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"Dream a Little Dream" (1989) — Jason Robards and Piper Laurie are octogenarian lovers whose souls are set loose during a dream experiment in the back yard. They end up in teen characters played by Corey Feldman and Meredith Salenger in this incoherent...
Steel This Rhythm - Metro Santa Cruz
Reggae, with the passing of its prince Bob Marley in 1981, might have died also, but thanks to acts like Steel Pulse, Buju Banton, Junior Reid and the Wailing Souls, roots reggae can be now heard in everywhere from head shops to supermarkets....
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The klaxons sounded like they were wailing, "KILL YOU, KILL YOU." I beeped back plaintively. The Florentine representative for Bonwit Teller, Count Giorgio Giorgini, gave us a whirlwind tour of the city -- the Duomo, the Palazzo della Republica and the...
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"It was important to help them understand that nightmares are normal after such a terrible incident, and that their loved ones are not restless souls," she said. One year on, many aid workers say the hidden or silent scars of the cyclone are much...
Don Carlos - Times-Standard
Dennis joined the Wailing Souls, and Carlos went solo. Simpson kept the group's name alive and employed singers Puma Jones and Michael Rose as replacements, and went on with the production of Sly & Robbie Dunbar, to record albums like “Guess Whose...
Written by J. MAKMOTH - The Observer
Graves were dug… but before any souls could be laid to rest, all hell broke loose! Teachers descended upon the scene and mourners, pallbearers, the choir and gravediggers took to their heels! Apparently, one tearful 'dead prefect' had squealed to a...
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Let us hope His Holiness manages to find time between visits to the Yad Vashem memorial and the Wailing Wall, and hob-nobbing with the great and good of the Zionist regime, to say hello to Fr Manuel and acknowledge the dedication and courage of this...
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Man lamented his inability to escape death and calamities and throughout the land was heard the wail of despair. In desperation, man imagined that there were nine heaves above, where mighty gods dwell and nine netherworlds below where souls went to...
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Killing enemies, whether through rigging them open or normal means, releases their souls for Dante to absorb and spend as the game's currency. There's no getting around the fact Dante's Inferno is a blatant, mechanic-for-mechanic facsimile of God of...
Menomena @ Velvet Jones - Daily Nexus
Menomena, in its first-ever appearance in Santa Barbara, brought along the defining cries of virtuous souls through an army of different mediums, creating a show dripping with passion and wreaking of power. From the first wail of “The Pelican” to the...

The Wailing Souls

The Wailing Souls are a Jamaican reggae vocal group still recording and performing live, whose origins date back to the 1960s.

They have recorded with many top Jamaican record producers including Coxsone Dodd of Studio One, Lloyd "King Jammy" James, Henry "Junjo" Lawes, Delroy Wright and Freddie McGregor, as well as some early recordings at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong. The group is perhaps best known for two classic roots reggae songs, "War" and "Bredda Gravalicious" as well as the more pop influenced "All Over The World". Their album Firehouse Rock and its title track was one of their early 1980s successes.

The band has recorded cover versions of a wide variety of songs, such as Kate and Anna McGarrigle's "Heartbeats Accelerating", The Who's "My Generation" , The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" and Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone". They also contributed a song for the soundtrack of the animated motion picture, Titan A.E.. Influenced by "War Deh Round a John Shop," Sublime altered the Wailing Souls song and renamed it Pawn Shop.

The group has seen many lineup changes but the two singers ever present are Winston "Pipe" Matthews and Lloyd "Bread" MacDonald. They have worked with Sly and Robbie, the Roots Radicals, Lloyd Parks and many other renowned reggae musicians. In 2006 they released Classic Jamaican Flava, a two disc set featuring an compact disc and DVD of a live performance in San Francisco, California. Their vocal style, like many Jamaican harmony singers of their era, is heavily influenced by the Motown Sound, perhaps because of the radio exposure of Motown music in Jamaica during the 1950s and 1960s.

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Massive Dread

Massive Dread's self-titled debut album (1979)

Massive Dread (born Dennis James, c.1960, Trenchtown, Jamaica) is a reggae deejay who first recorded in the late 1970s for Tapper Zukie, and came to prominence in the early 1980s, touring with Byron Lee and The Dragonaires. Dread also worked on Peter Metro's Metromedia sound system. He introduced the "bubbling" style of delivery, which was well received by audiences at events such as Reggae Sunsplash, and his album Strictly...Bubbling (on The Wailing Souls' The Up Front Organization label, and produced by Tommy Cowan's wife Velerie) capitalized on his popularity, including Jamaican chart-toppers such as "This Is Massive". Dread's links to The Wailing Souls saw him appear on a Tyne Tees Television documentary on reggae which was broadcast on The Tube, featuring Dread performing wearing his riding hat - the 'jockey-ride' being a popular dance at the time in the Jamaican dancehalls. A second album followed in 1984 with It's Massive, which provided the hits "Young Gal No Sell Your Body" and "Justice Love and Harmony". A further album, 2 Dread Inna Babylon, split with Ranking Dread, appeared in 2006, although it features Tapper Zukie productions from the later 1970s/early 1980s.

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List of reggae musicians

Stub Jamaica.png

This is a list of reggae musicians. This includes artists who have either been very important to the genre, or have had a considerable amount of exposure (such as in the case of one that has been on a major label, but not limited to such). Bands are listed by the first letter in their name (not including the words "a", "an", or "the"), and individuals are listed by last name.

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Reggae on the River

Reggae on the River (locally known as simply Reggae) was a reggae festival in Humboldt County, California, which occurred annually on the first weekend in August from 1983 until 2006. The festival began as a benefit for the Mateel Community Center, a nonprofit for southern Humboldt County. In 1983 the center's community hall in Garberville was burned down by an arsonist, and the center charged then-board member Carol Bruno with organizing the festival to raise money for a new hall. It was held at French's Camp (a property located on a bend in the Eel River near Piercy, California) every year except 2006, the festival's last.

The 2006 concert brought in far less money than previous shows had, or that was estimated. Due to the move to a new site and the expenses incurred in removing equipment from the old location, the Mateel center saw no revenue from the 2006 event. In 2007, the festival was canceled in the wake of a legal battle between the Mateel Community Center, People Productions (the company started by Carol Bruno after leaving her position at the Mateel), and Tom Dimmick, the owner of the property which hosted the festival in 2006. The dispute centered on revenues, with the Mateel questioning why profits estimated by People Productions did not materialize, and why there was a discrepancy between the number of tickets approved and reported attendance. In the wake of the cancellation of Reggae on the River, People Productions in conjunction with Tom Dimmick produced their own reggae concert at Dimmick Ranch, which was called "Reggae Rising" and took place at Dimmick Ranch on the usual first weekend in August.

2008 update. The conflict over Reggae on the River has been in the hands of the court system most of the year and there are rumors of settlement but to date none has been announced. Reggae on the River will be held at Benbow State Recreation Area. Benbow is about two miles north of the previous Reggae on the River site. The Mateel is no longer using the old site for their annual fundraiser.

The Mateel Community Center's Reggae on the River 2008 is happening at the beautiful Benbow location in Humboldt County just two miles north of the old location.

What: Mateel Community Center’s Reggae on the River Where: Benbow Lake State Recreation Area (Benbow, CA) When: Saturday, July 19, 2008 Who:, The Wailing Souls, Culture, Katchafire, Warrior King & more!

In keeping with the paired down theme, the festival will eschew top heavy headliners to feature a deep and top class billing of international talent including The Wailing Souls, Culture with Kenyatta Hill, Katchafire, Warrior King, Sister I-Live, Stevie Culture, and Afromassive. Additionally, the event will offer vendors, a children’s area, delicious food and drink, a beer & wine bar, and plenty of irie vibes on the beautiful shores of the Eel River in Benbow Lake S.R.A. Don’t miss this chance to support the work of MCC while helping keep Reggae on the River alive. Tickets are available online at www.inticketing.com and at the usual Humboldt and Mendocino County outlets for $50 advance. Visit either www.mateel.org or www.reggaeontheriver.com for further festival information and don’t miss the return of Reggae on the River at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area on Saturday, July 19. Gates open at 11am and music starts at 11:30am. Camping is available on a first come, first served basis in both Benbow Lake and Richardson Grove campgrounds by calling (800) 444-7275. Reggae on the River is a registered trademark of the Mateel Community Center.

Reggae on the River released a 20th anniversary CD in 2003, and a DVD in 2004.

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Wild Wild Life

“Wild Wild Life” cover

It was also covered by Wailing Souls for the 1993 movie Cool Runnings.

Its music video won "Best Group Video" at the MTV Video Music Awards 1987, beating "With or Without You" by U2 and "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House, among others. The music video was taken from the film True Stories, with some additional content added.

John Goodman, in an early role, appeared in both the film and MTV versions of the video. The B-side of this single features him singing the song from the film People Like Us.

The Talking Heads version was featured in trailers for the 2006 animated film Over the Hedge, and also in the beginning of another animated film, Open Season, and is included on the soundtrack CD.

The song peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in December 1986. In the UK, "Wild Wild Life" reached #43.

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List of characters in Magic: The Gathering: H

The fictional multiverse of the Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering trading card game, introduced in 1993, has many characters. This alphabetic list includes characters to which the flavor text on the cards is atributted or who are mentioned in it, along with those referred in related games, novels, comics or short stories.

A powerful knight brought back from the dead by Heidar, Rimewind Master, as an ally to battle against the Kjeldoran and Balduvian armies. Heidar used the frozen corpses from the Frost Marsh to assemble Haakon an undead army that would serve to conquer Terisiare along with Heidar's Rimewind Cult and Garza Zol's forces. Haakon and Garza both began to doubt Heidar's metal stability when they witnessed him personally execute Lovisa Coldeyes.

Born of Kayla, Warlady of Kroog, his paternity remains a mystery, as Kayla had an affair with her husband Urza's brother, the charming Mishra. Urza would eventually accept Harbin as his son, though their relationship was a distant one. Both his parents would continuously shield him from the worst aspects of the war, even when he became an ornithopter pilot. It was Harbin who discovered the pristine continent of Argoth, and eventually the Brothers' War would be a battle over Argoth's rich resources. At the end of the war, the sylex blast slew Harbin as he sailed home. He was survived by his mother, wife, and his son Jarsyl.

Sensei of Minamo school, expert in Kami studies. Although he was a great teacher, he is incapable of using magic. A staunch ally of both Lord Konda and the Soratami. Killed during Hidetsugu's destruction of Minamo.

Mighty yamabushi shaman, who cast a spell with his death to call the dragons.

One of the most feared kami. Born of wailing and restless souls, it can steal mortals' souls and join it to other wailing souls forever.

Possibly a Dwarf, member of the Robarian Mercenaries.

Enchantress from the time of the Brothers’ War, sage and regent of Lat-Nam. Former student and wife of Drafna. The Archmandrite of the Ivory Tower invited Hurkyl to join the Council of Mages. In a world of artifice and engineering, Hurkyl was among the first to realize the power of the "memories of the land", a force called magic. In the battle of the ivory towers, she would use the same force to banish two of Mishra's great dragon engines, but she fell before his human armies.

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Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album

The Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album has been awarded since 1985. From 1985 to 1991 the award was called the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Recording.

Years reflect the year in which the Grammy Awards were presented, for works released in the previous year.

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Dick Cuthell

Dick Cuthell is a British musician. He plays flugelhorn, cornet, and trumpet, amongst a range of other brass instruments, including tenor horn and valve trombone. Cuthell is best known for his work with The Specials and Rico Rodriguez. He also collaborated with bands such as Madness, Eurythmics, Fun Boy Three, XTC, and The Pogues. In addition to a range of horns, Cuthell also plays bass, keyboards and percussion and is a composer and arranger.

Dick Cuthell was part of the second wave of bands that developed in Liverpool, following the success of the Beatles, Gerry & The Pacemakers and other bands referred to as 'Merseybeat'. This second wave looked to the United States and jazz and soul artists for their influences. The band with which Cuthell reached a national audience was The Washington Soul Band.

Once he was based in London, Dick Cuthell worked with a wider range of musicians, both as a horn player and a recording engineer at Island, and other studios.

The Washington Soul Band changed its name to Selofane when it became based in London, and its repertoire became more pop-oriented. During the next few years Dick Cuthell was a member of a number of bands, including Rich, Grimes and Babylon and Trifle. Work at Island Studios in both Jamaica and London brought him into contact with reggae and ska musicians, and these became a constant theme in the music he played and produced. As the 2-Tone bands gained success in the United Kingdom Cuthell’s involvement with them grew. Despite this, his repertoire and range of playing encompassed an eclectic mix: pop, reggae, ska, 2-Tone and jazz.

Laurel Aitken, Amazulu, Aswad, Agnes Bernelle, Black Roots, Blancmange, Buster Bloodvessel, Burning Spear, Carol Grimes, Cedric Myton and the Congoes, Chaz Jankel, Chris Spedding, Chris Wood, Count Ozzie &and The Mystical Revelation Of Jah Rastafari, Dean Garcia, DefDFires, Delroy Washington, Desi's Allstars, Eddie Quansah, Elvis Costello, Faithless, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Fun Boy Three, Hugh Masekela, Jade Warrior, Jimmy Haynes, Joan Armatrading, John Martyn, Julian Cope, Kirsty McColl, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Level 42, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Madness, Michael Smith, Nasty Pop, Orange Juice, Phil Collins, Reebop Kwaku Bah, Remi Kabaka, Rich, Grimes & Babylon, Rico Rodriguez, Sandy Denny, Selector, Selofane, Shane McGowan, Sir Coxone, Sly and Robbie, Startled Insects, Steel Pulse, Steve Winwood, Terrorvision, The Blockheads, The Boothill Foottappers, The Deltones, The Eurythmics, The Gibson Brothers, The Happy End, The Heptones, The Members, The Pogues, The Popes, The Potato Five, The Red Crayola, The Sessionmen, The Special AKA, The Specials, The Wailers, The Washington Soul Band, Toots & the Maytals, Tribesman, Trifle, Vic Goddard, Visionistics, Wailing Souls, White Door, XTC.

Cuthell worked with a number of these artists as an engineer in recording studios: Amazulu, Annette Peacock, Aswad, Bad Company, Black Roots, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry, Burning Spear, Charlie Dore, Chris Rea, Chris Wood, Count Ozzie & The Mystical Revelation Of Jah Rastafari, Del Shannon, Delroy Washington, Donnie Elbert, Eddie Quansah, Fairport, Free, George Faith, Georgie Fame, Herbie Flowers, I Jah Man, Jade Warrior, Jess Roden, Jim Capaldi, Jimmy Cliff, John Martyn, Lee Perry, Millie, Nasty Pop, Pete Wingfield, Peter Skellern, Phil Collins, Reebop Kwaku Bah, Remi Kabaka, Rico Rodriguez, Robert Palmer, Roxy Music, S.A.H.B., Sandy Denny, Sir Coxone, Sly & Robbie, Speedy Keen, Sparks, Steve Winwood, The Boothill FootTappers, The Deltones, The Happy End, The Heptones, The Members, The Potato Five, The Special AKA, The Tearjerkers, The Wailers, Toots & the Maytals, Traffic, Ultravox, Visionistics and Wailing Souls.

He also engineered and produced Third World.

His relationship with some bands was longer lasting. He played, engineered and produced tracks for Amazulu, China Street, Rico Rodriguez, The Boothill Foot Tappers, The Deltones, The Happy End, The Members, The Potato Five, The Special AKA, Visionistics. One iconic track by Special AKA was ‘Racist Friend’, which Dick Cuthell co-wrote and on which he played bass and piano, in addition to the usual range of horns. Cuthell also worked with Harry J and Jack Ruby.

This track was originally entitled ‘Night Shift’ but, Dick soon realised that there were a number of other tracks with that, or similar, titles. Night Spirit was recorded at the studios in which Dick had just finished laying down horn tracks for the Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’ album. Their producer Adam Williams asked Dick if he’d like to record some of his own tunes – Adam had previously played bass on ‘Rock Against Racism’ that Dick had produced.

The tune was recorded on 16-track tape: Adam played bass and Dick played the rest of the instruments. Dick left the session with a rough mix on cassette, which was just as well: the master tape tape was lost, leaving the only surviving mix on cassette. It’s now been digitised.

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