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Microsoft Incorporates Virtual Wi-Fi into Windows 7 - DailyTech
The publication istartedsomething reports that the Virtual Wi-Fi (VWIFI) feature has been included in Windows 7. In fact, the feature is in the release candidates, but no drivers are reportedly available to take advantage of the feature so it lies...
Verizon MiFi 2200 3G Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Review - Gizmodo.com
Until then, the Verizon MiFi 2200 will drive one 3G cellular data connection over Wi-Fi to a handful of gadgets at once. The MiFi is gorgeous, and about as big as a business card holder. And miraculously capable of connecting to Verizon's 3G cellular...
SMC Wifi Skype phone - WA today
This model is the latest in a handful of similar handsets that allow Skypers to chat wirelessly over a standard wi-fi internet connection while unchaining them from the computer. Since the handset comes with the Skype software preinstalled,...
Wi-Fi returning to airlines - Los Angeles Times
Earlier this week, AirTran Airways, which has six departures a day at Los Angeles International Airport, said it will equip all of its 136 planes with WiFi by the end of July. The nation's largest carriers, Delta Air Lines, which operates more than...
Alhambra, a Very Modern WiFi Radio with Strong Retro Looks - Softpedia
What's even cooler than everything so far is the WiFi capability embedded within the Alhambra, giving you even more freedom to enjoy music and satellite broadcasts in your home or office, while at the same time providing more freedom when it comes to...
AirTight Receives US Patent for Its Unique Technology to Counter ... - Market Wire (press release)
802.11 wireless networks (WiFi) are vulnerable to many types of layer-2 DoS attacks. These attacks cause disruption to the operation of WiFi and can be launched even from outside the premises of an enterprise. They are particularly easy to launch since...
Cablevision expands Wi-Fi rollout - Forbes
Cablevision ( CVC - news - people ) already has installed thousands of WiFi hotspots in Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester-Dutchess, NY, areas. The WiFi service is free to existing Internet subscribers. Cablevision also said it doubled its WiFi...
Hotel Wifi: HotelChatter.com names best and worst - USA Today
Is getting free, reliable wifi one of your biggest demands? If you screamed "yes!," then read on. HotelChatter.com's compiled a handy 2009 wifi report that places several hotel chains (mainstream and boutique) on either its best or worst list....
Cablevision Grows Garden State Wi-Fi - Broadcasting & Cable
By Glen Dickson -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/15/2009 4:05:01 PM MT Cable operator Cablevision Systems says it has expanded the coverage area in New Jersey of its new “Optimum WiFi” service, in which it has created Wi-Fi hotspots across its footprint in...
WiFi cloud vendor: We charge 2-3 times less than Cisco, Aruba - Computerworld
Meraki offers small-medium enterprise a simple, scalable Wi-Fi network, with new 11n access points and WLAN controller functions hosted as a Web-accessible service. Cloud-based Wi-Fi is now available for small and medium businesses, based on new gear...

WiFi phone

A WiFi phone is a wireless telephone that looks similar to a mobile phone but places calls via a combination of voice over IP and WiFi rather than via a cellular network. Some WiFi phones use Skype or Vonage for their voice over IP service such as current Belkin and Netgear WiFi phones. Some others are not bound to any proprietary protocols such as the DLink DPH-540, Linksys WIP330, Zyxel P2000W, and the UTStarcom F3000. To compete with WiFi phones, several cellular carriers have created "Dual-mode phones", which can be easily switched between using a WiFi connection when one is available and a traditional cellular network connection when WiFi is not available.

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MSN WiFi Hotspots

A screenshot of MSN WiFi Hotspot Locator

MSN WiFi Hotspots, previously Windows Live WiFi Hotspot Locator, was a website which helps users to locate wireless Internet hotspots worldwide and view their positions on a map using Live Search Maps.

This service has been discontinued as of June 10, 2008.

The service allowed users to search for free and fee-based wireless networks, showing information such as address, description, available amenities, service providers and location using Live Search Maps.

Windows Live Wifi Center has since been discontinued after the rebranding of Windows Live WiFi Hotspot Locator to MSN WiFi Hotspots.

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Wifi radio

What is a WiFi Radio Or Internet Radio ?

A Wifi Radio is also called Internet Radio, it is a radio receiver that receives station that broadcasting over the internet. Most of the radio is built with a WiFi connection to the internet, so it is called WiFi Radio. More than 20,0000 radios all over the world can be found on the internet, most of the current AM, FM stations are broadcasting in a traditional way "On Air" as well as on the internet, so you have a chance to listen to these stations from the internet.

What is the difference between the Traditional Radio and WiFi Radio?

A traditional radio receiver is built with a demodulator that receiver the signal from the broadcasting, there are two forms of modulation Amplitude modulation and Frequency modulation, so we call them as MW and FM. In MW, you have Media Wave (AM)(520-1710kHz), or Shortwave(SW), (3.00- 30 MHz), in most countries; FM covers a range of 88.5Mhz-108Mhz, either AM or FM, they can travel over 200 miles ( 360 KM), FM goes not more than 100 Miles in most area ( Depends on Terrain),so you have no way to listen a station over that range; but the SW signal goes far due to the ionosphere or F Layer reflection, but it is not stable due to the changing of the clouds and atmosphere, so the SW receiver has had time to receive the stations that travels over a half global to you, So, no matter AM/FM or SW, even LW, they can not be heard over a long distance. But the WiFi radio can receive all of them. WiFi radio receives stations as long as that station is connected to internet, so the WiFi radio is much better in receiving station than the traditional radio can do.

How the internet radio works ?

Internet radio or WiFi Radio is built with different modules. Different factories use different solution to build up their radios, so the chips used inside radios are not the same. There are a few parts in the radio: 1. Internet connection, 2.Codec for the streaming data from the URL 3. Amplifier 4. Speaker. It streams in the data from the url and plays back in the speaker. Most WiFi radio need a portal support to stream in the station. The portal website stores hundreds thousands station that the radio will retrieve from it. Different brand radio uses different portals to have their stations supported. Most popular portals are like www.iradio168.com, www.reciva.com, etc. all of them will support over 10,000 stations, but they focus on different regions in the world. The popular Kaito IR168 radio streams in more stations from Asia, like China and Korea while Reciva keeps more station in Europe. Most of the WiFi radio is built with a feature called UPnP. It enables you to play back the music stored on your computer, but the computer has to be connected on the local LAN.

How to use the radio ? It is easy to use the radio. Just connect the radio to high speed internet via WiFi or RJ45, the built in menu will take you to the station in a few steps. The Kaito Radio streams in over 400 stations from China while Reciva can do only 100+, but they all can streams in over 10,000 stations and grows everyday. The Reciva Grace radio integrates Pandora to the radio that enables you to play the music from your Pandora account.

The Kaito WiFi radio gives more choices to users that they add favorite station to the category they can load in at the first beginning. The Kaito WiFI radio is built with a SD card too, so you can play back MP3 music direct from the SD card. You can direct select a station by using the remote control that comes with 0-9 numbers. The Kaito IR-168 produces stereo sound, so it has an outlet that can connect to the separate speaker to make stereo sound from the radio. The WiFi radio is a Wireless radio that can receive stations from all over the world through the high speed internet.

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Google WiFi

Google WiFi is a municipal wireless network deployed in Mountain View, California. It was entirely funded by Google but installed primarily on Mountain View lightposts. Google is committed to keeping the service free until 2010.

As of 2007, Google uses about 400 Tropos MetroMesh routers acting as access points mounted primarily on utility poles providing usable signal and broadband internet access to over 90% of the city's area of 12 square miles. As of 2007, it serves approximately 15,000 unique users each month and handles over 300 gigabytes of data each day. There are three aggregation points that all traffic is forwarded to. These access points offer both GoogleWifi and GoogleWiFiSecure Service set identifiers (SSID). Google Wifi only requires its end users have a Google Account. Google offers a free virtual private network software client called Google Secure Access and maintains a list of other recommended third-party VPN software packages. Unlike a residential gateway, the network does not use network address translation (NAT): it provides a routable IP Address from a DHCP pool with a one-hour "DHCP lease" under the DNS domain googlewifi.com directly to the client PC. A mobile laptop user can roam through Mountain View and maintain the same IP address for at least the one-hour lease time.

While the equipment is of high quality and well-placed, actual coverage with a laptop with built-in Wi-Fi hardware is less than 100% of the claimed area; the system works well in commercially zoned areas but residential coveraged areas are still spotty from block to block.

The service was launched by Google on September 20, 2005 and then more widely As of July 1, 2006, deployment is available throughout most of Mountain View.

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