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Skype Gets its Own Oprah Show - VoIP Biz News.com
The VoIP giant has already been featured on the program and Oprah Winfrey often uses it for interviews. But while Oprah is well known for promoting Skype, Kindle and Twitter, she doesn't usually give over whole shows to them....
Cellular VoIP Network Launched In Syracuse - InformationWeek
By W. David Gardner After more than four years of development, a group of Israeli scientists and engineers has unveiled a VoIP cellular telecom technology that it hopes to eventually deploy widely in the United States. Based on the unlicensed 2.4-GHz...
ISPA Recognises Quality Of Entanet's VoIP For Second Year Running - TMCnet
The short-listing underlines the consistent quality and reliability of Entanet's VoIP offering, says Head of Marketing at the company, Darren Farnden. "Winning this award last year was a great achievement for Entanet and we're delighted that the...
VOIP reaches end of its proprietary era - ZDNet
I was never wildly impressed with VOIP. Telephony is a low bandwidth application, in the eyes of the Internet. But it was the only application for the old switched telephone network on which today's Internet rides. The idea of VOIP was to bypass the...
Second Life Takes New Role with VoIP - VoIP-News
And VoIP? VoIP has been a very important part of that. Since August 2007, Linden Lab has provided VoIP communication that lets Second Life users, or “residents,” speak to each other through the avatars that represent them. It has carried 15 billion...
PAETEC to License Certain Sprint VoIP Patents - xchange Magazine
The move comes more than a year after Sprint sued PAETEC and three other rivals for IP telephony patent infringement. PAETEC said in a filing this week with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Sprint has dismissed its suit against PAETEC;...
FCC Tightens Consumer Protections For Number Portability, VoIP - InformationWeek
The three sitting commissioners voted to require carriers to transfer consumers' telephone numbers utilizing number portability provisions in one business day and also moved to strengthen protections for VoIP consumers. Agito's router helps mobile...
Phybridge Launches '#1 VoIP Enabler' Channel on TMCnet - TMCnet
(Norwalk, CT – May 22, 2009) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC (News - Alert)) today announced that the #1 VoIP Enabler channel, sponsored by Phybridge, has been launched as the newest addition to the TMCnet channel program. The #1 VoIP Enabler...
Cedar Point to Demonstrate PacketCable 2.0 VoIP Features at ANGA ... - SYS-CON Media (press release)
These applications can be used to configure and administer VoIP calling features provided by the SAFARI C3(TM) Media Switching System. These simple-to-use yet powerful web portals allow consumers, administrators and operators on-line access to create...
WhiteFence Adds Lingo (VoIP) Phone Service - Emediawire (press release)
Lingo is a leading US consumer and small business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service, with more domestic and international coverage than any of the major internet phone providers in the United States. Lingo provides customers with some...

VoIP spam

VoIP spam, is the proliferation of unwanted, automatically-dialed, pre-recorded phone calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Some pundits have taken to referring to it as SPIT (for "Spam over Internet Telephony").

Voice over IP systems, like e-mail and other Internet applications, are susceptible to abuse by malicious parties who initiate unsolicited and unwanted communications. Telemarketers, prank callers, and other telephone system abusers are likely to target VoIP systems increasingly, particularly if VoIP tends to supplant conventional telephony.

The underlying technology driving this threat is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol, IETF – Internet Engineering Task Force, RFC 3261). This technology has received significant support from most major telecommunication vendors, and is showing signs of becoming the industry standard for voice, video and other interactive forms of communication such as instant messaging and gaming.

Similar rules to today’s email systems that block unsolicited email will also prevent unsolicited voice and video communication. This can also be compared to the way today’s chat applications prevent unwanted users from viewing your availability or state of presence by using “privacy” options.

SIP as the technology has been designed to support presence natively. This potentially means that incoming callers will know your availability before even attempting to call or make contact with you. So just like with e-mail today the benefits of communicating with trusted parties electronically far exceeds the pitfalls of e-mail spam, particularly when using preventative technologies to minimise the impact of the issue.

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Betamax (VoIP company)

Betamax is a prepaid Internet telephony service provider, founded in 2005, based in Cologne, Germany and currently operates under several different retail and wholesale labels. Betamax customers are able to access the VOIP service using a proprietary client software. Betamax services may also be accessed via SIP-protocol based software and hardware.

These services are very similar, but each have their own rate plans. Some of these services do not support SIP and associated hardware (see above), only supporting a softphone. All services, retail and wholesale, are strictly on a prepaid basis. Betamax offers various methods of payment for their retail labels.

MyVoipProvider.com, a VoIP service comparison and blog, has published fraud accusations against Betamax . The fraud accusations include credit card fraud, duplicate /triplicate charge fraud, changing service terms without notification. In a later entries, the same blog stated that there has not been credit card fraud, but customer's credit cards may have been compromised.

It also mentioned, in the same article, that customers' accounts are blocked with the code ERROR 33. According to Betamax's product web pages, , the code is described as a General Error without giving further details.

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Lingo (VoIP Service operator)

Lingo is a VoIP (Voice over IP) provider in the United States. It offers unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the U.S., to Canada, and to Western Europe, plus over 25 calling features. Lingo has been the subject of consumer complaints and negative reviews reporting refusal to honor refunds and deteriorating quality.

Lingo, a subsidiary of McLean, Virginia-based Primus Telecommunications Group, Incorporated (Primus Telecom)(OTCBB:PRTL), provides this consumer VoIP service. Lingo markets prepaid annual calling where customers pay for a whole year in advance, but the bankruptcy of parent Primus Telecom may raise questions about the company's ability to provide a whole year of service.

On October 17, 2008, Lingo notified its existing customers that it would charge a new $99.95 cancellation fee for users who cancel within 24 months of opening their account. This new policy is at odds with Lingo's previous policy of charging $59.95 for users who cancel within 12 months of opening their account.

This recent cancellation change is one of many complaints customers have logged against Lingo.

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VoIP Dial Plan

Voice over IP Dial Plans for both phone devices and PBXes.

This article discusses the essentials of a VoIP dial plan, detailed examples, and necessary guidelines pertaining to the order of dial plans.

Dial plans are one of the most confusing areas for beginner VoIP users and therefore should be planned carefully and thoroughly tested before putting them into a production environment. If a dial plan is not properly configured you make end up locking someone out from dialing a specific number.

Hence, “01.” matches “0”, “01”, “011”, “0111”, … etc.

The sequence that you use for your dial plans is crucial. Each sequence must ensure that if one fails it would fail over to the next sequence until it finds the right dial plan to use. If there is no sequence to fail over to, then the numbers you dialed would not complete within the dialplan you used. Consequently, if you put a dial plan that would match everything in the front, it will never see the other dial plans behind it and therefore would either have a delay in dialing the number or fail to dial the number altogether. eg: xxxxxxx|xxx would allow a 7 digit number to dial but if you tried to dial a 3 digit number, it would fail cause it is expecting a 7 digit number instead. If you made your dial plan as xxx|xxxxxxx then it would work as it sees the 3 digits in the dial plan and allow it to dial.

Default Dial Plan: X+# The default dial plan will allow any number of digits or * symbol to be entered until the # or short intertimer expires. Since Aastra phones are meant to be managed by the PBX system this should be the default dial plan that you should be using within your aastra.cfg file for TFTP provisioning. Any phone specific dial plan changes should be done via the <mac address>.cfg file instead.

If IP dialing is enabled, one can dial a.b.c.d, where ‘@’, ‘.’, and ‘:’ are dialed by entering “*”, user-id must be numeric (like a phone number) and a, b, c, d must be between 0 and 255, and port must be larger than 255. If port is not given, 5060 is used. Port and User-Id are optional.

Implicit sequences: The SPA implicitly appends the vertical code sequences entered in the Regional parameter settings to the end of the dial plan for both line 1 and line 2. Likewise, if Enable_IP_Dialing is enabled, then ip dialing is also accepted on the associated line.

Add dial plans for other phone sets or expand the above features as well.

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