accomplices.

Kay attempted to escape on several occasions, even by convincing Annie to help her out, but Clint always came in town to stop them. When he realized he was done watching over them, he set up a bomb at the hotel where Kay and her maid Esther were being held and then ran away along with Roger and Annie. While going away, Clint kidnapped Kevin Fisher and decided to use him for his future plans. Annie and Roger ran away, leaving Clint alone with Kevin. After learning about Kevin's childhood traumas on television, Clint started to traumatized Kevin into robbing banks dressed in a chipmunk costume. Clint was overjoyed every time Kevin brought him money until one day he had a heart attack and collapsed on the floor, leaving Kevin worrying that he could have killed Clint.

Tim was the psychiatrist of Phyllis Summers. Phyllis told him her most deep secrets, from disappointments in her childhood to her current life problems. Tim slept with Phyllis after she seduced him, and she used the videotape of their lovemaking to blackmail him to testify on her behalf in court during the trial to end her marriage to Danny Romalotti. Tim later recanted his testimony which ruined his career. After her marriage to Danny was over, Phyllis used Tim to make Danny jealous, even though Danny was never aware who Phyllis was sleeping with. Tim proposed to Phyllis and she accepted, but nothing came out of that after Danny wanted Phyllis back.

In 2001, Tim moved to Los Angeles, where he was found by Morgan DeWitt, a woman he knew from when they were young. Morgan seduced Tim and convinced him that it was okay what she did--chained Taylor Hayes in the basement. They slept together and had an agreement to move Taylor from the basement to the living room. Once Taylor was free, the couple ran away, but Morgan had to return and ended up captured.

In the 1980s, Andy worked as a partner in the Paul Williams Detective Agency, and originally dated Nikki Reed. In 1982, Andy began seeing Jill Foster. Jill liked Andy, but was not content with the wages that he earned. She attempted to convince him to take a higher-paying job, and he eventually proposed marriage to her. Jill reluctantly agreed, but was horrified to learn that his plan was for them to move into his mother's old house to save on expenses. Andy broke off their engagement when Jill began getting closer to Jabot Cosmetics tycoon John Abbott.

In 1984, Andy met, fell in love with and married Diane Jenkins. They divorced two years later. Andy then set his sights on mysterious singer Faren Connor. The two became close, but Andy's friend Lauren Fenmore was suspicious of Faren. Faren eventually confided in Andy that she had severe amnesia and could not remember anything about her past or true identity. A concerned Lauren convinced a wary Diane to reconcile with her ex-husband, but Andy wanted nothing more than a friendship with Diane. Andy married Faren, and Lauren reluctantly gave the couple her blessing.

Lauren put a personal ad in the newspaper, determined to find out about Faren's past. A man named Evan Sanderson answered the ad and revealed that Faren was really his missing wife, and the mother of his daughter Betsy, Michelle. Faren didn't remember her husband or her daughter. Evan accepted his wife's amnesia and prepared to return home, just as Faren's memory returned. Faren reconnected with Evan and Betsy, but Evan was shot dead by his housekeeper and former lover, Janet. Andy moved to Pittsburgh with Faren and Betsy. Andy returned alone, having divorced Faren, fifteen years later, and again worked with Paul Williams for a while, before leaving Genoa City again.

For nearly 30 years, Miguel Rodriguez was the loyal servant of the Newman family. He first started working for Victor Newman, but later took care of the entire family. He is best known for his delicious cooking, and for setting up parties for the entire family. He was always there when someone needed advice, but he never really had a storyline of his own until 1997. Before that, he was only known to have briefly dated Esther Valentine, a servant at the Chancellor mansion. Miguel has said he was originally only going to work for the Newmans briefly, until his brother graduated from medical school. Then, Miguel would feel free to explore a more intellectual career of his own. That goal never materialized for Miguel, as he apparently preferred to spend his years working for the Newmans.

In 1997, Miguel got his first real storyline when he fell in love with Veronica Landers, but he had known her as Sarah, a new servant at the ranch. Veronica was working on getting revenge on her ex-husband Joshua Landers, who was at the time married to Nikki Newman. Sarah got her revenge by shooting Joshua to death and injuring Nikki. Miguel didn't know of Veronica's crimes and he continued supporting her and looking for possible jobs for her, until it was revealed who Veronica was. She died in Miguel's arms.

Miguel continued to serve as the Newmans' butler/house manager until 2008, though he wasn't seen onscreen since 2006. A new house manager, Estella Munoz, was introduced in April 2008; on June 5, 2008, it was revealed that he had officially left his position at the Newman Ranch in order to care for his aunt, who had been diagnosed with diabetes. The Newman family was saddened to see him go, but understood the necessity. As a farewell gift, Nikki and Victor decided to send him a small, gold clock that sat on the fireplace for many years, which Miguel would often wind-up.

Malcolm Winters was surprised when Callie Rogers came back into his life. Prior to her arrival in town, Callie and Malcolm were lovers broken up by her father. Callie hooked up with Malcolm again, while Malcolm was dealing with his failed marriage to Olivia Winters. The couple became engaged and Malcolm moved in with Callie, but their happiness was soon destroyed when they found out that Callie was still married to her agent Trey Stark. Callie was pressured by Malcolm into divorcing Trey, while Trey refused to let Callie go. Malcolm couldn't handle Callie's indecisiveness and they decided to break up.

Roxanne was introduced during Lily Winters' divorce party, where she hooked up with Devon Hamilton. The two had been in a relationship ever since, with Roxanne making very brief appearances on the show. They are apparently still in a relationship.

When Colleen Carlton arranged for her boyfriend J.T. Hellstrom to sing at Crimson Lights, J.T. wasn't aware that a record promoter named Shiloh was in the audience. She was impressed with his performance so much that she offered him a contract, and the two left to L.A. in order to make J.T. a singing star. Shiloh asked J.T. to change a part of his personality to be a better star. Colleen was hurt when J.T. said at a press conference that he was single, by Shiloh's orders. Shiloh prepared a record release party for J.T., but he didn't show up, and that's where his career ended, and Shiloh never appeared again.

From 1989, John Silva was the town's most active lawyer, mostly working on cases with Christine Blair. Silva represented residents of the town in various cases, from drug charges, sexual harassment, murders, divorces to custody battles. He primarily worked for the Newman and Abbott families. His personal life wasn't fully explored, but he did have a brief relationship with Nina Webster and an affair with Jill Foster Abbott.

In 1979, April Stevens begin to see and have affair with Paul Williams which left her pregnant and Paul he urged April to put the baby up for adoption and he turned his back on her until the baby was in danger of dying. They married in 1981, the baby girl survived who was named Heather, but parental responsibility proved too much for Paul and they divorced and April and her daughter left town. She'd married Dr. Robert Lynch who died and April made her grand return to Genoa City in 2008, not too long after Paul found out Heather was his daughter.

Maggie Sullivan first came onto the scene in Genoa City to investigate the murder of Carmen Mesta, whose body was found behind the club Indigo. Throughout the case, she has remained a force to be reckoned with and continues to search for the truth as to who killed Carmen, where she was murdered and why. She has also begun a relationship with Paul Williams, but it took a rocky start when she tracked him to an abandoned warehouse and found what she believed to be Phyllis Newman imprisoned in a cage, but it was actually the psychotic Sheila Carter, who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Maggie let 'Phyllis' out, only to be choked by her and left for dead. Sheila then imprisoned Paul in the cage with Maggie and shot Maggie.

After Sheila was murdered, Paul visited Maggie in the hospital, and told her that when she was interrogated, she should leave Lauren and Michael out of the story, as they too, like Maggie, 'stumbled into this themselves'. Then, a fellow detective came to ask Maggie about her shooting, and Paul was asked to step outside. Maggie never told anyone of Michael, Paul, or Lauren's involvement and she and Paul resumed dating. Months later, Paul gave Maggie another shock when he revealed that the new Assistant D.A. in town was his daughter Heather Stevens that he had with his ex-wife April. The only thing was Heather didn't know Paul was her biological father, which has led Maggie to encourage him to tell the truth. Maggie was last seen in February 2008, but no reason or even a mention was given for her departure.

Derek Thurston was a hairdresser tricked into marrying Katherine Chancellor by Kay herself after Kay had fallen in love with him. Derek was actually attracted to Kay's sworn enemy Jill Foster Abbott, but he decided to go along with Katherine because he knew he could gain wealth if he lived with her for a year and could set up his own salon. Derek's past came back to haunt him when the mob shot accidentally intended to shoot him, but shot Katherine, who was left paralyzed. Kay used her health to her advantage in a way to hold onto Derek even after she got better.

Derek's life took another strange turn when his ex-wife Suzanne Lynch came to town prepared to do anything to win Derek back. By lacing candy, she drove Kay to insanity but it backfired on her, leaving Derek free of his both wives. He inherited the Chancellor fortune and tried to marry Jill, but was shocked when thought-to-be-dead Katherine showed up at the wedding to reclaim her fortune and Derek as well. The couple decided to go on a cruise where they had a fight that resulted in Kay jumping overboard. When she returned from being held captive by a man, she divorced Derek.

Rafael Torres is a lawyer introduced during Ana Hamilton's foster care battle. He is a longtime friend of Billy Abbott. Hints were made about a possible love connection between Rafe and Colleen Carlton during one of the meetings at Crimson Lights, but the storyline wasn't further explored. Rafe also worked as Adam Wilson's lawyer when he was prosecuted for forging his father's diary.

Tony, an Italian mechanic, was introduced as the boyfriend of Grace Turner, and had a small role in the show until 1998, when he dumped Grace due to her obsession with Nicholas Newman. One day at Crimson Lights Coffee House, Tony met college student Megan Dennison. He took an instant liking to her and thought she was a welcome relief from the manipulative Grace. Tony and Megan began dating, much to the disapproval of Megan's father, Keith and her sister, Tricia. When Megan defiantly told Keith that she was going to keep seeing Tony despite what he thought, Tricia became unhealthily obsessed with breaking them up. Her efforts were futile. On Tony and Megan's wedding day, Megan became concerned when the groom didn't show up. Speeding to stop the wedding, Tricia had blindly ran Tony down in the Dennisons' driveway. Tony was rushed to hospital and married Megan moments before passing away.

Gil Wallace is the town's detective that was first seen working on the case of David Chow and Sabrina Newman's murder. He handled other cases as well and in the meantime developed a relationship with Tyra Hamilton, but it didn't last after Gil had to report that Ana Hamilton wasn't her daughter and she ended up in foster care.

Alistair is a down-on-his-luck actor who happens to be a look-a-like of the late John Abbott. He was introduced on March 18, 2008, when John's son Jack and his wife Sharon hired him in a plot to evict John's manipulative widow, Gloria, and her new husband Jeffrey Bardwell, from the Abbott mansion. Alistair enjoys his beer and wine and is commonly drunk, causing interference with Jack and Sharon's plans. In an attempt to get rid of him once he was fired, he escaped from Sharon and returned to the Abbott mansion to pursue his attraction for Gloria. When he entered the house, Lauren was about to walk down the stairs when she saw him, thinking he was John Abbott, and fainted, causing her to fall down the stairs and pass out.

Alistair ran into Katherine Chancellor at Crimson Lights Coffeehouse, and she was surprised at how similar Alistair looked to John. She then saw Alistair near her house and invited him inside, where she learned more about Alistair. Jill Foster Abbott, her daughter, was also shocked when she first saw Alistair. The two women later learned more about Jack's plot against Gloria, and the fact that Alistair had fallen in love with Gloria. Eventually, Jack and Sharon decided that it was time to be rid of Alistair. The Abbotts made a $50,000 donation to a struggling, out-of-area theater group in exchange for Alistair being cast in both a Summer and Fall production (the latter being the role of "Felix" in The Odd Couple). Before he could leave, however, Alistair insisted on saying goodbye to Gloria.

Lindsey was a former girlfriend of Jack Abbott who worked for Jabot. She took illicit photos of Jack and Jill Foster Abbott's affair, then blackmailed the two into giving her higher positions in the company and other concessions – knowing that if John Abbott ever saw her pictures, he would disown his son Jack and divorce Jill. In order to get close to the negatives, Jack concocted a plan to marry Lindsey in a fake ceremony. As soon has she discovered the marriage ceremony was a fake, she sold the negatives to Jill's arch-nemesis Katherine Chancellor. When John eventually saw the pictures, Lindsey, as the photographer, became one of his key witnesses in his divorce trial with Jill.

Roger is a con man that was hired by Cane Ashby as an accountant at Jabot, without Cane knowing Roger's real intentions. Roger is working with Clint Radison, a man that had criminal past connected to Katherine Chancellor and who came back to town looking for revenge. Cane's wife Chloe Mitchell asked Roger to go out on a date with her mother Esther Valentine and Roger gladly accepted, then changed his plan to get the Chancellor wealth. He decided to marry Esther to get her money, and decided to rush by asking Esther to marry him just a few days after they had met. Esther gladly accepted, while others started suspecting Roger might have an agenda.

Clint and Roger kidnapped Katherine and brought her to a seedy motel, where she is being watched by Annie Wilkes, Roger's first wife. Annie at first didn't trust Kay when she claimed she isn't Marge, but Kay slowly started putting doubt in Annie and trying to make her help out while Clint wasn't there to watch over her. Annie was revealed to be a big Katherine Chancellor fan, which also helped Kay convince Annie to help her out. They both tried to escape, only to be stopped by Roger and Clint various times. Clint tried to get rid of everyone by putting a bomb in the motel, while Annie reconsidered and decided to stick with Clint and Roger after all. While running away, Clint took Kevin hostage, but Roger and Annie decided to abandon Clint by escaping before he could find them.

Mary is the former wife of Carl Williams and mother of Patty, Paul, Steven and Father Todd Williams. She also has a sister named Jane. In the late 1980s, Carl, a police officer, went missing and was presumed dead, devastating Mary and her children. Paul, now a detective, desperately tried to locate Carl, but to no avail. Ten years later, after Mary had accepted a marriage proposal from Charlie Ottwell, Paul's wife Christine was shocked to discover that Carl was still alive, and living in Norfolk under the name Jim Bradley. It was revealed that he had been captured by criminals while working on a police case, and was beaten and left for dead. An amnesiac Carl had been found and rescued by a woman named Ruth Perkins. Christine convinced "Jim" to return to Genoa City with her. Mary was shocked when Carl returned, and eventually broke off her engagement with Charlie. However, Carl never regained his memory or reconnected with his family, and he went back to Norfolk with Ruth.

Paul and Christine divorced, and Mary became intent on breaking up Paul's latest marriage, to Isabella Braña, of whom Mary did not approve. She enlisted Christine's help in breaking up the marriage, but Christine was unable to convince Paul to leave Isabella. Despite the fact that Isabella had given Mary the grandchild that she had always wanted, a boy who was named Ricardo Carl Williams, Ricardo went to live with Isabella's parents in California. Mary has not been seen on-screen since 2004; she left Genoa City to live near Patty and Steven in Washington DC.

When Nicholas Newman returned to Genoa City in 1994 as a 16-year-old, he started dating Amy Wilson, a respected teenger that was well liked by Nick's parents. Amy was the type of person that would be able to sleep with anyone just to get what she wanted. Amy was best friends with Sharon Collins, with whom Nick fell in love, but Nick decided to stay with Amy because Sharon was dating Matt Clark at the time. Amy was put aside when Nick decided to fight for Sharon. Much later, Nick's father Victor found Amy in bad mental state, recovering from some sort of trauma that happened on the night Matt Clark was shot. Amy realized in time that she had shot Matt after he raped her.

Keesha Monroe was first seen at Gina's Place, where Malcolm Winters stumbled upon her, and the two slowly started dating. After a few months of happines, Malcolm found out that Keesha had an affair with Nathan Hastings. The affair was over, but Keesha's troubles didn't end there. She found out that she was exposed to the HIV virus by one of her ex-boyfriends. Sadly, her health took a turn for worse when the virus turned into AIDS. As Keesha was dying, Malcolm forgave her for her affair with Nathan. She wanted to die happy, and Malcolm made sure that it happened by arranging a wedding ceremony. After reading their vows, Keesha passed away.

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The Young and the Restless storylines

Out of the Ashes promotional poster

The storylines of the soap opera The Young and the Restless have changed over the years since the show debuted in 1973. Originally examining the lives of the wealthy Brooks and the poor Fosters, a series of recasts and departures in the early 1980s turned the focus of Y&R to the Abbotts and the Newmans, including the corporate rivalry between their two respective companies. However, one basic plot that has run throughout almost all of the program's history is the rivalry between Jill Foster Abbott and Katherine Chancellor.

Y&R co-creator William J. Bell originally conceived the show to center around the class conflict between two core families: the wealthy Brooks and the poor Fosters.. Newspaper publisher Stuart Brooks (played by Robert Colbert) and his socialite wife Jennifer (Dorothy Green) had four daughters: Leslie (Janice Lynde), a pianist; Lauralee "Lorie" (Jaime Lyn Bauer), an author; Christabel "Chris" (Trish Stewart), a journalist; and Peggy (Pamela Peters Solow), a college student. Meanwhile, Elizabeth "Liz" Foster (Julianna McCarthy) was a factory worker and single parent who, after being abandoned by her husband William "Bill" Sr. (Charles H. Gray), was struggling to make ends meet while trying to raise three children: William "Snapper" Jr. (William Grey Espy), a medical student; Greg (James Houghton), a law student; and Jill (Brenda Dickson; later Deborah Adair and currently Jess Walton), a beautician and aspiring model.

Leslie and Lorie fought over first Brad Eliot (Tom Hallick) and then Lance Prentiss (John McCook). This love triangle stretched into four after Lance's sea captain brother Lucas (Tom Ligon) arrived in town. Although Lorie initially was little more than the bad girl who tormented pure sister Leslie, she became a lead in her own right as she battled her sister over custody of Leslie's son Brooks (Andre Gower), and then battled her psychotic mother-in-law Vanessa (K.T. Stevens) (who even killed herself just to frame Lorie for the crime).

Another love triangle formed between Chris, Snapper, and waitress Sally McGuire (Lee Crawford). Desperate to gain an upper hand, Sally threw away her birth control pills and got pregnant by Snapper. Not knowing that he was the father, Snapper proposed to Chris. When they found out he was the father of Sally's child, Chris suffered a miscarriage. Eventually, Sally moved out of town, and Chris and Snapper reconciled.

Other stories included Bill returning to town and remarrying Liz before dying of cancer; Jennifer planning to divorce Stuart and marry her former lover and Liz Fosters brother Dr. Bruce Henderson (Paul Clarke), who was revealed to be Lorie's biological father; and Stuart and Liz marrying after Jennifer died of cancer.

One of Y&R's first and longest-lasting storylines is the rivalry between Jill and socialite Katherine "Kay" Chancellor. By the end of the show's first season, Y&R was the least watched American television soap opera, so Bell hired veteran actress Jeanne Cooper in the fall 1973 to spark the ratings. Cooper's character, Kay, became popular, and so Bell decided to exploit this popularity by crafting a storyline putting her against Jill.

Jill went to work as Kay's manicurist and assistant to help her struggling family pay the bills. Kay was a boozy matron trapped in a loveless marriage to Phillip Chancellor II (John Considine later Donnelly Rhodes). Jill and Phillip fell in love, but in 1976, after he returned from obtaining a divorce in the Dominican Republic, Katherine picked him up at the airport, and in an attempt to kill both Phillip and herself, drove the car off a cliff. On his deathbed, Phillip married Jill and bequeathed her and their love child his fortune. At first, Kay offered Jill $1 million for the baby, but ended up getting a judge to declare that Jill and Phillip's marriage was illegal since Kay was drunk when signing her divorce papers. Since Jill nor her son had any rights to an inheritance, the baby was legally given the name "Phillip Foster" instead of "Phillip Chancellor III". As a result of the ruling, an embittered Jill became a vixen and the two ladies began an intense rivalry, blaming each other for the death of Phillip II.

First, they fought over beautician Derek Thurston (Joe LaDue) in the late 1970s. Then in 1982, Jill married tycoon John Abbott (Jerry Douglas), but within a few years later, Kay seized the opportunity to break them up after obtaining photos of Jill's one-night-affair with John's son Jack (Terry Lester; currently Peter Bergman); John suffered a stroke after seeing those images and divorced Jill. The two ladies also fought for custody of Phillip Foster (Thom Bierdz) in the late 1980s, with Kay being awarded temporary custody without the right to adopt. Eventually, Kay arranged for his name to be legally changed to Phillip Chancellor III.

In the 1990s, after Phillip III died from a car crash, and after Jill's second marriage to John ended, the two ladies went back to court when some of Phillip II's documents were found in the Chancellor mansion attic; the judge declared that Jill owned half of the Chancellor estate. Jill and Kay fought over this new arrangement as well as Jill's son Billy (David Tom/Ryan Brown/Scott Seymour) dating Kay's granddaughter Mackenzie "Mac" Browning (Ashley Bashioum/Kelly Kruger/Rachel Kimsey).

In 2003, the Jill-Kay rivalry changes forever. Liz Foster, afflicted with a near-terminal illness, informs Jill that she was adopted. After much investigation, it is revealed that Kay is Jill's biological mother. Learning the truth on their wedding night, Billy and Mackenzie have their marriage annulled (since they are biological first cousins). Since then, Kay and Jill have made peace and formed a genuine (though sometimes contentious) mother-daughter bond. Their relationship even managed to survive the 2007 revelation that Jill's son with Phillip II was switched at birth by Kay, who was angry that Jill had Phillip II's child and she did not. The true Phillip Chancellor III was eventually discovered to have been raised in Australia as Ethan "Cane" Ashby (Daniel Goddard), and he was ultimately reunited with Jill after more than 30 years.

By the early 1980s, most of the Brooks and Foster families had been recast again and again, and when Y&R expanded to an hour in 1980, many lead actors said they could not sustain themselves on an hour show. Show creator William J. Bell told himself he would wait for one more major departure before making big changes. When Jaime Lyn Bauer, who played Lorie, quit in 1982 due to exhaustion, Bell took the opportunity to write out all of the Brooks and Fosters, save Jill. Gradually, the focus shifted from the Brooks and Foster families to the Williams, Abbott, and the Newman families.

The Williams family was introduced in 1978. Police Detective Carl Williams (Brett Hadley) and his wife Mary (Carolyn Conwell) had their hands full with their promiscuous teenage son Paul (Doug Davidson). Paul had a fling with Nikki Reed (Melody Thomas Scott) and gave her a sexually transmitted disease. He then went on to romance prostitute Cindy Lake, as well as April Stevens (Cynthia Eilbacher), who mothered his daughter, Heather, before marrying Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) and opening a private investigations agency with Andy Richards (Steven Ford). Paul's older brother Steven (David Winn) was a reporter who married Peggy and eventually moved to Washington D.C. Meanwhile, Carl and Mary's daughter Patty (Lilibet Stern/Andrea Evans) married Jack, but due to his frequent infidelities, she eventually lost control and shot Jack in the back three times. After being cleared of any charges, Patty divorced Jack and left town. The Williams' oldest son Todd was an unseen character who served as a priest (he eventually made an on-screen appearance in 2004 with Corbin Bernsen playing the role in a cameo appearance).

By the late 1980s, most members of the Williams family were phased out, but the Abbott and the Newman families remain. Y&R is one of the few shows in the history of daytime to eliminate their original core families and benefit from the result.

Eric Braeden joined the cast in 1980 as sinister tycoon Victor Newman, in what was originally a short-term role but soon became a permanent fixture. Victor was so menacing to his wife Julia (Meg Bennett) that he locked her boyfriend Michael Scott (Nicholas Benedict) in a bomb shelter constructed in the basement and forced him to watch Victor and Julia's bedroom via closed-circuit camera. Bell saw something in Braeden's performance and since the show had few strong male characters, elevated him to star status. Soon after, Victor went to a strip club and met Nikki, who at the time was working as a stripper. She married Victor in a lavish 1984 wedding and their love-hate relationship has gone through the birth of two children, Victoria (Heather Tom/Sarah Aldrich/Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas (Joshua Morrow), as well as many divorces, affairs, and remarriages since then.

Bell also expanded the role of the Abbott family. In addition to John and his son Jack, daughters Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Traci (Beth Maitland) were introduced. Stories were phased in regarding the corporate rivalry between the Abbott's Jabot Cosmetics and the Newman's Newman Enterprises. The personal lives of both the Abbotts and the Newmans also became a major focus. A four-way quadrangle became a major storyline in the 1980s-90s with Victor marrying Ashley and Jack marrying Nikki. Meanwhile, the insecure Traci became involved in a love triangle with her rival Lauren and rock star Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), before marrying gardener-turned-business executive Brad Carlton (Don Diamont).

A relatively controversial fixture on the show for several decades was Bell's daughter, Lauralee. Lauralee debuted in 1983 in a bit part as Christine "Cricket" Blair. As Lauralee grew up, her character became more and more prominent, to the point where in 1988 storylines had four different men in love with her. Longtime fan favorite Terry Lester, who played Jack Abbott, left the show in 1989 and blamed her partly, claiming that the excessive airtime given to Cricket drowned out the other performers.

Christine would later marry Danny and then Paul before becoming an attorney and asking people to refer to her as "Chris". However, she remained a somewhat saccharine central heroine. At one point in 1996, the show hinted at a romance between Christine and the much older Victor Newman, but negative viewer reaction killed the story. Later, Christine began to work with Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) who had stalked her years earlier. Chris, who was saving herself for marriage, was later a victim of a "date-rape"where Derek raped Christine, then it seemed as if Chase and Chris would become romantically involved and during the time Cricket was healing from being date-raped, but the story never came to frution, even Cricket's mother gave her blessing for the two (Cricket and Chase) of them to marry if that's what the future held for them before she died of AIDS. Christine and Paul reunited but eventually split for good. By 2004 or so, Lauralee Bell's marriage and children, as well as a successful clothing store, diminished her on-screen airtime and paved the way for other characters. In early 2005 she announced her move from contract to recurring status. In May 2007, it was announced that Bell would reprise her character on Y&R's sister soap, The Bold And The Beautiful.

The Young and the Restless is also one of the few soaps to have successfully integrated a number of African American actors into its cast. In the mid-1980s Y&R created a storyline which revolved around Tyrone Jackson (Phil Morris), a young black man, being made up in whiteface to bring down a mafia kingpin, but most of the characters were written out within a few years. In 1989, the program Generations earned critical acclaim for casting an entire African American family from the show's inception. Established hits like Y&R were criticized as the show had a low number of minorities.

As a response, Tonya Lee Williams and Victoria Rowell joined Y&R in the early 1990s as the Barber sisters, Olivia and Drucilla, nieces of the Abbott's maid Mamie Johnson (Veronica Redd). They proved to be very successful and they interacted fairly well with the established characters. Nathan Hastings (Nathan Purdee/Randy Brooks/Adam Lazarre-White), the only other remaining black character on the show before 1990, was married off to Olivia, before dying in a hit and run car accident in 1996. Two more black characters, Neil Winters, played by former Generations alum Kristoff St. John and his brother Malcolm played by Shemar Moore, would be introduced in 1991 and 1994 respectively.

However, the core black characters largely interacted with themselves only; they would most often act as bit parts in scenes with the other characters. In the case of the Winters brother and the Barber sisters, they were shown to usually just swap each other's partners when a "shake-up" was needed in the romantic scheme of the story. This led to a seemingly never-ending love quadrangle between the four characters. Later actions have proven that this choice was due to the supposition that it was ostensibly "too controversial" to have an interracial pairing. Indeed, a pairing in the late 1990s between Neil Winters and Victoria Newman was axed by CBS executives, who were rumored to have received many angry phone calls and letters by viewers in the South. In 2004, a love affair between Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and chemist Damon Porter (Keith Hamilton Cobb) was prominently featured, despite concerns that the interracial pairing would be scrapped just like the one that was written before. While the romance between Phyllis and Damon did eventually come to an end, the writers followed up by having Phyllis' son Daniel (Michael Graziadei) become involved with Drucilla and Malcolm's daughter Lily (Christel Khalil). Daniel and Lily married in 2006.

From 1999 to 2004, David Lago played Raul Guittierez, a member of a Cuban family who became part of a circle of friends that included Billy, Mackenzie, J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill), Rianna Miner (Rianna Loving/Alexis Thorpe) and Brittany Hodges (Vanessa Lee Evigan/Lauren Woodland). Raul's brother Diego (Diego Serrano/Greg Vaughan) arrived in town in 2001 after running away from the family several years prior. After helping his younger brother during a difficult time, Diego had flings with Nicholas' wife Sharon (Sharon Case) and Victoria.

The show has been less successful with incorporating Asian American characters. In 1994, the Vietnamese Volien family was introduced to the show, consisting of Luan (Elizabeth Sung) and her two children, Keemo (Philip Moon) and Mai (Marianne Rees). Luan married Jack Abbott (who was the father of her son Keemo), but was killed off in 1996 and her two children were written out soon afterward. At present, the only Asian in the cast is Eric Steinberg, who plays business executive Ji Min Kim, but he was recently killed off.

While heavy recasting is considered to have doomed some series such as Ryan's Hope and Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Y&R' has been successful at replacing some of its lead characters with other actors. Most often, major characters are played by the same actor for decades; if they left the show, the characters left with them. But in the case of Y&R, their replacements were often popular and remade the character in their own image. When William Grey Espy left the show in 1975, the role of Snapper Foster was given to then-unknown actor David Hasselhoff. Peter Bergman has won three Emmy Awards after replacing Lester as Jack Abbott. And Jess Walton, who took over the role of Jill Foster Abbott after original cast member Brenda Dickson was fired in 1987 after a fallout with producers, has earned two Emmys.

The 2005 the role of Mackenzie Browning was recast from Ashley Bashioum to Rachel Kimsey. Kimsey was released from her contract in May 2006. In 2004, Joan Van Ark joined the cast as Gloria Fisher, Michael Baldwin's mother, remaining until early 2005. She was replaced by Judith Chapman. Davetta Sherwood was let go and replaced with the former actress, Christel Khalil.

The role of Colleen Carlton, Brad and Traci's daughter, who had been played by Lyndsy Fonseca for several years was recast in January 2006 with Adrianne Leon. Leon was let go in June 2007 and replaced with former Home and Away actress Tammin Sursok, who currently remains with the show.

In late 2006, Y&R recast the role of popular daytime villainess, Sheila Carter. Originally played by Kimberlin Brown on both Y&R and The Bold and the Beautiful, the character was later handed over to Michelle Stafford, who also plays Phyllis. Although this recast was mainly storyline-directed, since Sheila had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis, fans of Sheila have expressed mixed opinions regarding Brown's absence in the role.

Unlike other soaps in the 1980s or 1990s, Y&R avoided preachy social issues. When they did touch on such issues as abortion or the homeless crisis or AIDS, it was only as a plot device with a few facts and statistics thrown in for effect. For example, when Ashley aborted Victor's child in the 1980s, any viewers or scholars who may have looked for a serious story on the pros and cons of abortion would have been disappointed. Ashley only aborted her baby because Victor's wife Nikki was then presumed to be terminally ill, and Ashley did not want to cause her pain. After learning of her abortion, Victor ripped her to shreds, causing a devastated Ashley to lose her mind and wind up in an insane asylum.

One social issue which was too hot for the Y&R audience of the mid-'70s was homosexuality. In the mid-1970s, Kay befriended an overweight, unhappy housewife named Joann Curtis. Kay moved Joann into her home and helped her get a better self-image. Soon, Kay's son Brock wondered about all the time the ladies were spending together, as Kay planned a special vacation to Hawaii for herself and Joann. The ratings dropped and outraged fan letters poured in. Bell quickly dropped the relationship, wrote out Joann, and the show stabilized.

Along with every other daytime soap, Y&R has suffered audience erosion, with particularly noticeable losses from 2000 to the present day. The show, in response to the bleeding, took some power away from longtime producer Edward J. Scott and head writer Kay Alden, and started to instead rely on head writer John F. Smith and later (in 2006) head writer/executive producer Lynn Marie Latham.

Another highly publicized move was the 2004 rehiring of Shemar Moore to reprise his role as Malcolm for a limited run. Moore was extremely popular with African-American viewers, and the show lost a healthy chunk of that demographic upon his 2002 departure. Although fans were happy to see him return, Malcolm's new storyline garnered mixed reviews at best, and the ratings barely nudged. In another high-profile storyline, Nicholas and Sharon's teenage daughter Cassie was killed off. In spite of rave reviews from the soap press, the ratings remained consistent. In August 2006, the show killed off patriarch John Abbott. These episodes nudged Y&R to some of its highest ratings (6.4 million viewers in August 2006) in some time.

The writers also created a number of retcon storylines during the 2000s. In 2003, it was revealed that Jill was adopted, and Kay was actually her birth mother; Billy and Mac were told about this moments before they consummated their relationship. In 2004, Jill's birth father Arthur Hendricks (David Hedison) briefly visited, and mother and daughter fought over him while Kay again battled her drinking problem. Another controversial storyline involving Brad Carlton and his true identity as George Kaplan has been playing out since July 2006. Fans are reported to have mixed emotions over the introduction of Nazis to the storyline. Also in 2006, the real Phillip Chancellor III was revealed to have been switched at birth by Kay, and the Phillip III that was seen in the 1970s-80s was someone else's.

In 2007, the show began to reintroduce infamous story plots to draw back some devoted fans. The infamous Jack vs. Victor war began to surface again in November 2006, with Jack secretly manipulating Victor's new company, NVP Retreats, and Victor wanting revenge. Also, with the death of John, the basic "estate inheritance" storyline, made famous with many characters including Kay and Jill, played out between the Abbott children and Gloria, who was John's wife before he died.

Years 2006 and 2007 also saw two murder-mystery plots, as Carmen Mesta (Marisa Ramirez) and Ji Min Kim (Eric Steinberg) were killed off.

One highly-publicised story was the culmination of a months-long storyline involving the construction of a casino and resort at the fictional city of Clear Springs; this story ended in the so-called "Clear Springs Explosion." This event was marketed as The Young and the Restless: Out of the Ashes, which aired from October 19 to October 26, 2007, in which a building collapsed due to the aforementioned explosion and many central characters were injured somehow. The Out of the Ashes storyline is notable for being the first time Y&R has used a special title sequence for a particular storyline. However, the extra budget dollars expended on Out of the Ashes - approximately $2,000,000 USD - produced little or no bump upward in the ratings.

Victims trapped inside the rubble were: Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), Sharon Abbott (Sharon Case), Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow), a pregnant Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), Adrian Korbel (Eyal Podell), Noah Newman (Hunter Allan), Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz), Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (Tracey E. Bregman), Detective Maggie Sullivan (Tammy Lauren), Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper), Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) and J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill).

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Children of The Young and the Restless

The following are characters from the American soap opera The Young and the Restless who are notable for being the children of important characters, but, as minors, do not warrant their own articles.

John Abbott III was the son of Jack Abbott and Nikki Newman. He was born prematurely after Nikki fell during a fight with her ex-husband Victor Newman. Because of his premature birth date, John only lived a short time after birth.

Kyle Jenkins Abbott (né Christian Victor Newman) is the son of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins. Originally thought to be the child of Victor Newman, Sr., but once revealed to be Jack's son, a bitter custody battle over him ensued. Jack was granted visitation, but immediately questioned Diane's motives as she was planning on winning Jack back from his marriage to Phyllis. Diane has set up a plan to accuse Phyllis of arson and attempted murder by setting the Abbott pool house ablaze. Phyllis convinced Jack that Diane set her up so that she could have him, and they resolved to expose Diane - to such lengths that Jack took Diane to bed and seduced her into a confession. Phyllis was acquitted, then found the note that Diane had written to pay a bum to call Phyllis away from the wedding. Jack and Phyllis used this as blackmail to get Diane to turn over custody of Kyle. Diane then used her Newman millions to help bail out financially strapped Jabot Cosmetics with "no strings attached" and set up offices at Jabot. Due to the friction caused by Jack working for Jabot and Phyllis working for Newman, Jack eventually gave his son Kyle back to Diane.

After a failed flirtation with Damon Porter, Diane left town with Kyle and, when last heard from, was living and working in Chicago.

Cordelia "Delia" Katherine Valentine Ashby is the daughter of Billy Abbott and Chloe Mitchell. She was born on February 14, 2009 at the Abbott cabin, and was delivered with the help of Billy and Lily Winters. Throughout Chloe's pregnancy, she tricked Billy's half-brother, Cane Ashby, into believing he was the father. The truth about Delia's paternity was revealed soon after her birth, though even after the reveal, Cane still considers himself Delia's father and is planning to sue Billy and Chloe for full custody.

Fenmore "Fen" Michael Baldwin is the son of Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. Fen was born over a month early and remained in hospital for a short time. Shortly after his birth, he was kidnapped by Sheila Carter (who had had cosmetic surgery to look like Phyllis Summers Newman) along with Phyllis and her daughter, Summer. All were rescued when Lauren tracked down Sheila and shot her. Fen celebrated his first birthday on October 13, 2007 and he recently took his first steps.

Robert Carlton is the stillborn son of Brad Carlton and Ashley Abbott who was born and died in 2003. He was named after John Abbott's father Robert Abbott. Ashley was involved in a car accident while she was pregnant and the baby had to be delivered. Ashley suffered a breakdown after Robert's death.

Phillip "Little Phillip" Chancellor IV is the son of the wealthy heir to Chancellor Industries, Phillip Chancellor III and Nina Webster. After his fathers death, his mother moved on to marry Ryan McNeil who became his protegee in the late 90's. Eventually, Ryan left Nina to be with Victoria Newman in which Nina went on a path of destruction that eventually lead her to leave Genoa City with Phillip. In 2006 we learned that Phillip III was switched at birth by his grandmother Katherine Chancellor, thus the biological Chancellor heir is Cane Ashby. Nothing was heard from Nina and Phillip IV yet and the status of their inheritance is unknown. In 2008, Nina came back to Genoa City for the funeral of Katherine Chancellor, and revealed that Phillip IV is currently serving in the Iraq War.

Dylan Lawrence Fenmore was the adopted son of Scott Grainger, Sr. and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. He was switched at birth by Sheila Carter. Lauren wasn't aware that Sheila had stolen her child and was raising him with Scott as Scotty, Jr. The truth eventually came out, after Dylan died from meningitis before he was a year old.

Anastia "Ana" Hamilton came to Genoa City in the summer of 2008 with her mother Tyra Hamilton and surprised their cousin Devon Hamilton by her incredible singing talent. Just recently Tyra revealed to Neil that Ana is actually her sister Yolanda's daughter, which means she's Devon's sister. Ana herself recently found out. Devon and Lily helped Ana deal with the truth. Ana was afraid that Tyra would be sending her to a school in New Hampshire to get rid of her, but Tyra convinced her otherwise when she decided to go to New Hampshire along with Ana. Ana and Tyra were on their way to Chicago after dropping out of school, so Ana ran away from Tyra to come and see Devon, but Tyra followed her back and they reunited and decided to stay in Genoa City. Soon after their arrival, Yolanda filed a missing persons report on Ana. Ana was put in temporary foster care while the Winters family and Tyra desperately try to find a way to bring her home. Rafe Torres is currently working on the case for Ana.

Scott "Scotty" Grainger, Jr. is the son of Scott Grainger, Sr. and Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. He was switched at birth by Sheila Carter with another baby, who Sheila used to pass off as Lauren's son. Sheila went on to raise Scotty as her own son, with Scott Sr. Eventually the truth was revealed and Scotty was returned to Lauren. Scotty spent most of his childhood at boarding school. He returned to Genoa City in 2005, the character having been SORASED to 24, and then left the following year.

Nathan Oliver "Nate" Hastings, Jr. is the son of Olivia Barber Winters and her first husband, the late Nathan Hastings, Sr. He was delivered early due to his mother's cancer scare. Later, when Olivia found out about Nathan's affair with Keesha, a woman with AIDS, Nathan kidnapped Nate and disappeared. After several weeks on the run, Nathan decided to return Little Nate to Olivia. But when he wandered away from his father on a crowded street, Nathan rushed to find him and was fatally struck by a car. After Nathan's death, Olivia became close to Malcolm, who also had a soft spot for Nate. Malcolm proposed marriage and the possibility of adopting Nate, who considered Malcolm to be his father (even though the boy was old enough to remember Nathan). Olivia and Malcolm eventually divorced, yet Malcolm remained a staple in Nate's life until Malcolm's presumed death in Africa.

He is currently attending Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Reed Newman Hellstrom is the son of J.T. Hellstrom and Victoria Newman. He was born prematurely on November 29, 2007, after his mother was in an accident and went into a coma. Victoria did not know Reed's paternity; his biological father could have been Victoria's then-estranged husband, Brad Carlton, or her lover, J.T. J.T. was named the father after Reed was born; he and Victoria were married in February 2008 after she woke up from her coma. Soon after the marriage, Reed contracted a staph infection, but swiftly recovered. He is constantly under the care of his nurse, Gabby.

Eve Nicole Howard was the daughter of Cole Howard and Victoria Newman. She was born stillborn in 1998, in which her first name was given in memory of her father's mother Eve Howard (who died of cancer) and her middle name was that of Victoria's mother Nicole Reed.

Summer Ann Newman is the daughter of Nicholas and Phyllis Newman. She was conceived during an affair between her father and mother as Nick was married to Sharon and Phyllis was rekindling a romance with her ex-husband Jack Abbott. Her paternity was unknown until the test arrived to Nick. Nick then took off for a few days. Once he returned, he announced that he was the father and he and Phyllis married. Summer was born December 2006 during an ice storm in an elevator. Ironically, it was Phyllis' ex-husband Jack that helped deliver her. Summer went through a lot of drama during the first year of her life. Two months after she was born she, Phyllis, and Lauren Baldwin's son Fenmore Baldwin were all kidnapped by Lauren's longtime enemy Sheila Carter. They were all rescued when Lauren arrived and shot Sheila. Months later, Nick was presumed dead. Once revealed to be alive, he couldn't remember Summer or being married to Phyllis. However, he and Phyllis quickly reunited as Nick was sympathetic towards her after she was charged with extortion for blackmailing Sharon and Brad Carlton about their affair. Summer then took ill just as Phyllis was about to leave. However, her condition improved and she continued to live with Nick while Phyllis was in jail. Summer was seen a toddler in July 2008.

Ricardo "Ricky" Carl Williams is the son of Paul Williams and Isabella Braña Williams. He was originally thought to be the child of Michael Baldwin until his paternity revealed otherwise. Once Paul found out the child was his, he to be a father to his child. Paul moved in with Isabella, despite everyone's claims that it was a bad idea. Paul eventually moved out on his own volition when Isabella started pressuring him to get married. When Ricky was born, unlike Isabella's delusions, Paul was not willing to become one happy family with her. Complicating things was the sudden return of Christine, who rebuffed Paul for the baby's sake, although she still had feelings for him. Paul's response was to marry and move in with Isabella. Isabella left Paul after finding out about his infidelity with Christine, but occasionally returned to visit her son. Paul took Ricky to Isabella's parents in Los Angeles, while Christine was revealed the truth about Isabella. After an attack on Christine, Isabella was committed to a mental hospital. Ricky still lives with Isabella's parents in Los Angeles.

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